The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 7

Aug 8th, 2014
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  8. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 7 in Equestria.
  9. >The gargoyle waits expectantly, like you should recognize his name.
  10. >Scorpan.
  11. >You’ve never heard it before.
  12. >He breaks the silence.
  13. >”And you are…?”
  14. “Anonymous.”
  15. >”Anonymous,” he repeats slowly, committing your name to memory.
  16. >”Is that a common name?”
  17. “Yeah… Anon is fine too.”
  18. >He looks you over carefully.
  19. >You look down as well and see your now tattered clothes.
  20. >Your coat has burn marks and holes.
  21. >Both sleeves are ripped at the seams, desperately trying to hold together.
  22. >The cloak Trixie helped you pick is worn.
  23. >The sheen seeming burned off by magic.
  24. >You wonder if it can still absorb attacks.
  25. >You feel the weight of a hat, and remove it.
  26. >It’s Trixie’s.
  27. >Twilight must have thought it funny to banish you with it.
  28. >You place it back, so as not to lose it.
  29. >As he looks you take the chance to do the same.
  30. >He looks like a bearded baboon.
  31. >Fangs poke out beyond his cracked lips.
  32. >His hands are small and twisted, almost like claws.
  33. >But his green eyes are what stand out.
  34. >They look weary, like they have already seen too much.
  35. >His face flashes in recognition, and his eyes narrow.
  36. >But if he knows something he doesn’t tell you.
  37. >”What did you do to be sent here?”
  38. “I was practicing magic in Equestria. It’s forbidden for non-unicorns.”
  39. >He raises an eyebrow.
  40. >”You didn’t try to take over?”
  41. “No. I just wanted to live my life in peace.”
  42. >He shakes his head slowly.
  43. >”I’ve never heard of anyone being banished here for that... What did you really do?”
  44. >You make your hand into a fist.
  45. >Careful to keep it at your side so as not to appear like a threat.
  46. ”It’s the truth.”
  47. 1/9
  48. >He looks at you waiting for a flinch.
  49. >Some mistake to reveal yourself as a liar.
  50. >After a while he makes the slightest nod.
  51. >”Celestia banished you?”
  52. “No. It was Princess Twilight.”
  53. >”A third princess?”
  54. “There are four.”
  55. >”Four?! They have been busy. I should visit Equestria more often.”
  56. “You mean, you can leave there?” You ask, needing to clarify his statement.
  57. >”My brother was banished. I was just cursed with this form,” he says, not angry at his plight, just sad. “It’s my fault,” he continues. “I could have stopped him.”
  58. “What did he do?”
  59. >”He tried to conquer Equestria. When we –,“ he stops himself. “Do you really want to hear this story?”
  60. “Yeah, but I need to get back to Equestria. The pony that taught me magic was caught, and I have to save her.”
  61. >”What is the punishment for teaching magic?”
  62. ”Banishment.”
  63. >”So the same as you?”
  64. “No. Maybe shunned is a better word. Trixie wasn’t very clear. Who knows what they are doing to her.”
  65. >”Ah. So she must be guarded. How will you save her? Fly to the castle?” He mocks.
  66. >You eye twitches in anger, but again you stand steady.
  67. “I’ll use…”
  68. >No.
  69. >You lost your magic.
  70. >When Twilight captured you she took what she wanted.
  71. >Thirty years of celibacy, and your magic, was gone in an instant.
  72. “I don’t know.”
  73. >”Presumably you fought this princess. Otherwise you would not be here. What makes you think you can beat her this time?”
  74. >You slump down.
  75. >It’s hopeless.
  76. >Without your magic it would be impossible.
  77. >You have to at least try.
  78. >Maybe you can convince them to show Trixie some mercy.
  79. “I lost my magic. Twilight loved me. She wanted to have me. That’s why I started to learn magic in the first place. But then she…”
  80. >”She what?” Scorpan raises an eyebrow.
  81. >No point in hiding it now.
  82. ”My magic came from being a virgin.”
  83. >He gives you a confused look before laughing.
  84. 2/9
  85. >”Virgin magic? Now I’ve heard everything.”
  86. “It’s not funny!”
  87. >His demeanor turns very serious at your outburst.
  88. >He waits with crossed arms for you to continue.
  89. “When I lost the fight she… took me back to her home…”
  90. >He senses your hesitation and brings a hand up.
  91. >”I understand.”
  92. “Now I have nothing.”
  93. >You sit a while in silence.
  94. >Scorpan looks deep in thought.
