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Changelog: Stable Branch: 0.34.115106

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  1. Branch: Stable
  3. ETA: Complete
  5. Version: 0.34.115106
  7. This update was released to Stable as a critical update outside of scheduled maintenance. This was because of a serious issue with the connection logic that could trap some players in the "dead" state. There was also a critical bug with looting other players inventory. These have been fixed.
  9. Known Issues:
  10. - Animations: Right hand twitches during pointing, character twitches once when middle finger is activated/deactivated
  11. - Actions: If player puts burlap sack from his head to ground his vision stays black
  13. New:
  14. - Animations: Ruger 10/22 hand pose
  15. - Animations: It's now possible to blend directly between various gesticulation states (pointing,finger,greeting...)
  16. - Crafting: Can repair clothes, weapons, and items using specialist items (such as sewing kit)
  17. - Gear: Configured sewing kit and its recipes
  18. - Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  19. - Gear: Added Cowboy hats to the loot spawns (multiple colors)
  20. - Gear: Added Sewing kit to the loot spawns
  21. - Gear: Added B95 and 762 speedloader to loot spawns
  22. - Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  23. - Gear: Added durable leather jacket to loot spawns
  24. - Gestures: Thumbs Up gesture added with default F7 key binding
  25. - Server: Optimization of synchronization of textures/materials (minor improvement to server FPS)
  26. - Systems: Falling now causes dynamic damage (roughly, fall of >5m break legs depending on equipment, >15m probably death)
  28. Fixed:
  29. - Actions: Could not cover another players head with a burlap sack
  30. - Actions: No longer spawns clones of sack after Remove Head Cover action
  31. - Actions: Removing Head Cover (burlap sack) while inventory is full won't leave you blind and without burlap sack anymore
  32. - Art: Duplicate geometry in lower resolution LODs of flannel shirt resulted in visual bug at distance.
  33. - Animations: Fixed an issue where the player would stay zoomed-in in sights for reload while aiming in prone
  34. - Animations: Player should now be force-disarmed when clapping while holding a single-handed weapon.
  35. - Animations: Pointing and clapping now works even when initiated from aimed states
  36. - Animations: Fixed an issue where the left hand would stay glued to the FNX45 for aimed prone reload
  37. - Animations: Default rifle aim stance (stand and crouch) slightly changed to better fit different guns
  38. - Animations: Twitches on right hand fixed when holding an item while middle finger and pointing.
  39. - Crafting: Cannot combine ruined stacked objects (such as ammo, rags)
  40. - Crafting: Cannot chamber/load magazine with ruined ammunition
  41. - Crafting: Motorbike helmet visors didn't retain their type when spray-painting the helmet
  42. - Crash: Game Crash when using FLUSH command
  43. - Crash: Out of bounds crash when no sounds defined
  44. - Inventory: Loot would stay on dead character after it is picked up, causing teleporting loot and general chaos
  45. - Medical: Cleaning wounds with alcohol tincture doesn't add last stage of infected wounds
  46. - Medical: Vomiting/Stuffed was completely broken. Now simplified and streamlined
  47. - Melee: Short melee weapons do damage now (hammer, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw)
  48. - Spawns: Lowered probability of Weapon cleaning kit spawns
  49. - Systems: Healing system was double processing for blood regeneration
  50. - Systems: Notifier messages were not being cleared/reset on within-state changes
  51. - Systems: Players position was not saving on disconnect
  52. - Systems: Players could get continually stuck in a dead character during load from central server
  53. - Systems: Players would not receive any falling damage
  54. - Systems: Disconnecting dead player would delete the body after ~30 seconds
  55. - Systems: Damage was being equally applied to all objects inside inventory slot when shot/damaged (now items reduce the damage when they take damage)
  56. - Systems: Notifier gets stuck on "stuffed"
  57. - Weapons: Ballistic parameters of all projectiles tweaked for more realism (special thanks to Gews for his great analysis on weapon characteristics)
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