Walnut - The Adventures of a Moth Named: Blot

Apr 29th, 2014
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  1. >She was annoyed, provoked, and well not in the mood to talk as a unknown moth stallion floated next to her, watching every little action she was doing in the park.
  2. >Giving him a short glance Hexferry couldn't believe the moth had been following her all day like some creepy stalker, or love-sick foal.
  3. >Smiling at her, Blot didn't say a word, but Hexferry could tell he was up to something suspicious. Slowly & steadily easing away from him, Hexferry just wanted to get away from before Blot disappeared from her eyesight.
  4. >Taking a careful look around her surroundings in the park, Hexferry thought this was the most perfect time for her to leave quickly, & silently. Carefully getting her ass off the wooden bench she sat on Hexferry moved forward only four hoof steps before looking behind her to see Blot there holding a pair of roses in his mouth for her.
  6. >Cringing her face, she didn't like the feeling of affection he was giving her. Then hearing the voice of Caramel & Sepia call out to her. Turning to face a small pathway Hexferry could see her two friends steadily calling her name waving, and heading towards her.
  7. >Panicking as Hexferry couldn't have lover moth all over her in front of her friends, she quickly tackled him into the nearby bushs being on top hoping her friends didn't truly pay attention. Hearing their footsteps right behind her in the spot she was previously in, Hexferry kept quite the best that she could as her two friends started talking.
  8. "Wasn't Hexy just here?" Caramel said confused, replying calmly Sepia said "Yeah, she was."
  9. >Looking down at the unknown moth was blushing like a wild fire. Hexferry could tell he mostly likely didn't expect to get tackled into the bushes by the mare he was annoying, or for her to be on top of him. Smiling he started to lean in for a kiss which made Hexferry react with a hard slap across his face before jumping out the bushes saying "What is wrong with you?".
  10. >Staring at her Caramel, & Sepia didn't say word until the unknown stallion moth pony came up. Chuckling a bit all Hexferry could say was "Haha...Caramel," before Caramel put on her perverted smile saying "Oh...Hexy did we interrupt something?".
  11. >Trying to follow up on what Caramel said, Sepia spoke saying "Yyy..Yeah did-", but was immediately cut off by Hexferry who replied "No you didn't Sepia I was just um..wrestling with my cousin.".
  13. >Putting both their eyebrows up, and saying "Your cousin?". Sepia & Caramel never heard about any of Hexferries cousins, nor did they ever meet anyone of them. Continuing from where she left off Hexferry said "Yeah! Him & me are cousins because of the type of moth pony species we are. You know the Sphingidae family hehehe.".
  14. >Coming out the bushes, Sepia started to make an advance towards Hexferries supposed cousin saying "So whats your cousins name?", and inspecting his brown forewings wings, with black wavy lines across, and then his orange hindwings with a black edge. Going "Yeah..." Caramel walked up to him as well, and started inspecting him taking a look at his white colored fluff in front, brown coat, and little purple eyes.
  15. >Catching her on a question she couldn't answer, Hexferry started to panic a little as she didn't know the moths name until he spoke up saying "I'm Blot". Moving past Caramel, Sepia, Blot then stopped arriving next to Hexferry, and started rubbing up against her saying "And I love my cousin very much.".
  16. >Keeping her anger under control, Caramel said "Cool then lets all go hangout Blot, right now." which made Hexferry jump at what she was saying. Following up on Caramels comment, Sepia said "Yeah lets all go shopping. We can try on some new clothes, and have Blot judge it.".
  17. >Then having Caramel, & Sepia walk past her, & Blot. Hexferries anger had reached its peak. Turning to Blot all Hexferry could say to him was "I'm going to kill you when this is all over.".
  19. >Tears dripped down his face in a stream. Hexferry the moth he had a developed a instantaneous crush on dumped him, and explained to her friends how he really wasn't her cousin, but some weird creep.
  20. >Sitting down next to a bucket of vanilla ice-cream in the park, he stuffed his face full of the ice-cream with a little of it dripping down his mouth. Hearing a few hoof steps come up to him he turned to see a very wide mare moth pony with a blonde mane, and white coat & fluff standing next to him. Asking him what's wrong in a sweet innocent voice he didn't respond, till she asked to sit next to him.
  21. >Not looking her in the eye he moved over making room for her with tears still streaming. Gently placing her hoof on his side she again asked him what was wrong, and why he was crying. Having his bottom lip wiggle a little all he could tell her was that he was dumped.
  22. >Going "Oh.." the mare kept quiet for awhile till speaking again saying "Rather dumped the being dumped on eh?". Smiling a bit she did have a point a little he was dumped, but not literally dumped on.
  23. >Talking a little bit longer, and sharing his ice cream with the mysterious mare moth. Blot soon learned the moth he was chatting with was named Butterscotch, and scooting closer to him, he started to think Butterscotch was coming on to him which posed a problem a bit.
  24. >Turning his head towards her, and looking her in the eyes Butterscotch, Blot said "Sorry um.. Butterscotch, but I'm not into fat moths.".
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