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Jun 6th, 2019
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  1. HELP 11
  3. First of all, Administrative roles should be separate from the list of deities in the game, meaning the paid staff should not considered Orderless Gods. Varian is the exception, since this is a God connected to the lore of the game.
  5. HELP 11.1 - Instead of listing the OOC roles here, they should be removed to a separate section. Use this section to explain structures around worship in the game. Perhaps also explain that characters may choose to worship any one of the Divine connected to their specific tether, since Administration appears to be focusing on no cross-overs. Move on to explain Orders (11.1.1 instead of 11.7) and Congregations (11.1.2 instead of 11.5), and then move on to the Divine Pantheon for 11.2.
  7. HELP 11.1.1 - Move this to 11.2, where Varian's role in the game could be explained, along with his connection to the Divine Pantheon, and the death sequence. Here you can explain that he is a God without an Order, temple or shrines, which separates him from the rest of the Pantheon.
  9. HELP 11.1.2-4 should be removed from the deities and written from an OOC perspective that clearly states these roles are part of the Administration, and is not in any way IC characters. It is nice that they have their own little backstory, but since they are not IC I don't think that is necessary. Instead, these should hold information about what their roles involve, if they are supposed to be the main contacts for certain aspects of the game or not (Tiur - Producer and main contact, especially credit questions; Keroc - class leads; Razmael - mortal builders, etc.) Set these up as HELP 11.4.1 Paid staff.
  11. HELP 11.1.5-7 - Are these roles even active anymore? Galleus should be re-written as a former God-shell role that has vanished, much like other gods. That would create a more clear separation between his previous Admin role and the God he used to be. While Belakai has one small reference in the game, it is a vague one and from long ago (a flower somewhere, I believe), and I believe he and Tydeus were mostly Administrative roles, so they should be moved to a separate section (11.4.3 - previous Administrative staff of importance, perhaps)
  13. The following should be updated to contain similar information: Brief history, main facts, symbols, preferences or directives, place of worship (even if vague)
  15. HELP 11.2.1 needs place of worship
  16. HELP 11.2.2 needs place of worship
  17. HELP 11.2.3 needs preferences, symbols.
  18. HELP 11.2.4 needs preferences
  19. HELP 11.2.5 needs preferences
  20. Help 11.2.6 needs place of worship
  21. HELP 11.2.7 is all good.
  22. HELP 11.2.8 needs place of worship
  23. HELP 11.2.9 needs place of worship, symbols, and preferences
  24. HELP 11.2.10 needs place of worship, preferences
  25. HELP 11.2.11 needs place of worship, symbols
  26. HELP 11.2.12 needs place of worship
  28. Some of the following could do well with some added information when it comes to lore, and connections to certain areas of importance.
  30. HELP 11.3.1 has a temple on Mostyn, was a staunch adversary to Severn with many fights over the centuries, merged with the previous tutor of the Paladins, Syvelium, before they became the Templars.
  32. HELP 11.3.2 is connected to the Auresian gardens (which still remain partially locked down with no discernable way to access) and has strong ties with Enorian due to those guilds connections to her element.
  34. HELP 11.3.3 is connected to Goreskrat, which has been partially blocked off.
  36. HELP 11.3.4 still has a temple in Aureliana.
  38. HELP 11.3.5 seems good to me, but I don't know much about this deity
  40. HELP 11.3.6 is connected to the Plleianese complex in Liruma, and could do with fleshing out some of the lore behind that deity.
  42. HELP 11.3.7 is connected to Kentorakro (strong ties) and could do with some fleshing out of the lore.
  44. HELP 11.3.8 still has landmarks named after him in the Tarea mountains.
  46. HELP 11.3.9 is connected to a temple in Easter Itzatl
  48. HELP 11.3.10 is still written as if he exists. Should mention that he is connected to Stormcaller Crags, and bring up his disappearance along with connection to Tanixalthas.
  50. HELP 11.3.11 could do with some fleshing out of her story.
  52. HELP 11.4 - use this section to explain the difference between God shells and Administrative staff (paid or volunteers) Put the Celani section under 11.4.2, after one on Paid staff. It should be re-written to show that these are separate roles, completely OOC in nature, that may step into shells to play different divine roles ICly. It should also provide some more examples of what they work with, other than chronicling history in the game, such as new content, and fixing issues.
  54. HELP 11.5 - tie this to the first section, as HELP 11.1.2 or something
  56. HELP 11.8 needs to be updated, as there have been far more occurances of deities losing connection to their shells than Lanos and Rahn. Even if only those two examples exists, it can not say only two are known to have happened.
  58. HELP 11.10 should be changed to reflect that the Patron has pure IC connections, since the ORGREQ system exists for other, more administrative adjustments.
  60. HELP 11.13 should exist if only to explain the presence of a separate Pantheon.
  62. HELP 11.13.1 - Add information about the latest event she was involved in/affected Sapience.
  64. HELP 11.13.XX should be filled out with information regarding the appearance of other Albedi Gods that have been interacted with, as there have been plenty of those (Heva, Muadi, Jox, to name a few).
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