Rarity Predator Fetish [mlp]

Dec 1st, 2014
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  1. >You were important once. You really were. You produced high fashion. You dined with royalty. You were a hero.
  2. >And now? Now you sleep in a stall or standing in a field. You eat raw grass, drink from a trough and do on the ground.
  3. >Your once elegant mane has been shaved to a short line draped mere inches down your neck. Your once pristine fur, now a dirty off-white. Your beautiful hooves now worn and cracked.
  4. >They made you live like an animal. They told you that you were nothing but prey, a dumb animal. Livestock to be used and cast aside.
  5. >They were right. You know they are, you've always known.
  6. >How else would a mare of high standing such as yourself end up in such a situation?
  7. >By choice. It's how you and the many mares, fillies, jennys and cows, calfs and others sharing your paddock all came to be here.
  8. >All...prey feel it. That rush when near a strong, dominant predator. A marriage of lust and fear. But some feel it stronger than others.
  9. >So when Hunt Master Anonymous opened his club promising to satisfy these desires for the female population, they flocked to him, despite the a steep price.
  10. >Oh, it's not the financial cost that's steep. It's the rules.
  11. >Participants must live on the estate and live like the animals they are. talking too frequently was punished, and he, his wives, and his children had to be properly addressed in all discussion.
  13. >Each participant is entered into a hunt at seemingly random. You've seen some go long stints without a hunt, others chased multiple days in a row.
  14. >You've never seen someone neglected for more than a month, but beyond that, it's day after day of waiting, and anticipation.
  15. >Master claims it recreates the feel of the wild, to never know when harm may come, only that it will. He says it's how you should always feel.
  16. >The rules of the hunt were simple. Run or hide to prevent your capture by any means possible. If you escaped, your entry fee was returned, and you were free to leave.
  17. >If you were caught, you were taken back to the estate and for the rest of the day, Master allowed you to be used freely by his.. Pack? Pride?
  18. >Trying to escape outside a hunt resulted in one being permanently banned, and their fees were kept.
  19. >A single entry lasted ten hunts before you were simply allowed to leave, but being caught all ten hunts of a "season" had it's own penalty. A brand, bearing the word "PREY" in bold letters.
  20. >And the worst part? Participants had to pay for all their own expenses, on top of the entry fees. All to be subjected to this. Truly shameful.
  21. >Still, as the sun begins to set, you become quite confident that you won't be picked today, and decide to turn in. A constant state of anticipation can be dreadully taxing, after all.
  23. >You opt for your stall, of course, sleeping while laying in hay is more comfortable than sleeping while standing in a crowd.
  24. ~
  25. >You groan as you wake, a light chill in the air. You can't make out too much, fog and the scant light of the not yet risen sun preventing it.
  26. >Slowly getting to your hooves, the feeling of your fur bristling in the wind suddenly snaps you to a realization.
  27. >You're not in your stall.
  28. >A brief look around confirms the truth. You've been picked for the hunt today.
  29. >Looking around, you notice five other girls there with you. A pegasus, two earth ponies, a sheep, and a Wuvlander.
  30. >Nudging them awake, you try to map out a plan as they get their bearings.
  31. >You can't see it at the moment, but you know what the area's like. A vast, enclosed valley nestled within several near impassable mountains.
  32. >A number of streams and rivers are fed from sources within the mountains, which in turn feed small ponds as well as a large lake on the far side.
  33. >Grassy plains and hills make up much of the area, broken only by the occasional copse or lone tree, until the plains give way to woodland near the mountains.
  34. >Behind you is the only surefire way out you know of. A long, natural tunnel that leads back to the ranch. It's also the only exit that you're forbidden to use.
  35. >Not that it matters, the entrance is part of Master's estate, ensuring it's always guarded.
  36. >The large yet rustic building, adorned with trophies of hunts, the remains of anim- your unspeaking equals, and many stains of your speaking equals, looks imposing as ever in the dawn gloom.
  38. >Turning to your companions, you can see the worried looks in their eyes. You're worried too. But for a different reason.
  39. >The second one of you leaves this circle, the timer on your headstart begins. And you just had to get stuck with a pegasus, which means the headstart would be drastically shorter.
  40. >Just as you begin trying to think up a plan, to your horror, the sheep runs out of the circle and into the fog.
  41. >NO! No! They saw that, they're watching, they're always watching! The clock is ticking!
