Apr 13th, 2019
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  1. <align="left"><b>Welcome to <color=#008000ff>SCP <color="white">Site-21!
  2. <align="left">In order to ensure that everyone has a good time, we sadly have to enforce the following rules.</b>
  3. <align="left"><color=#00ffffff>===============<color="white">
  4. <align="left">1.<color=#00ff00ff> Please<color="white"> be polite to all players.
  5. <align="left">2.<color=#00ff00ff> Please<color="white"> respect staff members.
  6. <align="left">3. Anti-Semitic comments are<color=#ff0000ff> not<color="white"> tolerated! This includes homophobic, misogynistic, or racist remarks.
  7. <align="left">4. Do <color=#ff0000ff>not<color="white"> beg for staff ranks / permissions. Also, do not beg for extra items. In fact, don't beg for anything in general.
  8. <align="left">5. Do <color=#ff0000ff>not<color="white"> attempt to disconnect or escape an admin sit in. Also, do <color=#ff0000ff>not<color="white"> interrupt an admin sit in.
  9. <align="left">6. It is frowned upon to detonate the Alpha Warhead early on in the game. If you do so, it may be cancelled.
  10. <align="left">7. Most importantly,<color=#00ff00ff> have fun!<color=white>
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