Desert's Fury Logs 5

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  1. Richard Flint says, "Neph"
  2. Nephthys Masry asks, "Hiya, Flint. How's your night so far?"
  3. Richard Flint says, "Alright."
  4. Richard Flint says, "Actually wanted to ask you something."
  5. Nephthys Masry says, "Oh? Well ask away."
  6. Richard Flint says, "Could, we do some sparring."
  7. Nephthys Masry says, "Sure, I'm always up for that."
  8. Richard Flint says, "Great"
  9. Richard Flint says, "Where shall, we do this."
  10. Nephthys Masry says, "Well the easiest place is the field to the east, a bit down the road."
  11. Richard Flint says, "To the fields than."
  12. Tototl says, "Bah, I'll be fine-- Evening Saba."
  13. Tototl says, "... Spirits-"
  14. Tototl says, "My vision's even going."
  15. Tototl says, "Evening you two."
  17. Tototl waves Liz over towards him.
  18. (Tototl)
  19. -----------------------
  20. Nephthys Masry says, "Evening to you as well."
  22. "So you know in advance to honor my opponents... I don't go easy."
  24. He exhales as he lets the elements surround him, his unstable aura activating an incomplete Desert's Fury seemingly having Earth win out over the others. He floated upwards having a full success for once. His eyes began to glow, he felt his emotions rise.... Multiple types of casting styles...
  26. His irises seemed like sands and water were rushing through them like an oasis in a sandstorm, then vine ripped up from the earth showing he'd been practicing more than just Desert's Fury in the mean time.
  28.  "I didn't explode... That's always a plus. But seems like my aura decided to do more than just work today!"  He exclaimed as he whipped out his staff... Spinning it before pointing it towards Richard. The Anhk being a bright gold as he held the stripped handle of a metallic black and royal blue. The bottom was a sapphire held by two cobras which were also a bright gold.
  29. (Nephthys Masry)
  30. --------------------------------------
  31. "I won't take it any other way." young swordsmen says pulling his blade out of the sheath after doing that the young swordsmen would become bit amazed by what he was seeing 'That must be, what someone besides master Sigobriar looks like that has broken their limits.' he thinks to himself with his previous lesson with his master still freshly in his mind with Richard witness of Nephthys desert fury spring fourth form of excitement instead of fall even though he could feel the magic power just oozing off him.
  33. "Well seems like, I need to get ready as well" he excludes with bright white aura bursting around the young swordsman as he fills his body become covered by his holy magic with the young swordsman feet beginning to lift off, slightly from the ground after that the Young swordsmen would assume the Ifit stance placing his two hands on the hilt of his blade.
  35. The blade would then begin to emit small burning embers after assuming the stance with the small burning embers dripping off the blade to the ground with embers seeingly enough not causing any small scorch marks on the grass with it completely unharmed. "Let's do this then"
  36. (Richard Flint)
  37. ---------------------------------------
  38. Richard Flint says, "Your good."
  39. Richard Flint says, "Not better then master Sigobriar but still good."
  40. Nephthys Masry says, "Haha, thanks! Now I have to abandon some of my defense."
  41. Richard Flint says, "Let's do this."
  43. Nephthys of course started out with a more sustain oriented style, when that seems to work... But not quite enough for the Sarradian… Swapping into a more combat oriented style like one of fire. The rush of wind, water, fire, and earth tears up the landscape in an elaborate display of the elements.
  45. Like a walking natural disaster... Wild fires, sudden waves that cause flash flooding, earthquakes, and tornados tore up the plains. Ending with a Hurricane of steaming water while the earth shook, which stopped suddenly... Deciding anymore would be too much for a spar after tearing apart the land enough already.
  47. Of course to be nice he slams his staff down... all the grass spontaneously re-growing as the pseudo Desert's Fury fades into the night. He exhaled as to calm the elements with meditation and breathing, one slip up with the unstable version of this technique was obviously dangerous in some compacity. He then landed to pet the vines.
  49.  "You can rest now my dear plants."  They left soon after as if they understood what the magi was saying, while it was more the fact they communicated through mana.
  51.  "You're a great swordsmen, Flint. I'm sure people are happy to have you on their side, huh?"  He smiled over ignoring that he just literally tore up the area and had to repair it.
  52. (Nephthys Masry)
  53. -------------------------------------------------
  54. The young swordsmen would have his blade dig into the ground with one hand on the hilt and him on one knee. "Incredible your truly strong seems like I still don't have the strength to break my limits yet as master Sigobriar said." The young swordsmen say with lack of breath from the wind magic sort kicking the air out of him briefly.
  56. Pulling himself up, The young swordsmen would have scratches and cuts all over him with some of his clothes damaged slightly yet his fur cape would be fine with seeming to have taken hardly any damage. "Could you show me, how that magic of yours's works, Nephthys." Richards ask curious to how it works and wondering if it might open his mind to some potential possibilities to enhance his own magic prowess from understanding it.
  57. (Richard Flint)
  58. -----------------------------------------------
  59. Nephthys would pause for a moment, closing his eyes as he used just the basic fundamentals of magic just to a form that was almost on a whole other level when his unstable mana circuits decided to work. His unstable Desert's Fury was both a blessing and a curse.
