Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison, chapter 4

Dec 14th, 2015
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  1. <Previously, on ‘Anon in Saddle Arabia’s prison’!
  3. >The book in front of Pancho flips to the next page by itself
  4. >…That was the wind… right?
  6. >”Oh you finally wake up Yarn, welcome back!”
  7. >You were unconscious?
  8. >”And you were talking while asleep! Yelling random stuff at the air! You must have had a nice dream!”
  10. >The warden ran away with Anon without you giving him the message…
  11. >The mail guard arrived with a letter just for Fuse
  12. >Hmmm, wonder what the letter says?
  14. “…Pancho? Y-you… you are…”
  15. >You can’t believe it. Are you still sleeping? Is this a dream?
  16. >Floating in mid air was Pancho. He was levitating in the middle of the room, staring directly at you
  22. Be Short Fuse
  23. >”Thanks for coming! See you next time! Come back soon!”
  24. >And you and Anon are leaving the prison’s Spa
  25. >It was a good time; Soft Pumice sure gives good massages… but nothing like Gentle Scent! Lucky Anon…
  26. >The best part is that Soft never saw your red marks over your body, and now that you have your uniform, nobody will see them!
  27. “Okay! Is almost midday! And that means soon it’ll be lunch! So, let’s head to the park so you can see where it is, shall we?”
  28. >”Sounds like a plan. Lead the way”
  29. >Is almost lunch… and all this tour is making you hungry already, very hungry!
  30. >Maybe you could use the kitchen and make something?
  31. >Make something for Anon and so you two eat in the park?
  32. >…
  33. >Oh ho! Idea! Since Anon has been a good inmate, that has saved you three times… why not bake a cake for him?
  34. >And who knows? Maybe is his birthday soon and that would be a plus!
  35. “Hey Anon, what’s your favorite flavor?”
  36. >Anon seemed to not have noticed your question, as he was looking in front of him. Was he daydreaming?
  37. “Anon? Hello?”
  38. >Anon snapped out of whatever he was thinking and looked at you
  39. >”Oh, sorry. What, you asked something?”
  40. “Yes, I would like to know which flavor is your favorite”
  41. >”Flavor? Of what?”
  42. “Umm…”
  43. >Oh no, if you say cake, he’ll know your plan! Quick, think something else!
  44. “Ice cream flavor!”
  45. >Nailed it
  46. >”Oh well, I’m between Neapolitan and choco chips, I can’t never choose one”
  47. >Neapolitan? So… His favorite flavor is between strawberry, vanilla and chocolate!
  48. >”Why did you ask?”
  49. “O-oh well, since we are having ice cream after this tour, I was wondering which one you liked”
  50. >You can’t wait to taste some ice cream… yesterday was a busy day and the only dessert you ate was brownies… you really wanted ice cream
  51. >Oh! Maybe you could combine the brownies with the ice cream! Brownie ice cream!
  52. >Just thinking about it makes you droll…
  53. >…You really are drooling
  54. >You use your left hoof to remove the saliva before Anon notices it
  55. >”So which flavor is your-“
  56. “Strawberry!”
  57. >”Favorite… well, I should have guessed”
  58. >You grin at Anon
  59. >Finally, you two arrive to the door that lends to the park. You stop and point at the door
  60. “Alright Anon, through that door is the park. Now, I’m sorry for this but I’m going back to my office to check if there are any new papers to complete, it could take a while but I’ll be back, okay?”
  61. >Everything should be fine. Except if Anon decides to go to your office… and, well… the cake shouldn’t take much time in making it
  62. >”Sure Shorty, take your time. I’ll be right here waiting for you”
  63. >Anon opens the door and starts walking outside
  64. “If you get bored, go to your cell! I just… want to make sure to find you, okay?”
  65. >That should handle the problem of Anon going to your office
  66. >”Nah don’t worry, I’m not going to move from here. I like it outside, maybe I can find someone to talk with in the meantime”
  67. “Alright! Behave and don’t say any bad words! I don’t want to punish you, right?”
  68. >Anon takes a moment to think about what you said, then nods and answers you
  69. >”Don’t worry about the swearing, go on and do your duties”
  70. >Anon then gives you a warm smile and waves at you. You wave back and turn around, starting to walk faster towards the kitchen
  71. >Time to get that cake done! Better hurry!
  72. >Wait a moment, you are a unicorn! You can teleport!
  73. >…Gentle Scent personality is sticky
  74. >You close your eyes and focus your mind and magic into a command
  75. >Kitchen!
  76. >One poof and there you are! The kitchen!
  77. >Now to bake the-
  78. >”Gah, warden!”
  79. >…cake. Woops, seems like you startled the chef…
  80. >”Warden, as much as you like to teleport… don’t scare me like that… at least you could have teleported next to the door and have knocked it!”
  81. “Sorry Lattore! I was in a hurry and I forgot about my manners”
  82. >”What’s the emergency?” Lattore wondered, adjusting his chef’s hat
  83. “Well you see… I wanted to bake a cake for Anon since he saved us in two occasions… well, three. He saved me before”
  84. >”Anonymous? Well, why didn’t you say so! You can make anything you want for him! Grab any ingredients you want in the dessert room, I would help but I’m busy cooking some food for the inmates, you know, in some more minutes the mess hall will open for every inmate!”
  85. >Right… the lunch… this gives you short time to bake
  86. “Alright Lattore, thanks!”
  87. >To the dessert room!
  88. >”If you need anything call me!”
  89. >You nod and turn around, walking towards the dessert room. You open the door and you could smell the scent of candy in the air. The room had a variety of ingredients to make any dessert needed
  90. >In this case, a cake!
  91. >The dessert room had a fridge, utensils, the baking table, oven, everything you need!
  92. >The fridge was as big as your closet was. Magic fridge, yay!
  93. >But before you start, time to grab an apron! You don’t want to be sticky and dirty, do you?
  94. >You remove your uniform and put it near a chair and grab an apron that was hanging from the oven
  95. >…Well at least the red marks were starting to clear from your plot
  96. >Time to start!
  97. “Okay, let’s see… eggs, milk, flour…”
  98. >Good thing is that everything in this room is labeled alphabetically in the fridge!
  99. >It was on the corner of the room though…
  100. “Weird, could have guessed that it was in other place before. Maybe Lattore wanted it in that place?”
  101. >You move towards the fridge and open it. Inside were the ingredients labeled as you said before and a white and blue pegasus
  102. >Wait what
  103. >”Hello warden!”
  104. “Waaaaah!”
  105. >”Ahhh!”
  106. >The scare made you jump back; you weren’t expecting someone inside the fridge…
  107. >Speaking of heart attacks… is this karma?
  108. “White Breeze? What are you doing inside the fridge?”
  109. >”Oh, I live here! Is so cold and cozy”
  110. “Since when you live there!?”
  111. >”Since 3 hours ago! Lattore accidently closed the fridge’s door and I was stuck in here, then I realized how good it was and stayed. At least is better than getting lost in your closet!”
  112. >No way is better than your closet, is cold…
  113. “I’m going to speak with Lattore after this… is not good for your health the atmosphere in there…”
  114. >”Are you kidding? Is cool in here! Umm, no pun intented”
  115. >You could feel a nurse laughing out in the distance
  116. >”So… what ingredients are you searching? Maybe I can help as a way to say ‘sorry for scaring you’”
  117. “Well I’m going to bake a cake”
  118. >”Say no more! I know where the ingredients are!”
  119. >White Breeze closed the fridge’s door and went to search the ingredients
  120. >You could hear his mumblings inside the fridge
  121. >Was it really necessary to close the door? I can’t believe he really loves the cold…
  122. >Well, better like the cold than have a cold personality, right?
  123. >You sigh. That reminds you of that inmate which doesn’t like to talk to anypony. His sentence wasn’t big and maybe he was here for a mistake, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to talk to the rest…
  124. >”Okay warden! I have all the ingredients!” you could hear White Breeze from inside the fridge, his voice muffled a little
  125. >He opens the fridge and exits with a bag in his back
  126. >”I didn’t know which flavor you wanted to bake, so I brought the basics! Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!”
