Jacob Railsback DoX

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  1. # a little DoX me and my friends pulled on this fucker. information brought to you by anonymous.
  2. # a little hint; my name starts with an s. (:
  4. Target's FULL name: Jacob Michael Railsback
  5. Birthday: October 30th, 2001
  6. Age: 14
  7. State & Province: Henderson, Nevada
  8. ZIP Code: 89015
  9. Full address: 113 Ash Street, Henderson
  10. (his house is a pale blue-ish color with bushes and rocks in front
  11.  and a single palm tree in the front, a little help for your plans)
  12. Current school: B. Mahlon Brown Junior High School (BJHS Brown Bears)
  13. School's address: 307 Cannes St (shoot this place up lmao)
  14. Current grade: 8th
  15. PlayStation Network username: deadcow863 (wtf lol, own this nigga in black ops)
  16. Skype username: deadcow836
  17. PHONE NUMBER (CALL HIM!!): (818) 749-9358
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