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  1. “Haha, yeah! You’ve got it!” Melody shouted as her thumbs worked the controller with lightning speed.
  2. Paulo mimicked her actions as his character on the screen rocketed from cover and blasted Melody with a shotgun, causing her immediate death. Melody playfully growled in anger as she sat back, waiting for her character to respawn.
  4. “So, jump and then shoot. Just like you did now.” Melody advised while Paulo still battled the on-screen enemies.
  6. “Heh, no way. That actually works.” He chuckled in disbelief, still working the controller with absolute precision. “Man, I am going to totally wipe the floor with David the next time we play this. You really know your stuff, I’ll give you that.”
  8. Melody smiled and blushed. Paulo’s entire stay at her home had not played into her infatuated feelings as the adrenaline of playing games had dulled her senses. But now, as she was out of the game until the next round she couldn’t help but find herself once again entranced by Paulo’s gorgeous body and handsome face. If anything, the fact he was now complimenting her also added to her infatuation towards the orange Somali. She drew a quiet breath and subconsciously tried to shut out these feelings. After all, Melody was a woman with upstanding morals and her intention was certainly not to woo Paulo away from Jasmine. She knew how much he loved her, and how Paulo’s previous sexual escapades had been less than positive for him.
  10. “Thanks…” Was all she managed to utter as her thoughts shrouded her grip on the situation.
  12. “Heh, man.” Paulo began, his attention still fully devoted towards the video game. “I feel like I gotta pay you back somehow…”
  14. Melody gasped quietly and averted her gaze. That simple phrase had forced several deviant sexual thoughts to permeate the calm reality of her inner workings, and once again she was required to take several moments to regain her composure. Once the arousing thoughts of Paulo had left her presence, she responded to his question as innocently as she could.
  16. “Oh, what did you have in mind?”
  18. Paulo began to respond, but a huge thunderclap cut him off and both felines were forced to turn their gaze towards the living room’s bay window. A huge storm had started up and it was pouring buckets of rain outside. Melody immediately rose from the light yellow sofa and approached the window, causing Paulo to follow her after putting the game on pause, of course. Melody leaned against the glass and surveyed the scene outside. It did not look good. You could hear the high-speed winds howling through the seams in the glass and the old oak tree on her front lawn swayed in the wind. The rain was so thick you couldn’t see across the street. Melody frowned.
  20. “The weathermen didn’t say anything about rain.”
  22. “Please, you can’t trust those morons.” Paulo interjected, taking a spot next to Melody and staring out the window, barely inches from her face.
  24. Melody stumbled back and tripped over the arm of the sofa, tumbling backwards onto the cushion. Paulo grinned and turned to face her, extending his hand out to her to grab.
  26. “Come on, don’t be so nervous! I don’t bite… unless you want me to.” He added with a small growl. Melody nearly fainted and he chuckled as he pulled her up with one swift move. This caused her to end up in his arms with his nose barely inches from hers. Melody blushed an even deeper shade of red and broke his grasp, noticing Paulo’s own slightly red face. They stood there, transfixed for a few moments, before Paulo circled the sofa and sat down facing the console system. He grabbed the controller and resumed playing while Melody mustered the strength to sit back down next to him. No more than a few moments after he resumed playing did yet another thundering boom startle both felines, next causing the lights to flicker and die. Paulo and Melody sat surrounded by darkness.
  28. “Well shit.” Paulo spat. “The electricity went out.”
  30. “I’ve got some candles in the kitchen, give me a moment.” Melody stated.
  32. She rose from the sofa and disappeared into the thick darkness inside of her home. The occasional lightning strike caused the shadows to dance around on the walls in a phantasmal tango, playing with Melody’s mind as it seemed any one of them could jump out and take her life from her, reminiscent of some of her favorite video games. Once she had reached the kitchen, she collapsed onto a nearby chair and buried her face in her hands.
  34. ‘Oh man, this is just too much.’ She thought, rubbing her temples. ‘I really like him and he’s so cute, but I can’t ruin what he has with his girlfriend… I… I just can’t.’
  36. Melody sighed, missing the own hint of lust inside of it. She rose from the chair and felt around on the walls until she had grasped a cabinet handle and opened it. Within seconds, she had exposed a few large and white candles coupled with a matchbook.
  38. ‘No, Melody, stop thinking about it.’ She thought again, her mind filled with dirty wants and pleasures only satiable via Paulo’s warm touch. ‘You’re a respectable girl, not someone who’d ruin a relationship no matter how much you… long to feel his touch…’ Melody gasped quietly as she found herself once again imagining Paulo taking her in his arms and making a woman out of her. She shook her head and tried her best to stop thinking about sex with Paulo as she carried the candles back to the living room, feeling the soft and tender spot between her legs start to excrete a clear and sticky liquid.
  40. “I… I’ve got the candles.” Melody sputtered, twisting her legs in a way that wouldn’t show the wet fur.