  127. >That’s great! Maybe you can bake a Neapolitan cake for Anon!
  128. “Thank you White Breeze!”
  129. >”Now if you excuse me, I have a bath to take”
  130. >He goes back to the fridge and closes the door
  131. >Wait, taking a bath? Inside the fridge?
  132. >You could hear one last time White Breeze from inside the fridge, his voice muffled in the distance
  133. >”Woohoo! The ice works as soap!”
  134. >…
  135. >Ooooookay, you are not going to question that
  136. >Let’s just continue to the baking and ignore that
  137. >You grab the bag and put it in the table of the room. Using your magic you pick up every kitchen tool that you need
  138. >Mixer, spoon, bowls, emergency spoon, cups…
  139. >Everything ready!
  140. >You use your magic again to open the bag and take the ingredients, placing them in order on the table
  141. >You place the bowl next to the eggs and milk and start adding milk to the bowl
  142. >Carefully you add the eggs to the bowl and with your magic you bring the mixer
  143. >With your magic concentrated in the mixer, you begin to work to mix the ingredients
  144. >It shouldn’t take a lot of time to make everything! Maybe just half an hour?
  145. “Hmm, I wonder what’s the reaction Anon will have when I reveal that I was baking him a cake as a surprise!”
  146. >Maybe he’ll be like ‘Shorty! It’s amazing! Thank you!’
  147. >You begin mixing a little fast
  148. >Or he could say ‘How did you know it was my birthday? Thank you so much Shorty! You are the best!’
  149. >You add some more speed to the mixing
  150. >Maybe he would give you something as a thank you… ‘Shorty, do you want me to feed you? Come on, open your mouth and say ‘Aaah!’’ as he takes the spoon and feeds you like a colt…
  151. >You add more speed to the mixing
  152. >You imagine Anon taking off his shirt… coming closer to you… slowly hugging you with his strong arms…
  153. >And then we would… we would…! Act some more until… until!
  154. >Suddenly the dough of the cake started splattering in your face
  155. “Ah ha ha! Ups! Too much speed! Heh…”
  156. >…
  157. >Oh ponyfeathers! What were you thinking before?
  158. >You take a deep sigh.
  159. >Whenever you think of him you have impure thoughts…
  160. “I really want to cuddle, and hold his hands…” you mutter to yourself
  161. >What’s wrong with me!?
  162. +Oh nothing is wrong with you dear, is natural.
  163. “Who said that?”
  164. +Over here! In your left shoulder!
  165. >You look at your shoulder, in it was a tiny version of you… wearing a costume of the devil and with a trident
  166. “Who are you?”
  167. +Glad you asked. I’m your conscience! The evil conscience! Or shoulder devil, whatever name you want me to call. Your dirty thoughts summoned me and I’m here to lead you to the right place!
  168. >Cool… in some bizarre way, now you are becoming crazy and talking with a tiny version of yourself
  169. +Hey, I hear that!
  170. >Of course he can read your thoughs…
  171. +Come on, don’t you want to cuddle with that human? Hold his hand? Hand which could rub your belly multiples times and cuddle afterwards? Don’t you want that, ‘Shorty’?
  172. >U-unf…
  173. +See? You like it!
  174. ^Oh don’t listen to him.
  175. >Oh now what?
  176. ^No what, but whom. Look to your right.
  177. >In your right shoulder was a tiny version of you wearing an angel costume with a harp in his left hoof. Well, you can guess this is your good conscience… or angel shoulder
  178. ^In that you are right, I’m here to stop your bad thoughts.
  179. “Thanks Celestia… I though all my thoughts were just perverted…”
  180. +Don’t listen to this clown! You shouldn’t waste your time with him! Waste it with me!
  181. ^Oh shut up please.
  182. +No, you shut up!
  183. ^No you.
  184. +You!
  185. ^You!
  186. +You!
  187. >Is your conscience really this childish?
  188. +Look, I’ll give you three good reasons why you shouldn’t listen to him.
  189. >Your angel shoulder looked annoyed
  190. ^Oh here we go…
  191. >Your shoulder devil conjured a tiny list and glasses
  192. +Number one, just look at him! He's got that sissy, stringy, music thing.
  193. ^We've been through this... It's a harp, and you know it.
  194. +All right. So, that's a harp... and that's a dress!
  195. >Your devil shoulder pointed at your angel shoulder
  196. ^Robe!
  197. +Reason number two, look at what I can do!
  198. >Your devil shoulder jumped to the table and conjured a tiny rope which started to jump
  199. “But, uh, what does that have to do with anything?”
  200. ^No, no, he’s got a point. He’s good… very good and got a good stamina, hmm~
  201. >Your angel shoulder jumped to the table next to your devil shoulder
  202. >Devil shoulder stopped jumping and stared at you
  203. +So? Who are you going to listen to?
  204. “I…”
  205. +Come on, you want to date him! Don’t you? I bet that you don’t even remember your dream from last night!
  206. >You really don’t know, all that you could remember was that you were giving speeches and nothing else
  207. ^That’s all? You just think about the first step? Nothing more? Not even the action before the dates? You are a weak devil though.
  208. +Oh what you know? You are just the contrary of what I want him to do.
  209. ^Of course I’m the contrary. I’m the good thoughts, right?
  210. >Angel shoulder started to move a little closer to Devil shoulder
  211. +Right.
  212. ^And what else is good than having a good time with the creature you felt more in love with?
  213. “Love!?”
  214. >Angel shoulder puts his hoof around Devil shoulder’s shoulder
  215. ^You know what I am talking about, don’t you?
  216. +Yes…?
  217. >He whispers some words you can’t manage to hear to Devil shoulder
  218. >Devil shoulder face goes full red
  219. +But! That’s… that’s not lewd… that’s… another level of kink!
  220. ^Don’t you want to REALLY feel good? Hmm? We could teach Shorty one lesson or two~
  221. >Angel shoulder was giving seductively eyes to Devil shoulder
  222. >Devil shoulder tried to take some steps back, but Angel shoulder didn’t let him to move more of what he wanted to move
  223. +Uh… I… I think this is not… I mean I…
  224. >Devil shoulder couldn’t figure out words out of the situation
  225. >What the hay is going on!?
  226. +B-but you are supposed to be the good thoughts!
  227. ^I know. And that’s good, isn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want to do /that/?
  228. +Umm….
  229. ^I like how shy you are.
  230. >…Aren’t you forgetting something?
  231. >…The cake! The time! The lunch!
  232. >You interrupt both of them before they start talking again.
  233. “Look, I appreciate what you two say, but right now I’m baking a cake for Anon… so… please go away? Kindly? Pretty please?
  234. >Angel shoulder turned at you and gave you a sly smile
  235. ^Right… you were baking a cake… What if I told you there is a better /dessert/ Anon would enjoy more than just a simple cake? He would really be satisfied and the most fun part is that you will enjoy it more than him.
  236. >Something better than a cake?
  237. “What is better than a cake? Ice cream? Brownies? Cookies? A chocolate fountain?
  238. ^I don’t think you know this one, but the dessert is a pie…
  239. >Angel shoulder liked his lips and Devil shoulder suddenly started to shiver
  240. +Oh no…
  241. ^Oh yes… Ever heard of a ‘creampie’ before?
  243. Be Yarn Feather
  246. >How is that possible?!
  247. >…He is going to hurt himself!
  248. >What should you do!?
  249. >You turn to look at Jenny who is deep sleeping
  250. “J-Jenny! W-wake up! Please!”
  251. >You call her out loudly and the giraffe reacts slowly
  252. >”Mmmnn… is it lunch already?” Jenny said as she yawned with her eyes mid closed half, raised in the bed
  253. “Jenny! Pancho! Flying! Ceiling! Look!”
  254. >”What? Uh… Pancho what?”
