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  1. 19:45:21 <@jy-p> gmaxwell: let's say i wrote down every possible problem with my software and then put it in a pile
  2. 19:45:45 <@jy-p> then, i could arbitrarily go back and claim that X, Y or Z was my priority all along
  3. 19:46:48 <@jy-p> "oh yeah, we said you should do that back in 2011 because we have a filed github issue that got zero movement for years"
  4. 19:47:55 <@jy-p> it's a nice little bullshit trick that is used by people who don't get their work done
  5. 19:48:35 <@jy-p> in fact, i have a business partner like that in another business - always talks about what he's going to do, then when i actually do it, he will cite how he said we should have done that in 2011 etc
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