Many tests for lupus patient

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. 7965143 year old female with new diagnosis of early onset Lupus
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  3. adc0622Today at 6:33 AM
  4. I have a 43 year old female with a recent diagnosis of early onset Lupus. Her current symptoms are a facial rash that looks more like candida than the "malar" rash and joint pain with mild bony changes in her digits.
  5. What labs do you often run? I have done crp, hs-crp, ESR, RF factor, anti-ccp, vitamin D, CBC with diff, CMP, thyroid panel, and lipids. Also started off with a US Biotek IgG/IgA/IgM food allergy panel. Considering doing a stool analysis also.
  6. I have scanned the archives and mycoplasma pneumonia, C4A, and heavy metal testing have been discussed in the past.
  7. Thanks for your time!
  9. Dr. Angela Carlson
  10. Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic
  11. Medford, OR
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