Walnut - Mother Moth

Mar 24th, 2014
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  1. >Her job wasn't the easiest in the world, being a mother that is. From the day that she encountered Anon, & the both of them instantly falling for each other she knew what kind of path laid in front of her.
  2. >The sun was hardly up before her alarm rang on the end table starting her day. Reaching her hoof out she hit the snooze button with her husband Anon grunting still a little tired from last nights fun.
  3. >Stretching her body out, her lower hip area along with her own butt felt sore as Anon was kind of rough with her last night, but who could blame him as they were no longer able to get it on constantly like they use to they had a tiny foal to nurture.
  4. >Puffing out a sigh, she then remembered her little foal that always put a smile on her face, but she had to always had to get up like Anon & prepare them for the day.
  5. >Getting out of the bed she let out a few "ow's" as the sore spots on her body stung. Making it to the closet she begun pulling out the items she & Anon needed to work for the guards from their ID to the gilded armor.
  6. >Putting Anons stuff in a neat stack she slowly fitted her armor on going strap by strap to make sure she had every part on right.
  7. >Then looking back & watching Anon still knocked out she exited their bed room, & went downstairs to the kitchen.
  9. >Opening up several drawers she fetched herself several pans & skillets. Going to the refrigerator she pulled out several eggs, whip cream, & ham slices, and going to the cabinet pulled pancake batter.
  10. >Several minutes then passed as she made her family breakfast a total of: 3 pancakes with whip cream spread on top, 2 slices of ham, & 1 pair of scrambled eggs laid on three different plates for her, Anon, & her foal.
  11. >Having her hooves on the counter, & letting out a sigh the only thing left for her to do was to get her husband & foal up. Attempting to back up she was then stopped by a mysterious figured that wrapped itself around her back, & started pushing it's self on her.
  12. >Remaining calm it didn't take her long to realize that the figure was her husband Anon who instead of making a comment on the food she prepared, but sexual intercourse last might by saying "Seeing you the guard uniform makes me think we should roleplay next time. You will play the hard working guard, & I'll be a thief breaking into the palace."
  13. >Playing along she replied to Anons comment with "We still got time to do that.". Going "Oh yeah.", Anon then went close to her hears, & whispered "I got you at knife point guard. All I want is the key to break into the princesses gold vault."
  14. >Licking her lips she then said "Its around my waist." which made Anon take his hands off her neck, & move them to her waist area on the armor.
  15. Saying "I don't feel it." She said"Go lower.". Following her directions Anon did go lower till he gently started touching her crouchboobs his hands were extremely cold. >Asking "Here?", She she said "Lower." till he started touching her vag underneath her armor. Licking her lips all she said "The keys there." before being interrupted by a loud child voice saying "Hey mom I smell whip cream what are you - two doing?".
  17. >Looking to the kitchens entrance their stood her & anons little foal. Anon going "Uh....", & her replying with "Honey!?".
  18. >Staring at them her foal could barely get out his sentence "Mom why is dads hands touching your-" before coming to a complete realization about what her & Anon were doing, and fainting.
  19. >Saying "Oh dear he fainted." Anon replied with "I...Should have put outside locks on his bedroom door"
  21. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. >It was a day off from work for her, & yet she found herself with nothing to do. The house was clean from top to bottom, the laundry folded & put up, dinner cooked several hours early.
  24. >Slouching on the couch Columbia then tried to think of something to do before she heard the sound of cheering coming from her sons room.
  25. >Curious she hopped up from her spot, & stealthily snuck to his bedroom door where she peered in seeing her son play a game on the tv using a small joystick with two buttons.
  26. >Walking in she asked her son what he was up. Smiling he cheerfully said "I finally reached 100,000 pts on Rot Invaders.". Turning to the television Columbia could see her sons initials written on score board at first place.
  27. >Thinking this could cure her boredom Columbia asked her little moth foal if she could play. Nodding his head he told her that it would taker her awhile before she mastered the controls like.
  28. >Nodding her head Columbia grabbed the controls, and instantly felt like they were familiar. Starting the game Columbia moved the stick professionally yanking the controller forward & back to make her character Unknown avoid the rot coming her way, & touching the two right buttons every so often to kill the rot or jump over it.
  29. >Six hours than passed before Columbia's left hoof gave out making her use her mouth on the joystick. Not able to recover on incoming rot Columbia finally got her first game over.
  30. >Turning to her foal Columbia asked him how she did with her score still going up before stopping at 10,000,000 pts.
  31. >Shocked at what he saw Columbia's foal asked her how she was so good at using the joysticks like a boss.
  32. >Thinking about her sons question Columbia came to realization why the joystick was familiar yo her and relying she said "Well I guess its because I'm good at handling your fathers joystick & two buttons.". >Widening his eyes her foal simply went "What!?".
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