Prelude Splitoff, Part 1

Apr 20th, 2020
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  1. <WindStrike> Recap! Last time, Kappa, you found out that Goswin acquired Baneroot, which was a very poisonous root. Eldin told you he knew that Goswin knew that Baneroot is illegal, so he wants to know why Goswin had it.
  2. <WindStrike> Goswin told you the only other person that might have known he had the Baneroot was a close friend of his. A priest called Lordan, of the Royal Family.
  3. <WindStrike> You find the church he's at, manage to bring up the topic of Baneroot, but as you do, a group of thugs led by a man with a staff appeared and tried to kill you. You managed to lock the priest and them into the backroom.
  4. <WindStrike> You and Lightwulf tried to escape the church... from here, we continue.
  5. <WindStrike> -=QUEST CONTINUE=-
  6. <Neon_Mercilion> (You're not DM.)
  7. * You are now known as DM
  8. <DM> (derp)
  9. <Kappa> (Thugs?)
  10. <DM> *Kappa, you emerge from the church onto the West Road. It's very sparsely populated, and in fact, you see a good number of shady looking people with minimal equipment and devilish grins walking by. A few of them have swords.*
  11. <DM> *Two of them walk into the church you just exited.*
  12. <DM> *They slam the door shut behind them.*
  13. <Kappa> (So would going back to Eldin would a good idea?)
  14. * Neon_Mercilion is among those people. (I need an excuse to be here.)
  15. <DM> (hah)
  16. <Neon_Mercilion> (Sellswords, clearly.)
  17. <DM> *You notice a nice and fleshy walking meatba-
  18. <DM> *You notice a large Goriya wanderin' around with pants and no shirt. Before he's able to really catch your eye though, someone calls out to you.*
  19. <DM> [???]: 'ey, you dere!
  20. <Neon_Mercilion> (And I scarf.)
  21. * Fireblast124 is now known as Serikka_Tonatsu
  22. * Kappa looks in the direction as he walks towards the Goriya
  23. <Neon_Mercilion> Hmm?
  24. <Kappa> *the direction the voice was heard from.
  25. <DM> *You see two men, tall and well built. Each carries a sword and has leather armor. They approach you with grins on their faces.*
  26. <DM> *They seem like the thugs from before, but a bit more intimidating.*
  27. * X_X is now known as Thug1
  28. * X__X is now known as Thug2
  29. <Thug1> Hee heee heeee! Dat's gotta be 'im!
  30. <Thug2> Waits, we's was told dere's was twos of dem! Where's da otha one?
  31. <Kappa> (They don't look nice. I need to get away or find someone who is willing to help me)
  32. <Neon_Mercilion> ....
  33. <DM> *Kappa, you also notice your ally, Lightwulf, isn't here. It's possible he may not have gotten out of the church.*
  34. * Thug1 points his sword at Kappa.
  35. <Kappa> (Shoot... gotta run)
  36. <Thug1> Hah, so is yous da one dat we's sposed to be able to battle in da streets?
  37. * Neon_Mercilion simply observes
  38. * Kappa runs, accidently bumping into Neon_Mercilion.
  39. <Neon_Mercilion> ...!
  40. <Thug1> HEY, YOUS, GET BACK 'ERE!
  41. <Kappa> Sorry.
  42. * Neon_Mercilion unsheathes his sword slightly.
  43. <DM> *The two thugs come charging at the two of you.*
  44. <Thug1> Let's get 'em, boys!
  45. * Neon_Mercilion sighs.
  46. * Kappa gasps, his wand out and ready.
  47. <DM> (Let's get 'em, boys? It's only him and one other, lol)
  48. <DM> *Roll initiatives!*
  49. <Neon_Mercilion> I saw this coming from a mile way, and all without getting payed either.
  50. <Neon_Mercilion> $init 1d10
  51. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 4.
  52. <Thug1> $init 1d10
  53. <Kappa> $1d10
  54. <Tatl> Thug1: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 9.
  55. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 1 Die with 10 Sides. Result: 8. Total: 8. Successes: 1.
