Saving Private Levi

Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. '___' marks transition from RP to RP.
  2. '---' marks a divider in the RP itself, used for Arsenic's inner thoughts as well as his flashbacks.
  3. '-' marks where italics were used in Eternia. ie. 'I can't -believe- you would do that.'
  4. _________________
  6. Arsenic arrives in front of Arimanes with a cold, expressionless disposition. He seems very glum- dead serious. This is very uncharacteristic of the deranged boy, who'd been as aloof as possible in even the most deathly of situations, wrought with either maniacal cheer or an unbidden rage, but never just stoic, silent, deadly anger.
  8. "Levi and Arariel have been captured."
  10. His fists clench.
  12. "...They're in the Tilandre dungeons."
  13. (Arsenic)
  15. _______
  17. [11:56:19] Her own fists clench.
  19. Arimanes didn't really know much about Levi, but Arariel was one of her most valued allies and... friends, almost. Her gaze shifted up to Arsenic, a feeling of sheer rage evident in her eyes. She kept it inside, though, and the only effect would be al ow, telepathic hum that'd poke at the back of Arsenic's mind.
  21. "Do you have any friends you wish to bring? Because we're going. Right now."
  23. Her body began to shapeshift, assuming a disguise for the imminent attack. It wasn't a very good disguise, mind, but it was something.
  24. (Arimanes Luxuria)
  25. [12:05:42] Arsenic turns his back; It wouldn't take him long at all to gather everyone. He knew exactly who he'd bring.
  27. "Get your makeup nice and pretty and find your stabbiest sword," he said with a salute. "I'll be back with the team."
  29. And then, he was off.
  30. (Arsenic)
  32. ________
  35. [12:06:33] Aeyrn Castitas: Will do, captain.
  36. [12:06:33] Aeyrn Castitas: Hurry up or I'll go without you.
  37. [12:09:07] Arsenic pulls on, knocking on the door after already opening and stepping foot inside.
  39. "Yo. Grab Sylus and let's go," He said solemnly. "Arariel and Levi were captured, and we're showing the Republic Hell."
  41. It was time.
  42. (Arsenic)
  44. _________
  47. [12:10:49] Looking over his shoulder and raising an eyebrow, Ulric shakes his head once.
  49. "Sylus is dead, but... Arariel and Levi were captured?" he'd mumble, scratching the back of his head. He needed something to do anyway-- might as well start getting back into things. Grabbing his blade and strapping it onto his back, he'd move to follow.
  50. (Ulric Mar)
  52. __________
  55. [12:18:30] His eyes widened.
  57. A primal, guttural sound exited his lips, reverberating through his throat as his sheery fury rose to ever-greater heights.
  59. He. Was. Pissed.
  61. Sylus dead. Arariel and Levi captured. William holding still as their oppressive jailor..Highwind was dying. It was in flames, sinking, all around him, the foundations of everything he'd known and cherished since he was a boy burning around him. If he didn't act, if he didn't pull a miracle...
  63. There's no time to mourn the man who had taught him resolve. Not yet. Not now. His mind sinks into the occult. Where nothing else matters but the destruction of his enemies, than inflicting pain on those who believed themselves justified in taking all from him.
  65. Ideals would clash with ideals.
  67. The strong man wrote the epilogue.
  68. (Arsenic)
  70. ________
  72. Arsenic arrived with Ulric in tow, the only he'd found.
  74. The only needed.
  76. The three-man army would be more than sufficient- well, that, and any forces that a Kaor Lord could muster in time. Arsenic prepared himself mentally, steeling his soul for the trial to come.
  78. It was time to raid a castle.
  80. His mask settled down and over his face.
  81. (Arsenic)
  83. __________
  85. [12:27:53] Raising an eyebrow and looking at... Aeyrn, he shrugs. He seems ready at least.
  86. (Ulric Mar)
  87. __________
  89. [12:28:44] Aeyrn Castitas: Come.
  90. [12:28:44] Aeyrn Castitas: I'll lead the way.
  92. __________
  94. [12:44:57] Compared to how she normally was, the woman certainly looked more... regal. As she walked up to the Tilandrean keep and saw the Councillor, she greeted him with a polite bow, showing her utmost respect. The two behind her might not share such respect, but Aeyrn was trying to do this as calmly and diplomatically as possible -before- any violence broke out.