  255. >She lazily looked at the ceiling; Jenny soon spotted Pancho in midair
  256. >”Oh, Pancho is flying”
  257. >She then lied back in bed
  258. >What? What’s that reaction! Pancho is-
  259. >”Wait, Pancho is flying?” Jenny said surprised taking notice “I thought he…”
  260. “He doesn’t have wings! I know right?”
  261. >”I… wasn’t going to say that… but yeah… how is he flying? …Let me talk with him”
  262. >Jenny got up from her bed and got his head in position near Pancho
  263. >”Pancho? You alright?”
  264. >”……..”
  265. >Pancho was now staring at both of you, moving slowly from left to right
  266. >”Is it something the matter? You need water? Are you hungry?”
  267. >”……”
  268. >Still no answer…
  269. >You started to shiver and so did Jenny
  270. >”Maybe he is… walking sleeping? Or I don’t know, this is weird”
  271. >You looked with concern at Jenny as the room got quiet by mere seconds, until you could hear a muffled voice coming from Pancho
  272. >”……yes…..”
  273. >Your hearth sinks as he answered and Jenny eyes went wide
  274. >…Why? Why didn’t you get happy like last time?
  275. >…no, there is something wrong here. Last time Pancho was speaking with a different voice, another accent… but maybe
  276. >Maybe he has different voices? Maybe is because he is tired? Maybe he’s walking sleep like Jenny said!
  277. >”Pancho… talked…”
  278. >Well for some reason Jenny wasn’t as much excited as you were the first time…
  279. “He’s shy… maybe you were right and he was sleeping walking, I mean is no big deal! My cats do that all the time”
  280. >”But-“
  281. >Jenny stopped mid sentence as Pancho was levitating back to the bed
  282. >He tenderly stops and settles in a comfy position
  283. >There was a blue aura surrounding him for a second, and when you blinked it was gone
  284. >All what is left are his sounds of snoring
  285. >You look at Jenny who couldn’t stop shivering
  286. “…Now what do we do?”
  287. >”Now we tell Anon about this…”
  288. >But what if… what if Anon knew that Pancho could fly? They could say we are silly to think he couldn’t…
  289. “What if Pancho can fly without wings… what if he has, I don’t know… magic or something? I mean, didn’t you see that blue aura surrounded him?”
  290. >”I don’t know Yarn, but I really have a bad feeling about all this, the ambient isn’t helping a bit…”
  291. >Maybe she is right, or isn’t
  292. >Only one who can answer our questions is Anon
  293. >And he is in the tour with the warden… it could take a big time for him to get back
  294. >Well… at least we can ask Pancho some stuff since he talked… maybe he feels more comfortable with us!
  295. >You two were too concerned for Pancho that you two couldn’t sleep, so Jenny brought some tea from his fridge with some hay and lettuce sandwiches
  296. >Maybe a good lunch could calm you, well, for both of you
  298. Be Short Fuse
  299. “What… do I need to do?”
  300. ^Good that you accepted my teaching. Better take notes dear. First you’ll need two participants, it works with more than three but the usual is two.
  301. “Participants? You don’t need ingredients?”
  302. ^Oh no, no! Only ingredients you’ll need are milk, eggs and two sausages, but not like you think.
  303. >Sausages? What kind of pie uses sausages? Ew….
  304. +Umm… I… I don’t think this is a good idea… can’t we have cuddles instead?
  305. ^Oh but we are going to have cuddles after and during this!
  306. >Well… whatever gets you cuddles is good you guess
  307. ^And that’s correct! Alright, I’ll be Anon and Devil shoulder will be you, ‘Shorty’!
  308. >The fact that your conscience is calling you like the nickname Anon gave you concerns you…
  309. ^Look carefully and take notes if you want, the first step is to start like this!
  310. >Angel shoulder glared at Devil shoulder, he tried to don’t stare back but Angel shoulder forced him to look at him, then he started to kiss Devil shoulder. Devil shoulder tried to back off but Angel shoulder was pushing him; you could clearly see their tongues fighting one against the other…
  311. >You didn’t know tongues were used to kiss…
  312. >Did your Angel shoulder want you to see this!? They need to stop!
  313. >…But you can’t stop them
  314. >Or maybe you don’t want to?
  315. >You bite your lip as they continue kissing slowly; you could hear both of their whimpers
  316. >Angel shoulder stopped kissing Devil shoulder; a trail of saliva was visible between them. They were heavily panting
  317. >Devil shoulder then looked at you, not in signal to help you, but with an embarrassed look
  318. ^Hah… What? It turns you that someone is watching?
  319. >Angel shoulder then kissed Devil shoulder’s neck and licked it
  320. +Hnng… Ah….
  321. >Devil shoulder didn’t tried to back off this time
  322. >You slowly grab part of your neck with your right hoof. It was suddenly itching…
  323. > Angel shoulder turned to look at you while he held with his two hooves your Devil shoulder
  324. ^What? Starting to remember something? Maybe a… wet dream? You lewd warden with lewd thoughts.
  325. >Angel shoulder started to bit the ear of Devil shoulder playfully
  326. +Aaaaah~ N-not the ear…
  327. >Devil shoulder said with one eye closed looking at Angel shoulder with a furious blush in his face
  328. ^Such girly dirty moans, I’m going to punish you harder than Anon did to Shorty
  329. >And then they started to kiss again, and you stared. You just stared at your conscience making out…
  330. >Well, what else could you do? You can’t join them…
  331. >Eh, isn’t not like you want… you want to stop them! …not like someone is watching this besides you
  332. >They once again stopped kissing and angel shoulder looked at you
  333. ^You want to join? Eh… maybe in your dreams. If you know what I am saying.
  334. >Angel shoulder then liked his lips seductively
  335. >Devil shoulder nuzzled with Angel shoulder, and he nuzzled back
  336. ^A threesome… would be fun. Now you… you better conjure a pillow and start biting it…
  337. >Devil shoulder lied on the floor and conjured a pillow, which he grabbed and was about to bit as Angel shoulder commanded
  338. +P-please be gentle!
  339. ^Hmm… maybe we could start giving ourselves a warm before we start…
  340. >You weren’t hidden it anymore. You were curious as to what was going to happen next
  341. >Angel shoulder started to lick Devil shoulder’s belly while slowly going to his face again, going deeply into a kiss. You could see both of them moving their bottom parts, wiggling their butts
  342. +Hnnnmm!
  343. >But why? You couldn’t see clearly… and you really wanted to see now…
  345. Be Anonymous
  346. >”Aww… our balls touched!” a yellow stallion with white mane said
  347. >”Wasn’t that the point of the game?” another stallion, this one with brown skin and gray mane said
  348. >”No, we are playing polo! Not pool!”
  349. >And you are… or were listening to those ponies trying to play polo
  350. >Heh… ponies playing polo; you figured they would play like in your world, one riding the other
  351. >Hell that would be cute
  352. >But well, you were sitting in a bench in the park
  353. >Taking the sun and feeling the breeze of the desert meanwhile you waited for Shorty
  354. >You weren’t getting bored, but soon you’ll be if you don’t find something better to do than to listening to silly ponies doing silly things
  355. >Minutes were passing and you couldn’t see something to do
  356. >Some ponies and griffons were passing by your bench, giving you a look and continuing with their walk
  357. >At least is better than your first day on Equestria, everyone were crazy to see a new creature back then
  358. >Maybe taking a walk through the park could burn some time
  359. >Yeah you got nothing to lose
  360. >You stand up from your bench and start heading the way some ponies and griffons are walking
  361. >They must be walking in circles around the park
  362. >You start jogging behind two griffons talking
  363. >You weren’t able to listen to what they were talking about, not that you care though
  364. >Suddenly something takes your attention
  365. >Some ponies were going around a stallion sitting in a bench, evading him for some reason…
  366. >It was an earth pony. He had a white body with black hair, wearing a hat and a magnifying glass as cutie mark. Wait, was he smoking?
