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Dadonequus Discord Part 256

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  1. >Gertrude began her tale, she stepped back. and looked into the deep dark void of her memories. "Where to begin. Well, let's start with the more important aspect of revealing exactly what these two kings are actually up to. About a little over a year ago, Flim and Flam started building this factory, or rather..a power station of some sort. The two kings were on to creating a new technological revolution with their inventions. One of which, was a power station that could bring electricity to all of Equestria in abundance. Of course, business wise, this would also mean they'd have a monopoly over it. Everything was legitimate at first, this place had actual workers during it's testing phases and nothing seemed to be going wrong."
  2. >A power station? Was that what that orb was? But then, what did the power consist of
  3. "Hold on, a power station? Like a power plant? If that's what this is then what exactly is the power source? It can't be elecricity. Or coal..or whatever. Is it what the foals are mining?"
  4. >Gertrude shook her head "No, what they are mining are materials to keep this place going.Crystals are very useful for regulating waves of magic. Which is what the power source actually is."
  5. >Chrysalis was skeptical of that. She didn't believe those two could build something to harnass that much magic. "And how did those two ever manage to build a machine that can harness that much magic? That's impossible. And even if it is. What kind of magic? Everypony seems to be able to use magic just fine."
  6. >"It's amazing what you can accomplish if you give yourself the power of an alicorn" Gertrude answers
  7. >Powers of an Alicorn? She doesn't mean...
  8. "Are you telling me they used the Alicorn Amulet? If they did, wouldn't one of them be wearing it right now?"
  10. >Gertrude shook her head "No, they both know of the corrupting properties of the amulet and so they both used it in turns to bolster their abilities and technique while avoiding it's corrupting effects. Most everything you've seen was born from the ideas they conceived using the amulet, including this power station. Although, I'm not convinced they managed to avoid the amulet's hold completely. In either case, the station was to go through a testing phase for one whole year before becoming Equestria's largest power source. But of course, when you have something so large being ran by fools, their's something bound to go wrong. And that, is the answer to your question. The energy they were gathering to power everything was the very magic of Equestria itself. The magic that kept the Everfree forest from being torn apart, the magic that made even the barest lands fertile, in fact. I'm surprised none of you had noticed that this world should have been destroyed some time ago"
  11. >Should have been destroyed? That was confusing. Even Chrysalis was confused.
  12. >"Already destroyed? By what?" Chrysalis asks
  13. "Yeah, that's kind of weird. Do you mean like..by Tirek or something?"
  14. >"Tirek? No, these were the beings capable of destroying the entire world in a few moons. These creatures feed on hatred and misery. I'm sure you both know the story of Hearth Warming" Gertrude reminds the both of you
  15. >Chrysalis shows a look of disgust "How can I forget, the ponies celebrate it every year"
  16. >....but...oh lord.
  17. "But they don't celebrate it in this Equestria. What you're saying is the windigos should have destroyed everything by now"
  18. >"Well Well, it seems Discord's "son" isn't a total idiot after all. That's exactly right. This station even drained the magic that allows the windigos to form and exist. Mix that with the pollution the kings' inventions have caused and you have a world that will soon be dead." Gertrude explains
  20. >Chrysalis still didn't understand, nor did you, on the slave aspect. "Then why are the slaves needed? Why aren't they doing anything to fix their mistake? I may want to conquer Equestria but even I know not to cause it's destruction"
  21. >"They have realized their mistake. They just haven't told anypony else but me and their diamond guard. You see, they believe there is no way to fix the world. They think even if they were to release the magic, it'd either be too late or the windigos would form from the released magic and destroy everything anyway. So they went into seclusion for about a month, researching everything they could  about stopping this crisis without letting the public know. Of course, since they have no understanding of fixing their mistakes, they soon turned to other means...and found out about interdimensional travel. Apparently Starswirl had done research on the subject and had left notes hidden away deep inside the castle archives. With that, the kings began to convert the power station into a dimensional gateway. And then took on slave labor to maintain the station while keeping the public out of the know. But of course, a factory like this requires vast resources to keep running. I'm sure you both noticed how odd it was that they were taking entire kingdoms at a net loss of their revenue"
  22. >"...I thought something was off about that. You can't just buy kingdoms and expect to profit. When I was pointing out places to Flim, he had mentioned that they had mining facilities there." Chrysalis recalls what caused the alarm in the first place "It's what caused this..."Code Zero" alarm, as you call it"
  23. >But then...