  95. >A clawed hand picks at his beard.
  96. >After a few strokes he rotates his hand out, palm forward.
  97. >”Are you hungry?”
  98. “No, but some water would be nice.”
  99. >He gives the slightest nod before motioning you to follow him.
  100. >It only takes a minute to walk toward one of the many sheer cliff faces.
  101. >His right hand flicks and a large boulder shimmers.
  102. >He walks through the false stone.
  103. >Inside is dimly lit by bottled gemstones.
  104. >He makes the gesture for fire and several candles spark to life.
  105. >With the extra light you can see his cave clearly.
  106. >It’s longer than it is wide.
  107. >The furthest wall is sealed off with rough masonry and a simple wooden door.
  108. >Below you, the floor is smooth as if it had been carved from countless years of rushing water.
  109. >As you inhale you notice the air is very dry, and not damp like you expected.
  110. >You wonder what caused such a large shift in the environment.
  111. >The room has only the simplest furniture.
  112. >Two poorly made chairs stand beside a crooked table.
  113. >A few tattered and old books dot the nearly empty bookcase.
  114. >Scorpan produces a bottle of water.
  115. >He pours some into a clay cup.
  116. >You take it and rock it back and forth nervously.
  117. >He could have done something to it.
  118. >You’ve heard stories of the cruelties in Tartarus.
  119. >Annoyed that you would question it, he pours himself some water.
  120. >His eyes never leave yours as he swallows it in one quick gulp.
  121. >Ashamed that you distrusted him you greedily drink yours.
  122. >The water is cool and soothing.
  123. >Scorpan takes a seat unceremoniously.
  124. 3/9
  125. >”The only way for you to escape would be to defeat Cerberus, the three headed dog.”
  126. “How hard can that be? You did it.”
  127. >He frowns at this.
  128. >”You haven’t been listening. I am not bound here. I can blink back to the Griffon Kingdom at will.”
  129. >Why can’t things be easy?
  130. “Do you have a sword I can borrow?”
  131. >He laughs at this.
  132. >Your cheeks burn red.
  133. >”That wouldn’t work – well… not without some enchantments,” he says under his breath.
  134. >Probably more for himself than you.
  135. >”What you need, Anon, is magic.”
  136. “I already told you. I lost my magic.”
  137. >”There is no such thing as virgin magic,” he says, no longer hiding his irritation.
  138. “I tried already. It’s all gone.”
  139. >”How do you know it was caused by virginity?”
  140. >You sit in stunned silence.
  141. >Could he really be this dense?
  142. “Because on my thirtieth birthday I could perform spells.”
  143. >He waves a hand questioningly.
  144. >”Did you even try before?"
  145. >You hadn’t, but it’s not like it would have worked.
  146. >Everyone knows that virgins become wizards at thirty.
  147. “No,” you admit.
  148. >There was no point.
  149. >You knew you couldn’t do it until your birthday.
  150. >”Then how do you know if you never tried?”
  151. “What about today? After… now I can’t.”
  152. >Disappointed, he tries a different line of questions.
  153. >”What was the first spell you learned?”
  154. >What does that have to do with anything?
  155. “Opening doors.”
  156. >”Perfect,” he smiles. “Very symbolic.”
  157. >You give him a confused look.
  158. >He continues, “This princess… uh… What was her name again?”
  159. “Princess Twilight.”
  160. >”I can’t believe it. Even more symbolism,” he says as he clasps his gnarled hands together.
  161. “I don’t follow.”
  162. >”You opened the door to magic yourself, right?”
  163. ”Yeah…”
  164. >”And this Twilight ended it, like going from day to night. Open to closed. The figurative door is closed, and only you can open it again.”
  165. >He leans back in his chair, pleased with himself.
  166. 4/9
  167. >All you offer is a frown.
  168. >Of all the people in Tartarus, you ended up with a madman.
  169. >But you have to rely on his help.
  170. >You doubt anyone else would be as kind.
  171. >Least of all his brother.
  172. >”I can tell you still don’t believe me.”
  173. >He reaches for a book before hesitating.
  174. >He hold in place with his arm still outstretched as if daring you to ask why.
  175. “What’s wrong?”
  176. >Satisfied, he pulls his arm back.
  177. >”There is a spell to detect magic users in that book. It will give those with magic a slight glow. But you won’t believe it.”
  178. >He adjusts in his seat before continuing.
  179. >”You’ve mentally blocked it because your entire fantasy is based on your… virginity. Your subconscious believes that, and that is why you’ve lost your powers.”