  367. >Maybe that was the reason most of the ponies were evading him
  368. >Curiosity took the best of you and you stopped walking and sat in the bench he was sitting
  369. “Hey”
  370. >He gave you an exhausted look as reply, one that said ‘I don’t care’ or ‘Go away’
  371. >Then he turned to look at the sky and started smoking again
  372. “Well, talk about a grumpy pony. Aren’t you going to say hi?”
  373. >”Hi” he greeted you, but not leaving his glance at the sky
  374. >Well at least he isn’t ignoring you at all
  375. >But if you don’t start a topic, he is going to have a reason to ignore you
  376. >Uh… what to talk about?
  377. “Why are you smocking?”
  378. >Shit, that was too direct Anon, too direct
  379. >”I’m not smocking” was his only reply
  380. >Nigga you can’t lie, that shit is producing smoke
  381. “Then… what’s that stick?”
  382. >”A lollipop”
  383. >U wot m8
  384. “And why there is smoke from the tip?”
  385. >”I’m licking the lollipop so fast it’s making smoke”
  386. >Brb asking for a phone and calling bullshit
  387. “I don’t believe that”
  388. >Using his left hoof, the stallion removed the stick from his mouth, which was indeed a lollipop after all…
  389. >He looked right to you and showed the lollipop
  390. >”See? Lollipop. Smoking is only the slower yet faster way to stop existing. And I don’t want that, not yet”
  391. >Whoa, deep much? What’s with this pony? Most of the creatures you meet so far were kind and fun, but this one is acting like if something was bothering him
  392. “Wanna have a little chat? I’m waiting the warden and I’m bored”
  393. >”Suit yourself”
  394. >Whoa this pony is kind of rude
  395. >You like him, makes you remember of humanity back on Earth
  396. “I’m Anonymous, most of the time I get called Anon, feel free to call me like that”
  397. >”Silver Pie” was his only answer. No nickname, no description, just that
  398. >Wonder how much time it’ll get until things get awkward between you two
  399. “So… what are you here for?”
  400. >Okay, maybe that wasn’t a good topic to speak of, but there is nothing else you can think of
  401. >”I lost a case. The darn griffon which was guilty bribe some guards in order to set himself innocent and the blame went for me, the detective”
  402. >Must be obvious his profession was detective for his cutie mark, but damn. You can’t believe ponies can be that fishy over here
  403. >One could though by one look that everything here is cute and fun
  404. “And how much are you up for that?”
  405. >”My sentence was 4 weeks, this is my last week here”
  406. >Seems like he isn’t going to ask about you
  407. >Well let’s be courteous and say it before he asks
  408. “Well, I’m here for… a misunderstanding”
  409. >”That’s what all they say”
  410. “Heh, sure. I tried to help some ponies in a street who were trying to move some boxes, they didn’t want my help but I ignored them and started helping, then they started panicking about something with the box I had in my hands and things went downhill… and when I say that, is the true, I stolen a cart to get away from the guards but… it got worst. In summary, I’m here for stealing, breaking property and swearing in public”
  411. >”And everything for a mistake, uh? You sure have bad luck”
  412. >Yeah… most bad luck for disappearing from your world and appearing in this one
  413. >Was that bad luck? Or good luck?
  414. >You had a good life back in Earth, you couldn’t complain. Maybe a bit, you were about to get a job in a cruise
  415. >Then you frowned from your memories back in Earth
  416. >Your life right now is okay? Good? Neat? Isn’t?
  417. >…
  418. >At least you got a cute warden to cuddle with
  419. >”What’s with that frown?” Silver Pie said seeing as you didn’t ask anything more
  420. “What’s with yours?” you reply with a cold tone
  421. >”I’m always frowning” He answered
  422. “Why?”
  423. >”You wouldn’t understand”
  424. >Sure, as if you weren’t to understand anything these ponies talked about every time
  425. >Must be something related to the prison or his job
  426. >Yeah that could be
  427. “Just tell me, I’m grown enough to know about most of the stuff everyone talks about”
  428. >He then started to look at the sky once again, getting a bit melodramatic
  429. >”Have you lost someone important in your life?”
  430. >Silence started to take place in the bench, the only sound heard were the gallops of the ponies and steps of the griffons in the park
  431. >Damn… you weren’t expecting that
  432. >And as a matter of fact…
  433. “Maybe, I don’t know”
  434. >”You’re lying”
  435. “Why would I lie?”
  436. >”Most of the creatures in Equestria that lost someone close to them suffer anguish, anxiety, depression and other stuff. You lost someone? You don’t look like it happened”
  437. >Well in something he is right, it didn’t happen and at the same time it happened. You were away from home, in a land of magical creatures. You didn’t know if you could even be alive anymore, maybe you died and this is the afterlife
  438. “You’re right. But I’m not from here; I’m from… another place”
  439. >”How’s that? Are you from the badlands? Or someplace more far, far away?”
  440. >What to answer? Another place, dimension or world? Let’s… go with world
  441. “I’m not from here; I’m from another world called ‘Earth’. And… that’s why maybe you think I’m lying, our kind is strong when something like that happens, if we lose someone we get sad, but as the time goes we forgot the sadness, still… I don’t know if I have lost someone or… they have lost me”
  442. >That called the attention of Silver Pie, who was now looking at you and not the sky anymore
  443. >”How so? If you say that you’re from other world, can’t you go back? There is always a way”
  444. >…
  445. >You didn’t know and that’s what you were doing, after… getting stuck in this ‘prison’
  446. >Still not complaining!
  447. “I don’t know how I came here, and I don’t know how I can go back, maybe I’m not from another world and this is some kind of afterlife for me, which could make sense because everything here is cute and not dangerous like Earth”
  448. >”What’s so different with your world about ours? They have wars? Violence? A bad law?”
  449. >Or he is really an expert detective or he randomly guessed
  450. “…Most of that, yes. You sure are a detective, uh?”
  451. >Silver Pie expression didn’t change
  452. >”Is just logical that your world, or maybe dimension, is different than ours. I was just going by the obvious clues”
  453. >Everything went silent again, you were thinking. Deep thinking
  454. >All those bad thoughts you had in the first days of your ‘new’ life in Equestria were coming back
  455. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m already dead. If this is just all a dream and I’m… deep sleeping. All this prison seems too good to be true; prisons in my world were more… dangerous. What if… what if I’m dead and this is just the afterlife, like I said? Or… maybe I’m in a coma? Hell I’m getting edgy…”
  456. >Shit, you were thinking out loud…
  457. >Silver Pie face didn’t show any sign of change
  458. >” If you feel alive, feel like it. Live your life better than yesterday, do something with it, sometimes looking back is the wrong thing to do, move on your life. If you feel happy, then you’re happy. Get friends, get a job, get some distraction. But do something that isn’t thinking like that”
  459. >That is true…
  460. >Heck yeah is true; you shouldn’t give a damn about it
  461. >What if you can’t go back? You still got a thousand opportunities to do here
  462. >New world, new goals!
  463. >Even you could start a pony family here
  464. >…that’s going to be kind of hard though
  465. >Can male ponies get pregnant?
  466. >Maybe cuddling their bellies is the way to get them pregnant and Shorty is already pregnant with your baby!
  467. >…
  468. >Nah, that’s silly
  469. >Is impossible for pony males to get pregnant
  470. >But whatever, maybe one day you’ll get the opportunity to go back to your world. Maybe not, who cares? Enjoy life like Silver Pie said
  471. >Hey the Anon who doesn’t give a fuck is back
  472. “Thanks for the advice Silver Pie, I think I needed that. I could even invite you some beer later as a thanks… eh, or something alcoholic, I don’t know what in this world is the same as in my world”
  473. >”Alcohol kills neurons” Silver said with his same cold tone
  474. >”…But some cider shouldn’t be that bad, I know a place here in the prison who has better percentage of alcohol in cider than those weak punches with 1% of alcohol” he said giving you a smile, the first he ever gave you
  475. >So cider it is, that could be good
  476. >Silver Pie stand from the bench and invited you for a walk around the park
  477. >You accepted and followed him. You two started talking about your jobs and other stuff meanwhile walking
  478. >He never talked about who he lost though
  479. >Not that you want to ask
  481. Be Short Fuse
  482. >Be watching your conscience making out
  483. >Or you were. Now you are giggling at how cute they were moving around the table
  484. >At first, they were kissing and moving around. They are so tiny that it was funny to watch, but then Devil shoulder got mad at Angel shoulder for something you don’t know or understand
  485. +How come you can’t summon lube? I’m not going to do /that/ if you don’t even summon a simple item!