  24. "Then that means they have just been giving up their profit to try to get as much material as they can before they leave everyone for dead...holy shit. That's one hell of a scam...."
  26. >"It is. in fact, They already have the magic they need to attempt to open a portal. that's why I assumed you both were here. Some sort of dimensional screw up. But if that's not the case, then why are you both here?" Gertrude was intrigued
  27. >"We're here on the will of Discord. The idiot thought it'd be "fun" to throw us both into a random universe to try to fix it, we can't even leave until we do." Chrysalis then spoke in a sarcastic tone as rage began to well up inside her "Good to know our lives don't hang in the balance or anything. No, this is exactly how I imagine my end would be. Obliterated by an excess of malice..."
  28. >"Now look who's getting emotional. Then again, if left up to us, we wouldn't be able to do a thing. No, it's still possible to save the world. A very slim chance, but possible. Of course, that would require dethroning the kings and then somehow making everypony realize that the glimmer glammer of their rule was a farce, then making everypony all happy and loving again.I heard there was to be a contract signing of some sort. So I assume, since there was a code zero. That they signed away their royalty, hmm?"
  29. >You nod, that was exactly it. But holy shit, was that really going to be enough now?
  30. >No, there was still one ace up your sleeve. And that ace was a princess. If anypony could get all the other ponies to see the light. It was her. Because you now knew now. That the mane 6 plus a baconpone...we're still good deep down inside. Of course, if you never got out of the castle. There'd be no proof of the contracts anyway.
  31. "Yeah, we made them sign a contract to sign away their crowns. But. If they could leave now. Why wait?"
  33. >"Because they are afraid of entering an Equestria that is ruled by a tyrant, a monster, or even another King Sombra. They have no way of knowing where they will end up. So they have been gathering extra materials to make an army of machines, strange machines used for combat. Outfitting them with the best anti-magic material they could find, along with some other nonsense I refuse to comprehend. So tell me, knowing all this. How do you plan to fix everything?" Gertrude asks "Because if you have nothing. I'll just turn you both in right-"
  34. >Gertrude stops when she hears the door behind her open.
  35. >The three of you turn to see the young colt, Pop fly, walk out into the playroom with a tired yawn. "Momma Gertrude, are you ok?"
  36. >Gertrude stops, and tenses up. She almost doesn't answer. But when Pop Fly calls to her again. She turns to check on him. "Pop Fly.." she says in a motherly voice as she leans down to pet him "What are you doing out of bed sweetie?"
  37. >Pop Fly looked like he had tears in his eyes, he sat down and started whining "I fell asleep waiting and..I had that nightmare again."
  38. >Gertrude brought him in close to hug onto him "Shhh, Pop Fly, how many times do I have to tell you that you're not going to be fed into the factory to make rainbows. The Rainbow Factory was dismantled anyway, remember? And they never used foals to begin with"
  39. >"I-I Know..." Pop Fly felt ashamed for having this nightmare again "But, it's so hard not to think about. We work all day, and we don't even know why. All the diamond dogs are really mean and the kings don't really seem to care about us. I feel so alone, that's why I like it when you're around Momma Gertrude...you never let me feel alone"
  41. >"Oh Pop Fly. You have to have more hope in your heart than that. You have friends with the foals you work with you know" Gertrude lets him nuzzle into her. She could feel his tears building.
  42. >"B-but I never have time to talk to them. Break times are so short. And we have nothing in common. That's why you're the best momma I've ever had Momma Gertrude. You're always there, you never say my thoughts are dumb. You actually believe I can be the best hoofball player ever in Equestria when I grow up"
  43. >"And you will, the work you put here in the factory will make you big and strong. You'll show those lazy athletes a thing or two when you get into the major leagues. But Pop Fly, Momma Gertrude is doing something really important. You need to go back to bed"
  44. >But he only hugged tighter, nuzzled deeper "But I don't wanna! I wanna be here with you. I don't care about the story, I just want to be with you always. I don't want to be alone!"