  41. Paulo nodded and grabbed two candles, setting them down next to the sofa on a table. With a quick flick of the match, a hot red ember burst out on its tip and Paulo lit both candles, effectively bathing the room in the orange flickering light of candle glow. The light danced wonderfully off of Paulo’s fur and Melody felt light in the head as her body hungered for release. Paulo tilted his head sideways and stared at Melody’s complicated expression, worried about her well being.
  43. “Melody, are you alright?” He asked, approaching her and extending his hand. Melody took a step back and vigorously nodded her head.
  45. “Yeah, I’m... I’m fine!” Noticing Paulo’s suspicious expression, Melody grasped at straws in an effort to occupy the Somali. “Paulo, in the basement there’s an emergency radio, could you bring it up here?”
  47. He refused to speak for a few seconds, keeping his eyes on her. “Yeah, sure.”
  49. “It’s… it’s in the large metal cabinet.”
  51. “I’ll get it.”
  53. Paulo swiftly departed and Melody let out a huge sigh. She gently moved her hand down to her sweet spot and immediately felt the viscous liquid that dripped from within, a product of her own arousal. She made way for the bathroom in hopes of quelling her fire, but as she turned the corner she bumped into Paulo who was carrying the radio in his hand. She fell back with her legs spread open and immediately she scrambled to her feet and hid behind a nearby wall. Paulo rubbed his head and carried the radio into the living room. He sat down on the sofa and fiddled with the stations until an emergency broadcast came up.
  55. “…warning effective until 9 AM tomorrow morning. Residents are advised not to leave their homes and take shelter in the basements of most buildings with…”
  57. The broadcast was drowned out as Melody could contain herself no longer. “Paulo, I… I’ll be back, I have… to go to the basement to take c-care of something.” She sputtered, overcome with sexual desire and lust. Paulo glanced over to her for a moment and nodded. She immediately darted down the basement stairs to her bedroom, the lair in which she had spent so many nights alone with no one but her hands to keep her company. Immediately, she collapsed into the nearby chair and her hand shot down to her tender vagina, beginning to work on its walls.
  59. “O-oh, I… Oh, Paulo!” Melody whispered as her fingers plunged deeper inside of her body, stroking the interior of her womanhood. The walls began to tighten around her fingers as they explored deeper inside of her.
  61. “A-a-ahhh, yes…”
  63. She tore off her bandana with her other hand and it landed on the carpet below her. Using her free hand, Melody rubbed her enlarged nipple between her fingers and bit her lip, uttering another low moan. Her body began to buck and shake with each stroke of her vagina as her groans increased in volume, her brain forgetting she was not alone in this house.
  65. “Paulo, yes! Oh yes!” She shrieked. She was not disturbed as the stairs to the basement began to creak under the weight of someone climbing down them. She continued her act of self pleasing with moans every so often with Paulo’s name clearly inside of them. However, she was completely startled by a figure that emerged from the darkness. Paulo had caught her in the act of pleasing herself and the terrible embarrassment of her calling his name made her blush much deeper than she had before. Immediately she rose from the chair and nearly tripped, unaware of her vaginal juices still covering her fingers. Her glasses were messed up and when she moved her hand to fix them that liquid dripped all over the lenses and she was left in a quite embarrassing predicament. Silence was kept for a few moments.
  67. “Paulo, I…” Melody began, but Paulo had caught her off guard. His lips were securely placed against hers and Melody nearly fainted from the sudden embrace. His tongue penetrated her lips and they swapped spit. Melody let out a quiet moan as she felt something begin to harden against the fur of her stomach. Paulo broke the kiss and began to nuzzle her neck, allowing Melody time to stare down past his face to spy his engorged member slowly begin to leave its hiding place. Melody was dumbstruck, she could not believe what was happening at all. Paulo stopped caressing her body and led her back behind them to her bed, gently sitting her down on it. He tackled her and began to nuzzle her breasts, much to the pleasure of Melody.
  69. “P-Paulo! I… what are you… oh, yes…”
  71. Melody could feel the blood rush to her face as her mind reeled with the sense of Paulo’s touch.
  73. “Paulo, don’t stop! Yes, I…”
  75. “Oh God Melody, they’re so big. Oh, yes…”
  77. Melody gasped quietly as Paulo continued to massage her breasts, licking their tender tips with his tongue and driving her wild. As much as Melody enjoyed it, she suddenly lifted Paulo up and he brought his snout close to hers, panting heavily.
  79. “P-Paulo, we can’t… you’re, I mean…”
  81. Paulo pressed a finger to Melody’s lips and quieted her.
  82. “Sssh, don’t think about it now. Enjoy the moment, we can deal with the repercussions later.” Still sensing Melody’s reluctance, Paulo smiled at her. “You’re one of the coolest girls I’ve met, Melody.  Don’t you ever worry about anything, I won’t hurt you.” He firmly pressed his lips against hers and she wrapped her arms around his torso, pressing her body against his. She could feel the warmth of his member as it was pressed against her, and each throb it made. Paulo once again set to work and this time knelt down between Melody’s legs and inspected her wanting slit.