  486. ^Why use lube when bloo-
  487. +Don’t you dare finish that sentence! I’m not willing to continue! …But I don’t mind the kissing.
  488. >This isn’t making sense anymore, at least for you
  489. >If Angel shoulder isn’t going to tell you how to make a creampie, then you don’t need it!
  490. >You still need to bake that cake
  491. >…
  492. >The cake! The time! The lunch!
  493. >Watching your conscience made you lose time! Now you’ll never give that cake to Anon!
  494. >What to do? What to do!?
  495. >Angel shoulder moves his hooves in order to call your attention
  496. ^Hey, we are still here.
  497. “I know! And you two made me lost my time!”
  498. +Look, we are sorry for-
  499. ^I am not.
  500. +…Okay, I am sorry for making you lose time, but maybe you could get another cake? Check the room if there is any spare cake?
  501. “I could… but then it would take time to find that cake! And Anon will get hungry! And he’ll get mad at me! And…”
  502. >Suddenly you heard a big slam behind you
  503. >The three of you eeped a girlish yell
  504. >As you looked behind where you listened the sound was coming from, you knock over the milk container with your tail
  505. +Waaah!
  506. >And you accidently spilled the milk over the table, covering your Devil shoulder
  507. >You turn again and gasp for the accident you made
  508. “I’m sorry!” you say with a low tone, covering your mouth with one hoof
  509. +So… sticky…
  510. ^Hey look! That is what I was trying to do with him!
  511. +S-shut up. I need a bath now… And since that, you and me, we need to talk; we’ll see ya later, Short.
  512. ^Oh, you want to talk? Alright. ~ Call us if you need any lesson in love, Shorty!
  513. >Angel shoulder winked at you as he stuck his tongue out looking at Devil shoulder
  515. >And your Angel and Devil conscience disappeared from the table with a ‘poof’, leaving just the milk spilled on the table
  516. >Turning up again to see what that slam was from, you located the one who startled you. Which was White Breeze, he was coming out of the fridge
  517. >”Heya warden! Ah, I made you spill the milk? Sorry, I just wanted to see your work with the cake”
  518. “Right… The cake… isn’t… going so well”
  519. >You say with a sad tone looking at the mess you just did
  520. >”Oh, is the cake invisible? Amazing! How did you do that?”
  521. “No no no, the cake isn’t invisible, I just… couldn’t start baking it, I got distracted”
  522. >”Hmm, I predicted that this would happen for some reason and got a surprise for you!”
  523. >A surprise?
  524. “What… surprise?”
  525. >”Wait here and I’ll find it!”
  526. >White Breeze flies back to the fridge and closes it as he enters it
  527. >You could hear weird mechanic sounds coming from the fridge
  528. >…Which you aren’t going to ask or question
  529. >Then White Breeze opens the fridge and exits it with a cake on his hooves
  530. >Oh wait a cake! A spare cake!
  531. >”I hope an ice cream cake of rocky road is good enough, warden!”
  532. >Is not just a cake, is an ice cream cake!
  533. >You could see the marshmallows overflowing the cake on the top
  534. >White Breeze carefully takes the cake to the table
  535. >”So? What do you think?”
  536. >You start smiling more and more at him for the surprise
  537. “Oh thank you so much White!” you say as you tackle him with a hug
  538. >”Whoa!”
  540. >Is like hugging a snow pony!
  541. >How somepony can be this cold!?
  542. >You feel as his hooves are in your back giving you a pat, as giving you back the hug
  543. >”Umm, warden?”
  544. >Wait, what’s that smell?
  545. >You sniff the surroundings, trying to find that smell
  546. >Where is it coming from?
  547. >From the cake?
  548. >”Warden?”
  549. >You sniff more; the essence was coming from White Breeze’s mane
  550. >It smelled like… winter!
  551. >How is that even possible! What does winter even smell like?
  552. >Now the hug is getting a bit warmer as White Breeze keeps holding you
  553. >…
  554. >..
  555. >.
  556. >!
  557. >This was supposed to be a quick hug! But instead you hugged him for more than 15 seconds!
  558. >You break the hug as soon as you realize
  559. “S-sorry! I got carried away… I got distracted with, something… you know, warden stuff”
  560. >”It’s not like I don’t mind that hug… is just… umm, oh! You got pieces of dough over your face”
  561. >He grabs one of the napkins which was on the safety drawer
  562. >”Here, let me help you with that”
  563. >You stay still as he starts cleaning your cheeks and nose
  564. >You blush slightly as he cleans your face
  565. >”There, done. You don’t need to look messy around everypony! You are the warden, you know!”
  566. “R-right, thank you”
  567. >He stares you with a happy glance and you glance back a nervous smile
  568. >”And for the record, I’ll help you with my special delivery! I’ll bring this cake to the room you’ll eat it!”
  569. “Oh, White, you don’t need to…”
  570. >”I need to! I want to help you!
  571. “You know I could teleport this cake, right?”
  572. >”You know I could take the ice cream cake to the magic fridge and get it to your room, right?”
  573. >…
  574. >Well, he got a point
  575. “Okay, if you insist. Deliver it to the cell of the block-”
  576. >White Breeze interrupts you with his hoof in the air
  577. >”Don’t need for directions warden, I’ll know where to deliver it! I got my magic compass!”
  578. “Are you sure?”
  579. >”One hundred percent!”
  580. >He picks up the cake with his front hooves and gets back to the fridge
  581. >Magic compass? Well, if he say so…
  582. >Now you can get back to Anon and the tour!
  583. >But first, time to get dress again with your uniform
  584. >You start putting on the bottom part of your uniform and suddenly you heard another slam coming from the fridge
  585. >”Oh, Warden!”
  586. “Wha-“
  587. >White Breeze suddenly hugs you, making you drop your uniform on the floor
  588. >”Quick hug for good luck!”
  589. >He stops hugging you and flies back to the fridge
  590. >”You should trade good points for hugs!”
  591. >And with that said you are alone in the room again
  592. >Confused and without words for that sudden hug
  593. >Okay, you just have one word to say
  594. “What”
  595. >…
  596. >Better get dressed again, is getting late
  598. Be Anonymous
  599. >Be walking besides Silver Pie
  600. >Both of you were talking about stuff from your world and this world
  601. >You two now are walking through the prison, going to the mess hall
  602. >Not like you are going to eat right there, but maybe you’ll pick up something to drink and go to shorty’s room
  603. >Speaking of him… he told you to go to your room, not his. But maybe you could surprise him and help him with his paperwork
  604. >Also some water from the kitchen could be good. You were sweating from that walking with Silver Pie and you needed something to drink
  605. >”We are here. If you want something I’ll bring it to you, just sit somewhere”
  606. “Nah I’ll go with you, I have enough of sitting around”
  607. >He shrugs as answer and walks to the trays, you follow him behind
  608. >Silver Pie picked up a tray and started picking up some hay and a bottle of water. He moved a bit to the left so you could pick up some water too
  609. >A voice coming from the kitchen caught your attention
  610. >”Ey, Anon! How ya doing today?”
  611. >It was the chef, Lattore. He had his chef’s hat on which could mean he was making some meals for the inmates, wonder what’s he making?
  612. “Hello Lattore” you greet him with a smile “just passing by, I was just thirsty from some walk on the park. I got some good exercise with this pal” you pointed to Silver Pie which was already leaving with his tray of food to a near table
  613. >Oh yeah, he isn’t much of a conversation to anyone
  614. >Before leaving you with the chef, Silver Pie eyed you with a smirk on his face
  615. >”Pretty famous around here, eh human?”