  96. Not that she was particularly good at it.
  98. The woman wore brightholdian armor, and had eyes of an odd orange-ish shade. While she seemed innocent enough at first, you couldn't shake the feeling that something was a bit off about her. It was probably nothing.
  100. "Greetings, councillor! Do you permit visitors to your prisoners? There is something I must know about them."
  102. Her voice was polite and soothing, although the effect was likely undermined by the ragtag bunch of misfits behind her.
  103. (Aeyrn Castitas)
  105. _________
  108. [12:48:22] To her side, Arsenic stands, arms crossed, entirely silent. His voice would give away his disguise- he merely stands watch, quiet, flanking Aeryn and appearing the part of 'bodyguard.'
  109. (Arsenic)
  111. _________
  113. [12:53:29] He carries with him a leisurely swagger, his demeanor easily standing to the side with a rather standoffish appearance for himself. In contrast to his fellow participants this person seems to radiate an intense aloofness that holds strong to his character. The hood that covers over his brow, and general centre facial area, conceals the identity from those who were not up and close to his person and the blackness of his attire stands out as giving him a much larger, bulkier build than he actually possessed.
  115. ''. . .''
  117. He doesn't say anything and easily leans back and looks about the area, as if interested in the outter surroundings.
  118. (Aules Harn)
  120. _______________
  122. [12:56:03] Once he gave his belated acceptance speech, one he wrote just hours before addressing it, he presented himself to the town of Tilandre under the guise of 'councilor.' It was a brisk announcement, and after he finished, people were allowed to return to their daily activities. On an excusion back to the castle, a peculiar woman approached him from behind, inquiring about his prisoners - some that were of public knowledge from the express media. The female didn't strike him as familiar, and he's never seen her face... was she an Arbitrator?
  124. "No, we don't. See them before or after their trial."
  126. No violence on his part.
  128. Slightly suspicious of the two masked men beside-- is that Ulric? What was he... even... goodness. His reflection on the situation at hand hit him like a brick. "... Whoever you are, you need to leave.
  130. Now."
  131. (William Hastings)
  133. _______________
  135. [12:57:45]
  136. Click, click, click.
  138. It seems rather strange of them to be standing within this manner. Heels clatter against cobblestone - the world around her coming to a slight pause while she looks forward. "...." For the moment, the smile upon her features steadily drops when she's looking at once face. And then another. And then two others with masks on. It brings nothing more than curiosity - her smile faltering into a slight frown while she stands at the side of William Hastings. "Seems like you got company."
  140. Several audible clicks can be heard as she slowly reaches towards her back. A gentle smile still appearing on her feature and yet. . .She does not draw her weapon. She merely keeps her hand upon the butt of the gun. Almost as if something were a little strange. As if something was a tad bit off with the group. But as of now...She can only nod within Wiliam's direction. "It's your what yah do.." She had heard what he said. Only knights are able to visit...So why should he allow them?
  142. Silver hues darken in thought while her smile soon returns. Sweet. Cherub and child-like. She knows not of what's happening. But she merely nods when William gives his statement. "Sorry for turnin' you away...No visitors as of now. I'm sure everything'll be alright." Her free hand drifts upwards in a mere wave. "But if you leave a message, I can give it to them...T-that is if William allows me to."
  143. (Emmet Avery)
  144. [13:00:19] Apparently, the time for catching up would have to put on hold. Laughs come to an end as a small group of individuals approach the castle. They didn't seem too suspicious save for the hoods upon their head. His attention falls onto the blonde haired female who seemed to have questions about the dungeon. It wasn't really his question to answer, and as ar esult he seemingly falls into silent.
  146. Eyes are wandering over the group silently, hands buried deep within his pockets. William seemed to give his answer, and for now he watches closely for the response.
  148. There's an odd feeling in his gut...
  149. (Virgil)
  150. [13:01:10] Aeyrn Castitas whispers: Play along, A...
  151. [13:02:01] Aeyrn Castitas: <*Reached towards Arsenic's collar and tried to hoist him off the ground.*>
  152. [13:02:01] Aeyrn Castitas: I suppose we should get going...
  153. [13:02:52] Emmet Avery: < *blinks* . . .What a weird way to leave >
  154. [13:04:35] Arsenic is grabbed. Underneath his mask, he sweats, not quite sure what in the Hell was about to happen...
  156. But well, whatever it took.
  157. (Arsenic)
  158. [13:05:26] William Hastings: Why're you out here Ulric?