  56. <Thug2> $init 1d10
  57. <Tatl> Thug2: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 3.
  58. <Kappa> $init 1d10
  59. <Tatl> Kappa: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 5.
  60. <DM> $init s
  61. <Tatl> The battle has begun!
  62. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Thug1 (9), Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Thug2 (3).
  63. <DM> (don't worry Serikka, you'll get in in a bit)
  64. <Kappa> (Just don't leave it to the last minute :) )
  65. <DM> (A reminder - I am forcing damage calculations on you all and am no longer doing them for you.
  66. <DM> When you attack, you calculate difference in successes + your bonuses
  67. <DM> When you defend, you take that result and account for your defense bonuses
  68. <Neon_Mercilion> (Enemy stats?)
  69. <DM> - These are actually the Armored Thugs, by the way, not the normal ones
  70. <DM> I'm just using Thug1/Thug2 cause it's easier to type
  71. * Thug1 swings his Steel Sword at Kappa! (Roll Courage)
  72. <Thug1> $8d10
  73. <Tatl> Thug1: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 7, 3, 6, 6, 5, 8 and 5. Total: 41. Successes: 6.
  74. <Thug1> Take DIS!
  75. <Kappa> $4d10
  76. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 4 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 7, 3 and 6. Total: 18. Successes: 2.
  77. <DM> (question, would that kill you?)
  78. <Kappa> (No, but it would leave me at 1h)
  79. <DM> (kay)
  80. * Thug1 puts a deep gash in Kappa's chest with the slash, dealing 6 - 2 = 4 damage.
  81. <Thug1> Hah!
  82. <Thug1> ?h
  83. <Thug1> $endturn
  84. <Tatl> Thug1 has ended their turn.
  85. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Thug1 (9), Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Thug2 (3).
  86. * Kappa stumbles from the impact, getting ready to blast someone with magic.
  87. * Kappa retalliates by firing a blast of magic from his Wizzrobe Wand at Thug1 in retalliation (Roll Wisdom)
  88. <DM> (woah, you have a wizzrobe wand? nice)
  89. <Kappa> ...I thought I wouldn't try to kill, but this just pushed me over the edge.
  90. <Kappa> $9d10
  91. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 9 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 9, 2, 8, 10, 4, 8, 1 and 5. Total: 52. Successes: 7.
  92. <Thug1> $2d10
  93. <Tatl> Thug1: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6 and 6. Total: 12. Successes: 2.
  94. <DM> *Despite you all are having a battle in the middle of the streets, even among one of the main roads in Hyrule Village, there doesn't seem to be anyone stopping you. Various Hylian citizens have gathered about 20 to 30 feet away on either side of you to watch, but not even guards are taking action.*
  95. <Kappa> 7-2 = 5 - Defense
  96. <Kappa> *damage
  97. * Thug1 reels back from the attack, hitting the floor with an impact, but he manages to get back up.
  98. <Thug1> 1h
  99. <DM> woops, forgot armor.. oh well
  100. <Thug1> Grr, dat's it... 'ey, bro, we's guttin' dis guy first! Den we's gonna grill da meatbag! (aka Neon)
  101. <Thug2> Hee hee heee, ya, dat's definitely wot we's doin' mate!
  102. * DM pokes Kappa with a stick.
  103. <Kappa> $endturn
  104. <Tatl> Kappa has ended their turn.
  105. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Thug1 (9), Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Thug2 (3).
  106. <Neon_Mercilion> ....
  107. * Neon_Mercilion sighs
  108. * Neon_Mercilion slashes Thug1. (Courage)
  109. <Neon_Mercilion> $8d10
  110. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 1, 8, 6, 2, 7, 2 and 3. Total: 34. Successes: 4.
  111. <DM> *Neon, you don't know how you got caught up in this, but the heat of battle compels you to pwn some newbs.*
  112. <Thug1> $5d10
  113. <Tatl> Thug1: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 4, 7, 3 and 10. Total: 29. Successes: 4.
  114. <DM> ROLLOFF
  115. <Neon_Mercilion> $8d10
  116. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 10, 6, 2, 2, 7, 2 and 4. Total: 40. Successes: 5.