  616. >Then he went to an empty table and started eating his lunch
  617. >Uh, first pony in this place to call you human instead of your name, eh… not like you care. This pony is different, the first different pony you get to chat with
  618. >”Never saw before someone talking with that inmate like that, besides the nurse for his daily medical check”
  619. “Well, he’s a good guy. He’s a detective, has a good work, gets well paid… he can be grumpy is he wants”
  620. >Now that you think, he told you only about his job and Equestria in general. Never touched anything about his friends or family, but well… you don’t need to know, if he doesn’t want to talk about that, then there is no problem. Or, maybe he forgot about talking about that topic
  621. >Nah, whatever. No big deal to know a pony more than another
  622. >…You should ask to Shorty about his family… maybe after the tour
  623. >Damn tour is taking a fucking while
  624. “Well I only came for the water; I’ll go to the warden’s office and see if he needs anything”
  625. >You were about to turn around and walk away from the mess hall, but Lattore stopped you in your tracks
  626. >”Don’t think you’ll need to go to his room, Anon”
  627. “Why not? Is he not there?”
  628. >”Mmmnope”
  629. >Behind Lattore someone opened a door, or more like somepony. A cute pone trap saw you with surprise on his face as he made eye contact with you
  630. >”A-anon?”
  631. “Oh, Shorty”
  632. >Short Fuse closed the door behind him and left the kitchen, he was surprised for some reason as his eyes went wide as if he wasn’t expecting you
  633. >Well… he really wasn’t, you said you wouldn’t leave the park. But they don’t sell water outside the park
  634. >”Didn’t I tell you to wait for me on the park or your cell? Are you disobeying me?” he pouted with some sad puppy eyes
  635. >Hnng…
  636. “Well long story short: I found an inmate to chat with and we walked a bit, even we went running for a bit. Then he got hungry and I got thirsty, so we went to the mess hall”
  637. >”Oohh… and who is the inmate?” Shorty asked with curiosity on his words
  638. >You point at the table where Silver was eating. He catches you pointing at him but doesn’t say anything, just keeps eating. Lil guy doesn’t give a fuck about anything
  639. >”You talked with Silver Pie!? That’s… amazing!” Shorty looked at you in awe
  640. “What’s the big deal? He is just a normal pony. Doesn’t talk much, and? That’s cool for me”
  641. >Shorty’s reaction wasn’t changing; he looked still amazed as if it was the biggest achievement on the entire prison
  642. >You pinched his cheek in order to give him some other expression, starting to pull it a bit
  643. >”Ow! Ow! Oww! Aaaanon!”
  644. >Damn! Why is his cheek so cold?
  645. >You release the grasp from his cheek immediately
  646. “Were you in a cold chamber? Your cheek is pretty ice cold!”
  647. >Shorty eyed the room very suspicious from right to left very quickly
  648. >”Nope! Just felt like hugging a snowpony! Hehe! I MEAN, I PUTTED ICE ON MY CHEEKS! IS THE NEW FASHION BETWEEN WARDENS!”
  649. >[Suspicious trap warden noises]
  650. >Sweat was starting to come from his forehead
  651. >Shit’s suspicious, you were about to say something just to fuck with him, but something stops you
  652. *Infernal belly sounds intensifies*
  653. >Welp, its motherfucking dinner time. You could eat a horse, haha. Yeah, try saying that phrase and you could get more time in the prison
  654. “What about lunch? Do we eat here or…?”
  655. >”Oh! Don’t worry; I got a surprise for you! Remember that I asked you about your favorite ice cream flavor?”
  656. “Oh, you got me a cake?”
  657. >Shorty nodded his head “But not just a cake! An ice cream cake!”
  658. >Holy shit, was it your birthday and you didn’t remember?
  659. >”The cake is already on your cell, so we can get going!”
  660. “That’s great and all, but… eating just cake doesn’t seems very healthy. Aren’t we going to eat something besides that? Unless the cake is made of broccoli…”
  661. >”Don’t worry about that! Leave it to me! I’m a unicorn, you know?”
  662. >Shorty posed while his horn started to glow a bit yellow
  663. >Was it for show or was he magically teleporting some food?
  664. >”Okay, let’s go!”
  665. “Aight, just let me say goodbye to Silver”
  666. >”Wait, Anon!” Shorty interrupted you before going with Silver Pie
  667. “What is it, Shorty?”
  668. >”Wouldn’t you like to invite Silver Pie over some cake? I mean, it would be a good moment to socialize with him”
  669. >Hmm… that’s a good idea. Yeah, what can go wrong?
  670. “Good idea Shorty. Maybe he and Pancho could make some good friendship, both are pretty speechless haha”
  671. >Hah, as if. Silver Pie being a detective wouldn’t take a single second to notice that Pancho is a box
  672. >Which is going to be a problem, maybe if you tell him to not say anything… he won’t spill the beans
  673. >You walk to Silver’s table as he was finishing his hay, Shorty following you behind
  674. “Hey Silver, the warden and I were about to go eat some cake and we wanted to ask if you would like some, as coming with us. What do you say?”
  675. >Silver Pie was thinking, he wasn’t a good social pony but maybe the cake could change that
  676. >”What’s the flavor?” Silver Pie asked, his expression being neutral
  677. >”Rocky Road” Shorty said wearing a warm smile
  678. >Hell yes! Rocky Road is the good shit
  679. >Silver Pie took a drink from his water, finishing the bottle
  680. >"One slice, and then I’m heading back to my cell..."
  681. >Shorty jumped in happiness as he heard the answer, you just smiled at him
  682. >Flawless victory. I mean, who can resist free cake?
  683. >”Just. One. Slice.” Silver Pie said as he got up from the table
  685. Be Short Fuse
  686. >Be with Anon and Silver Pie on Anon’s cell, sitting on the elegant pillows on the floor
  687. > The three of you are eating the spare cake that White Breeze gave you as surprise, accompanied with some fresh milk!
  688. >It’s a shame that he didn’t want to join in, he just left the cake in Anon’s fridge. The cake is pretty big and can be shared in various slices!
  689. >You used your plastic safe knife to slice the cake and let Anon and Silver pick how many slices they wanted!
  690. >Silver Pie said that he only wanted one slice… but he ate three now and was going for the fourth one!
  691. >Anon seemed to be enjoying the cake so much, he’s eating his second one and the reflection on his face says everything!
  692. >And you didn’t eat as much as you though! Only six slices this time!
  693. >…
  694. >You are blaming White Breeze for choosing a delicious flavor for this cake
  695. >”This cake is really good, did you bake it Shorty?”
  696. “Ummm”
  697. >What should you say? Lie again? That way Anon would punish you again…
  698. >No… You should say the truth, you are the warden! Be honest!
  699. “I tried to bake a cake, but I got distracted by… warden stuff. So White Breeze helped me and gave me a spare cake from the fridge”
  700. >The truth is always good, you shouldn’t be lying! You are the warden, after all! You need to be a good example for every inmate and guard in this prison!
  701. >”A cake baked from you would have been great too, maybe another day.” Anon took a pause and then continued “So… Shorty, I was wondering about you and your family. You know, since you work as a prison warden, what do they think about your job? You got sisters? Brothers? A pet?”
  702. >Well that was a sudden question! It has been a while since someone asked about your family! Except Jenny which only ask for your family job of course
  703. >Last pony that asked was the nurse. And it wasn’t a good decision to show her my family album…
  704. >That bow still scares you and gives you bad dreams…
  705. “Well, at first they thought I was choosing a bad job, it was hard to convince them. ‘That job is too dangerous for you! You won’t go there and stay in our family’s job!’ they said. They accepted my decision after so many times I asked… I didn’t want to escape home or something but in the end, everything was okay! I send them a letter or two every week and ask about everything” you take a pause and sigh “Although they are bothering me often times with letters like: ‘When are you coming back for a family time?’ ‘Your mother made a cute outfit and doesn’t stop telling me about how cute it would fit you, please come back soon’ ‘Do you have a marefriend yet?’ ‘Your brother sent us a postal; he says that he misses us!’ you know how parents can be… annoying sometimes, but family is family!”
