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Mindat Custae

ninjajermz Nov 6th, 2011 41 Never
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  1. Your name is MINDAT CUSTAE.
  3. You are VERY OCD if you do say so yourself. You really, really like the NUMBER 0. This is because it is symmetrical on all sides, no matter how you cut it. It pleases you greatly. You also like CUBES, and THINGS THAT ARE GRAMMARICALLY CORRECT. You twitch a little when you see something with asymmetry. You must fix it. If you don’t, it will mock you.
  5. Oh yeah, you forgot to mention, you can TALK TO OBJECTS, which is really kind of strange. Why? You do not know. It worries you sometimes that it may be a kind of mental thing. But then your METERSTICK tells you that everything will be okay. You love your METERSTICK. It is incredibly exact, and has a wonderful pattern of symmetrical 0’s on it. Seeing it calms you down greatly. It is the only object that is polite to you. All the other ones are very rude, and require a STERN TALKING TO before they begin to listen to you. The only problem with your METERSTICK is that even though it was made to be a weapon, it sometimes refuses to fight. You have to flatter it, and promise nice things to it before it will listen. To hear yourself over everything, you TEND TO SPEAK VERY LOUDLY, AND TURN EVERYTHING INTO A STATEMENT. Questions worry you. They seem… unclean.[/SPOILER]
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