  45. >Gertrude sighed, and let him cry. He didn't care that he was hugging onto her cold exoskeleton. It felt warm and inviting to him. "Pop Fly, I know you're scared.A lot of ponies are.. But if you breakdown and can't show the others that there's a reason to be brave. Then they all will get scared. And then things will fall apart. And then I'd have to go"
  46. >"But why?!" He cried "what does it matter?! Why would you have to go! I don't want you to go!"
  47. >"Pop Fly," Gertrude giggled, and moved him back and gently raised his head with her hoof. "How do you expect to make team captain with that kind of attitude?"
  48. >"H-huh?" Pop Fly sniffed "What do you mean?"
  50. >"Well, the greatest players in sports we're always brave, strong, some even lead their teams to victory. How can you say you'll be the greatest hoofball player ever if you fall apart like this? Those foals need to see somepony who is strong and brave so they don't lose hope. So they can smile. And when they look to you for that reminder. They will say "Gee, that Pop Fly sure is cool! I wanna be like him some day" You my little one..." Gertrude gives him a small boop on the nose, making him giggle "Are the bravest little pony I know"
  51. >Pop Fly was awestruck by those words, his little mind couldn't comprehend why she'd think that "R-really?"
  52. >"Mhmmm, that's why you need to go back in there and be brave for me. I promise I'll be back. But you need to be brave for the others while I'm gone...alright?"
  53. >Pop Fly nodded, and gave her a brave look as he saluted "I got it Momma Gertrude! I won't let you down! I won't let anypony down!"
  54. >Gertrude gave him a pat "That's what I like to hear. I know you can do it Pop Fly, I'll see you soon"
  55. >"I know you will Momma Gertrude! And no worries! I'll make sure the others don't get worried too! Seeya soon too!" Pop Fly said with renewed vigor as he went back through the doors.
  56. "That was adorable. Why can't you be more like that Chrysalis?"
  57. >You look to Chrysalis with a smirk. In which she groans in response "Because I refuse to be whipped..." Chrysalis looks to Gertrude, wanting to know what that was about "So then, it's worse than I could imagine. You really feel like you're their mother."
  59. >Gertrude, surprisingly, snaps at Chrysalis. She found that remark to be reprehensible. "Don't you dare mock me! You have yet to know how devastating losing your beloved drones really feels. Those foals have lost their families just as I have lost mine.Unlike the rest of the ponies who deserve our hatred, these little ones look at me as I am and see a mother.And They need one. I could mold their minds If I so chose but I need them to produce love to survive"
  60. >"Mhmmm, sure. But am I to guess that you made a deal with the kings to bring along you're little faux hive? That's the real reason you'd prefer to stay here, isn't it? Wouldn't want the little ones to end up in a situation worse than this one, hmm? I wonder if there's a timeline where we conquered Equestria. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen if you ended up in that one" Chrysalis was losing respect for her other self quickly when she started to grasp how much she actually cared for the foals.
  61. >"You can mock me all you want.." Gertrude looks to Chrysalis with angry eyes, but she kept her cool, as a queen should.She didn't pop off from that comment "But it'll be inevitable for you as well. Sooner or later there will be something other than the hive you'll want to protect and keep safe for reasons other than your own satisfaction. That is your fate"
  62. >Chrysalis scoffed at that "Oh please, that will never happen."
  63. "W-woah hold on!"
  64. >You didn't want an actual fight to occur. This looked like it could actually happen. Gertrude looked legit pissed.
  66. "Chrysalis..erm..Gertrude..umm..whatever you want to call yourself. Look, everything aside. I think you're doing an awesome job. And if you want to protect the foals. That's great too. Look, we already have a plan.Because, y'know, if we put Celestia back in power. She could make everypony see the light. I've seen her recently. Just by being around her, ponies figure out what makes them happy and what's important. She even managed to make her old pupil, who by the way became a demon once, to see the error of her ways. I promise you. I have a way to make it work. So you don't need to worry"
  67. >Gertrude turned her attention to you. She actually seemed to be calming down. You didn't know why. But it was because you were a colt. Despite all the teasing she's done thus far. now that even her alternate self has started to lose respect for her. She actually felt relieved that you weren't a jerk. "Anon...is it?"