  706. >You take a deep sigh and drink some milk. This is why you don’t talk about your family; it gets embarrassed from time to time
  707. >You still miss them, ashamed or not, they are your family
  708. “What about your family, Anon?”
  709. >Anon stared at the ceiling deep in thought, you could feel melancholy in his eyes
  710. >Oh no! You forgot that Anon is from other world! Oh you didn’t want to make him sad…
  711. >”Well my family is pretty huge; I got my father, mother, sister, brother, nephews, cousins and stepfather, you know, the pretty usual big family. Nothing to say, I had my department in some city near my parents so I could visit them and we made reunions in events like New Year’s Eve. I have nothing much to add, really. Yes I miss them but I hope to see them soon. And of course there is Uncle Incognito… but we don’t like to talk about him, he’s like the black sheep of the family”
  712. >So Anon got a great family! That’s good! …except for one thing you don’t understand
  713. “What’s a stepfather?”
  714. >Anon looked at you with a confused expression
  715. >”You don’t know what a stepfather is? Or this isn’t a thing here in Equestria?”
  716. “Never heard of that before”
  717. >Silver Pie’s expression changed from neutral to curiosity from the word, but he was still silently listening to us
  718. >”Not even I have heard of that before” Silver Pie said adding curiosity to the scenario
  719. >”Well a stepfather is like a father, but like, the second one. My parents got divorced years ago and they split, my mother found a new husband which she married and, well, that new husband become the stepfather. As for my dad, he only has ‘friends’. In some occasions if the father… passed away, and the mother found a new husband, that would make him a stepfather too”
  720. >Silver Pie’s legs started to shiver under the table, was he getting nervous for something Anon said?
  721. >Still, one answer makes another question… now you want to know what a divorce is
  722. “What’s a divorce?” you say with a curious tone, tilting your head
  723. >”Oh for the love of god… well it shouldn’t surprise me that ponies here don’t know about these things, this place is just harmony and cute stuff”
  724. >Are those human things? Stepfather, divorce… those words sound complicated. You are intrigued to know what is that
  725. “Tell us what is a ‘divorce’, please”
  726. >”Well you know what a wedding is, right?
  727. >You and Silver Pie nod
  728. >”A divorce is the contrary. When the couple doesn’t love one another anymore, they split or get divorced, as sad as it sounds, it’s the reality. Or human reality I guess”
  729. >Silver Pie stands up and slams the table with his right hoof
  730. >”That’s a big lie. How could you not love your wife? How ANYONE could stop loving the pony that they are united with? What’s the deal with marrying someone and then splitting? For what? A fight? A misunderstanding? That’s stupid! What you said is minotaur s-“
  731. >You stand up and interrupt Silver Pie before he finishes his sentence
  732. “SILVER PIE!”
  733. >He stares at you and Anon for a moment, breathing heavily. Then sits back in the pillow and starts eating the slice of cake he left
  734. >”Sorry. I got carried away by my anger, is not going to happen again”
  735. >Good thing is that you stopped him from saying something that would give him more days in prison, even a week…
  736. >But it wasn’t his fault; neither was Anon for explaining what those words meant. It was your fault for asking
  737. “I think… that we are done with family questions”
  738. >You sit back in your pillow and resume eating your slice of cake
  739. >The cell was filled with silence as we finished our slices
  740. >Things went awkward very quickly… you don’t like when things go awkward like this
  741. >Maybe you should tell a joke? Something to raise the ambient?
  742. >Well, is never hard trying something!
  743. >Before you could tell your master joke to Anon and Silver Pie, you heard some knocks in the door
  744. >You don’t know if someone was reading your mind and wanted to do the same joke as you
  745. “Is someone knocking on the door?”
  746. >Silver shrugged and Anon did so, well yeah… let the warden open the door, thanks inmates
  747. >You stand up and go directly to the door
  748. “Who is there?”
  749. >…
  750. >Nobody said something from behind the door, but the knocks started to go in a weird rhythm
  751. *Knock, knock… knock, knock, knock… knock, knock… knock, knock, knock…*
  752. >You opened it but nobody was in the other side
  753. “Uh… weird? Is someone pranking us?”
  754. >”If there isn’t a weird looking guy with a pink suit saying ‘is just a prank, bro’ then it isn’t a joke” said Anon from his seat
  755. “…Okay? I’m going to guess and say that’s a human thing”
  756. >Anon smiled and nodded
  757. >”Dang I miss Jewtube…”
  758. >You started to walk to your seat but the knock kept going and going…
  759. “Okay! Whoever is knocking…. Knock it off!”
  760. >Somewhere in the prison, a nurse giggled at the pun
  761. >But this time the sound didn’t come from the door, but from the fridge
  762. >Okay, you can guess who it is
  763. “White Breeze, please, stop doing that and come out of the fridge”
  764. >But the knocks continued, this time even faster in the same weird rhythm
  765. “Okay, I’m punishing you for trying to joke with us for this…”
  766. >You walk through the cell and get to Anon’s fridge, opening it
  767. >But nobody was there… just fruits, vegetables and drinks. Nothing weird, which indeed, was weird!
  768. “Okay, I’m starting to get a little scared”
  769. >”There was supposed to be someone inside the fridge?” asked Anon
  770. “Yeah, there is a Pegasus who uses the fridge as method of travel in the prison, filling up every fridge of every inmate and guard. I mentioned him before, his name is White Breeze, but he isn’t inside the fridge…” you say as you close the fridge’s door
  771. >Brrrrt… why all of the sudden the cell went chiller? The fridge was just open for 5 seconds!
  772. “Do you guys feel the cold? Or it is just me?”
  773. >”Indeed is getting chiller, must be the air conditioner. You should tell that pony to not be so lazy and fix the thermostat or whatever it is wrong” said Silver Pie looking at you
  774. >You sit back on your pillow and finish eating the final slice of cake of the day. This one for really!
  775. >”Oh I almost forgot that Pancho was with Jenny! If you excuse me, I’ll go for my friend. Maybe I’ll invite Jenny to take some cake with us”
  776. >As Anon got up, some noise was being made from the fridge
  777. >Okay, keep calm warden. Everything is fine; there is nothing to worry about. Maybe the fridge isn’t working very well?
  778. >The fridge’s door opened by itself and a figure came out of it
  780. >Some creature of snow came out of the fridge! White Breeze never told you that the fridges connected to a bizarre world with snow monsters!
  781. >Whatever it was, it had the almost body of a pony. Looked like a snowpony, even with a tiny red nose… how scary!
  782. “Wha-what are you!?”
  783. >”I’M THE MONSTER THAT LIVES IN THE FRIDGE! AND I CAME FOR YOU, WARDEN! WAHAHAHA!” the snow monster shouted, his evil laugh filling the cell
  784. >Oh no! The terrorists must be involved in this! They hired a monster of snow to kidnap you!? No way!
  785. >Anon got in front of the monster trying to stop it
  786. >”I’m not letting you take him, whatever the hell you are!”
  787. >M-my hero~
  788. >The snow monster took some steps trying to move around of Anon
  789. >”FREEZE, OR ELSE” shouted the snow monster looking at Anon with an evil smile
  790. >”Or else what?” said Anon with a determinate look on his face, preparing to defend from whatever attack the monster was trying to do
  791. >In a split of seconds the snow monster flied
  792. ”It can fly!?”
  793. >The snow monster laughed evilly as he was flying
  794. >Silver Pie didn’t show any interest in the fight, as he was only watching meanwhile drinking some milk
  795. >The snow monster hissed as he flied directly at you
  796. “Ah! I’m too young to get kidnapped!” you shouted in a… not so manly way
  797. >You covered your face with your hooves in fear as your horn glow and shot a magic projectile going directly to the monster
  798. >The snow monster easily evaded it and tackled you into the floor
  799. “No! Stop! Ah! No! Anon, Silver Pie, help me!”