  180. >He stands up and motions for you to do that same.
  181. >”Show me what you know.”
  182. “I –“
  183. >He cuts you off.
  184. >”Humor me.”
  185. >You make the motion for fire.
  186. >You turn your wrist slowly to show him.
  187. >He watches intently.
  188. >You cancel the imaginary flame, and make the motion for lightning.
  189. >His head shakes slightly.
  190. >Ignoring him you double cancel into a barrier.
  191. >Your arms are crossed as you strain to produce something.
  192. >You clasp your hands together to create an invisible inferno.
  193. >”Stop. Your technique is terrible.”
  194. “I told you –“
  195. >He yanks your arm like Trixie did when you first started learning.
  196. >One leg meets yours and pushes it back so your stance lowers.
  197. >”Now watch closely.”
  198. >He makes the motion for fire.
  199. >His technique is muted and shallow compared to Trixie’s.
  200. >The faintest blue spark appears on his index finger.
  201. >You repeat the movement, but he chastises your exaggerated thrust.
  202. >You can’t help it.
  203. >That is what you learned.
  204. >You try again, but nothing happens.
  205. >”Again,” he commands and you comply.
  206. >Your fruitless efforts aren’t rewarded.
  207. >One of his hands hold yours in place.
  208. 5/9
  209. >He sparks a single flame over his index finger and gingerly moves it toward your hand.
  210. >”Just hold it in place,” he says as a curled finger nearly touches yours.
  211. >You strain to force out some magic.
  212. >When the fire doesn’t pass, he pulls his hand away quickly.
  213. >Again he moves forward.
  214. >Still nothing.
  215. >He becomes visibly frustrated, and the flame grows.
  216. >For the third time he tries.
  217. >You feel a slight tingle in your arm.
  218. >You inhale sharply.
  219. >”Yes, keep going.”
  220. >He moves slowly, and the flame diminishes until it is only a whisper of itself.
  221. >Scorpan makes a show of pulling his hand away.
  222. >And the flame remains.
  223. >You can hardly believe it.
  224. ”Am… am I doing it?”
  225. >He just smiles and nods.
  226. >You look back at the spark, admiring its beauty.
  227. >”Stay right there and don’t move.”
  228. >You nod your head in agreement.
  229. >He looks through his bookshelf before picking a burnt book.
  230. >The pages are singed, and the cover is warped and damaged.
  231. >Like it had barely been saved from destruction long ago.
  232. >Scorpan flips through before settling on a page with a unicorn diagram.
  233. >He closes one eye and measures you with a thumb as he compares you to the picture.
  234. >Satisfied, he places a hand on your chest.
  235. >His eyes dart back and forth.
  236. >”Tell me when you feel something.”
  237. >His hand traces your arm.
  238. ”Like wh- ah fuck!”
  239. >The fire on your hand grows uncontrollably and Scorpan cancels it.
  240. >As he swing his arm the book flies across the room and crashes against the wall before falling.
  241. >An unholy green flame burns what remains.
  242. >”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”
  243. >He cancels the energy, and tries to pick up the remains.
  244. >Scorpan is rewarded with a chunk of ash.
  245. >”That’s alright…”
  246. >You can tell in his voice that he is just being polite.
  247. ”I’ll get you a new one.”
  248. >”No. This gives me a reason to go to Equestria…”
  249. >He wipes the ash from his hand.
  250. >His body twists as he rises.
  251. >”Now it is time to train.”
  252. 6/9
  253. >
  254. >
  255. >You spend the rest of the day training.
  256. >When your magic runs out he lends you his strength.
  257. >Again and again you repeat his precise movements.
  258. >Each time you revert to your old style he yells at you.
  259. >"Don't waste motion on flash! You aren't going to impress anyone."
  260. >You vomited when he taught you to blink.
  261. >Scorpan just laughed.
  262. >"It will get easier with practice."
  263. >But he never let you rest.
  264. >He would always remind you of your teacher, still in Twilight’s hooves.
  265. >You can easily use two hand to perform magic now.
  266. >The understated action allows your energy to flow freely.
  267. >The double barrier clicks into place.
  268. >You stop only when your teacher has no more strength to lend.
  269. >He tries twice to force more energy into you, but it is all spent.
  270. >
  271. >
  272. >”Get up.”
  273. >You wake from your dreamless sleep.
  274. >He places water on the table along with unleavened bread.
  275. >When you finish the simple meal he stands.
