Spurred to Separation Event Story Parts 11-12

Jun 14th, 2018
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  1. Part 11:
  3. Mifuyu: ("Your enemy"...)
  4. Mifuyu: (It could have just been a roundabout way to say it, but...)
  5. Mifuyu: After hearing that story, I've realized something.
  6. ???: Is Anna Meru here?!
  7. Yachiyo & Mifuyu: --?!
  8. Meru: Huh?!
  9. Meru: Me...? W-what do they want?!
  10. Mifuyu: She's definitely not quiet about it...
  11. Yachiyo: I don't think having her see Meru would be a good idea...
  12. Mifuyu: I'll talk to her. There's something that's bugging me about this, anyway.
  13. Yachiyo: ...You're quite popular today.
  14. Meru: I'm not happy about that...
  16. Mifuyu: So you were attacked by someone who looked like Meru-san.
  17. Mifuyu: And she called herself "a magical girl from the ward you hate," right?
  18. Westside Magical Girl: Yes! That girl has to be a spy for the Eastside after all!
  19. Mifuyu: ......
  20. *flashback*
  21. Kanagi: But the girl said the attacker looked like Anna and called herself "your enemy."
  22. *flashforward*
  23. Mifuyu: ("A magical girl from the ward you hate." ...I thought so.)
  24. Mifuyu: (I thought it was just a joke to cheer me up, but...)
  25. Mifuyu: (Tsuruno-san might just have hit the nail on the head.)
  26. Westside Magical Girl: Mifuyu-san? What's the matter?
  27. Mifuyu: ...Nothing. Thank you for this valuable information.
  28. Mifuyu: Now I know that something is trying to fan the flames between the Westside and the Eastside...
  29. Mifuyu: ...and aiming to destroy both. The evidence points that way.
  30. Mifuyu: Now we can finally deal with it.
  31. Westside Magical Girl: Huh...?
  32. Mifuyu: Ah! I was just talking to myself... this is still a secret, so...
  33. Mifuyu: Please keep this conversation between the two of us.
  34. Mifuyu: Now then, I've got to get going.
  35. Westside Magical Girl: ...There's something trying to fan the flames of this conflict?
  36. Westside Magical Girl: And by fighting we're playing right into their hands?
  37. Westside Magical Girl: ...I know she said to keep it a secret, but I've got to tell this to my team...
  39. Mifuyu: ...Bad news travels fast.
  40. Mifuyu: What an apt phrase.
  41. Mifuyu: If this spreads enough to stop some of this fighting, that would be wonderful...
  42. Mifuyu: ...But now I've got to gather evidence with Yacchan and everyone else.
  44. ------
  46. Yachiyo: It was just as you thought, Mifuyu. Well done.
  47. Mifuyu: Heh heh, it was thanks to Tsuruno-san as well, but I'm feeling a little bashful.
  48. Yachiyo: Let's contact Kanagi, shall we? I think we have plenty to negotiate with now.
  49. Mifuyu: Yes, the sooner we talk to her the better.
  50. Mifuyu: If it's possible to meet with her tomorrow, it'd be nice if we can deal with it all then.
  51. Yachiyo: Indeed, and we have things to investigate to that end.
  52. Mifuyu: In all the ambushes up to now, they were "inside a barrier"...
  53. Mifuyu: ...and introduced themselves with suggestive wording such as "a magical girl from an opposing ward."
  54. Momoko: What are we going to do?
  55. Yachiyo: You, Tsuruno, and Meru will be waiting on standby. We're going to most likely need you at a moment's notice tomorrow.
  56. Momoko: Okay! We'll be ready to roll.
  57. Tsuruno: You can count on me, the strongest magical girl, Yui Tsuruno!
  58. Meru: I'm going to make them regret framing me!
  59. Yachiyo: And I'll want you with me, please, Mifuyu.
  60. Mifuyu: Yes, let's settle this, shall we?
  62. ------
  64. Part 12:
  66. Kanagi: I investigated what you asked me to.
  67. Kanagi: Everyone who was attacked in the early days of this confirmed it...
  68. Kanagi: It was "in a barrier in the Central Ward" and by something that called themselves...
  69. Kanagi: ..."a magical girl of the opposing ward."
  70. Kanagi: And after that, with the exception of Meru's case, nobody knew who their attacker was.
  71. Mifuyu: As I thought...
  72. Yachiyo: It's a perfect fit...
  73. Kanagi: ...What have you learned?
  74. Mifuyu: None of these attackers have said they're "Westside" or "Eastside" at all.
  75. Mifuyu: We've just been assuming on our own that they're from the opposite side.
  76. Kanagi: --?!
  77. Kanagi: We're being manipulated!
  78. Kanagi: How cowardly! Who's behind this?!
  79. Yachiyo: ...We don't have confirmation yet, but...
  80. Yachiyo: When you think that it's happening inside a barrier, it makes you think that it's the act of a witch.
  81. Kanagi: You mean that a witch is manipulating them to attack?
  82. Mifuyu: I don't think that's a very likely possibility.
  83. Mifuyu: Because Meru-san wasn't even in the Central Ward.
  84. Kanagi: That's certainly true...
  85. Mifuyu: When Momoko-san was attacked...
  86. Mifuyu: ...we went to investigate the barrier of the witch we now think is behind all of this.
  87. Mifuyu: This time, we intend to go there to solve this problem.
  88. Kanagi: ...You were the ones who discovered this first. If you tell us not to get involved, we'll stay out of it.
  89. Yachiyo: ...No, in fact, we'd like your assistance for this.
  90. Kanagi: What?
  91. Yachiyo: Frankly, when we went last time, we weren't any match fo rit.
  92. Yachiyo: The barrier is so incredibly complex that we couldn't even make it to the witch...
  93. Mifuyu: And also there's one more reason.
  94. Mifuyu: It's so that we don't make the magical girls of the Central Ward even more nervous.
  95. Mifuyu: If our side goes alone, it may cause more misunderstandings...
  96. Mifuyu: But, if you were with us, Kanagi-san, they'd know it wasn't about territorial battles, but...
  97. Mifuyu: We'd be calling attention to the fact that we're here to resolve a problem.
  98. Yachiyo: Would we be able to get your help for this?
  99. Kanagi: ......
  100. Kanagi: ...If you're going that far, I'd lose face were I to refuse you here.
  101. Kanagi: Besides, this isn't just a problem of yours anymore.
  102. Kanagi: This is a problem of magical girls from both the Eastside and the Westside.
  103. Kanagi: I ask you as well to please fight alongside me until we resolve this problem.
  104. Yachiyo: We will...!
  105. Mifuyu: Thank you very much!
  106. Kanagi: Well then, let's not delay in facing it.
  107. Yachiyo: Wait, let me call Momoko and the rest.
  108. Yachiyo: Do you have any magical girls you'd want to call for reinforcements as well?
  109. Kanagi: ......
  110. Kanagi: ...I have some good magical girls at my disposal, but I think getting their cooperation in this current situation would be difficult.
  111. Kanagi: Due to that, please rely on me for your assistance.
  112. Mifuyu: Yes, we'll be counting on your help.
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