  42. >Levitating the Wuvlander onto your back, you look to your companions.
  43. "Please stay with me, there's safety in numbers." you plead before you take off into the inky blackness, away from the camp fires of the estate.
  44. -
  45. >Well well, it seems the hunt has finally begun.
  46. >Scanning the crowd, you decide who would be best to bring.
  47. >The first two is, as always, two groups of fliers. Composed of three griffons or sphinxes for their sharp eyes, and a young dragon for their ability to give signals at vast distances.
  48. >On the ground, five groups each consisting of at least two diamond dogs and either a chimera or a minotaur will search the valley.
  49. >Minotaurs in the open hills, chimeras in the rough mountain forest where hooved bipeds have difficulty treading.
  50. >Your own group, yourself, a hound, a chimera, and a griffin. As always.
  51. >Except today you have an extra hunter. Your daughter Laika, a human diamond dog hybrid is finally old enough to join the hunt.
  53. >Today, You'll be showing her the ropes, as you have with all your of age children.
  54. >As everyone gets equipped, you count down for the end of their head start.
  55. >The moment you give the signal, the air patrols take flight, causing you to quickly loose sight of them in the rolling fog that fills the valley.
  56. >Meanwhile, your dogs sniff and paw at the ring where the contestants sat moments before.
  57. >As you set off into the dark, one group veers off wildly, while most others stay the course.
  58. >You don't need to be told. The sheep who ran ahead didn't join up with the rest. Smart girl.
  59. ~
  60. >About an hour goes by as the sun peaks over the mountains, burning away much of the mist. The visibility isn't great, but it's better than before.
  61. >It's sort of serene, honestly. Very calming.
  62. >"Hey dad?"
  63. "Yes, Laika?"
  64. >"How come there's no buffalo at the ranch? I don't think we've ever had one."
  65. "Oh, probably because they're actually able to defend themselves. All these things we hunt? They just run, buffalo can fight. They're not predators, but they're hard to make into prey."
  66. >"Like how minotaurs are cows, but they're also predators?"
  67. "Yes sweetie, exactly."
  68. >Laika takes a moment to digest the information, before posing another question.
  69. >"So how come we brought so many people for the hunt if they all went in the same direction?"
  70. "Heh. Because prey sticks together because they think there's safety in numbers. If we were actually looking to eat them, they might be right.
  72. "Since we're looking to catch them all instead of just getting one and ignoring the others, it just means their instincts work against them."
  73. "For hunters, if one fails, the group suffers. For the hunted, others are mostly a diversion to save yourself."
  74. "Make no mistake Laika, when they're cornered, they will absolutely abandon each other to save themselves. And we'll have to work together to keep them from escaping in the chaos."
  75. >"When will we catch up?"
  76. "Whenever it happens. Probably not long though. Things running scared don't keep running, they get somewhere they think is safe and try to hide."
  77. >"What abo-"
  78. >"SHH! Quiet now. The scent is getting fresh. Don't alert the prey." Laika's mother warns.
  79. >Looking around, you see the likely hiding place is a grove of trees in the hills far ahead, cut off from the rest of the mountain forest by a few hundred feet.
  80. >Nodding, you motion for the groups to split up and circle the area, with the intent on ensuring the initial ambush is fast and overwhelming.
  81. -
  82. >How many times have you been in this situation? You don't quite know. Enough, you figure. Even now it's terrifying, yet thrilling.
  83. >Indeed, the smell of excited mare here is...noticable. Thick and musky. You're certain the wuvlander left a small wet spot on your back as well.
  84. >"So." Begins the pegasus. Clearly a new girl, based on how clean she is. "How do we escape."
  85. >Shrugs all around.
  86. >"What?" She responds. "Couldn't I just fly?"
  88. >She recieves a few dirty looks for her selfishness.
  89. "No. Master's griffins will capture you."
  90. >"What if I went into the mountains and flew out near the boarder so they couldn't see me before it was too late?"
  91. >"The thick woods, rough terrain and wild animals make it dangerous there." Another girl responds. "And Master's tarantula's have set up a lot of web traps in the trees and caves."
  92. >"Could we swim? If that big lake is getting water, it has to go somwhere."
  93. "That's a very large lake, darling. It could empty into a massive waterfall for all I know, and there are bull sharks and a river serpent patrolling it and the rivers."
  94. >"Have you ever been headbutted and molested by a shark? It's not fun. But if you want to brave the deep water, go right ahead."
