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  1. No story spoilers. Nothing here is final.
  3. Episode 5: Jan 2019. New map south of The Desolation. You ally with survivors from Balthazar's army, and assault a branded volcano. New mastery lets a friend ride on your moount, they get special combat skills, you'll need to use these in the new map a lot. New Fractal: Glint's Lair. You help Turai Ossa ascend, fighting the doppelgänger, forgotten priests, and Glint herself. Challenge mode included.
  5. Episode 6: April 2019. New map north of Ascalon, in Kralkatorrik's old lair. You meet the Blood Legion, a new charr faction. New flying mount: Crystal Dragon. Takes off into the sky, but loses height quickly. Needs updrafts and ley lines to stay in the air. Expensive, you need materials and achievements from the previous episodes, including Heart of Thorns. New raid: Wizard's Tower. Giant library inside a pocket dimension. Last raid before the next espansion. Legendary rings: Has different effect depending on your profession, very cool. Necromancer version takes your flesh away, and only leaves the skeleton.
  7. Expansion 3: August 2019. Players leave the Pact and become pioneers, looking for new resources and ancient ruins in the far east. New region east of the Blazeridge Mountains, 5 maps, larger than Path of Fire, with different biomes, inspired by India and Tibet. The Blood Legion claims ownership of these lands, and acts as the smokescreen villain. New tribes of snow ogres, wild grawls, and giants. Mantid, new race of insects, build mountain-sized terminte nests. Kicking goats, mesmer peacocks, and cute kangaroo squirrels. The star of the expansion are the oliphants, giant vicious elephants, used as war machines by charr and ogres, and as mounts by the giants. Mammoth and icebrand version.
  9. New Races: Two at release, tengu (bird people) and largos (dark elves). They live in the new region, and begin their story shortly before the expansion plot. They can't play older storylines. New expansion zones have level scaling, you can level up your new characters there. Third race will be added during Living World.
  11. Player Housing: Four locations to choose from, drawven mine, charr factory, djinn palace, and tengu ruins. Complete achievements and missions to unlock new allies and features. You can bring allies into the new open world with you, during missions. Can be decorated using craftin. Replaces home instance.
  13. Elite Specializations: Crusader (warhorn, banners, angelic avatar), Ritualist (scepter, Master Togo, spirits), Siegemaster (pistol, explosives, bulwark mode), Golemancer (scepter, glyphs, golem suit), Tracker (rifle, venom, swarm pets), Assassin (greatsword, stances, dueling), Shaman (longbow, totems, elemental avatar), Siren (shortbow, shouts, chorus), Plaguedoctor (pistols, explosives, plague breath). Few updates to core professions, including new skills. No new weapons yet.
  15. Racial Masteries: Secondary activities based on each race, including gardening and fishing. Usable by everyone, but you get a bonsu when using your own race's masteries, encouraging you to try new races, or ask your friends for help. Can be used in the old world. They replace racial skills.
  17. Future: New F2P version coming soon, with free revenant, and new dolyak mount. New raid PvP mode being worked on. Next Living World season will deal with bloodstones and ancient civilizations. Game is doing fine, w have guaranteed budget for this expansion and the next.
  19. For my own safety, I can't guarantee everything here is true. No screenshots, last time was a mess =).
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