  159. [13:06:17] Ulric Mar: On a stroll.
  160. [13:06:17] William Hastings: Really.
  161. [13:07:08] Emmet Avery: ...Mmn.
  162. [13:08:00] William Hastings: Take it in another direction and back to Bygone.
  163. [13:08:00] Ulric Mar: Wanted to talk to Demeter, but it looks like she's not here.
  164. [13:08:00] Ulric Mar: -- Oh?
  166. {NARRATION} Arsenic vs Emmet Ulric vs William (William gets trisummons if loss by a wide enough margin) Aules vs Virgil Arimanes vs Demeter (when Yina gets back on) defenders: 1 or lower for capture rolls, 2 for injuries offenders: 2 or lower for capture, 3 for injuries (different rules in play for arimanes vs demeter)
  167. [13:24:12] Aeyrn Castitas: (ok elmme dot)
  168. [13:24:12] Aeyrn Castitas: (*lemme)
  169. [13:27:37] Arsenic was right in sweating.
  171. Aeyrn reared her arm back, her muscles suddenly expanding. What she was about to do required a potent level of physical prowess, and it required Arsenic to be aware of what she was about to do.
  173. But it should've been obvious.
  177. With that, she threw the man forward with all her might, aiming to toss him directly into the keep past any guards. He was likely to hit his head. Hit it rather hard, at that! But he was strong. He could take it.
  179. Either way, Arimanes' disguise faded, and she revealed who she truly was on the spot. She didn't want too many people to see her in this form, as it was her go-to human disguise.
  180. (Arimanes Luxuria)
  181. [13:27:37] Aules Harn: [[ still kinda blonde tho...]
  182. [13:28:28] Aules Harn: [if you lose i'm jacking your sword]
  183. [13:28:28] Ulric Mar: ( ... same )
  184. [13:28:28] Arimanes Luxuria: (wow, losers)
  185. [13:31:02] Arsenic charges- rather abruptly, with no given warning, rhyme, or reason, he strikes out at Emmet with terrifying speed and precision. Crimson lightning cloaks his figure, Hellstorm generated in a flash.
  187. Showtime.
  189. It was very redundant, this scene, this setting- his climactic fight with Emmet- it had already happened. She might even realize this was the same combatant, simply by the level of familarity she had with his skillset.
  191. At the same time, he had to save Levi.
  193. Wearing a different mask than when they'd fought, if only slightly different, he only hopes that either the disguise holds up or Emmet refrains from blowing his cover.
  195. I can't let Levi down.
  196. (Arsenic)
  197. [13:31:53] Arsenic: [brb]
  198. [13:36:09] Arsenic: [i'm done]
  199. [13:37:00] Syrax Falco: (triple threat)
  200. [13:37:52] William Hastings: [this nigga]
  201. [13:37:52] William Hastings: [LOL\
  202. [13:37:52] "She has something of mine. A lot of somethings, actually. But hey... you do too, kinda-sorta?"
  204. He's usually good with his words, but lately he's started to care a bit less about talking in the first place. Resting his hand against the hilt of his blade and pulling it away from the sheath on his back, he points it directly at William, the one he knows to be the Councilor of Tilandre. "... Anyway, you have some friends of mine. Let 'em go, and i'll let you off easy." He was obviously cocky, but that was for good reason.
  206. "... I'll give you one chance, kid."
  207. (Ulric Mar)
  208. [13:40:25]
  209. And what is there to say about the world that they are within? There is nothing more than fear. Nothing more than shock the moment the being slowly melds into another. Emmet's form quickly moves, her teeth beginning to grit - her form rushing forward -- an energy construct blocking the building, preventing Arsenic from breaking through. They wanted the people within there. They wanted the Oscuri. The man of sin. And she couldn't let them have him. She couldn't let them get any of them...Because she knew. She knew that there was something wrong, something terrible to begin with.
  211. Teeth grit at the appearance of crimson lightning. The person's fighting style being rather intriguing, if not, then plain familiar. It feels as if she has fought him before. It feels as if she's done this one too many times. Nevertheless -- with the gun within her palm, the clicks could be heard. Ping! The sound of sword clashing with the metal of the gun. She nearly uses it as a blunt weapon, her lithe form rushing forward - fingers coiled around the trigger...Her smile beginning to widen oh-so subtly..