  68. >You nod, a little worried
  69. "Yeah..erm..you ok?"
  70. >"I'm fine, just surprised you can tolerate her. Given I WAS her once. I honestly thought we'd see eye to eye. But that doesn't matter now. We're losing time. Tell me, are you sure Celestia is up to the task? Last I knew, she had gone senile" Gertrude looked to you, softening up as she shrugged away the insults of her other self.
  71. "Yeah, she's really coming around after I brought half the elements of harmony to her for a visit. It really helped fixed things."
  72. >"Hmm? The elements of harmony?" Gertrude was confused "I thought that they never came to be"
  74. "Yeah well, they "came to be" back in our Equestria. So I knew who'd they be here. Rounded em up and everything and Celestia just. Well, you could say she snapped back into place. And hey, don't worry about what Chrysalis has to say. If you wanna know in detail. Discord kicked her butt and made her and the entire hive a permanent resident at the house. She can't even leave without being stuck in that disguise. It's pretty good. Even the Captain had it and abandoned ship to...well, erm. let's skip that part..but yeah. I really do think what you're doing is great Chrysalis."
  75. >"Hmph..just call me Gertrude" Gertrude looked to Chrysalis and smirked "It might be a better name to take. Better to have those around you who will follow you to the ends of Equestria than be stuck with the greatest imbecile that's ever existed, to the point where even those who loyally serve you begin to question you. One has to wonder if it was more than just the captain...The captain, heh" Gertrude was already calming down "You must have done something very wrong to lose the loyalty of the one who's supposedly the most loyal"
  76. >Chrysalis was rolling the end of the necklace Flim gave to her along her hoof, she scoffed at Gertrude's words "He betrayed me because he thought he could do a better job. And now he's gone. My new captain is much more loyal than a bunch of snot nosed foals could ever be"
  77. >"We'll see....anyway.." Gertrude looks to you, and actually gives you a genuine smile "If you're the son of Discord, even adopted. It must mean you have some amazing talent that can save this world. I've told you everything I know. All that's left is to lead you out of here. Their's a hidden exit that leads to the castle gardens. It was supposed to be used as an emergency exit for the old workers. But now only the kings, Captain Applejack, and myself have a key for it. I'll sneak you both out through there...and then..I'll leave the rest to you"
  79. "And trust me Gertrude, I promise we'll fix everything. We won't let this world die by those kings or by some stupid windigo crap."
  80. >You hug onto Gertrude, who tenses up, and then gently hugs onto you
  81. "I promise"
  82. >Chrysalis looked at the whole scene, at first, it almost looked like she had some sort of envy in her expression. But then she turned away "Come on already, this is getting sickening"
  83. >But as Chrysalis turned to the exit doorways. They began to slowly open. At first she could see Applejack. Which caught you and Gertrude by surprise as well. But as the doors open further. You all could see Applejack being held by the scruff by Bones as some of the diamond guard stood behind him. When the doors fully opened, standing behind the other door of the double doors was......oh no.
  84. >"Well Well Well, look at what we have here Flim. A whole gaggle of traitors"
  85. >"Right you are Flam, and of course we managed to hit the bonus too. interdimensional travelers.Looks like Starswirl was right on the money. There is definitely a way to escape this dying world if these two were able to come throuah from another Equestria"
  86. >Bones threw Applejack into the room, she was beat up and bruised, she just slid across the floor, groaning as she slowed down in front of the three of you.
  87. >Applejack just laid there as she looked up to you three, weak from her beating. "Sorry fellas...I don't know how they found out, but...ngh" Applejack passed out.
  88. >Ahhhh shiiiiiiiiit
  91. "What the?..."
  92. >You back up away from them, and stand next to Gertrude
  93. "How did you both know we were here?"
  94. >Flam snickered "Brother, would you like to tell him or should I?"
