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  1. Rina Kain   Night fell for the second or was it third day since she had made the deal with the entity? Since then she has been true to her word, and came back to her newest home, every single morning, but at night she was free to take Cyrus about and show him things. So far he hasn't been to happy with her choice, oh well, she thought it was a good idea at the time, but she always bought him sweets since then and it seemed to kind of ease some tension between the two of them. Tonight he didn't seem to feel like going out, he accidentally scared a few people, but Rina attempted to persuade him to come, to no avail. So she shook her head a bit and figured she'd try again tomorrow, for now she made her way out of the wooded area and into the streets of Rowan lakes, she was bounding off towards the diner. They had the best pies, in her opinion at least, and Cyrus seemed to enjoy them a lot to, she figured she'd try and win him over with a huge one. Rina often enjoyed a very intense amount of sweets, more than the human stomach should be able to take, and so odd jobs it was for now, at least every other night. Tonight being one of those nights she could enjoy what money she had made. She even managed to get herself a new dress and pair of shoes, the enitiy said something about a representative of theirs not looking ridiculous while going out and about. She wasn't sure what that was about since it seemed to be pissed off st her laughing at it, though it wasn't it, but it's statements. She was sure if it was in her shoes it would of done the same, but none the less she considered to do something nice for it as well when she got enough money to do so. Soon enough she hummed along as she spotted the diner and would open the door with a gentle touch, breaking things was not in the budget. "Careful.?" She muttered to herself as she entered inside and glanced around and found a booth by the window and just picking up the sweets menu. Her blue hues softly starting to read over the words and the look of concentration spread across her soft gentle features.
  3. Gabriel Kain    Something had been bothering Gabriel since he had come to this town, and it wasn't about his work. His work, for the record, being a therapist to Alex, was going about as smoothly as expected. The boy was somewhat resistant to the advice offered by Gabriel, but he at least listened and generally did the homework assigned to him. But kindred were always a fickle group to work with: difficult as their brains (along with the rest of them) reset whenever they got proper rest. On top of that, Alex hadn't had therapy in some time, and had a lot of emotional baggage to wade through from the rough life the boy had, not to mention all the current events going on. So Gabriel had his work cut out for him. But no, that wasn't what had been bothering him. Ever since he had gotten to this town, his left arm had been aching in a very specific spot: where his Mark was, on the inside of his forearm, just above his elbow. Sometimes the ache would get worse, and others, vanish entirely. But it always returned. He had a suspicion about it, and that suspicion was confirmed as he was walking through the town, taking a chance to stretch his legs after a long therapy session spent with Alex. Glancing in a window across the street, he saw a face sitting in the diner that he never thought he'd see again. It had been almost three hundred years, but there was no mistaking his daughter, especially as he felt his Mark briefly flare to life, shooting pain and a burst of power through his body. Even now, it reacted to hers. But it had been a long time, and Gabriel was easily able to subdue the effects as he crossed the street and made his way into the diner. He walked over to Rina's table, wondering on what he'd say as he did. Did she understand why he left? How he had to leave? Or did she hold a grudge? He couldn't really blame her if she did... His expression was stoic as he reached her table, but there was a softness in his eyes. "I wonder what your mother would say if she saw how you've changed," were, for some reason, the words that came out of his mouth. "For some reason, I never expected you to dye your hair." Even if she had reached her 300th birthday, Rina still was a young adult now; clearly she had some of the same tendencies as regular humans did at their equivalent ages.
  5. Rina Kain   For the most part Rina hadn't really paid much mind to her mark acting up, it always did at some point, it wasn't exactly like she had proper training with how to use it. So it had some serious side effects for her when it did come about, so she just assumed the slight burning feeling was that. Mostly she had learned to subdue it enough to be as 'human' as possible that was her only goal, at this point. She wanted sweets today and was currently free to do so, so her mind soon got off the mark at least until she scratched at her lower back a bit in annoyance. Finally it stopped, she went back to reading the menu in front of her as she licked her lips in anticipation of the many desserts she wanted to gain this evening. Maybe take something for Cyrus too, he seemed to adore them, maybe a different pie though this depending on her finance count. For now she would just bide her time and enjoy her mini vacation from worry and concern of the deity she struck a peculiar deal with. Though a different presence seemed to draw her attention away from her endeavor to select a bunch of sweets to gorge herself on, it sort of felt familiar, at the same time it did. She hadn't really give much thought to the man she once upon a time called father, other than what her mother told her about the man she barely knew him. Let alone would she recognize who he was? The voice that followed the male's presence was met with blue hues "I'm sure my mother could careless, she is dead after all" she spoke frankly, then she would raise an eyebrow at the man, she could still feel the burning, though she wasn't really one to jump to conclusions, that was foolish to do so. "Well I'm living how I choose to, and besides it's not as if it's a horrible combination" she told him with a slight shrug, she adored her hair, it had been this way for quite a while. "Is there something I can help you with?" She asked as she sighed and placed the sweets menu down as her desire was being slightly interrupted by this man, who felt like she knew, but was unsure. A two year old tended to not have much of a retained memory, so he should just be frank with what he needs.
  7. Gabriel Kain    Ah, he had hoped her own Mark's reaction would clue her in, but that had been in vain. Of course he didn't expect her to remember him from her toddler years so long ago. But he had thought perhaps she would from photographs; assuming his wife kept any. But he had changed a bit, now, too. His face was more gaunt, and in the past he had had a full beard. Perhaps not large changes, but enough. "Perhaps, but I believe that will be up to you," he said simply, reaching over to roll up his sleeve. He presented the mark just above his elbow to her, waiting to see her expression. "It's been a long time, Rina. I almost didn't recognize you at all. But I suppose sometimes a parent knows these things... Do you have time to sit and humor your father with a chat?"
  9. Rina Kain   Most the time she was in tune with her form and mark, but it still had it's odd moments of being wrong, $so remaining objective. Though with time everyone would change, or adjust their appearance accordingly to the Times they lived in, often times she changed up every twenty to thirty years herself. An eyebrow was raised in response to his words, what was he playing with riddles for, her hues drifting over to the man as he rolled up his sleeve. At this point she was thankful she hadn't been holding anything as far as a plate or cup. It was possible that she might crush it. Her blue hues went wide, slightly changing green as well, before sighing some and taking a deep breath. She hadn't realized she stopped herself from breathing for a few moments. "That's a bit of a surprise I suppose, with considering you weren't exactly around that long anyways, but I have until the break of dawn, so welcome to sit down" she motioned to the other side of the booth. Her hands grabbing up the menu Again as her mind swirls with thoughts and emotions, she wasn't sure how to feel about this exactly.
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