  117. <Thug1> $5d10
  118. <Tatl> Thug1: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 7, 1, 2 and 7. Total: 20. Successes: 2.
  119. * Thug1 is hit!
  120. * Neon_Mercilion backs up slightly
  121. <Neon_Mercilion> 6h
  122. <Neon_Mercilion> $endturn
  123. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion has ended their turn.
  124. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Thug1 (9), Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Thug2 (3).
  125. <DM> (Neon, don't forget, damage calc)
  126. <Neon_Mercilion> (Oh shit.)
  127. <Neon_Mercilion> 5 - 2 = 3 damage
  128. <DM> (I know it's simple now, but I'm forcing everyone to do it and get into the habit of it so that later, when it gets complex, the DM isn't scrambling for everything)
  129. <Thug1> 3 - 1 = 2 damage
  130. <Neon_Mercilion> (Agreed.)
  131. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (It's for the best)
  132. * Thug1 is sliced into two pieces as the big Goriya's sword melts through Thug1's body. Like butter through bread!
  133. * Thug1 falls to the ground in a bloody mess.
  134. <Thug1> $endturn
  135. <Tatl> Thug1: You cannot end somebody else's turn. Wait until your turn comes up.
  136. <Thug1> err
  137. <Thug1> $removeme
  138. <Tatl> Thug1 has removed theirself from battle.
  139. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Thug2 (3).
  140. * Thug1 is now known as X_X
  141. <Thug2> W-w-w-w-ha?!
  142. * Neon_Mercilion sighs.
  143. <Neon_Mercilion> Do you seriously want to get yourself killed too?
  144. * Thug2 forgets about finishing Kappa and charges headon at Neon_Mercilion, with his sword in hand. He slashes at Neon_Mercilion! (Roll Courage)
  146. <Thug2> $8d10
  147. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 8, 4, 4, 6, 2, 3 and 10. Total: 47. Successes: 6.
  148. <Neon_Mercilion> I guess so
  149. <Neon_Mercilion> $6d10
  150. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 6 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 4, 8, 6, 9 and 5. Total: 42. Successes: 6.
  151. <DM> ROLLOFF
  152. <Neon_Mercilion> $6d10
  153. <Thug2> $8d10
  154. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 6 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 10, 9, 4, 8 and 6. Total: 39. Successes: 5.
  155. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 8, 2, 2, 6, 3, 3 and 3. Total: 34. Successes: 3.
  156. * Thug2 bounces off Neon's shield, as his blind rage carries him nowhere.
  157. <Kappa> (Endturn?)
  158. <Neon_Mercilion> (Kappa, crazyness happening in #zuchat .)
  159. <DM> *Suddenly, from the roof of one of the nearby houses descends a woman with a sword in hand.*
  160. <DM> *Serikka_Tonatsu, $init j
  161. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $init j
  162. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu has entered the fray.
  163. <Thug2> $endturn
  164. <Tatl> Thug2 has ended their turn.
  165. <Tatl> ROUND 1: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4), Thug2 (3) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  166. <Thug2> WOT DA?!
  167. <Thug2> Waits, waits WAITS!
  168. * Thug2 looks towards the nearest tower, where a Hylian Guard stands by idly, watching the battle from above.
  170. * Serikka_Tonatsu gives Thug a disappointed look
  171. <DM> *The guard looks down from the above, completely straight faced. From here, you able to see the glow of his yellow eyes underneath the orange, afternoon sky above.*
  172. * Neon_Mercilion stares at that guard.
  173. <Neon_Mercilion> ....
  174. * Kappa also stares at that guard
  175. <DM> *The guard continues to oversee the battle from afar. From here to the top of the guard tower, it's probably 40 feet away.*
  176. <DM> *Serikka, your move, by the way.*
  177. * Serikka_Tonatsu slashes the Thug
  178. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $8d10
  179. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 8, 5, 3, 5, 5, 1 and 7. Total: 43. Successes: 6.
  180. * Thug2 distracted by the guard, loses 2 dice on this defense.
  181. <Thug2> EH?!
