18/03/2016 - Rogue's Capture Skill Article

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  1. Article Publish Date: 18/03/2016
  3. The TOS Laboratory. - Case.3 「What Skills can 'Capture' Steal?」
  5. 1. Todays Topic Will cover the question:
  6. - What can be captured by Rogue's Capture skill?
  8. 2.  Methods of Testing:
  9. - To Test whether the various ground skills in the game can be captured.
  11. ※ Hey, Wait a second! Learn about the 'capture skill first !
  12.     - [ Capture] Steals the enemy's trap and magic circle. You may use it later when you need it.
  13.     - Attribute - [Capture: Ally Magic Circle] You can seize not only an enemies' magic circle, but also your allies' with [Capturing].
  16. 3.  Experimental Preperation
  17. - GM Kallis will use various spells and GM Hazel will attempt to steal them via Capture.
  19. 4.  Conducting the experiment
  20. Let's find out about these ground spells.
  21. Prior to this Experiment, 68 Skills have been tested.
  22. Shop Skills and Expanding Ground spells were excluded.
  24. If you know about a skills ability to be captured that has not been listed here, then please leave a comment !
  25. Let's sneak a peek at the results;
  27. GM Kallis has cast ground skills and experimental methods have taken place to determine what can abilities be stolen with Capture. So, let's take a look at the results of our testing.
  29. ※ 22/03/2016 - Commented Data for : Pass, Prominence, Hail, Circling, Capture, Spike Shooter, Results have been included.
  30. ※ Spike Shooter, Tet Mamak La : May appear to be stolen, but it is not normal for these skills to be captured. They are longer capture-able.
  32. Rogue Capture List Compiled :
  36. 5.  The Conclusion
  37. - You can automatically steal ground traps, or ground tiles through Capture.
  38. - For balance between classes/skills, you can not steal certain skills.
  39. - You cannot capture Shop Type Skills. (I.e. Repair Store, Spell Store etc.)
  40. - Channeled Magic Circles, or ones that expand / spread cannot be stolen.
  41. - Tet Mamak La appears as though it has been stolen when capturing, It is not supposed to be captured.
  42.  Capture is unlikely to receive any changes in the future, so please refer to this list in future.
  44. Source Post:
  45. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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