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Barrett Brown betrayed by Topiary.

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  1. Hey I'm lulzmouse, I predict it'll take less than a week after this hits the net that I'm v&, Anonops isn't safe either, people have reported that even the PMs on the server are available to law enforcement and I advise people to make loads of different IRCs and places to plan and network together, use Tor hidden services to speak to each other and spread information, it's a bitch for the feds to track down, that's the whole reason pedos use it for making sick CP chans. So use what keeps you out of jail, learn to stay within the law. I have not broken any laws with this release, I have not committed any hacking offences and I'm happy with a girl I've been with 3 years.
  3. Anyway, the logs that follow are from a day or 2 days before the raid (on Barrett Brown), please attract attention to what Barrett Brown was trying to reveal, I was a non anon and happy, and I was content talking to Topiary as friends on my phone and staying out of the war on the corruption infecting the US government, but thanks to this 'coincidence' I've been lead to this realization that they're trying to cover up what Barrett Brown was going to release.
  6. >>>>>>>>>> || was lead to Barrett Brown when I'd left anonymous completely ||<<<<<
  8. Lulzmouse
  9. Sep 10 (5 days ago)
  11. to barriticus
  12. Hi, I was talking to my friend Jake Davis over sms earlier, and he mentioned how much he'd love to contact you, and since he is barred from using the internet I've took it upon myself to ask if you have a contact number I could give him.
  14. Barrett Brown
  15. Sep 11 (4 days ago)
  17. to me
  18. Hi. Guess he got it, he sent messages last night to my gf, guess we're
  19. in touch now even if both us being monitored just like old times.
  22. Lulzmouse
  23. Sep 11 (4 days ago)
  25. to Barrett
  26. :3 glad he got it. being monitored is fun sometimes, can troll the agents of control with long encrypted messages of sports scores or cooking recipes.
  29. Barrett Brown
  30. Sep 11 (4 days ago)
  32. to me
  33. You sure sound like his friend. As I mentioned to him, going to get
  34. someone to compile Morrowind mods and send on a CD I can forward to
  35. him or to you or wherever he can get it. Maybe other presents later,
  36. depending on what happens with my show.
  39. Lulzmouse
  40. Sep 11 (4 days ago)
  42. to Barrett
  43. I have the originals game disks somewhere for the 2 addons too. I think it's easier to send it to him, people have sent him such funny shit to random addresses associated with him - underwear, cds with hearts all over them, pictures of him that have been Photoshoped etc..
  45. I'll help out with this leak/report/fbi thing when you're ready.
  48. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|| after he talks to him on the phone ||<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  50. 7:51 PM
  51. me: He okay Barrett?
  52. 7:53 PM
  53. Barrett: he's bitching at me, told him not to contact me again. No idea what he's dealing with but I can't have it involving me or involving any demands, especially not from him
  55. he's my friend, funny smart guy, but he needs to think more about certain things
  56. 7:54 PM
  57. me: I think he's just been got to with psy ops
  59. Barrett: very possible. I try not to speculate because no one ever knows what one of us goes through specifically depending on local law enforcement situation
  61. me: I mean, I've known him since may ish and he's been acting like he's been pressured a lot
  62. 7:55 PM
  63. you posting this thing on twitter btw?
  64. 7:56 PM
  65. Barrett: what thing?
  67. oh my FBI stuff
  69. yes, 2 hours
  71. going swimming now talk later
  73. me: take care
  74. 7:57 PM
  75. Barrett: if you see him, tell him I wish him luck. probably best he and I not speak for another year or so
  77. me: I'm sure he will chill out :3 I'll let him know
  79. Barrett: and I'm proud of him, and so are many others
  80. 7:58 PM
  81. me: I've been walking an annoying tightrope outside anon because I've been in a position where people know I can contact him, but I can't be a relay for him
  83. lol
  85. >>>>>>>>> || Our PM Chat after the chat on messenger || <<<<<<<<<
  88. Sep 12 01:49:35 <lulzmouse> oh something you might find funny I just remembered
  89. Sep 12 01:50:33 <lulzmouse> a month or 2 ago, I was texting Topiary, and we got onto talking about his leg bracelet
  90. Sep 12 01:50:55 <lulzmouse> so I tell him all the specs for it and the tamper protections it has that I'd found on tor
  91. Sep 12 01:51:30 <lulzmouse> and he had a van parked outside all night, and the firm that does the tracking bracelets text him telling him they're gonna examine it on the same night
  92. Sep 12 01:51:37 <lulzmouse> he was freaking out about it
  93. Sep 12 01:57:39 <BarrettBrown> jesus
  94. Sep 12 01:57:57 <lulzmouse> I like to keep them on their toes
  95. Sep 12 01:58:07 <BarrettBrown> so, the dumbass knows his phone's monitored and should suspect mine is but nonetheless got mad at me after he'd agreed to recording our talk today
  96. Sep 12 01:58:12 <lulzmouse> dunno about the legality of sharing that infomation though
  97. Sep 12 01:58:12 <BarrettBrown> and told me to delete
  98. Sep 12 01:58:34 <BarrettBrown> in which case I wouldn't have proof of what was said, just the FBI and Interpol would have copies and they'd be able to "lose" them if necessary
  99. Sep 12 01:58:53 <BarrettBrown> I don't like to accuse people of anything, and in this case I still don't have any firm reason to believe he's cooperating
  100. Sep 12 01:59:10 <BarrettBrown> this can be explained simply by his selfishness, lack of thought on certain things
  101. Sep 12 01:59:14 <BarrettBrown> having said that
  102. Sep 12 01:59:15 <lulzmouse> oh I don't think he's cooperating, I think he's just not Topiary anymore
  103. Sep 12 01:59:21 <BarrettBrown> I'm tired of being betrayed
  104. Sep 12 01:59:27 <BarrettBrown> very possible