  800. >But he didn’t take you as a hostage or tried to harm you; the snow monster was… hugging you?
  802. >What in Celestia is happening?!
  803. >You look at the snow monster which revealed some parts of… his inside body? Wait, you recognize that cloud and snowflakes cutie mark…
  804. “White Breeze? Really? REALLY?” you tried to look at his face and indeed, he was White Breeze
  805. >This was a joke all the time?
  806. >He couldn’t stop laughing as he stopped hugging you
  807. >”Yup! I found some snow inside the magic fridge and got the idea of giving you a little scare! The hug was to say that I’m sorry!”
  808. >You give him a serious and not happy look
  809. “I’m removing you good points for that, White”
  810. >”Aww, it was just a prank, warden!”
  811. >Anon started laughing a little bit
  812. >”Is good that one thing hasn’t changed from this world and the other, pranks are still dumb”
  813. >”I’m not amused, I knew this from the very beginning” said Silver Pie
  814. >So that’s why Silver Pie didn’t do anything or tried to help. Detective, yeah, but at least he could have said it…
  815. “Hey White, now that you are here, can you fix the air conditioner? For some reason the cell was cold a seconds ago. That way you can get your good boy points back”
  816. >”No problem warden! Will do!” White Breeze took fly and went directly to the air conditioner which was on the ceiling
  817. >”And if you excuse me, I’ll bring Pancho and Jenny here” said Anon as he went to his cell door
  818. >Oh right! Pancho and Jenny were together chatting! Hope they had fun!
  820. Be Anonymous
  821. >Be outside Jenny’s cell
  822. >You are about to knock on the door but you heard multiple voices inside
  823. >Jenny got company, uh?
  824. >You knock three times on the door and wait for an answer
  825. >”Jenny, someone is knocking on the door! Must be a guard; let me go open it for you!”
  826. >Well Jenny indeed had visit, and you could remember that voice which was from…
  827. >The door was opened and a white and black pegasus was surprised at your sight
  828. >”Oh, it’s Anon! Hey!” Yarn Feather said surprised as she saw you
  829. “Hi Yarn, feeling better from before? Last time I saw you, you were fainted from all that blood”
  830. >”Don’t remind me… I still can’t see how you survived that! There was blood everywhere! …Well, in your arm. But everywhere!”
  831. “I’m just tough, that’s it” you say while you giggle a bit
  832. >A certain giraffe showed her head in the door as she spotted you
  833. >”Hello Anon, did you and the warden finished the tour? Are you here for Pancho? Did you enjoy the prison?”
  834. “Hi Jenny, well we haven’t finished the tour. We were eating some cake in my cell since it was lunch and that, then I forgot about Pancho being in your cell and well, since I’m here I wanted to invite you to some cake. And Yarn can come too since she’s here”
  835. >Yarn Feather flied at your head height and glared you a smile
  836. >”The warden baked a cake? He never bakes desserts!” she said adding a little squeak at the end
  837. “Well he didn’t bake the cake; a pony named White Breeze gave him the cake. He said that he got distracted with warden stuff, so he couldn’t bake it”
  838. >Yarn Feather’s ears dropped as she heard that from you
  839. >”Awww… so you mean that- Wait. You said White Breeze gave him the cake?”
  840. “Umm, yes? What about that?”
  841. >”Is he in your cell right now?”
  842. “Yeah, he is fixing my air conditioner on the ceiling”
  843. >”Now that pony is going to know about me! Lazy Pegasus!” Yarn said as she flew towards your cell, leaving a tiny trace of smoke behind her
  844. >Well that was weird, you don’t even know that blue Pegasus or what he didn’t do, but hell you wanted to talk with him and see what kind of shenanigans he could talk about
  845. >Better question is, how Yarn got into Jenny’s cell? …Maybe she was searching for Pancho. Crazy pony with a crush on your little box friend
  846. “Problems with the air conditioner?”
  847. >”Yeah… we got sleepy and we… slept… on the pillows near the table! Yeah, we were so full of cookies that we slept on the table!” Jenny said as she scrunched her face
  848. >Even giraffes are suspicious sometimes
  849. >What they did without you now? Damn now you were curious
  850. “So what adventures you three did on the cell?”
  851. >”N-NO ADVENTURES! JUST TALK” Jenny shouted “S-SORRY I YELLED! I did it again! I- Okay, you get it”
  852. “Ha ha, can I go for my friend? I’ll return it to you when I get back to my tour”
  853. >”Sure thing Anon! Well, maybe he could fly to the cell. Let me talk to him” Jenny said as she entered her cell
  854. >U wot m8
  855. >Did she say the words Pancho and Fly? Boxes can’t fly
  856. >Unless you throw one. …maybe they did throw Pancho by mistake and thought that he could fly
  857. >Without permission of Jenny, you enter her cell. Not entirely, just on the entrance of the door watching her talk with Pancho, the little bastard was on the bed and she was trying to get a word out of him. Of course, she was failing at it
  858. “Whoa, the room /is/ really cold, what happened to the thermostat?”
  859. >Jenny stopped trying to talk with Pancho and answer your question
  860. >”We don’t know. We woke up and the room felt way more chiller than before. Also… Anon, I have a serious question for you”
  861. “Don’t worry, I’m not into giraffes”
  862. >”Wha- No! I wasn’t going to ask something like that! Anon, take my question seriously, please. I feel concerned for something with Pancho…”
  863. >Oh boy, what did he do this time?
  864. >…Wait, Pancho can’t do anything, he’s secretly a box
  865. “Let me guess, is about Yarn and Pancho? Because I know that Yarn has something for Pancho, I can see it in her eyes”
  866. >”That wasn’t either! …but that concerns me too, Yarn Feather acts in a… lewd way towards him”
  867. >That Casanova fucking box, you knew it. If Pancho gets laid before you, you’ll kill him
  868. >Or at least try to reveal the true and say that he is a simple box
  869. >You should get into a box and talk like Pancho, saying that you are his cousin or something
  870. >Then see the reaction of everyone as you came out of the box as Snake
  871. >…
  872. >That would be the silliest of things, be walking around the prison with your legs showing up
  873. >Man, if only there were computers here in Equestria you would write the story and share it online
  874. >If only. Man you miss the Internet
  875. >”Anon, did you hear me?”
  876. “Ah sorry, I was thinking about something else. What did you say?”
  877. >”I said, that if you knew that Pancho could fly”
  878. >…
  879. >Of course he can’t, he’s a fucking box
  880. “No, he can’t fly. Is this some kind of joke or something? Because we were getting pranks from someone and-“
  881. >Jenny interrupts you and she looks at you even more serious than before
  882. >”Anon I’m being serious with this. When we were sleeping on… near the table, Yarn woke up first and spotted him flying near the ceiling, she freaked out and called me, but I couldn’t believe that. If he wasn’t flying, then he was floating in the air, we tried to talk to him and he answered in a very creepy tone. He then flew, or levitated back to the be- table, and I swear I could see a blue aura surrounding him!”
  883. >Jenny finally finished talking and was waiting for your answer, you really don’t have one
  884. >”Although I appreciate that he ate some of my cookies”
  885. “He doesn’t speak often, only when I’m near him. And Pancho… he doesn’t eat cookies. He feeds by… the sunlight. And to clarify your question, no. Pancho can’t fly, is impossible for him to do so”
  886. >”…”
  887. “…”
  888. >You two were speechless as the conversation got serious and you were getting sweaty
  889. >You turned your sight to the box sitting on the table, his eyes silently watching the both of you
  890. >You regret already drawing those eyes and that smile…
  891. >Jenny notices that you are now watching Pancho and she turns her sight to her
  892. >”P-pancho…”
  893. “What’s the matter now?”
  894. >”H-he was on the bed seconds ago…”
  895. >…
  896. >You start yelling inside as the cell goes silent
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