  182. <Thug2> $3d10
  183. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 5 and 4. Total: 18. Successes: 2.
  184. * Thug2 is hit!
  185. * Neon_Mercilion puts away his sword.
  186. <Serikka_Tonatsu> 6 - 2 = 4 - [Damage Reduction]
  187. <Thug2> 4 -1 = 3 damage
  188. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $endturn
  189. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu has ended their turn.
  190. <Tatl> ROUND 2: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4), Thug2 (3) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  191. * Thug2 is hit by the slash, nearly falling to the ground from the damage, but he stands tall.
  192. <Thug2> 3h
  193. <Thug2> Grr...
  194. <Thug2> I'LL KILL YE! I'LL KILL YE ALL!
  195. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Assuming that something doesn't get in your way
  196. * Kappa , still struggling to stand, raises his wand at Thug2 in a threatening manner.
  197. <Kappa> Fat chance you will kill us all.
  198. <Thug2> Me way? HAHAHAH! Even if me body falls, dere's plenty more ta kill yous all!
  199. <Neon_Mercilion> So you swear loyalty to somebody?
  200. <DM> *His eyes start turning yellow, with a glow that stands out, even in the bright afternoon light.*
  201. * Kappa not wanting to have any more of this, fires a blast of magic at Thug2 (Roll Wisdom!)
  202. <Kappa> $9d10
  203. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 9 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 4, 5, 1, 5, 2, 8, 8 and 1. Total: 40. Successes: 5.
  204. <Kappa> (Average roll)
  205. <Thug2> $2d10
  206. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10 and 7. Total: 17. Successes: 3.
  207. <Kappa> 5-3 = 2 damage - Defense
  208. <Thug2> 2 - 1 = 1 damage
  209. * Thug2 is hit, but this time, he's completely unphased as his smile widens in insanity.
  210. <Kappa> $endturn
  211. <Tatl> Kappa has ended their turn.
  212. <Tatl> ROUND 2: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4), Thug2 (3) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  213. <Kappa> (You are going to an early grave, you thug)
  214. * Thug2 continues to speak in an outrageous yell, but its usual thug-like behavior disappears.
  215. <Neon_Mercilion> ....
  217. * Neon_Mercilion grabs Thug2 and shoves him against a wall
  218. <Neon_Mercilion> Who are you working for?
  219. <Serikka_Tonatsu> I can smell something wrong
  220. <DM> (roll Power, Neon_Mercilion)
  221. <Neon_Mercilion> $5d10
  222. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 3, 3, 6 and 3. Total: 21. Successes: 2.
  223. <Neon_Mercilion> (fucking hell)
  224. <Thug2> $7d10
  225. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 1, 10, 10, 1, 1 and 8. Total: 36. Successes: 6.
  226. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (I blame the government)
  227. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Always blame it on the government)
  228. <DM> *Your grab attempt fails. It seems this man is stronger than he seemed a bit ago.*
  229. <Kappa> (Just be glad that he is at too low of a level to counterattack)
  230. <DM> (no counterattack, no worries)
  231. * Neon_Mercilion yawns
  232. * Neon_Mercilion backs up a little bit
  233. <Neon_Mercilion> $endturn
  234. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion has ended their turn.
  235. <Tatl> ROUND 2: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4), Thug2 (3) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  236. <Thug2> You wish to grab ME?!
  237. <Thug2> I shall show YOU!
  238. * Thug2 goes to pick up Neon_Mercilion! (Roll Power)
  239. <Thug2> $7d10
  240. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 10, 2, 4, 7, 7 and 10. Total: 50. Successes: 8.
  241. <DM> (holy)
  242. <Neon_Mercilion> $5d1(WHAT THE FUCK)
  243. <DM> (possession apparently gives high rolls)
  244. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (As I stated)
  245. <Neon_Mercilion> $5d10
  246. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (I blame the government)
  247. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 7, 8, 8 and 2. Total: 30. Successes: 4.
  248. * Thug2 picks up Neon_Mercilion with ease (no damage... yet).
  249. * Neon_Mercilion sighs....