  213. Her fears? They do not exist in a time like this. They do not happen. Her main focus would be on the woman who revealed herself. . .Before falling upon Arsenic once more. It is then - when she slowly prepares herself. The world around them groaning in pain as plants and flora slowly begin to exist. He didn't want to let Levi down...? Well. Levi let her down by attacking the Highcouncilor. Levi let her down by siding with the man of sin. And now. . .To her, things were only going to get that much more interesting.
  215. "...Leave now and I'm not gonna do nothin', but if you don't..." It's nothing more than a mere warning. Her teeth gritting, mana flickering. "My only target's that woman. I'm givin' you the chance to leave now...Or else."
  216. (Emmet Avery)
  218. [13:48:06] Arsenic didn't say a word. When she weaves within his zone, he strikes. He is the picture of focus. One mistake, and he would lose. He could win. He just had to fight perfectly. Her expertise in magic was nothing short of prodigous, with her as one of the most terrifying opponents he had ever faced.
  220. He had to manage the victory despite it all.
  222. In his grip is Mortuem Sectis- he cannot wield Mandragora, The Blackened Blade. Not here. It'd reveal who he was almost immediately, for she was well-acquainted with that sword. This one? Mortuem Sectis is a demented blade, haunted by the soul of a necromancer, vying for blood and screaming it's demented cries to a lonely boy wrapped deep in the embrace of Hellstorm-
  224. Fire and brimstone. Hell in Valmasia. The odds are against me.
  226. Fuck the odds.
  228. It was time for the rematch.
  229. (Arsenic)
  230. ________________
  232. Tick, tick, tick.
  234. There are no words. Therei s nothing but the appearance of the blackened blade that seemed to draw all of her attention. How could she forget it? How could she forget the very thing that nearly destroyed her? That nearly ruined everything that she had looked forward to? Their last battle was vicious, it was heart breaking, and ultimately....She could do nothing more than grit her teeth. A dangerous sneer appearing upon her features, a growl, a hiss, her nails digging into the metal of the gun. Her mana pulsing all about. "....You didn't even listen.." Her breathing becomes bated, her head spinning from the sudden anger..
  236. "Out of everything I told you. Out of everything that happened, you are still with this monster?" Her words are in nothing more than a mere whisper. Rage. Anger. Her breathing becomes hitched. Her heart beating miles per minute inside of her chest. She is so. . . .Angry. She is so upset that he would be doing this again. "I give you chance after chance after chance and this is how you repay me?"
  238. Betrayal. It is bittersweet to taste. But she should have known that her kindness would be taken for granted. She should have known that he wouldn't have. . .She had the feeling. But even for the slightest moment, she wanted to believe. She wanted to believe in him. "I can't..I..I can't believe I trusted you." Her breathing is stilled. Her trembling still happen as she rushes forward with the gun in hand. Brrrat! Brrrrat! The sound of energy releasing from the muzzle of the gun. Her body dancing across the battlefield, becoming evanescent. Spinning, twirling brilliantly, the gun within her hands sending out volleys of energy and cosmic magic.
  240. "You lied to me!"
  241. (Emmet Avery)
  243. _____________________________
  246. [13:56:38] {combat} Emmet Avery has been defeated by Arsenic! They're unable to continue fighting.
  248. ______________________________
  250. [14:06:01] Arsenic is focused.
  252. He is not the combatant he is normally. Not by leagues. The Arsenic she faces is super-charged, tactically picking his openings and shredding through only the defenses he must. This fury is silent, cold, calculating...and through her impenetrable wall of vines and trees, he strikes at the heart, with furious swipes that possess none of the unstoppable might of his normal array of tricks, but rather an exponentially greater speed.
  254. When he gets in close, he hurts. Furious strikes, but not wild, not uncontrolled. Mortus Sectim is swung with the expertise of a boy who has wielded the cursed sword for over three years, an actual, cliche aside, extension of his body. It and he work in conjunction, the psychotic demands for her blood met with a deep laceration across the girl's arm.
  256. He would not falter. It tears him apart to do this. Hellstorm and the cursed blade can dilute but not rid him of the guilt, free him from the torment that he feels every time she cries out, her agony as she is struck, abscond the empathy that he knows when she speaks of his betrayal...
  258. Levi in chains. His brother, having fought with everything he had. Sylus...unbeatable, wisened Sylus, the hero he had respected, renowned.
