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  1. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:02 PM
  2. What is the issue?
  4. shadowdra126Today at 12:04 PM
  5. which one?
  7. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:05 PM
  8. Whichever one you need to talk about to stop baiting people in #general.
  10. shadowdra126Today at 12:05 PM
  11. every time someone starts an argument with me. I am the one who is getting in trouble
  12. someonoe LITERALLY just said they were gonna do what I did and no noe shit on them
  13. but because I did it they shit on me
  14. the staff takes sides in arguments and it shows
  15. so what if I mentioned I did not like the game 4 times. How if that different than how other people talk. I wasnt like I was saying anything specific
  16. I was saying my opinion
  17. and my opinion got me attacked
  19. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:10 PM
  20. Having read everything that happened this morning, I do not believe anyone "took sides" against you. You posted a vague comment multiple times, trying to get people to engage with you and ask what game you were talking about. No one did, so you then started talking about it. Sinjo responded, everything was fine, and then he sarcastically joked about the fact that you had repeatedly been fishing for the conversation.
  22. You overreacted by assuming he was trying to insult you, when he was just making a joke about it. Then you picked a fight because you think he's sarcastic too often. Your opinion was never the issue, he was making a joke about the fact that you very clearly were reposting it over and over because no one else wanted to talk about it at that moment.
  24. The fact of the matter is, there are almost 800 people online right now and several thousand members of the server, and you're not going to get along with everyone. It's not incumbent on us to kick or ban everyone who you don't like or have difficulty getting along with. It's on you to either decide not to talk to them, or block them so you won't be tempted to respond to what they say.
  26. Your opinion is not getting you attacked. It's the way you're talking to people. You are consistently assuming the worst intent from everyone who talks to you, including staff, and assuming that everyone is "against" you all the time even though that's not true.
  28. shadowdra126Today at 12:12 PM
  29. So what are my options? Leave or pretend it doesnt bother me? I repeated myself because its the basis on my opinion of the game. When he asked for me I told him. then I rounded it out by saying agian how I disliked it
  30. that did not require the rude comment
  31. what about the guy who just told me to get banned?
  32. and his rude comment
  33. that okay too?
  35. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:12 PM
  36. I immediately told him to stop and that he'd be restricted if he said anything like it again
  38. shadowdra126Today at 12:13 PM
  39. Thank you
  41. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:13 PM
  42. And Sinjo's comment wasn't rude. It wasn't an attack on your person. It was a joke about the fact  that you'd been trying to get someone to ask you about the game for a while.
  44. shadowdra126Today at 12:13 PM
  45. as someone with aspegers i dont get jokes
  46. thy all sound serious
  47. so because of that I take them seriously
  48. And they are not funny
  49. Joke or otherwise
  50. for a while?
  51. it was like... a span of like 5 mins?
  52. it was like i did it for an hour...
  53. The "Joke" was not funny and therefore not a joke. not to me
  54. and if it was a joke
  55. that means it was at my expense
  56. since I did not find it funny
  58. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:16 PM
  59. I understand that it might be hard for you to judge the difference, and I mean no disrespect with this, but we cannot ask that no one make any jokes like that whatsoever because you might not understand the context or intent as easily. It just a fact of participating in a community like this – sometimes people are going to joke around lightheartedly.
  61. It's your job as a member to just let it go and move on, or to privately message a staff member if you feel like there's a more serious problem, and let them judge what the best response would be. You cannot blow up the chat every time. This is becoming an almost daily occurrence.
  63. shadowdra126Today at 12:17 PM
  64. I am not asking you to not allow jokes
  65. I am frustrated by someone who attempts to make one and it offends me
  66. that they are given a slap on the wrist
  67. no apology made
  68. and nothing happens
  69. every time
  71. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:18 PM
  72. To be blunt, you overreacted. Sinjo was not breaking rules or being insulting with what he said – you assumed he was, and caused the problem as a result. He was perfectly friendly and nice to you when you were actually discussing the game.