  95. >Flim seemed rather uncomfortable with that question. "I'd rather not explain it at all Flam. We could just be straightforward for once about this one. We don't need to say every detail about it"
  96. >"Ahh but dear Flim, it will be a lesson to you the next time you fall for another mare. This was, hmmm, the tenth I think? Yes, that's right. I told you kept picking bad mares. Wasn't the bugged necklace a good idea Flim? A bad mare is a bad mare, but we happened on yet another Gertrude. Interesting to say the least"
  97. >Flam wasn't being ignorant. he was doing it on purpose to drill into his brother to stop making dumb decisions.
  98. >Flim put a hoof to his face to cover his shame "Yes....I don't make the best choices in mares. Flam, we really should take care of this now. Don't you think?"
  99. >"And we will" Flam gives you a very dark look "We will,..."
  100. >Bugged necklace?....oh no....
  101. >"What do you mean by bugged necklace? Is that some sort of pun?" Chrysalis growls.
  102. >Goddammit...
  103. "He means the necklace you're wearing doubles as a microphone, they heard everything..."
  105. >"What?!" Chrysalis puts her hoof under the end of the necklace and lifts it. She knew of microphones and such. But she didn't think she'd be so easily tricked. She took it off and threw it at Flim. "How dare you not trust me!"
  106. >Seriously? Goddammit Chrysalis, now was not the time. You already guessed she was angry because her plan backfired so badly that she at least was hoping he'd trust her in some way. It must have been a first to get blown the fuck out this badly.
  107. >"One's heart can only be torn asunder so many times my dear. Now then, since we are the kings and you are the prisoners. We are going to explain the terms of your surrender...." Flim holds up his blaster towards them "Or you can resist and we can get this over with now. We only need the colt. The son of Discord himself sounds rather useful...don't you think Flam?"
  108. >"Indeed, if he does have any kind of power that his father may have given him, we can perhaps use it to pinpoint an Equestria to our liking. Perhaps one with a weak yet tyrannical ruler our machines could overthrow. We would be heroes again, start all over, and be more careful this time. The rest of you however can spend your time in the dungeon until the end comes...and yes, that does include you too Gertrude" Flam explains.
  109. >Gertrude's eyes went wide. "W-wait! You can't do that! I've served you loyally for so long. What about the foals? Who will take care of them?"
  110. >"There's not much time left until our work is complete Gertrude. Your services are no longer needed. And neither are the foals." Flam explains
  111. >"Sorry Gertrude, you betrayed is pure and simple. Voids our agreement. besides, having so many orphaned foals to worry about would only slow us down. Just be glad you'll be able to spend time with them before Equestria is completely lost. It's a shame really, you really did handle the power plant very well" Flim falsely laments.
  112. >Geezez fuck.....when did they become so fucking evil?
  113. "....That's it...."
  115. >You slip the horn right onto your head. And thankfully. It becomes a normal unicorn's horn.
  116. >"I wouldn't even try it Anon..." Flam holds up his leg, he too...had a blaster "You couldn't stop both of us. And you wouldn't want it to end here. Would you? You know, its surprising how a colt like you can make a friend like her. Flim, if you would take aim"
  117. >Flim aims right at Chrysalis "Gladly"
  118. >"I'd like to see you two fight me without those blasters and anti magic suits and hats. Cowards..." Chrysalis just stood there, growling at them.
  119. >"Anon, you could try to use whatever magic you might have in that horn. We can only guess that must be the gift your father gave you. I'd also guess that it has some sort of trap set for anypony else who tries to use it. But given we're not afraid of unicorn magic, it'd be a waste of time. But please, go ahead and try. I'm interested to see how much you care for this changeling scum. Because one sudden movement, and blammo! And trust me, my brother is a good shot. So here's the deal. You give up, you help us, and we'll guarantee you'll get to come with us to the new Equestria. If not, well. You at least tried. But you'll be down a friend. So, make your choice. We're not cruel after all. We really don't want to end anypony. It's just an inevitability. Considering what you've done to me, you should consider yourself lucky to be given this offer." Flam leers at you
  120. >......those...GODDAMMIT
  121. >You sigh, and step back.
  122. "...you two are real assfucks, you know that?"