  250. <Neon_Mercilion> ...!
  251. * Thug2 turns to Serikka_Tonatsu and throws Neon_Mercilion at her! (Roll Courage, Serikka)
  252. <Thug2> $7d10
  253. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 9, 1, 8, 10, 9 and 9. Total: 53. Successes: 7.
  254. <DM> (good god, super possession mode)
  255. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Courage with the new shield I bought?)
  256. <DM> (yes)
  257. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $7d10
  258. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 5, 7, 10, 6, 4 and 4. Total: 41. Successes: 6.
  259. <DM> *Neon, you fly into Serikka, each of you taking 7 - 6 = 1 damage - defense
  260. <Serikka_Tonatsu> 3h
  261. * Kappa sighs and awaits his turn
  263. <Neon_Mercilion> (Oh, so 0 damage.)
  264. <Thug2> 2h
  265. <Thug2> $endturn
  266. <Tatl> Thug2 has ended their turn.
  267. <Tatl> ROUND 2: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4), Thug2 (3) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  268. <DM> (nice armor?)
  269. <Neon_Mercilion> (Dragonhide. :3)
  270. <DM> (sweet)
  271. * Neon_Mercilion gets up and brushes off the dirt.
  272. * Serikka_Tonatsu tries to slash the Thug2
  273. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Rolling Courage)
  274. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $8d10
  275. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 6, 1, 8, 8, 10, 9 and 10. Total: 56. Successes: 8.
  276. <DM> (oh, if you've equipped Dragonhide, do you see at the end of your stats profile where it says bonusp=+0 and whatnot? Set bonusc=+2
  277. <Thug2> $5d10
  278. <Tatl> Thug2: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 1, 9, 4 and 9. Total: 26. Successes: 2.
  279. <Serikka_Tonatsu> 8 - 2 = 6 - [Damage Reduction]
  280. <Neon_Mercilion> (Oh hey, I get a courage boost from the armor? :O)
  281. <DM> (yep)
  282. <Neon_Mercilion> (It would've been easier to kick him then, ;~;)
  283. * Thug2 is decapitated as Serikka's lethal blow slices right through Thug2's neck. His head rolls to the ground, still making that insane expression. The glow in his eyes fades as his life ends.
  284. <DM> (lol)
  285. <Neon_Mercilion> ...
  286. <Thug2> $removeme
  287. <Tatl> Thug2 has removed theirself from battle.
  288. <Tatl> ROUND 2: Kappa (5), Neon_Mercilion (4) and Serikka_Tonatsu (0).
  289. * Thug2 is now known as X__X
  290. <DM> $init r
  291. <Tatl> DM: The bot has been reset.
  292. <DM> +8 EXP
  293. <DM> +$8d8 Rupees
  294. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $8d8
  295. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 8 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 4, 4, 7, 1, 3, 6, 3 and 8. Total: 36.
  296. <Neon_Mercilion> $8d8
  297. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 8 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 2, 3, 3, 6, 2, 4, 5 and 7. Total: 32.
  298. <DM> *Two Steel Swords and two bloodied Leather Armors drop. You can find them in the Armored Thug's profile -
  299. * Kappa takes a Leather Armor
  300. * Serikka_Tonatsu takes another Steel Sword
  301. <DM> *The citizens that were watching appear to have run away.*
  302. * Neon_Mercilion doesn't take anything
  303. <Neon_Mercilion> (I flawlessed that battle.)
  304. <DM> *A group of three guards approaches you, all with the yellow glows in their eyes.*
  305. <Neon_Mercilion> ....
  306. <DM> *One of them raises his sword at you all.*
  307. * Neon_Mercilion raises both his hands.
  308. <DM> [Guard1]: You all there! Disarm yourselves and lay yourselves on the ground! (Imagine this guy with a british accent, for the lulz)
  309. <Kappa> (Looks like we have trouble)
  310. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Can I commit seppuku)
  311. <Kappa> $8d8
  312. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 8 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 3, 5, 1, 1, 4, 7, 6 and 2. Total: 29.
  313. * Neon_Mercilion puts his armor down and lays down.