  84. “Jesus Melody, you’re as wet as the rain. That’s insanely hot.”
  86. Melody blushed and couldn’t help but chuckle, but her muscles nearly gave out as Paulo shoved his face into her womanhood and began to lap at the strands of sweet liquid that surrounded the hole. Melody’s mind went blank and her abdominal muscles tightened as Paulo continued to tease her pussy, sensually licking and slurping the streams of juice that were around it. Finally, after much tantalization, Paulo moved his tongue to the vagina itself and stuck it in, noisily slurping away at it. Melody grasped at the bed sheets with her hands and wrapped her legs around Paulo’s head, forcing his tongue deeper inside of her.
  88. “G-god damn, Paulo…” Melody uttered as he continued to lovingly lap at her. “Where did you learn to… to do this so well…?”
  90. Melody moaned loudly as her vagina tightened around Paulo’s tongue, causing her walls to throb as she came closer and closer to orgasm. After so much stimulation, her back arched as she came and she yelped in pleasure before collapsing back onto the bed flushed and exhausted. Paulo rose from between her legs and wiped off his snout before bending back over Melody and kissing her again. Melody had tasted herself before, but tasting herself via Paulo’s kiss was incredibly arousing and she wanted more.
  92. “Paulo, sit down… I need t-to return the favor…” She gasped.
  94. He obliged and sat down on the bed, gently stroking his member to maintain its erection. Melody bent down between his legs and inspected his quivering cock. She inhaled the sweet smell of his manhood and grasped it’s base tightly, next using a single finger to run up the length of the shaft. It began to inadvertently throb as she continued to stroke it.
  96. “D-don’t tease me like that, shit…” Paulo whispered. Melody smiled up at him.
  98. “You seemed to enjoy doing that to me a few moments ago.”
  100. She continued to gently stroke his member and Paulo moaned again. A small glob of pre-cum emerged from the top of the penis and Melody made a cute little “oops” face upon noticing it.
  102. “Oh dear, I’ve made a mess. I’d better clean it up.” She said sensually.
  104. With a swift lick of her tongue, she swallowed the salty liquid before tracing the base of the head with her tongue. Paulo let out a sharp exhale as Melody suddenly took his dick into her mouth and began to gently suckle it. Paulo’s hands groped at the bedding as Melody continued to suck on his penis, occasionally letting the spit-shined phallus out of her mouth to lick the shaft itself.
  106. “C-Christ, take it all…” Paulo whispered as Melody took as much of his engorged member into her mouth as she could.
  108. She loved the taste of his cock, it was both sweet and salty. The taste of his pre-cum was also appealing to her and she continued to lap at his shaft and then returning to take his head into her mouth. Paulo’s body had grown tired of this, and Melody could feel his member throb faster and faster in her mouth until it finally tensed up. Paulo placed his hands over Melody’s head and thrusted his shaft into her mouth, nearly causing her to gag. Melody’s reward was the refreshing feeling of Paulo’s sperm flooding over her gums. She swallowed every last bit. She wiped off her mouth and stood up.
  110. “Fuck, y-you’re good at that… Jesus…” Paulo gasped. Despite his release, Paulo’s dick was still semi-hard and with a few more careful strokes from Melody was it ready to continue. Paulo laid back on the bed and watched intently as Melody lowered her pelvis towards his quivering penis. The two groaned simultaneously as his penis slowly entered her vagina.
  112. “Jeez, you’re big, Paulo.” Melody winced as she began to ride Paulo.
  114. “Take it all like a good girl…! Fuck!” He shouted.
  116. Melody tilted her head back as she continued to ride Paulo. The sensation was unlike any other she had felt before, and it was even hotter because she was banging the man she had wanted to for so long. Her breasts flopped wildly as Paulo began to thrust into her in time with her bouncing.
  118. “Yeah, just like t-that!” He said through gritted teeth as he continued to plow into her.
  120. “Paulo…” Melody gasped. “I’m… I’m so close.”
  122. “Oh God, shut up and take it you slut!”
  124. Oddly enough, Paulo’s dirty talk was making this even hotter for Melody.
  126. “I l-love it when you talk dirty to me, baby…”
  128. “Take my dick! You love it, don’t you?”
  130. “Yes! Yes!”
  132. Melody yelped as she came and soon enough the feeling of Paulo’s warm seed splashing against her vaginal walls caused her to cum yet again, and with a heavy sigh she collapsed forward onto Paulo’s chest. She felt his now-spent penis slide out of her and for a few moments all was quiet only permeated by their exhausted breaths. Suddenly, the lights flickered on and the couple was bathed in the bright light from the lamp overhead.
  134. “S-so, uh…” Paulo began, his panting slowing. “What now?”
  136. Melody lifted her head up to stare down at Paulo. She thought for a few moments and then smiled.
  138. “How about a game of Super Mario Bros.?”
  140. END
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