#janiteam Logs: yetsturdy + "privilege"

Jan 25th, 2015
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  2. 433:800:[16:42:45] <yetsturdy> only the privileged can afford safe rooms
  3. 435:818:[17:30:38] <yetsturdy> hooooly shit axism I just understood privilege for real
  4. 440:824:[17:31:15] <yetsturdy> but they're PRIVILEGED because they have the degree
  5. 448:833:[17:32:29] <yetsturdy> and then you get a piece of paper you can show off to get special privileges (to park)
  6. 482:1041:[10:08:23] <yetsturdy> moot's new years multi-religious holiday gift to the SJW community is going to be full janitorial privileges to any SJW on twitter with more than 500 followers
  7. 1073:1630:[23:08:16] <yetsturdy> what a privilege
  8. 1729:2646:[18:52:22] <yetsturdy> Liryui: check your literacy privilege
  9. 2017:386:[08:55:48] <yetsturdy> but from this privileged vantage point, the object of our love appears twisted, perverted, despicable
  10. 2047:513:[09:15:31] <yetsturdy> Check your sane privilege
  11. 2298:1847:[18:55:24] <yetsturdy> I need to check my privilege
  12. 2339:1468:[19:18:14] <yetsturdy> check your privilege
  13. 2380:540:[13:48:37] <yetsturdy> I think the manlet meme is one of those great examples of how toxic masculinity affects a group of males who don't even benefit from the privilege they tease each other for lacking.
  14. 2582:3112:[21:29:04] <yetsturdy> after having defined oppression, and saying it's bad, they go on to say that privileged groups can't be oppressed, so even if things are done to them which fit all the other aspects of oppression, it "just ain't"
  15. 2588:3122:[21:30:04] <yetsturdy> kami`: did you check your privilege today?
  16. 5834:371961:(22:43:00) +Scroton: yetsturdy: #hashtagfluencyprivilege
  17. 6018:374256:(15:39:18) +yetsturdy: Everyone with a penis is a rapist because of your privilege
  18. 6021:374259:(15:39:35) +yetsturdy: anyway you're raping everyone with your privilege
  19. 8086:409749:(23:26:11) +yetsturdy: and trying to explore the pros and cons of limited banning privileges in particular
  20. 12661:549969:(00:23:24) <+yetsturdy> but they don't seem to be able to tell the difference between "society without prejudice against historically unprivileged groups" vs "society where no one talks about prejudice but practices it anyway"
  21. 13529:567901:(19:15:55) <+yetsturdy> McNuggets: tell me why I should care about muh privilege
  22. 13903:572687:(23:30:17) <+yetsturdy> because they've found that men won't listen to reason because they don't need to because of their privilege
  23. 14000:575038:(23:57:02) <+yetsturdy> willing to throw away your male privilege
  24. 14078:579296:(00:25:58) <+yetsturdy> http://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=%22check+your+privilege%22#q=%22check%20your%20privilege%22&cmpt=q
  25. 14456:33:[00:49:40] <yetsturdy> dat looks-wise privilege
  26. 14872:1070:[16:12:50] <yetsturdy> i'm extremely privileged to have a job where my odd behavior is tolerated and sometimes even rewarded; if I wasn't as skilled as I am with computers I'd probably be dead or on the street
  27. 14901:1118:[16:24:01] <yetsturdy> Instead, they say a bunch of OTHER stuff about privilege and sexism and voices and so on.
  28. 14929:1165:[16:36:29] <yetsturdy> I think it's very useful to analyze contemporary society through the lenses of privilege and oppression.
  29. 14931:1167:[16:37:32] <yetsturdy> You hear about "intersectionalism" on one hand, which is the very sensible idea that privilege is context-dependent, and also depends on which group of people you're looking at.
  30. 14933:1171:[16:38:07] <yetsturdy> But then SJWs will go a bunch of steps further, and control the meaning of "privilege" such that it doesn't apply to straight white men.
  31. 14936:1174:[16:39:47] <yetsturdy> "female privilege" seems like a meaningful concept, until you hear that "it doesn't exist because women don't have power"
  32. 14938:1176:[16:40:52] <yetsturdy> Sapir-Whorf. Mind-control. You feel bad for the oppressed, and you get angry at the Privileged People. It does no good for their system if women can be presented as "privileged", because that justifies hating on them, in their moral framework. So the meaning is changed in that special case.
  33. 15131:1362:[20:20:18] <yetsturdy> you deserve it because you're privileged and male
  34. 15685:4807:Dec 27 20:56:50 <yetsturdy> I'm sure that the less "privilege" you have, the more chances they'll give you to get it right
  35. 18346:88837:Apr 09 22:27:45 <yetsturdy> taken in a broader social context, that behavior creates a dynamic between social groups which empowers underprivileged groups in social situations which involve interaction between members from different groups.
  36. 18355:88858:Apr 09 22:30:27 <yetsturdy> It gives them social tools to use in situations to put privileged people on edge.
  37. 18641:97160:Apr 13 17:08:28 <yetsturdy> is none of what you just said; I actually think that's a good idea. The thing I hate most is the idea that absolutely no privileged groups can contribute language, and that all conversation must happen in the "privileged" language.
  38. 18642:97162:Apr 13 17:09:01 <yetsturdy> See, I have a really good way of convincing strong misogynists that privilege is a thing.
  39. 21381:174577:May 24 20:15:16 <yetsturdy> your asian wife is only attracted to you because of white privilege. :o
  40. 21424:174945:May 24 22:27:24 <yetsturdy> The left is going to burn up all their "white privilege omg MRA fedora" memes on him
  41. 21902:187528:Jun 02 22:08:50 <yetsturdy> I get loud and angry and get raises because muh privilege
  42. 22397:213914:Jun 23 17:29:49 <yetsturdy> mmmm this privilege feels so good
  43. 23413:246109:Jul 19 18:52:37 <yetsturdy> ditv-toy: the license for java explicitly denies you the privilege of using it to write satelite control systems or nuclear missles
  44. 23845:264655:Aug 03 11:30:07 <yetsturdy> because muhprivilege
  45. 23848:264660:Aug 03 11:30:46 <Starfrog> yetsturdy you can't be privileged if you do it for free. I'll never judge you bro!
  46. 23849:264662:Aug 03 11:30:56 <yetsturdy> Starfrog: it's a privilege to be able to do it for free
  47. 25549:1408:[23:03:54] <yetsturdy> This is a primary cause of the historic and systematic oppression of the privileges of women in our culture.
  48. 25550:1409:[23:04:48] <yetsturdy> The same is true of other non-privileged groups, such as those rendered atypical by the declaration of the "normal man"'s whiteness: the African American population.
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