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  1. Twisted logic battle:
  2. Beato (red) "I have the power to speak the truth in red."
  3. Beatrice's flashback:
  4. Ronove (red) "A hidden mansion called Kuwadorian does exist in the forest of Rokkenjima."
  5. Ronove (red) "Those two actually had a conversation like that in this place."
  6. Ronove (red) "This is the world of 1967"
  7. Ronove (red) "In 1967, in a hidden mansion on Rokkenjima, Beatrice-sama existed as a human"
  8. Rosa's story:
  9. Beatrice (red) "It's definitely dead"
  10. Beatrice (red) "There are no more than 18 humans on this Rokkenjima"
  11. First Twilight:
  12. Beatrice (red) "There are five (keys), one for each servant"
  13. Beatrice (red) "Furthermore, all of the doors and windows in the six rooms are normal. No device exists which can lock them without a key, such as an auto-lock."
  14. Beatrice (red) "6 people: Kinzo, Genji, Shannon, Kanon, Gohda, and Kumasawa are dead!"
  15. Beatrice (red) "There is no one hiding in the six rooms!"
  16. Beatrice (red) "The six people died instantly!"
  17. Ronove (red) "Only the victims are inside the rooms, and no other people exist inside the rooms."
  18. Beatrice (red) "The six people were not killed by traps!"
  19. Beatrice (red) "None of the six people committed suicide!"
  20. Key to the Golden Land:
  21. Door (red) (?) "At the tenth twilight, the journey shall end, and you should reach the village of gold.'
  22. Second Twilight:
  23. Beatrice (red) "Rosa and Maria died. The cause of death was as Nanjo diagnosed."
  24. Ronove (red) "Rosa and Maria were killed by other people."
  25. Second Twilight (against Eva-Beatrice):
  26. Hideyoshi (red) "I was in the room the whole time. Both before and after the time period of the crime."
  27. Fourth-Sixth Twilights:
  28. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Kyrie was thinking that food was unnecessary"
  29. Eva-Beatrice (red) "she (Kyrie) claimed that they should not leave the guesthouse"
  30. Eva-Beatrice (red) "suggested that they leave the guest house to get food."
  31. Eva-Beatrice (red) "the reason she changed her mind was not told to anyone, nor was it written down"
  32. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Until the last instant before she died, Kyrie preserved her pattern of behavior which states 'not going to get food=not going to the mansion'"
  33. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Kyrie did not leave anything written down"
  34. Jessica's Disappearance:
  35. Eva-Beatrice (red) "After Jessica was injured, Eva was always under Battler's supervision. Battler in neither the culprit nor an accomplice. By this, we can establish a perfect alibi for Eva."
  36. Eva-Beatrice (red) "There are no more than 18 humans on this island."
  37. Eva-Beatrice (red) "No life forms other than humans have any connection to this game."
  38. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Kinzo is dead. Krauss is dead. Natsuhi is dead. Hideyoshi is dead. George is dead. Rudolf is dead. Kyrie is dead. Rosa is dead. Maria is dead. Genji is dead. Shannon is dead. Kanon is dead. Gohda is dead. Kumasawa is dead. Nanjo is dead. The 15 people mentioned are dead."
  39. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Battler is alive. Eva is alive Jessica is alive."
  40. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Eva was with you the whole time. So committing a crime was impossible for her. Of course, Battler-kun isn't the culprit. He wasn't forging an alibi for her, and he took the possibility that she was the culprit into account, watching over her actions carefully."
  41. Eva-Beatrice (red) "No chance existed for her to do anything suspicious! In short, at the time of the crime, only Nanjo and Jessica were in the servant room."
  42. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Ushiromiya Jessica has not committed murder! She was not involved with Nanjo's murder!! Her eyes were completely blocked. It's impossible for her to carry out a murder like that!"
  43. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Neither Eva nor Battler killed Nanjo, nor were they involved!!"
  44. Eva-Beatrice (red) "The culprit who killed Nanjo was neither Battler nor Eva nor Jessica!!"
  45. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Jessica's eyes were completely blocked, and murder was impossible for her"
  46. Eva-Beatrice (red) "No actions caused by Jessica's body had any relation to or influence on the murder of Nanjo. This also applies to Battler and Eva."
  47. Eva-Beatrice (red) "neither Jessica nor Battler nor Eva is the culprit who killed Nanjo"
  48. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Nanjo was killed by another person. ...Of course, it was with a direct method of murder, not a trap. A weapon was readied, and he was killed with it from point-blank range in front of him! The culprit appeared openly before Nanjo's eyes, and as they both looked at each other's faces, the culprit killed him...!!"
  49. Eva-Beatrice (red) "Absolutely no factors other than humans participate in this game board!"
  50. Eva-Beatrice (red) "The one who killed Nanjo was definitely a human"
  51. Eva-Beatrice (red) "A human, with their feet on the ground, held up a weapon and killed with it! Right before his eyes!"
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