  74. shadowdra126Today at 12:18 PM
  75. I block them every time. That is not a solution sadly anymore. Discords version of blocking is like putting up a see thru curtain
  76. ok
  77. nevermind then
  78. I am wrong
  79. sorry to have wasted everyones time
  80. I can easily see I am the problem and sadly there seems to obe no way to fix that as I am who I am
  81. so I guess ill continue having everyone fucking hate me
  82. But thank you for discussing this with me
  83. It was helpful
  85. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:21 PM
  86. Blocking someone is absolutely a solution. If you block someone and choose to still read their messages, that is your decision.
  88. No one here hates you. And the staff certainly doesn't. We are trying to work with you, but we also have to account for the fact that others need to be able to participate here and enjoy their time here.
  90. shadowdra126Today at 12:21 PM
  91. But I am not enjoying my time here
  92. I have yet to see someone try to make it more enjoyable for me
  93. just the other person in the argument
  94. working with me how? by telling me I am fucking up constantly with these social interactions
  95. by telling me I am the one in the wrong. I am the one who cause the issue. Thats not helping me
  96. its isolatin me
  98. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:24 PM
  99. We are trying to help you see where you are overreacting or not understanding how others are talking. We are trying to help you get to a place where you can participate here without constantly finding yourself at odds with other members.
  100. Can you tell me, what do you think that the staff should be doing differently?
  102. shadowdra126Today at 12:26 PM
  103. for starters when an argument breaks out dont just tell one person why they were wrong
  104. and not the other
  105. I feel constantly attacked on here because I dont see I did anything wrong
  106. thats part of the aspergers
  107. I dont see the social issue
  108. but others do and instead of telling me calmly or reminding me whats wrong
  110. or other shit like that
  111. BUt I cannot ask everyone to do that either
  112. thats unfair to them
  113. so Here is the impass I am aty
  114. I can stay and be treated like crap or leave and have no where to go to talk to likeminded people
  115. either way I am fucked
  116. what do you want me to do
  118. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:33 PM
  119. Part of the issue is that I don't think you're being treated like crap. You are being moderated like everyone else, and other members are treating you just like they treat everyone else. We cannot step in and warn everyone not to joke around with you, because that's just not realistic.
  121. Your perception of what's happening isn't accurate. Kiro told Sinjo to stop and let it go while he was talking to you, just like I immediately told Artismol to stop or else he'd be restricted. You are not being made out to be the villain; when there's an issue like there was today, everyone involved gets told to stop and move on.
  123. You make the active decision to continue arguing with the staff in chat every time, which leads to them having to talk to you for longer, which I think you're assuming means that you're somehow more in trouble than others. That's not true.
  124. (just a heads up, I'm listening to/participating in a work call right now and my responses might be delayed for a bit)
  126. shadowdra126Today at 12:34 PM
  127. Well I dont know how to go from here
  128. Everyone hates me when I talk now
  129. I might as well not talk
  130. I honestly have no idea how to continue here anymore
  131. I am a laughing stock at this point
  132. Ive slowly began to hate myself just as much as others do. I hate coming here to unwind because it always ends like this
  133. no matter that I try to do
  134. I debating killing myself after last weeks issue with whats his fucking name
  135. So there is not much I can do
  136. I am afraid to chat now
  137. I am afraid to share my opinion and my thoughts
  138. cause no matter what they are
  139. someone will fuck with me
  140. and then Ill try to defend myself
  141. and ill be viewed as the dick
  142. Evry
  143. single
  144. timeme
  145. Ive been a member here for years
  146. and every now and then come back
  147. this time around the active memebrs fuck with me every time. This never happened in the past
  148. not like this
  149. idk what the point is anymore
  150. youd all be happy if I was gone anyways
  152. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:41 PM
  153. We would not be happy if you were gone, we appreciate that you're a longstanding member and you're always welcome here. But I think moving forward, when you feel like something someone said is an attack on you, the better path forward will be to block that person and let the staff know. Just try to get to a place where you don't immediately lash out every time, because it seems like a lot of the time, it's not intended as nearly as serious a comment as you perceive it to be.
