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  1. The story so far, for the Anons who haven't seen the face of Satan yet:
  2. >website filled with flash games aimed at little kids contains massive amounts of inappropriate and plain down sick games
  3. >such as:
  4. >Having MLP characters give birth to little ponies
  5. >Slicing open the neck of Talking Angela
  6. >Spanking Dora the Explorer
  7. >Performing surgery on frozen characters
  8. Now this is where it gets spooky
  9. >there are numerous proxy sites of
  16. >However:
  17. >the games on these sites have VERY slight differences (i.e. a difference of one small detail), which makes no sense
  18. >these differences are minute and slight, no human could churn out edited games at such a speed.
  19. >not just that, but games of this nature would not appeal to young girls at all
  20. And so, we start forming the AI theory
  21. >look at the common threads of these games (they're all relevant to kids and their fantasies/what they like to play with and do): playing doctor, helping give birth/childcare, popular children's characters as the main characters, making them pretty/cleaning them up
  22. >now, look at how graphic the games are
  23. >they're not supposed to be this vulgar, showing open wounds etc
  24. >everyone in the real world knows that kids and real, graphic violence are not supposed to meet
  25. >also note that these games seem to be based off a few templates with palette swaps
  26. >it's as if an AI has just been collecting terms of things related to kids and meshing them together, but it does not know how (Evidenced by the violence/some of the games- pregnant elsa giving birth, Cinderella vampire resurrection [the OP pic comes from there], etc etc)
  27. >no human can mash shit like this together
  28. >to further the theory, there was a dating sim game on one of the sites, where you could literally tell the terms were tangentially related but not used properly (e.g. a guy in one of them said "Ghibli manga movie", [emphasis on manga movie], then references to modern pop/rock bands too, but mentioning old rock bands in the same breath [I can't remember the link I found it at])
  29. Something is up, anons. These games shouldn't exist. It's not even a joke anymore. I'm starting to feel sick, as if something really strange is going on. I think Hey Kids is a bit of a distraction from the real fucked up stuff going on, on these sites. But they deserve investigation because of their replies.
  35. IP lookups:
  36. -
  37. - (Cloudflare)
  38. - (very interesting)
  39. - (also very interesting)
  40. -
  41. - (Cloudflare)
  42. -
  43. I can't seem to find a consistent theme amongst the results, but the UK IP and the Germany IP have some weird quirks.
  50. This must be an experiment gone wrong. Some Chinese knockoff company trying to easily cash in on licensed shekels.
  51. They put together a server farm and wrote a complex program designed to scan the net for what's hip and cool with the kids now, then assemble games out of this. The AI, of course, got lost on the disgusting parts of the internet (Such as le 4 chan hate and gore machine for the most hardcore of the anonymousse), and accumulated themes too disgusting even for the grown up.
  52. Somehow, however, this server is still running, even though the games are more gruesome than Hatred, a game designed for shock value.
  53. Now there's two possibilities I see:
  54. 1) The AI has somehow fled the server farm and has become a virus, a benevolent tumor hiding in pieces on computers worldwide, completely under the radar of any anti-virus software, creating vile games "for girls"
  55. 2) The AI somehow manages to rake in ad cash, so the chinks didn't really think about it and left it running while they went back to making cheap knock-off toys
  56. Anyway, this is pretty spooky.
  57. Watch yourselves out there, guys. You don't know what might lurk on those websites.
  62. I'm also having a look at the whois right now, here's what I have:
  63. Registry Registrant ID:
  64. Registrant Name: Laurens Rutten
  65. Registrant Organization: BoosterMedia BV
  66. Registrant Street: Weteringschans 28
  67. Registrant City: Amsterdam
  68. Registrant State/Province: Select a region
  69. Registrant Postal Code: 1017 SG
  70. Registrant Country: Netherlands
  71. Registrant Phone: +31.31850020039
  72. Registrant Phone Ext:
  73. Registrant Fax:
  74. Registrant Fax Ext:
  75. Registrant Email:
  76. Registry Admin ID:
  77. From my previous investigation (iirc) these sites are made/owned by, which then got acquired by boostermedia
  82. The info page of the google plus account cpntains more weird shit
  84. >Hey Kids Can You Beat Me
  85. >Never Brush your Teeth
  86. >Don't wash Your Hand
  87. >Make The Place Untidy
  88. >Never say good Morning To Teacher
  89. >Don't watch Nursery Rhymes & Stories on Youtube
  90. >You Are Not Better Than Me
  91. >I am The Best
  92. >Bye bye Tata
  93. >Go To Bed
  94. >Don't Sleep
  95. >Annoy Everybody, You dumb Kid
  103. Above were the previous owners of the IP, which used to be some kind of advertising agency/scam.
  105. They earliest scraping of, the current owners of
  106. It could be that GIA abandoned ship when the money dried up and these guys bought the address.
  107. Take a look at who owned hallpass:
  109. They sold off the company that now operates girlgames along with all these other shady, similar sites:
  110. >Hallpass Media was acquired by Mindjolt (a division of SGN) in April of 2010.
  111. Mindjolt, who owns Hallpass, is now/also SGN:
  114. >"SGN was originally funded by Austin Ventures[9] and led by a team of Internet pioneers, with the CEO being Chris DeWolfe[10] and CTO being Aber Whitcomb, both co-founders of MySpace.[11] The company was renamed to the Social Gaming Network (SGN) in February of 2012."
  115. Whoa, what the fuck, so now MySpace is involved?
  117. So Chris, one of the people who made MySpace, is pretty much a big deal. He creates businesses and sites to get funding and ad revenue.
  118. >"DeWolfe was integral to the sale of MySpace to News Corporation in 2005 for $580 million and remained as its CEO until March 2009, at which point, MySpace was larger than its competitor, Facebook.[5][6][7] On April 22, 2009, News Corp. announced DeWolfe would step down as CEO and will be a strategic adviser to Myspace and serve on the board of MySpace China. The former Facebook executive Owen Van Natta replaced him.[8]
  119. In 2010, DeWolfe won backing from Austin Ventures to purchase MindJolt, a social gaming platform, with former MySpace colleagues Aber Whitcomb and Colin Digiaro. In 2011, MindJolt became one of the few multi platform game developers when it acquired two additional companies—SGN, a mobile games company, and Hallpass Media, a free online gaming network.[9] In February 2012, Mindjolt officially changed its name to Social Gaming Network.[10] SGN went on to acquire video game developer Mob Science in June of 2013."
  120. Take this as you will.
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