Saudi Aramco hug, another one

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  1. mon 29th aug, good day, SHN/AMOO/lib/pr/~/reversed
  3. We think it's funny and weird that there are no news coming out from Saudi Aramco regarding Saturday's night. well, we expect that but just to make it more clear and prove that we're done with we promised, just read the following facts -valuable ones- about the company's systems:
  5. - internet service routers are three and their info as follows:
  6. Core router:   SA-AR-CO-1#  password (telnet): c1sc0p@ss-ar-cr-tl  / (enable): c1sc0p@ss-ar-cr-bl
  7. Backup router: SA-AR-CO-3#  password (telnet): c1sc0p@ss-ar-bk-tl  / (enable): c1sc0p@ss-ar-bk-bl
  8. Middle router: SA-AR-CO-2#  password (telnet): c1sc0p@ss-ar-st-tl  / (enable): c1sc0p@ss-ar-st-bl
  10. - Khalid A. Al-Falih, CEO, email info as follows:
  11.      password:kal@ram@sa1960
  13. - security appliances used:
  14. Cisco ASA    #    McAfee #   FireEye : default passwords for all!!!!!!!!!!
  16. We think and truly believe that our mission is done and we need no more time to waste. I guess it's time for SA to yell and release something to the public. however, silence is no solution.
  18. I hope you enjoyed that. and wait our final paste regarding SHN/AMOO/lib/pr/~
  20. angry internet lovers
  21. #SH
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