Voice_of_the_Machine - Our First Christmas

May 1st, 2014
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  3. "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks. Dressed in Holiday style..."
  4. >The sound of Christmas music flowed throughout the house.
  5. >It brought out the nice feeling of cheer for you and your beloved, Rarity since the day of Christmas was coming up.
  6. >Together you two are in the living room of a new furbished home.
  7. >The new home that made plenty more room for your upcoming child.
  8. >Expecting the child in February or March, you were preparing the house for the coming arrival.
  9. >But now you are taking a break from those preparations and instead are focusing on Christmas.
  10. >Rarity is laying on the couch reading a fashion magazine, while you are carefully putting up an annual Christmas tree.
  11. >Chopped down from your own hooves work, you carefully make sure the tree is set up just right.
  12. >You began to put it in the bottom into a small hilt to keep up.
  13. >Rarity occasionally took her eyes away from her magazine to see you working hard, and worried a little about the tree being too much for one pony.
  15. "Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to help?"
  17. >You see your beloved getting up from her seat.
  18. >Just as she is about to plant her hooves on the ground, you encourage her to stay on the couch.
  20. "It's alright dear. You need to sit down and relax. I can't let you or the baby get strained or hurt. Besides this tree almost set up right."
  22. >You see Rarity reclining back down onto the couch, and you return to your work
  23. >You move the tree farther into the stand and start to secure the hilt.
  24. >After a few inspections you make sure that the tree is tightly secured.
  25. >Taking a few steps back you admire your work as you see the tree standing up on it's own.
  26. >Finished with that part of the tree you move onto the next step.
  27. >Decorations.
  28. >Moving towards the boxes you got from the basement, you think of all the ornaments and lights that are inside.
  29. >Going to remove the lids you eye at a sparkling blue aura around the lids.
  30. >You turn around to see Rarity using her magic to take off the lids.
  32. "Come now, Anon. You should know that I will never decline an opportunity to decorate. Especially if it's doing it with you."
  34. >You understand her, but you feel worried with her with working too hard.
  35. >But then again what harm could decorating a tree give.
  36. >You see Rarity pull herself up from the couch and walk over towards you.
  37. >Her pregnant belly moved a little as for up and rested as she started walking over towards you.
  38. >Making it to the lids she completely removed them revealing all the decorations you had prepared for the tree.
  40. "First is the lights."
  42. >Grabbing onto the extension of the cable full of lights you bring them over and start to wrap them around the tree.
  43. >Rarity takes another string of lights and together you move them around the tree until there is enough in just all the places you want.
  44. >Plugging in the lights to each other you leave out the cable that goes into the wall for later.
  46. "Next is the ribbons."
  48. >Rarity gave a tiny squeal of delight as she was excited for her favorite part.
  49. >From a container she started to levitate many small strings of ribbons around the room.
  50. >The many colors of red and silver floated around, making a little show as they danced into the air.
  51. >You sighed, as you watched her move around her body looking graceful and beautiful as she does her performance, even when childbearing.
  52. >After Rarity finished her little display she turned the ribbons on the tree, and in a bright flash of magic the ribbons attached to the trees.
  53. >She sighed at her magnificent work, as do you.
  55. "Don't ribbons just dazzle you."
  56. "Whatever you do always dazzles me, love."
  58. >She blushes from the complement and turns back to the boxes.
  60. "Now the ornaments."
  62. >Picking up the ornaments of all shiny colors you start to hang them on the many branches of the trees.
  63. >Rarity takes interest in the many patterns on some of the glass balls, and on others she see's her face in the reflection, before she puts them on the tree.
  64. >Soon the tree is decorated in full and stuns you and Rarity.
  65. >The tree is just about finished.
  67. "One more thing left."
  69. >You pull out a small gold topper from a box.
  70. >It is of a Pegasus with it's wings open with a small coil halo wrapping around it's head, and a star in it's hooves.
  71. >You move up and standing on your hind legs you carefully set the star on the very top of the tree.
  72. >You set it into position and move back down to awe at your work.
  73. >The light coming through the windows hits off the star and it glows around the room.
  74. >You and Rarity watch the pretty lights and the splendor of the now finished Christmas tree.
  75. >Or almost finished...
  76. >You pull out a small wooden box that carries something perfect for the tree.
  78. "What is that you have, darling?"
  80. "It was going to be for next year but since he or she is right here with us, I guess we could put it up now."
  82. >Opening up the box leaves Rarity speechless.
  84. "It's...It's....beautiful…."
  86. >A small tear comes down her eyes as she sees the special ornament.
  87. >The ornament being a gold model of three ponies together.
  88. >A family with one father, one mother, and one little foal in between.
  89. >Together they made a happy family, that was to soon be your life.
  90. "I guess you could say this is the first Christmas we will be spending together, as a family."
  91. >You nudge against her womb and feel around for a bulge.
  92. >Moving around you can feel a small kick against you coming from her.
  93. >Rarity giggles a bit, as the feel of your face against her is ticklish.
  95. "Hey there, little one. Merry Christmas."
  97. >You set a small kiss on her stomach.
  98. >Taking your face off her belly, you get to see Rarity's face again.
  99. >You give her a kiss too.
  100. >Moving up to the tree you carefully put the special ornament right alongside the tree in a open space.
  101. >You sigh as you look at the now completed tree.
  102. >And the thought of family being together gives you a warm feeling in your heart.
  103. >The good feeling of Christmas.
  104. >You turn away from the tree to see Rarity getting back onto the couch and looking down at her magazine.
  105. >You move yourself onto the couch, and snuggle right alongside your beloved.
  106. >You see a bright beautiful smile on her face, and her eyes sparkle like stars at you.
  107. >Getting close to each other, you embrace her company as your faces nuzzle against each other.
  108. >Her soft mane resting on you feels nice.
  110. “If you are not too tired, could you help me out with another decoration?”
  112. “What might it be darling?”
  114. >You plant some mistletoe between your faces, for Rarity to see.
  115. >Once Rarity see’s it, she turns her eyes back to you, and lunges in for a deep kiss.
  116. >You embrace her until she releases.
  117. >The only thing you can hear is the calm quiet music from the radio.
  119. “Let’s just wait until this song is over, Anon.”
  121. >The two of you sit there on the couch, nuzzled against one another as you both rest in the sweet music of the season.
  123. “Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, of all the trees most lovely……”
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