Phoenix_Gx Mar 24th, 2019 69 Never
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  1. [16:20] $Shivay: i know the decision is made
  2. [16:20] $Shivay: but i am being very honest
  3. [16:20] $Shivay: i didnt do anything
  4. [16:20] $Shivay: for the first poll
  5. [16:20] @Phoenix GX: Thats fine.
  6. [16:20] @Phoenix GX: But this subject has concluded
  7. [16:20] @Phoenix GX: Accept the punsihment and move on
  8. [16:20] $Shivay: but i really wanted the badge
  9. [16:20] $Shivay: oh ok
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