Nov 22nd, 2016
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  1. Knock, knock.
  3. From across the room, the door calls to you.
  5. Knock, knock, knock.
  7. You slide out of your bed, and onto the floor.
  9. Knock, knock, knock.
  11. One second, please.
  13. Knock-knock-knock.
  15. You get back on your feet, and walk toward the impatient door.
  17. BANG.
  19. You are shaken out of your half-conscious state. Your heart races.
  23. You glance through the peephole. Bright crimson eyes illuminate a deranged smile.
  25. "Trick or treat~!"
  27. But, it's November.
  31. The door trembles before her might. You lend it the aid of a desk.
  33. CHAK. The door's flesh, rent. A crude hunk of rusted metal shines through the wound. She won't last long. You will not let her die in vain. Cabinets, closets, a wide assortment of hiding spots, but what you need is escape. But, it is useless. There is only one way in, and one way out. You step inside the cabinet, and frantically swipe at your cellphone. Deep breaths, deep breaths.
  35. CHAK. You punch in the number, and hold the phone tightly against your face. Cold, sweat rolls down your cheek.
  37. "Emergency, what service?"
  39. Police.
  41. CRASH. Laughter. Maniacal laughter. Loud, like the chatter of insects.
  43. CRASH. You can feel every last second of your life ticking away.
  45. "What's the emergency?"
  47. Someone is here. Armed. They've broken down the door. Please, hurry.
  49. CRASH. You quickly stammer out your address and hang up. You hold your breath. You steel your heart.
  51. Tap. Tap. Tap. "Are you there?" CRASH.
  53. Your lungs ache.
  55. "What about here~?" CRASH.
  57. Please, someone, help.
  59. "You can't hide from me forever, you know? I can smell you're still in here." CRASH.
  61. Everything hurts.
  63. "I'll give you ten seconds to show yourself, before I get reeeaaally nasty."
  65. The wail of police sirens closes in. At last, a flickering ray of hope illuminates the dark crevice of the closet. You ease out the air from your lungs.
  67. "Five. Four. Three."
  69. Even though she is only inches away from defeat, she continues counting.
  71. "Police, drop your weapon, now!" would be the signal to begin an intense cacophony of gunfire, laughter, and the gut-wrenching squish of cold, heartless steel cleaving through flesh and bone. Then, all fell to silence.
  73. "Two."
  75. In a panic, you burst forth from the closet, and let out a mighty, sorrowful yell before being silenced by a hard knock to the back of your skull.
  77. In what feels like a flash, you come to your senses, with your bare back resting on cold concrete. A ball of cloth is shoved inside your mouth. Your tiny assailant straddles your groin, propping herself up with her signature sliver of scrap. Her manic smile widens, revealing a network of sharp, sinister teeth.
  79. "Scream, and I won't cut you."
  81. You try to throw her off, but your wrists and ankles have been bound to the floor by heavy, rusted chains. The Redcap dangles her blade above your chest, eyes widening in a fashion similar to a child gazing upon their favorite piece of candy.
  83. "Last chance!" She laughs to herself. "Scream for me, worm!"
  85. With no other options, you do as you're told, screaming pitifully against the soft fabric. She giggled sadistically. Without so much as a twitch of hesitation, she drags a sharp edge across your chest. You wince, ready for the sting of severed nerves, but instead, you feel strangely warm. She eagerly licks her instrument.
  87. "You have a very manly taste. Why aren't you fighting back more? Have you already given up?" She taunts, hovering above your face. "Maybe you're enjoying this?"
  89. The wound throbs with a strange heat. You can feel your head going numb. The Redcap yanks the fabric from your mouth. Moist hands yank your face upward, and her lips lock with yours. A fierce tongue forces it's way inside your mouth, violating every last inch, drenching it in her sweet saliva. She looks upon you like a bird of prey, fierce, crimson eyes forcing their way inside your mind. The scent of her sweat overwhelms your nostrils. The sound of sucking and wet moans fill the air. Your wound is unbearably hot. Your groin swells and leaks. In one move, she has completely taken over your heart.
  91. She pulls away from the kiss, strands of saliva dripping down her chin. Fully aware of your compromised state of mind, she raises her waist, and moves it above your face. Humid air rolls across your face as your eyes are drawn to the dripping outline of her underwear. She pulls you by the hair, forcing your face deep into the soft, soaking fabric of her panties, grinding against every part of your face. She bites her lip, struggling to contain herself. The more she abuses you, the hotter the scar left by her unwieldy weapon burns. Your instincts demand that you strike, but in your helpless state, all you can feel is frustration. Your cock throbs, begging for something, anything. And, being the predator she is, she quickly takes notice.
  93. She eases off, letting your head rest upon the concrete with ruffled hair. She quickly turns around, and removes her panties. Her ass is completely bare. The bright pink color of her pussy draws your attention like a magnet. Like tidal waves crashing against a mountain, lewd thoughts rush into your mind. You wonder just how much her petite frame would bend from your girth.
  95. "I see that look in your eyes, worm. You think I'll let you off that easily?"
  97. In the midst of your distraction, the Redcap had drawn her weapon once again, and appeared ready to stab you once more. This time, she sank her blade deep inside of your right thigh, and like a volcano, an immense heat burst forth from the wound. She cackles while she removes the remainder of your clothes. As your manhood springs to life, she giggles.
  99. "So, this is what you want to put inside me?" Her soft, moist hand begins stroking your shaft in small, rhythmic motions. You let out a small, muffled moan. Hot pre-cum runs through her fingers, lubricating her hand as she milks you. Every time her tiny fingers glide over the tip, your mind goes blank. She presses her groin against your face. "If you do a good job, I'll be sure to milk you dry."
  101. Obediently, you lick her. Her sweat and sweet love juices trickle down your tongue. As your tongue works its way inside her tight pussy, her grip on you tightens. She strokes you faster, and faster, and faster, her fingers expertly working your manhood, from head, to shaft, to scrotum, every little motion bringing you closer and closer to your limit. Just as the white-hot flash of orgasm begins to fade in, she stops. You squirm, helplessly thrusting your hips at nothing, begging for release as she watches with a contemplative, razor-sharp smirk.
  103. With a malicious chuckle, she positions her lower half on top of your groin once more. She happily slides down your shaft, her tight walls welcoming you, pulling you deeper, and deeper inside her. A very clear bulge in her stomach forms as she consumes the last of your girth.
  105. Licking her lips, she rides you, her tiny waist bobbing up an down in a frenzy of lust. You grit your teeth, hoping to eke out only a few more moments of bliss, but your body betrays you once again. Spurt after spurt of seed flows inside her. She howls in pleasure, but refuses to let you stop. Faster, she slams her waist against you, forcing the most pitiful of moans out of your mouth as your helpless, weakened cock is ravaged. Even after your second climax, she refuses to stop. Her merciless red eyes glow with desire. Your body, broken and exhausted from her vicious assault, finally collapses. Your manhood finally goes limp, as the remainder of your seed is sucked out. Your body finally begins to cool down, and she folds on top of your chest, her red cap now dyed a bright, lily-like white.
  107. With one final kiss on the cheek, she murmurs, "See you tomorrow."
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