  105. Sep 12 01:59:31 <lulzmouse> he's just Jake
  106. Sep 12 01:59:48 <BarrettBrown> yeah
  107. Sep 12 02:00:05 <lulzmouse> I mean the first thing he did was talk me out of this irc and away from anon online
  108. Sep 12 02:00:14 <BarrettBrown> well, if more people had known him before and during his celebrity days, they wouldn't be giving him so much love and Tflow so little
  109. Sep 12 02:00:25 <BarrettBrown> not a fucking word of support for Tflow from vast majority
  110. Sep 12 02:00:33 <BarrettBrown> even though he did more than Topiary ever will
  111. Sep 12 02:02:01 <lulzmouse> he still doesn't know any of his fame
  112. Sep 12 02:02:32 <lulzmouse> he's only slowly starting to realise
  113. Sep 12 02:03:02 <BarrettBrown> he knew last year, man
  114. Sep 12 02:03:04 <BarrettBrown> when it was happening
  115. Sep 12 02:03:16 <BarrettBrown> now he has to depend on hearsay and whatever shit he's told by cops
  116. Sep 12 02:04:54 <lulzmouse> yea, he did say how he'd rather have people there for the other defendants and not him when I went to protest
  117. Sep 12 02:05:42 <lulzmouse> and the 2nd court hearing there was another free topiary protest somebody else planned and I tried getting them to protest for anons in general and not specifically for him
  118. Sep 12 02:06:42 <BarrettBrown> he's a good kid
  119. Sep 12 02:06:58 <BarrettBrown> not cut out for this though, or at least not as much as certain others even younger than him
  120. Sep 12 02:07:20 <BarrettBrown> including other of my friends, actual friends, who've been raided entirely because they worked with me
  121. Sep 12 02:07:48 <lulzmouse> that sucks man
  122. Sep 12 02:08:05 <lulzmouse> must be hard living in the US, seems they need no reason to raid anymore
  123. Sep 12 02:08:54 <BarrettBrown> things have gotten worse, yes
  124. Sep 12 02:08:59 <BarrettBrown> it's frightening
  125. Sep 12 02:09:03 <lulzmouse> I'd never discovered your work until today, you're a great guy for what you do, and how much you risk for people
  126. Sep 12 02:11:26 <lulzmouse> lol I like your presidential choices, god, if you ever wanted to see what a fake election looks like just look at the us... it baffles me how anyone would nominate Romney
  127. **** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed Sep 12 02:42:39 2012
  130. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|| later that day || <<<<<
  132. posts on twitter by BB.
  134. ""Barrett Brown ‏@BarrettBrownLOL
  135. @raincoaster If you thought Topiary was security conscious about anything other than himself, you never         worked with the funny prick""
  137. "Barrett Brown ‏@BarrettBrownLOL
  138. @FreeTopiary23 It is bitter. #Topiary was among first Anons to stab me in back, secretly recorded our Skype meetings. Funny guy though!"
  140. "Barrett Brown ‏@BarrettBrownLOL
  141. @FreeTopiary23 It's too bad I turned into a prick the moment I expressed non-sublime opinion of Topiary. Life is weird!"
  143. "Barrett Brown ‏@BarrettBrownLOL
  144. #Anonymous - Here's your precious #Topiary phone call http://www.mediafire.com/?xaiyn81c6ycks49 …  #FreeTopiary #TflowWasBetter #ProjectPM #LulzSec" << phone conversation is very interesting.
  146. These videos reveal so much information, if you really listen to it and investigate it.
  147. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klvP1Xx6OH4&list=UUv1FlZ4TdveCyva7okPRmSA&index=3&feature=plcp
  148. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm3ytZEgBfc&list=UUv1FlZ4TdveCyva7okPRmSA&index=2&feature=plcp
  150. Obviously, later that day, some shit happens that really scares him...enough to actually feel like he'll be killed at any moment.
  152. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOW7GOrXNZI&list=UUv1FlZ4TdveCyva7okPRmSA&index=1&feature=plcp
  154. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  155. ^^ this video reveals the players involved with the conspiracy inside the US government, and it does tie in to the NDAA that Obama is desperately pushing to get passed even though it was decided to be unconstitutional... it's the end games in the US, and people who are just letting it happen, will be so fucked over when the corruption in the US spreads into Europe for real, right now we just have a small taste of it, I mean look what they did to a journalist who reported new from leaks.
  156. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  158. Okay so later that day, he makes videos, and it becomes clear to me that information Topiary had in lulzSec was used against BB, BB was onto something big, and I was sent there by somebody wasn't I? the day he's gonna leak it, I get to see it without all the disinformation released about BB, I see it all with a non internet perspective. He was onto something huge, I'm checking the information in those youtube videos, and people need to save them right now and research themselves, so much of it has suddenly vanished, the twitter user who threatened him has an intimidating account with only 3 meaningless messages on it now, and a lot of the data he was using has suddenly become difficult to find or access on the net.
  160. I can't say if Topiary is cooperating with the police, but the fact he is loved by everyone, now has the job that Barrett Brown used to have. Rang Barrett the DAY BEFORE THE LEAK and was the reason I got talking to BB.... it's difficult to dismiss...
  163. LISTEN TO THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS BARRETT UPLOADED, use a pad and write down key things to check up.
  165. Also, keep ProjectPM alive, that is the key to this.
  168. PS - I really like Topiary, we've had some awesome chats and I've never had any problems with him, it was actually weird how I even got into this mess... and I hope that people realize I release these logs and this information not because I dislike my friend or think he's an informant, but because, I feel I owe it to him, feels to me I was lead to Barrett Brown for a reason since the timing was so crazy.
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