Akatsuki no Yona

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  1. English Name: Yona of the Dawn
  2. Japanese Name: Akatsuki no Yona
  3. Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  4. Episodes: 24
  5. Rank on MAL: 8.16 Stars #370
  6. Popularity on MAL: #168 405,693 Members
  8.     Say hello to the best Shoujo anime of all time. Alright that may be an exaggeration but it's my favorite Shoujo. This breaks free from the Shoujo cliches (for ones that take place during that old time period) and takes the risk of going for a different concept that ends up being really good. Akatsuki is your classic anime about a noble girl who lives in luxury and richs, an easy life with her two childhood friends. But then one day one of her friends betrays her and her dad gets assassinated and so she and her other childhood friend/bodyguard escape. The MC then learns about the horrors and poor conditions of the country outside the palace. She goes on a journey to gather 4 people with a special power that has been passed down through generations. She plans on using these 4 to help her take back the throne.
  10.     What makes this anime so good? What makes it a lot better than other Shoujo animes? Well here's the big reason: The MC is not a fucking useless maiden who requires constant protection from every handsome male she meets. Well she still does get protected but there are moments when she becomes a fucking badass supported with fire OST. The MC learns how to use a bow to make herself more useful and damn she does become useful. The MC is so many levels better than other Shoujo Protagonists and is also hella cute which is actually something a lot of Shoujo animes don't have.
  12.     The plot of the anime, how should I say it, it's nice. All I can say. There's some problem with pacing for recruiting the 4 Powerful dudes like some would be easy asf to get to join and then others would take a few episodes. I feel like it would be better if all had some kind of length to recruiting and struggle. The first dude, the white hair dude, I didn't like how easily he was to get to join at first but then the OVA made me respect him more as a character as he actually got built and backstory. All the characters in this anime are relatively well polished and doesn't feel copy pasted. The romance of this anime baits you but doesn't actually give you what you want which is slightly disappointing for me. But I still enjoyed the anime greatly. Comedy was also nice.
  14.     Openings are really cool. First is no words and Second gives an epic vibe to it. I give this anime a 9/10 highly recommend to anyone, especially Shoujo/Action fans.
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