  123. >"We don't know what that means but we'll take it as a compliment. I assume that means you'll join us?" Flam asks
  125. >....Goddammit. GODDAMMIT. Here we are again. You were fucking useless. You didn't think of them bugging Chrysalis's necklace. You didn't think they'd be so cruel. You thought everything would go smooth like butter. But here you are...considering their offer.
  126. >"How could you both do this? This is the world you belond to!" Gertrude pleaded with them "You can't just leave it after destroying it."
  127. >"Save your breath, it's clear they don't care. Anon, just decline their offer. I'd like to see how good their aim really is. Because I won't let myself be defeated by a stupid exploding pellet. Their suits may protect them from magic. But a good old beating? I doubt it" Chrysalis stood at the ready. Waiting for an opportunity to attack.
  128. >....
  129. "...Fine...But you have to let my friends go. You have to let them come with us"
  130. >Flam shook his head "Afraid not, we can keep them in the dungeon. But that's the best you'll get."
  131. >"Face it, our deal is the best deal you'll get. I don't think you understand how angry I am Anon. I would love to turn that changeling to dust. And besides, how can you trust her? It's obvious that she uses you just as she would anypony else. There's no reason to save her" Flim tries to reason with you. "I'd actually would like to see you use your magic. Just so I can have my revenge"
  132. >...but you couldn't have that.
  133. "I won't. She's my friend, even if it's a farce. And it'd be one hell of a good one, she's my friend. So put down your weapons. I'll go peacefully..."
  134. >Until you could figure something out....
  135. >"Good enough, Alright Diamond Guard. Take him to the dining room. And throw the rest into the dungeon. Also, please relieve them of the contracts. We mustn't forget that..." Flam and Flim actually said at the same time.
  136. >But something was wrong....the guard wasn't moving.
  137. >"...We mean today!" They both say again
  139. >But instead of listening, they all began to fall. The sounds of their thuds caught the attention of both Flim and Flam. They turned, and gasped in surprise.
  140. >....no way....
  143. >Rainbow Dash blew the smoke off her blaster as the guards fall from sleep gas pellets that were shot under them.
  144. >"Heheh, perfect shot! Heya everypony! The awesome rescue squad is here!"
  145. >Rainbow Dash hovered upwards as Celestia, Pinkie, Sunset, and Twilight walked in from behind them through the double doors.
  146. >"..What?! How did you get here?!" Flim was wide eyed, he didn't expect this
  147. >"Celestia!? Flim...this could be troublesome. Something about this isn't right" Flam was being cautious. He looked up at Rainbow Dash, who had her blaster ready while the unicorns had their horns lit and ready to go. He knew their suits were thin, and couldn't take that much of a magical blast at once. "....You all must know that what you've seen is one large misunderstanding..." Flam started backing up, along with Flim
  148. >Celestia stepped up, and even though her mane was still down, she looked like she had reverted to old self. "It's too late to try to lie to us about the situation Flam. We've not only seen what is out there, but we've heard everything. I'd never would have guessed at what levels of cruelty you and your brother were capable of."
  149. >"Heard everything?! Impossible! How did you even get by our traps?!" Flim was blown away by their sudden intrusion.
  150. >"What, did you think you we're the only ones who could bug a pony?" Sunset gave them a cocky little smirk
  151. >"Bugged?! Impossible, we're the only ones who own that kind of technology. There's no place you could have gotten your own but from us!" Flam was starting to sweat. He was sure there was no way she could have come up with something like that.
  153. >Sunset removes her own earpiece, and even goes beyond the brothers work by producing a recording device. "...You think you're the only ones who's ever used,blackmailed, and spied on others.." Sunset's voice, she could feel her past sins nearly catch up with her on that one. But then she looked at the both of them with fierce determination. "I had a lot of time to learn how to make those kinds of things myself. And how to be discreet"
  154. >Discreet? But, she'd need a microphone piece at the other end. Where did she put it? There's no way she could have planted it in the room.
  155. "S-Sunset, where did you put the microphone?"
  156. >Sunset giggled happily as she gave you a cheerful smile "Where do you think? Remember when I hugged you?"
