More or Less - 10

Apr 28th, 2019
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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) Director Virgin
Jin Yeon-Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB's Sex friend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC's Sex friend
Jung Min-Chul (Glasses) FMC's Deputy Married

Chapter - 10

Meeting room

MC and FMC are sitting, there is a pile of files in front of them scattered on the table.

FMC: What's going on?

MC: Oh, that's about the PPT we talked during the meeting.
There is something wrong with the order history page 3 and with the sales graph page 5.

FMC: Ah. Yes. I'll fix it.

MC: Request the data from the planning department again. And..

He hits his binder with his elbow dropping all the documents on the floor.

MC: {Shit..}

Squatting on the floor and begins to pick them up.

MC: {Damn it.. What is this?}

He looks under the desk and sees FMC "beautiful" legs. He is as electrified by this vision.


Meeting room

He stands up in hurry and don't dare to looks at her.

FMC: ... Are you okay?

MC: Ah, yes.
I'll finish this with you. There's a lot of errors from page 10, please check it again.

He gives her a document, she takes it and looks at it.

FMC: ... Yes, let me see.

FMC: {I'm in charge of a lot of things... and I'll deliver something good.}

MC finally looks at her.

MC: Hmm you know.. I injured you yesterday.. Hmm.. Are you okay?

She stays silent for a moment, looks at him then pretends to still have back pain.

FMC: Yeah I still feel it.. It hurts..

*He panics and wonders what to do.

MC: Ah, is that serious? I must accompany you to the hospital right away..

FMC: Not that much. Don't worry, I'll tell you if I do not feel well.

MC: Yeah, please tell me.

She stares at his figure, he looks worried. She blushes and lower her gaze.

MC: By the way.. You seem to be working late at night lately.. I trouble you a lot.

FMC: Not really, I'm not the only one suffering. Everyone on the team..

After saying that she recalls Jung Min-Chul bullshit.

My wife is crying on the phone and I need to meet her, can you lend me the company car too.
I'll go first because I'm going to take care of my mother-in-law's surgery today.

She's pondering what to do about glasses.

FMC: Yes, Director.
Deputy Jung.. I guess it's really hard for him because he has to take care of his children.
Honestly, I work with him and he said something about that..
Come to think of it, there's no one in the team who's married except him.
He thought that you'll not understand. So I've reflected about it.
I'm reporting you this so you are aware of the situation..

MC: ..I understand what you mean. I'll note that.

He turns his head, looks at her and answers coldly.

MC: But I'don't want to hear it from you Yeon.
Take care of yourself a little more instead of taking care of others.


FB is talking on the phone.

FB: Miss Haeun. Do you remember, it's today at seven.

Girls: Yes don't worry.

FB: I made a reservation in advance.

He looks around and sees MC leaving the meeting room with FMC walking behind him. She looks dejected.

FB: Oh, I'll see you later. I've to work.

Later, the same day

FMC looks soulless because of overwork.

FMC: {Forget about it, I want to go home.}
{I still don't understand why he's angry at me..}
{I'm going crazy.. What to do with that asshole (glasses).. Don't worry about that, I won't!!!}

She's working, her mobile rings. She takes it.

FMC: {Oh it's Han Jae-Won..}

FB: What's up?

She keeps working and puts down her mobile.

She receives another text from Jae-Won.

FB : Hmm?
FMC: °°
FB: Do you've earphones?
FMC: °° Why?
FB: Let's do it, now.

He sends her pic of him pants down.

FMC: Haaaaah!!!

Female colleague: Hey? What's going on?

FMC: Ah! It's nothing.
{Han Jae-Won, son of a bitch..!}

{I don't feel right..}

She looks angrily at her phone, ponders for a while then she takes her earphones and leaves.

FMC: {Well, there's nothing to do..}

FB's car

He looks at the last message she sent him.

FMC: I'll call you.


She is on line with FB and she fingers herself.

FB masturbates at the same moment in his car.

FMC: {Ah.. Fuck me..}

FB: {Ah.. Closer.. Lower.. I want to see more..}

They keep doing it, they moan a lot..

FB: Keep showing me.. Continue..

FMC: {Mmh.. Ah..}

FB keeps jerking off, next to him there is a bouquet of roses and a bag.

Tbc <3.

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