  260. The man who would've become the Champion of Valmasia.
  262. Dead.
  264. Sylus had told him resolve. Sylus had taught him to see things through, to their very end. Regardless of what happened, no matter what it took, he could not falter. Emmet could not be allowed to win. Everything he was and everything he loved was at stake, and as much as he loved her...
  266. When you weighed the scales, what he fought for spoke for itself.
  268. Arsenic gives her everything he's got.
  269. (Arsenic)
  271. ________________________
  274. Everything is happening so quickly. Everything is spinning within her head. Within her mind. This was not the thing that she was looking to. This was not the thing that she had been expecting. From the very beginning, she saw her world twisting, turning. From the very beginning - she felt the blunt of his weapon crashing into the side of her features. Her vision blackening, her world beginning to tousle and turn. "N-nh.." The sound of pain passes the little girl's lips. Red beginning to coat her vision from the wound atop of her head.
  276. No matter what she done....It seemed that he was faster. That he was quicker than the usual. She wasn't prepared. She wasn't ready. And quite frankly...He abused when she misused her spells. She understood his type of fighting though. She understood how it was when he'd do what he do. And this time...She wouldn't go easy.
  278. "I..." The words press past her lips with every single attack. "I hate.." There is nothing more than venom within the young girl's tone. Her breathing becoming hitched. Her world beginning to darken. "I hate you so..." The words are caught within her voice as she feels herself going down. Her body hitting the cobblestone, blood spilling around her features.. "I hate you.." Whispers. She whispers as her bloody palms push up against the cobblestone once more. Her head shaking from left to right. "You betrayed me. Betrayed all of us..A-again.."
  280. It hurt too much to think of something like this. It made her more dizzy. It made her tremble all over again. But this time...This time, she's sure that she wont let up. Nope.
  281. (Emmet Avery)
  283. ______________________________
  285. [14:07:44] {combat} Arsenic has been defeated by Emmet Avery! They're unable to continue fighting.
  287. _______________________________
  289. [14:17:58]
  290. Arsenic is such a strong man. Often, she feels that she's a little too weak to be going against someone of his stature. Someone who can drift in and out of reality. Who can appear one moment and vanish the next. It was a harsh thought. It was a harsh reality. But ultimately, if she was going to win - then she would have to decide the exact moment he would appear. She would have to predict when he would teleport and where. But as of now...She completely understood. The words that spill out of her lips are incoherent. Unable to be understood. Her teeth are grit tightly, her grip upon the gun tightening as they soon rush forward once again...
  292. I'm not gonna give up.
  294. It is the challenge of life that brought them there. A challenge that she coculdn't really complete until she finally fulfilled all her aspirations. And as of now...? She has a long way to go. Her silver hues are more like thunderous clouds - pulsing with life and energy. The cosm twiring about -- each plant beginning to twirl and hiss. Branching into something new, into something dangerous. It was their presence that drove her to be this way. To be so sickening and brutal. To feel her hand press against his chest -- blessing him with the purifying rush of cosmic. Before another one presses against his features - frying mana circuits, burning away at armor while her plants nip and bite...
  296. It was the extraction that might've made the moment that much sweeter. It was the shock that seemed to come with such passions. "...Why?" would be her only word as she slowly drifts away. Her rifle raising once more...Her form intent on making this very difficult for him. She cannot lose now. She cannot lose yet...She still has so many things to prove.
  297. (Emmet Avery)
  299. ________________________________
  301. [14:17:58] He is utterly obliterated.
  303. The unstoppable onslaught that was her double beam technique is landed when he is ensnared in vines, and, in a matter of moments, he is caught and beaten down with the force of a hurricane. She rocks his entire world- and he's left to only endure.
  305. Arsenic's whole world is spinning, the boy tumbling across the castle grounds as he's forced to take all of the suffering, all of the pain, teeth grit...
  307. And then, he reorients himself. The entire left-side of his armor has been blown off, or rather, most of it, his sides and arm exposed.
  309. He can't afford to lose..
  311. He can't let Levi down.
  313. He can't.
  314. (Arsenic)
  316. _______________________________________
  318. [14:21:23] {combat} Emmet Avery has been defeated by Arsenic! They're unable to continue fighting.
  320. ________________________________________
  322. [14:39:18] He is dragged to his absolute limits.
  324. There is almost nothing he can do but continually throw himself at the wall, doing any and everything within his power to try and punch a hole in a seemingly unstoppable defense. He is fast- insanely fast. Arsenic is a nightmare in close quarters; He'd wielded the monstrous Mandragora so long, he himself had forgotten he was an exceptionally speedy fighter.