  95. >"Speaking of molesting. What's it like if you loose?"
  96. >"You...well by the time you loose enough times to get branded, your tongue will be very familiar with every slit, every butt, every cloaca in the hunting lodge."
  97. "They are not big on..reciprocating. Any orgasm's are incidental, they usually leave you to simply handle yourself when they're done."
  98. "Some of the mistresses will grind, Master's sons may use your rump, but I've yet to be penetrated in the primary orifice."
  99. >"Master says the wombs of prey isn't worthy to carry his seed."
  100. >You swear the smell here is getting thicker.
  101. >As you begin to relax a little, you notice the air feels different somehow.
  103. >The others pick up on your anxiousness, putting them on edge.
  104. >Suddenly, the hunters explode from the bushes in every direction. You're fairly certain that at least two of your companions were caught instantly. But it doesn't matter, you're already off.
  105. >The world moves in slow motion as your hooves propel you as fast as they can from the cacophony behind you.
  106. >All that matters now is escape. You need to find safety. Somewhere to run. A hiding place, or a way out of the valley.
  107. >You haven't the slightest where you're going, fog and fear obscuring your vision, you just know you have to get there.
  108. >Soon, you find yourself in the woods. Rough, dark and deep, you know you're at a massive disadvantage here. But the clamor behind you tells you that you have no other options.
  109. >Inside is no better. The fog is as dense as the trees, and the lack of light leaves you almost blind. You simply push forward.
  110. >The sounds of pursuit seem to come from every direction, but finally, you find salvation. A cave.
  111. >You know it's a risk. There could be web traps, or worse, wild animals. But you have to try.
  112. >Slinking in, you wander as far in as you're comfortable, and wait.
  113. >Minutes, hours, days go by! At least, it feels like it. And the sounds fade.
  114. >Waiting a while longer, you sigh. Maybe they couldn't find you? Maybe they gave up and went home with their other quarry? Maybe you won!
  115. >With a small squee, you begin trotting towards the entrance of the cave.
  117. >Just as you exit however, your hopes are crushed.
  118. >Something jumps onto your back, knocking the wind from your lungs.
  119. >You fight as best as you can, but it holds tight to your neck until help arrives.
  120. >The last thing you see is the three grinning chimera faces as its paralytic venom knocks you out.
  121. ~
  122. >As you come too, you're immediately greeted by the sight of Master, his green collared red jacket as striking as ever against the dark wood of his living room.
  123. >A brief look around confirms that your companions were all captured, their bodies already being used as the predators see nature intended.
  124. >Indeed, you yourself have already been bound in your sleep in preparation for the long trial ahead.
  125. >"Ah, Rarity. Glad to have you back among the living. I'd like to personally thank you for playing. Of course, this is your tenth straight loss, so you know what that means."
  126. " be put in my place."
  127. >"Correct."
  128. >He turns to a human dog hybrid and hands her the iron.
  129. >"Laika, since you managed to make a capture on your first hunt, you get to do the honors."
  130. >The young child quickly becomes incredibly estatic as she takes her position.
  131. >Tears roll down your cheeks as the metal sears your flesh, permanently defacing the sixth, and final diamond of your cutie mark.
  132. >"There we are. Nobody can ever dispute what you are now. You know Rarity, just because your cutie mark is out of real estate doesn't mean you can't play anymore."
  134. >"After all, you've still got some room here..." he says as her touches your face. "And here..." He continues, rubbing the raised sides of your marehood.
  135. >Would...would he really do that to you? Yes. Yes he would.
  136. >Six times he's branded you. Sixty times he's hunted you, and this will be the sixtieth time you've been passed around and abused a cheap toy among his family.
  137. >Could you really keep doing this? You told yourself that you'd win, just once, and then be done. But it's been three years of this, and that still hasn't happened.
  138. >Three years of anxiety and fear, three years of living in the dirt, three years without luxeries, three years of abuse. Three years of drinking....intoxicating predator musk.
  139. >"I don't do this often, Rarity. But my family would hate if you left. You're their favorite, you know exactly what everyone likes. So I'm willing to offer you a free season as thanks."
  140. >Well, when he puts it like more season couldn't hurt.
  141. >"Anyway, you don't have to decide now. It's still early in the morning, and you've got a long day ahead."
  142. >With that, he flips the sign by your board to "OPEN", and the line before you starts to move.
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