  61.  "Unlike most Magi.. I just use the basic elements, I refined the basics to be powerful on their own rather than enhancing them with exorcism or occult auras.
  63. While it's not the only type of magic that works like this, and I've seen many rare types of magic floating about.
  65. The part about Desert's Fury... is that it uses the powers of the basic elements without turning into an entirely new one like Steam or Ice. Instead it uses...
  67. Pyromancy, the heat from the sun.
  68. Aeromancy, howling winds.
  69. Geomancy, raging sands
  70. And hydromancy, the mercy of the oasis.
  71. All refined and honed with no interaction with each other or outside forces.
  73. All spawn from the powers of the desert itself, though it's not the only thing I've seen that works similarly... I've seen what happens with nature magic when it's based on more survival of the fittest... I've seen Insectomancy, too...
  75. I have also seen the storms itself... which would be wind, water, and lightning. I've also seen the pinnacle of an energy magi from Saba. I have also seen Holy and Dark Guardians that fought with the people they were attached to... And even rift based magic... HOWEVER I have also seen... one particular thing that you might find interesting.
  77. You see Storm is the only melee oriented magic I've seen without killing the lifestream from rifts, but I have seen a style of the Ifrit Stance on a whole other level... He didn't name it per say… but he was an aeromancer but it seemed like he could ignite the air itself using said refined style."  When it came to magic... Nephthys was extremely knowledgeable but dear various god it was like a lecture hall. He could probably be a teacher himself yet he still considered himself a student in magic. He explained the basics... Some training to refine the basics, late he even got to ways to mix magic and melee in a form of spell blading which he assumed the unknown named Ifrit Style was due to how it was wind and melee yet turned to flames when used together.
  79. Until he mastered Desert's Fury he'd always be a student in his Sarradian mind. His goal was the only thing that would set him free from that, but the pure information he held was pretty outstanding. Overachiever for sure, soon he'd probably be the teacher rather than the assistant.
  80. (Nephthys Masry)
  81. ----------------------------------------------
  82. The young swordsmen eyes would widen generally shocked by complex this was 'This more detailed than that one time, I had to learn gravity magic' he thought to himself, so would take out his blade that was still planted into the ground would pull it with the hand that was holding the hilt still with laying on the ground with his feet crossed and his blade placed on his two legs as he listens eagerly to Nephthys words.
  84. The young swordsmen were amazed by the amount of knowledge Nephthys as he got further in his explanation seeing that he was probably not going to remember all this. Got out a journal of his from his backpack with the young swordsmen having only just recently filled this journal out with his adventures and hidden thoughts about things with him also getting out a pen from his bag as well with the man beginning to note down Nephthys words find them truly fascinating.
  86. As the explanation went on to the point he would bring a fighting style that magiused to enhance the Ifit style by combing air and fire magic made Richard wonder 'If it's possible to combine the style with wind, what else can it be combined with.' the thought would linger in his mind for bit with Richard still noting down what Nephthys was saying.
  89. After he had finished his explanation, Richard would lift his hand wanting to ask a question "So you mentioned before, an unknown magi had combined the Ifit style with wind magic but I'm curious the Ifit style has the strange property as well of releases aura of sorts with it looking like Red demonic demon-like creature, Why do you think something like that appears , when someone is using the Ifit stance is there possible ability to this aura being faint connection to spirit that grants a tiny bit of his strength through the stance?" he ask with him curious as Richard always known that the Ifit stance was bit of mysterious with primarily using just fire that the style always felt like there was, so much more to it locked away and now hearing that user had combined wind magic and fire magic made him wonder if there was more to the style than just combining magic like entity of sorts hidden in the style but who knows it also just theory that Richard had come up with now after hearing nephtys
  90. (Richard Flint)
  91. ----------------------------------------------
  92. "I don't know in a specific sense... but all the blade styles are based on a creature of some sort. Each of them seem to tie to an element.
  94. The Guardians of Light and Dark being a closer link to a spirit to the point the two communicate. So basing judgement on those two, I think Ifrit could be a lesser spirit of fire. However you aren't tied to it as much as a full guardian, at least... that's my theory on it. I don't exactly have a guardian... or cosmic energy, I hear they can talk to stars. Ookami apparently speak to wolf spirits.
  96. So at the very least there are some groups around here that can in-fact help you discover that for sure. Cosmic magi and Ookami are rather common here."  Recalling information from years ago, actually these sighting made him think learning these rare magic strands were what made a magi into his idea of a full-fledged magi.
  98. Without Desert's Furyhe was only a simple student, a knowledgeable overachieving student. That's how it would always be, several magi in town already had mastery level, legendary, or just down right unique magics that no one's ever heard of! He'd become his vision of a true magi soon enough, hopefully... He just needed that trip to the desert, he hoped that's be soon.
  100.  "A lot of magi have mastery techniques around here, too... I don't know a ton about them, but the rare strands of magic may also tie to spirits in some way.
  102. I've yet to master mine, so I'm still just training and learning. Though I see more and more people with these rare magic strands... Though in a way... ALL magic is tied to some form of spirit or deity."
  103. (Nephthys Masry)
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