  276. >”We’re going to the portal now.”
  277. “Do you think I’m ready?”
  278. >”No,” he shakes his head. “But if your friend is in trouble, you don’t have any time left.”
  279. >You nod in agreement.
  280. >You walk for about half an hour before hiding behind an outcropping of rock.
  281. >”The portal is that way.”
  282. >He points past a massive three headed beast toward several shimmering exits.
  283. >”I will distract it. When Cerberus gives chase, you should blink toward the portals. The one on the left should take you to Equestria.”
  284. ”Thank you, Scorpan. When this is all over I’ll help you save your brother.”
  285. >”Don’t make a promise you can’t keep,” he says, perhaps harsher than he intended.
  286. >He takes a deep breath.
  287. >”A final gift.”
  288. 7/9
  289. >His hand produces a cratered rock, about the size of a fist.
  290. >An arm extends and places it over your shoulder.
  291. >It springs to life, and start rotating around you.
  292. “What is it?”
  293. >”A battle moon. It will defend you against physical attacks.”
  294. >You watch it slowly circle overhead.
  295. ”Thank you.”
  296. >He presses his lips together.
  297. >Trying to decide if you will make it.
  298. >”If you survive, you can find me in the Griffon Kingdom. Then you can make good on your promise.”
  299. “Alright.”
  300. >Scorpan nods before extending his bat wings.
  301. >He shoots into the air.
  302. >”Come and get me you bastard!”
  303. >One of the heads looks up and you hear the thunderous crack of lightning.
  304. >The beast roars in anger.
  305. >The two other heads rear up.
  306. >Scorpan flies about dodging or canceling all manners of magic.
  307. >Fire, ice, light, even a red cage.
  308. >”It’s trying to escape!” An armored unicorn yells.
  309. >Two other guards join him as a fourth tries to seal the portals.
  310. >You blink behind to shock him with electricity.
  311. >He notices your attack and barely jumps away in time.
  312. >His hoof is at the ready.
  313. >Lightning crashes against his barrier.
  314. >He passes the shield to his left and replies with light.
  315. >Your cloak sizzles as it absorbs what it can.
  316. >You double cancel as you leap into the air.
  317. >He shakes his hoof at you twice before realizing his spell was broken.
  318. >Your firey fist crashes into his armor.
  319. >The metal glows hot and you throw him with your energy as he tries to unbutton it.
  320. >Effortlessly you twist your wrist, and he convulses on the ground.
  321. >You cancel your magic before you do any real damage.
  322. >Following Scorpan’s advice you jump through the left entrance.
  323. >You fall on a wire over a dirt field.
  324. >To your right a bell rings desperately.
  325. >”He’s escaped!”
  326. >You barely throw a barrier in time to stop a blast of green energy.
  327. 8/9
  328. >Two unicorns ready a red cage.
  329. >A pegasi throws his spear aside and hides.
  330. >An earth pony charges at you, but you knock him away.
  331. >Ice strikes your side and you fall to the ground.
  332. >As you look up the red cage sails toward you.
  333. >Somehow you roll just outside of its magic sealing reach.
  334. >More guards appear.
  335. >Most of them earth ponies, or pegasi.
  336. >Behind them, the one you assume is their leader watches in horror.
  337. >Sweat beads form on his head as his horn glows.
  338. >A spear is thrown at you and the battle moon vaporizes it.
  339. >You throw both arms out to blink away.
  340. >Nothing happens.
  341. >You try again, and the leader's magic falters.
  342. >He is preventing you from escaping.
  343. >More magic is thrown your way, and you deflect the bolts.
  344. >Both hands shoot forward and fire flies toward the leader.
  345. >He drops his magic to form a barrier.
  346. >You take that moment to blink away.
  347. >When you reappear you are in the center of Ponyville.
  348. >You struggle to keep from vomiting.
  349. >After a moment you regain your composure.
  350. >Twilight’s house looms before you.
  351. >Around you, ponies scream.
  352. >Two pegasi guards jump up.
  353. >One is greeted by your energy and thrown aside.
  354. >The other, the grey one from before, shakes in fear.
  355. >”Get Twilight!” You yell.
  356. >Stunned he stays in place.
  357. >You threaten with fiery hands and he complies.
  358. >He runs into her home.
  359. >”Princess! Princess!”
  360. >You adjust Trixie's hat.
  361. >Your ruined cape billows in the wind.
  362. >It’s time for your final battle.
  363. End of chapter 7.
  364. 9/9
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