  157. >Oh...no..FUCKING WAY.....wait...AWWW...she wasn't subtly molesting you...she was just planting a bug on you...guess that means no bacon brunch after all this...
  158. >"......" Flim and Flam went silent for a moment. They couldn't comprehend it. It made no sense to them. Then Flim looked to the group as his foothold on the situation began to dwindle "B-but our traps! How did you get past our traps! How did you even get past the guards we posted outside!"
  160. >Twilight grins "Oh, those traps? The traps you based off Daring Do for some reason? Yeah, you see. I happen to really really like Daring Do, from the characters down to the type of traps she manages to escape from. I love it so much that I've memorized how each and every trap she's ever dealt works. So you could imagine my surprise when you based YOUR traps off of A.K. Yearling's work. It didn't take long for Sunset and myself to make the map pulse spell she has into a trap disabling pulse specifically meant for trigger traps." Twilight giggled "They weren't even well made. Our spell managed to disable every single one. Then again, I expected as much. All I had to do was calibrate the pulse to surge through the walls and into the trap triggers to disable them. Next time you want to make traps for castle, atleast have the decency to make them like the books. It was like they were made by a two year old"
  161. >Sunset snickered "Nice one Twilight"
  162. >Both Sunset and Twilight did a hoofbump on that one.
  163. >"As for the guards, they could hear everything we could through Sunset's device. They already know of your treachery." Celestia looks at the brothers not with disdain or despotism, but with hurt in her heart. She wanted to punish them, she knew they deserved it. But with how things are going. And the things usually went when she banished anything for a thousand years. Namely her sister, she had decided that this time...restraint was needed. Even with the foal slavery thing. "Flim, Flam...stand down. There's no need for this anymore. You've lost."
  164. >"What?! Stand down! Who cares about that!" Rainbow pounds her hooves together "I say we clobber em!"
  165. >"For once, I agree with the annoying blue one. How could you, Princess Celestia, the one who has sealed and defeated many a foe. Not want vengeance?" Chrysalis stated, it made no sense to her. It wasn't really the fact she cared about this Equestria. It was more she just wanted to hurt them.
  167. >"Vengeance begets vengeance. even if they deserve to be locked up for all eternity, I can't allow it to happen. They must be brought to justice through proper means. If we do not change things now, if we do not set a good example and remove the veil put upon the eyes of the ponies of Equestria, then I fear we are all truly doomed. So please...Flim...Flam...stand down" She pleads with them.
  168. >Gertrude was shaking. You put your hoof to her side to help her clam down. To let her know that you felt as angry as she did.
  169. "I know Gertrude, I know you really want to hurt them. I do too...hell, I wanna throw them into a port-a-potty and send them down a mountain. But if Celestia says this is the way to go. Then we should do it"
  170. >"ooh! That actually sounds like fun! It'd be like a roller coaster ride that goes straight down!" Pinkie giggled.
  171. >"...Uhhh..Pinkie, you do realize what a port-a-potty is filled with...right?" Sunset asks her. disgusted by her answer.
  172. >Pinkie shook her head "Nope! But if it's as fun as a roller coaster then I'd want to ride it over and over again!"
  173. >everyone, absolutely everyone, cringed at Pinkie for that one.
  174. >"Well then....it appears you're right Celestia...we are beaten, defeated, we have been crushed and the rug pulled out from under us" Flim said as he started to back up with Flam towards the wall.
  175. >"Indeed, I don't understand it myself, considering this world is doomed. But it seems even knowing that, you'd rather stay here then take a deal to come with us into the portal. Am I correct?" Flam asks, backing up with his brother towards the wall, a very specific part of the wall.
  176. >Celestia nods "I can't abandon Equestria. I truly believe in Gertrude's words. I believe it can be saved."
  177. >"Well then..." Flim says as his back touches the wall
  178. >"I can't say we agree" Flam answers, evil smirks coming upon both their faces.
  180. "Stop! Dammit! Everypony their going to go right-!"
  182. >Before you could rally everyone to stop them. Flim and Flam smack the back of their hooves on specific parts of the wall. Making part of the wall spin. And just like that, they were gone through a hidden passage.
  183. "....through the wall....oh...dammit"
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