The fourth week, Operation Ababil

Oct 8th, 2012
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  1. The fourth week, Operation Ababil
  3. A number of cyber-attacks toward the American banks planned and executed during the past weeks. Those attacks were a response to an insulting film against the great prophet of Islam which was made and broadcast on the Internet according to Zionists will and Americans management. All Muslims and free-minded people around the world protested this absurd action but their complaints were not addressed. If these protests were done by your fans any film was immediately removed from internet. For instance, at the same time with the Queen of England family's complaint against an insulting photo published in the French magazines the photo was removed immediately. But you did not care about the demands of Muslims and called the fighter groups' activities terrorist attacks.
  5. You are insulting the prophet of Islam, what do you expect from Muslims? Do they have the right to confront or retaliate? Do you have a respectable thing that can be insulted in retaliation?
  7. All the prophets of God are his servants and respected by Muslims. All prophets are the same. Abraham, Jesus, and Moses all are monotheist and God's prophets. So, in response to these insults, what things of you should be attacked?
  9. But yes! Although you are nothing and worthless, you have something which is much respected for you. You hold it very dear and without it, life has no meaning for you: Capital, material and money.
  11. Money is all your respect. Money is all your holiness. Money is all of your value. Money is all of your glory. Money is all your humanity. Money is all of your life. Money is all of your honor. Money is all your existence. Money is everything for you.
  13. For this reason, attack to your financial centers will be continued. Therefore the timetable for October's second week attack program is announced as comes:
  15. Tuesday 10/9/2012 : attack to Capital One Financial Corp site,
  16. Wednesday 10/10/2012 : attack to SunTrust Banks, Inc,
  17. Thursday 10/11/2012 : attack to Regions Financial Corp site,
  18. Weekends: planning for the next week' attacks.
  20. It is necessary to mention that the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam group has no relation with recent Trojan-based attacks which aims the people's electronic money transfers. Our activities are only against the insulting movie mentioned above.
  22. We shall attack for 8 hours daily, starting at 2 PM GMT, every day. Do you want attacks to be stopped? Stop the insults and eliminate their traces!
  24. "Mrt. Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters"
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