Slumber Party Part 2

Feb 5th, 2014
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  1. Every pony began experimenting with the straw, to see how it would or would not set them off. Flutter shy lightly swirled the straw in a circular fashion around the outside of her nostrils, but got no urge to sneeze.
  3. “Not gonna sneeze” Rainbow Dash said to herself as she jabbed a hoof-full of hay into her left nostril. It flared wildly. “Not gonna sneeze, not gonna sneeze, not goon . . . gonna . . . sniff.” Rainbow Dash's eyes began to water and her nostrils expanded. Her breath hitched as her head moved back. “Haaahttssschoo!” The straw blew out of Rainbow Dash's nostrils and landed in a mess around her. “What the hay?” Rainbow Dash was shocked she already sneezed. Her eyebrows lowered as a concerned expression appeared on her face. No pony else had sneezed yet. She was losing her challenge of not sneezing. She shoved in some more hay and fought off the urge to sneeze.
  5. Applejack shoved her nose into a pile of hay, and quickly began sniffing and sucking in as much aroma as she could. She could feel a slight tickle brewing, but nothing sneeze worthy.
  7. Rarity looked around the room at her friends using the straw inside their noses, she then looked at the piece of straw before her, and stared at it. “How barbaric.” She frowned, then her left nostril twitched. Her right nostril flared, her eyes closed shut, then bam! “Russhoo!” She opened her eyes and shook her head. “My dear, God!” Rarity had sneezed just by looking at the straw. She pressed her hoof to her chest, “Bless me.”
  9. Wiggling the straw as fast as she could, Pinkie Pie could feel a sneeze coming. She knew it was there, it just needed extra coaxing. She spun the straw, twisted it, and spun it. She did everything she could, but still no sneeze. So she grabbed a second piece of straw and stuck it in her other nostril at the same time. That did the trick! “Neeehh, Heehh, Achoo! Huh, huh, huh, Aaachoo! Attchew!” Pinkie Pie lazily opened her eyes and had a smile on her face. She wiped her mouth and continued her new found practice.
  11. Twilight's mind was racing for a scientific approach to this game. She figured the more hay, the more likely it would make her sneeze. To test her theory, she put it into action. She grabbed bunches of hay and shoved them into her nostrils. She shook her head and quivered as the tickle ran down her spine. She felt uncomfortable, which is exactly the feeling she was aiming for. The tickle grew until it turned into a burning flame that screamed to be released. Stepping back, Twilight massaged the end of her snout as if to coax a barrage of sneezes to expel forth. Her chest puffed out as she began sucking in air, hitching her breath, eyes watering, nostrils flaring. “Haah, haah, haaaaah,” Twilight was just at climax, ready to burst, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mouth agape, tears dripping from her chin, nostrils quivering. “HAAAAPCCHOO!” She exploded as spit flew from her mouth, and hay shot from her nostrils. “Haaffpphhoooo! Haakkchoo! Haaattchew!” She lowered her head and sneezed once more over her chest. “Haa-choo!” She look down at her hooves, dazed a moment, then regained control of her body. She looked around and noticed all the hay in her nose had been shot out. Twilight quickly wrote down her sneeze total on a notebook, then grabbed more hay to repeat her new efficient process.
  13. Almost to the point of giving up, Fluttershy continued to spin the straw of hay around her nostril. She just couldn't find the urge to sneeze. She looked over at the clock. Already two minutes had gone by, and she heard her friends already sneezing, but she hadn't. “Maybe I can win the least amount of sneezes,” Fluttershy told herself. She leisurely switched hooves and switched nostrils repeating her swirling motion when all of a sudden it hit her. A spiking tickle that caused her nostril to flare, she sniffed in, accidentally sucking the thin straw needle in too.
  15. “Snort! Cough, Cough!” Fluttershy whipped her head back and forth and pressed against her snout to release the stuck hay. All the while a tickle grew until it raged inside her nose. A sneeze . . . or several sneezes was brewing, one that could make her contend for top spot. Knowing there was no way to remove the straw without one, two, three, or more sneezes, she gave up and sat down preparing to sneeze. Her mouth opened and eyes squeezed shut as she lifted her head ever so slightly. Her cheeks blushed as she pressed her tongue to the side of her mouth. “Heh-CHU!” Fluttershy sneezed, but it wasn't over. “Huh-Chu! Chu!” Each sneeze forcing her head down, a light amount of spray being release, but still no straw. “Chu! Ahhhh- Chu!” As she sneezed her fifth sneeze, a tip of the straw wiggled out her nose. She quickly grabbed it and pulled it out as fast as she could, but not before it caused a few more sneezes. She lifted her head and sneezed down thrice more. “Chu! Ahh-Chu! Hah-Choo!” The third with a bit more strength. Fluttershy feverishly rubbed her nose as she blushed. She looked around the barn, realizing no one paid attention to her little struggle.
  17. “Aaaaaplllfffeeeww!” Pinkie Pie sprayed all over her hooves. “We've done three . . . he . . . he . . . heee. . . ACHEW! Three minutes!” Pinkie Pie managed to say as she continued wiggling straw in her nose.
  19. Rarity's eyes watered as they began to close, her lips curled, and snout scrunched. “It would . . . see . . . seh . . . seem . . . I got . . . eh . . . case . . . of . . . the . . . eh . . . EH . . . EHHHH . . .” Rarity's right nostril expanded to twice it's normal size. “Ruuussshoo!” Spittle dribbled off her lower lip. Rarity finished her sentence. “A case of the sneezes . . . sniff.” She sniffed her right nostril, sucking up some dripping mucous. While Rarity was proper in many ways, she was always self conscious about her sneezes. No matter how much she practiced, she could never make her sneezes 'proper' and 'lady like.'
  21. “Goodness me. My tears are going to ruin my eyeshadow.” Rarity dabbed her eye and noticed the eyeshadow on her hoof. Her nostrils twitched again and she was thrown into a desperate state of pre-sneeze face. After about ten seconds of holding back the sneeze, Rarity gave up and released. “HhaaaaShooo!” Droplets of spit fired out her mouth and disappeared into the darkness. Another sneeze lurked. “Huh . . . Hah . . . Hyeeeeh . . . AAAAAAHHHH” Rarity's chest filled with as much air as she could hold, her nostrils trembled. “HHHAAAAPPSSHSOOOO!” Rarity screamed as her body trembled and she fell to the floor. “Oh dear.”
  23. Applejack continued to burry her snout into the hay pile sniffing as hard as she could. She could feel the loose hay pieces rub up against her nostrils, some being sucked in, then blown out. She pulled her snout out as she felt a small tickle building. Her pupils pointed towards the end of her snout as her nose wiggled a few times, then stopped. She had failed to induce a sneeze.
  25. “Haaappphhlleew! Haaassshooo! Haaaattcccshhoo!” Rainbow Dash sneezed as a drip of mucous danced below her snout before dripping to the hay pile below. “Buck.” Dash whispered to herself as she swiped aside some hay. She looked over at Pinkie Pie who was currently in a sneeze fit of four. Just below Pinkie Pie was the alarm clock, and it was just about to hit five minutes to go. Dash knew what she had to do. She was going to make others sneeze more then her, especially Applejack since she was her closest competitor. It was the only way Dash could win. Looking around her, Rainbow Dash grabbed as big a pile of hay as she could and prepped her wings to fly down and swoop on top of Applejack as a surprise attack. Applejack continued trying to sneeze, but to no avail, so it was up to Rainbow Dash to make her sneeze so she could rightfully claim her spot at least sneeze pony. Dash shook her keister in the air as the clock ticked down. Four, three, two, one. It was on.
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