  155. shadowdra126Today at 12:41 PM
  156. thatll be good
  157. someone says something mean and I call staff immediatly
  158. thatll be welcomed nicely
  160. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:42 PM
  161. I meant, let the staff know via DM.
  162. I agree that immediately pinging Staff in the chat will only cause issues.
  163. But the online staff members are almost always available by DM, and then they can judge whether further action is needed, or help to explain why the situation maybe wasn't as personal or insulting as it seemed to you at first.
  165. shadowdra126Today at 12:43 PM
  166. I feel unsafe and uncomfortable in the general chat anymore
  167. PLus I honestly feel a lot of staff members hate me so I would not reach out to them
  169. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:43 PM
  170. I promise that that is not the case. The staff are always available to help any members.
  171. But if you choose not to reach out to them, and to continue picking fights and making mountains out of mole hills in chat, then that's a bigger problem.
  173. shadowdra126Today at 12:44 PM
  174. I have yet to feel welcomed by a current staff member. US talkign today is the first time I have ever talked to astaff member and felt like they gave a shit
  175. I feel unwelcomed
  176. unwanted
  178. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:46 PM
  179. I think, again, part of the issue is that staff has to be objective and see the full issue, not just your side. So when someone tells you that there wasn't an issue, or that you're wrong, you're perceiving that as them actively not liking you or siding "against" you.
  181. shadowdra126Today at 12:46 PM
  182. That may very well be true. That doesnt change the fact I have no good relationship with hany staffer
  183. not one Id want to bring my problems too
  184. cause it would end up "Well you were the one who was wrong"
  185. even if I wasnt I think
  187. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:47 PM
  188. Well, I can tell you firmly that that is not true. Our current staff are very good at looking at situations and figuring out where the problem came from and helping to talk through it. We've worked very hard to assemble a team who can reliably work through problems without taking sides or being dismissive.
  190. shadowdra126Today at 12:48 PM
  191. Trust me. I know you all work to get together a good team
  193. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:48 PM
  194. You need to just trust me, and try it. Don't assume that it's not going to work when you haven't even given it a shot.
  196. shadowdra126Today at 12:48 PM
  197. That does not change the fact I feel unwelcomed in the chat channels
  199. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:49 PM
  200. Yes, but if you start chatting again and make a point to block people you feel you cannot interact with positively, and reach out to staff privately when there are issues, it will help you have more positive interactions and lessen the feeling of being unwelcome.
  202. shadowdra126Today at 12:50 PM
  203. I honestly feel no better. All I feel now is the same shitty feeling plus a realization that I am the problem and I honestly feel like I am hated
  204. idk what to tell you
  205. Im on the fence about leaving. I am on the fence about ending my miserable existance. I am on the fence about a lot of thing
  206. but I do not know what to do in this moment
  207. at all
  209. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:51 PM
  210. I am sorry if what I've said has made you feel that way. I don't hate you, and I actively want to see you get to a place where you can have a positive and productive time on the server. I'm trying to give you options for how to continue participating.
  212. shadowdra126Today at 12:52 PM
  213. Your options are here. and I see them. Doesnt change that I am staring at the chat wanting to talk but I cant do it'
  215. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:52 PM
  216. No one on the server wishes you ill will. We're not trying to push you out. We're trying to make sure that you have the best time possible while also protecting everyone else's ability to do the same.
  218. shadowdra126Today at 12:52 PM
  219. I am having the worst time possible though
  220. but I am glad others love it here
  222. Dovahkiin_VokunToday at 12:53 PM
  223. I understand that you are, and that means you need to try new things and new tactics for how to handle negative interactions, if you want it to get better.
  225. shadowdra126Today at 12:54 PM
  226. idk what to say..
  227. I guess we shall see how that goes. But I can anticipatye it happening again and it not being just me but it end up being only me
  228. idk what to do
  229. Ive been here so long that if I leave I wont come back
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