  326. Mortuem Sectis carved her to shreds.
  328. A vine lashes out, and is parried. Another beam- he's blindsided, unable to do anything but brace for an unspeakable pain. Arsenic is blown off of his feet, screaming in agony despite his vow of silence.
  330. In that regard, she has won- forcing him to speak. He could no longer keep up the lie that he was anyone but himself. There would be absolutely no doubt that the man the girl had fought was one in the same with the one she had grown up with.
  332. And she has inflicted a critical injury upon him.
  334. He slows down noticeably- the boy hangs on by sheer willpower. His tendrils lash out, black ichor taking form and penetrating her vines, siphoning life force from the amalgations of nature magic. Her manifestations are used to bring himself life, and with that, with that and the resolve to save the man he values above all the rest, he carries on-
  336. ------
  338. -One thing I found, one thing I foooooound....
  340. Oh no you never let me dooooown...-
  342. -------
  346. He lunges forward like a madman possessed, determined to finish this fight. The Curse that lingers upon her derides her every attempt to stave off her own injuries, the hellish lightning he conjures slows her every step, trips her down when she is trying to move. His strikes are relentless, his offense without peer, the vines crumbling in his path.
  348. All that remained was her.
  350. His mana reserves were bottoming out, but he has done it. He has arrived in Emmet's face...again.
  352. For that split second, that impossible moment, as she stares down a battle-hardened, batshit insane occultist, crackling with crimson electricity and the portrait of depraved. She may even believe she is going to die. By Arsenic's perception, the world grays. He has tunnel vision.
  354. He has given her everything he has.
  356. ---
  358. -"What do you want to do with all your strength, Emmet?
  360. ...Don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise when you actually make it happen."-
  362. ---
  364. Mortuem Sectis is stabbed into the ground. The Hellstorm fades. As her hand raises, he is faster. He swings from the pommel of the blade like the freak of nature he is, and, launching himself, he plants his feet into her chest, aiming to kick Emmet off of her feet.
  366. And for that moment they are frozen, infinite. The impossible has happened- Highwind's prodigy, their genius fighter, has lost.
  368. This had been the ultimate test of Arsenic's resolve.
  370. ---
  372. "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you," She had said.-
  374. ---
  376. He is barehanded, his helmet has come off, his armor is in ruins, he is beaten, he is worn, he has struggled, he has strived, he has thrived. The lifelong loser comes out of his final kick in a dazed roll, moving forward with that momentum and stumbling into a tackle, were she still on her feet. Were she not? He pinned her all the same, their faces inches apart, with her forced to know, indisputably, beyond a doubt, that which she had faced had been none other than Arsenic.
  378. She had known that. They knew each other strangely well- the conversations they'd had were few. They were brief. But he still felt as if he knew her so well. So strangely well.
  380. For a moment, he hangs over Emmet, bleeding, and sweat and crimson droplets perspire from him, but never fall on her face. He is breathing heavy, he is blatantly injured, and he seems punch-drunk. So punch-drunk, infact, he is slurring...
  382. "I love you."
  384. The boy is embracing her. With every ounce of will in him, every bit of mastery he commands over the dark arts, all of his experience wielding Mortis and controlling Hellstorm, he refuses his carnal instinct.
  386. He holds Emmet, terrified she will not forgive him.
  388. Hoping that he can keep both his worlds.
  390. Knowing that he likely cannot.
  392. But...
  394. "And I'm not sorry."
  395. (Arsenic)
  397. ________
  399. some time after...
  401. ________
  403. Arsenic pulls up, weary, exhausted. He's roamed the countryside in his disguise, beaten a deranged marauder to incapacitation with William, and the whole while, he dragged around...
  405. A three hundred fucking pound sword that he couldn't wield as a non-oscuri.
  407. With a gargantuan effort and a hefty breath of air expelled from him, he heaved the sword up, holding it aloft for Arariel to examine. He kind of sighed, and then extended it to the Oscuri he had gone through so much to free-
  409. Although it didn't matter in the least.
  411. He would do it all over again. Him and Levi were his oldest friends. Even with the relative sparseness of he and Arariel's conversations, he would go to the ends of the earth for him- such was the ominously clingy personality he possessed.
  413. "I brought you something."
  414. (Arsenic)
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