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  1. Shield App.
  2. Key: TeamNewke
  3. Ic name: Newke
  4. Race: Kai
  6.      Newke had been on his planet. He spent most of his time there meditating and watching over the living realm. But in his meditations he was watching some Earthlings fight. One of them had developed a rather interesting technique.
  7.      The technique itself was rather simplistic in design but the concept of it was intriguing to Newke. The human would charge at their opponent once the combat began. The fight would go on like normal but his opponent jumped back and quickly launched a beam off towards the human. The beam ripped and shredded through the ground at high speeds coming directly towards his opponent. But in the split second the human had they released a massive amount of energy and formed it around their body. Seemingly they had crystallized their own Ki into a shield of sorts.
  8.     The beam impacted the shield and was quickly deflected away by the pure energy. The shield user, although slightly drained of stamina and energy from the technique. The fight continued and resulted in the eventual victory of the human.
  9.     Newke was, as always, craving mastery over such a technique and would begin to practice the concept. He would draw his energy around him and quickly compact it. The compacted energy would form a rather weak but solid shield. Newke would go on to practice this technique on his planet until he was able to completely encase his body in his own energy.
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