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  1. Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would hereby like to announce my interest in joining the uniteam. I do realize that your application thread clearly states that you are currently not recruiting people, but I have been told that you accept applications anyway. [SPOILER="source"][18:00:04] they are always open [18:00:25] oh ok [18:00:35] Pm the app to tinerr or fish or any ut member[/SPOILER] I want to join the uniteam because opening my toribash client and joining multiplayer rooms has become surprisingly entertaining for me lately and I would like to enhance that experience by joining a ingame related staff group. There hardly is any other reason for me to join, I am neither altruistic nor do I yearn for power.
  2. I have hardly any experience with ingame events and the like, but I am willing to learn if necessary.  
  4. I do know that a uniteam member is just a regular member with the amazing ability to join the lowbelt servers in order to play and chat with the newbies and I won't use the ingame privileges that come with the job for any other reason.
  6. I have been a marketsquad member, #market and #support administrator (owner and SOP) dude in the past and I like to think that I did my job fairly well, considering that I have been replaced with two or three new marketsquad members.
  7.  I was willing to recognize my mistakes and tried to get them fixed instead of covering them up. I think I asked you (tinerr) at least twice to reverse an infraction for me.
  9. My activity could hardly be any better.
  10. I am on IRC all day long (My nick on IRC is legsol. I share one connection/BNC with lsl. I am the ego part) and check the forums several times a day, even though I hardly post outside of my clan board anymore.
  12.  I speak German and English. I live in Germany (UTC +1).
  14. I hope you consider blahablh generic ending.
  15. So uh, contact me if you need more info, I guess.
  16. Have a nice day.
  19. PS: e2-e4, bring it on bitches.
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