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  1. So I've got muh energy back
  2. 9:28:45 PM
  3. That's what I wanted to knowww
  4. 9:29:41 PM
  5. I pull out my brush and ink once more
  6. 9:30:36 PM
  7. and it's time to start scrawling on a scroll
  8. 9:31:23 PM
  9. The words of the day are Sense and Spirit
  10. 9:31:33 PM
  11. Cuz I'ma hunting for a spirit besides Yato-no-kami to get me out of this bind
  12. 9:31:42 PM
  13. Mmmm
  14. 9:31:50 PM
  15. Actually, let's make the spell one word more complicated
  16. 9:32:15 PM
  17. Sense and Communicate with Spirit
  18. 9:32:20 PM
  20. 9:33:31 PM
  21. SenKaguya
  22. As I wanna sense and send a message to any that *aren't* Yato-no-kami, if I still know what his presence feels like from dis dumb beacon.
  23. 9:34:13 PM
  24. Sound feasible, or want me to try something else?
  25. 9:35:21 PM
  26. SenKaguya
  27. My backup plan is to find a suffiiciently strong leyline and shove myself through it.
  28. 9:35:28 PM
  29. but that sounds like it'd take a lot more walking
  30. 9:35:51 PM
  31. And probably end up with me getting stuck between planes and turning into a vestige ;-;
  32. 9:36:54 PM
  33. SenKaguya
  34. %ping
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