  314. <Neon_Mercilion> (Well this quest took a turn for the interesting.)
  315. <DM> *Before the guards are able to approach any further, a large, golden lance embedded with various rare gems lands between you and them.*
  316. * Kappa does the same.
  317. <Neon_Mercilion> Hmm?!
  318. * Neon_Mercilion gets up slightly
  319. <DM> *You hear a rather ticked off gruffled voice. Kappa, you recognize the voice.*
  320. <Kappa> (Is that... Eldin?)
  321. <DM> [???]: Oh? And since when did guards watch a bloodied battle without stopping them?
  322. <Neon_Mercilion> ...!
  323. * Neon_Mercilion prepares his weapons.
  324. <Serikka_Tonatsu> I know, right? Do they even have a brain?
  325. <DM> *It is indeed Lord Eldin. He has a rather murderous glare, and his battle scars only amplify that horrifying look.*
  326. * X_X is now known as Eldin
  327. <DM> *The guards seem to ignore him and walk steadily towards you all still.*
  328. <DM> [Guard1]: You WILL stop, and you WILL lay down onto the ground! This is an order from the highest of the Hylian Guard! Stand down and-
  329. * Kappa prepares his wand.
  330. <Kappa> (As if, knowing how you didn't come in to stop the bloodshed)
  331. <DM> *Right as he finishes "from the highest of the Hylian Guard", Eldin raises his hand, and a barrier of Light imprisons them on all sides.*
  332. <Neon_Mercilion> ...!
  333. <Kappa> (Thanks)
  334. * Eldin leaps above the them and lands next to his lance. He lifts it from the ground and aims it at the guards.
  335. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Neon, do you have a disorder called "I Don't Usually Talk And I Speak With Emotions"?)
  336. <DM> (LOL)
  337. <Neon_Mercilion> (No, get out.)
  338. * Orithan (~Orithan@ has joined #zurpg
  339. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Orithan
  340. <DM> *The guards continue their orderly commands, and they try to walk forward despite the barrier stopping them from moving. It's like a game, where there's an invisible wall, and you try to walk through it, so you're in a suspended walking animation without actually moving.*
  341. <Neon_Mercilion> (Neon is a more or less silent most of the time character...which I failed to portray in his first quest.)
  342. <Eldin> . . .
  343. * Eldin speaks to you all without turning.
  344. <Eldin> Kappa, what did you learn about the Baneroot?
  345. <Kappa> (gime a tick, going into my logs)
  346. <DM> (you didn't, just say nothing)
  347. <Kappa> Nothing.
  348. <DM> (fyi, if you genuinely don't remember something off the top of your head, go with "I don't remember". It actually may be more natural that way)
  349. <Kappa> (should I phase that line away?)
  350. <DM> *However, you do recall the group of thugs coming in through the backroom of the church. Maybe there's something behind the church.*
  351. <Kappa> I don't remember, Lord.
  352. <Eldin> I don't blame you, given the circumstances.
  353. <Kappa> (I forget a lot off the top of my head)
  354. <DM> (hah)
  355. <DM> (well, quests from now on are going to be formatted)
  356. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Tipping off the head)
  357. <DM> (such that you can look at the previous synopsises and see if there's anything important you did before)
  358. <Eldin> Continue your investigation. I shall deal with these guards here. You still have more than half a day to turn in your report. I will expect it in the morning.
  359. <DM> *Do you guys go around the backside of the church, or do you try something else out?*
  360. <Neon_Mercilion> (Wheeeeeeeeeee)
  361. <DM> *There's a back allyway off to the left of the church.*
  362. <DM> *alleyway
  363. <Neon_Mercilion> (Kappa's call, as he's pretty much party leader, here.)
  364. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Brb)
  365. <Kappa> I say that we should head back down to the alleyway of the church. See if we find something.
  366. <DM> (alternatively, given the weird situation with the guards, you could go check another guard tower out and see if the situation is the same with that guard)
  367. <Kappa> Or we could check the other guard towers, see what's up with the guards.
  368. <DM> *Neon seems to be following your decision, and Serikka appears to be randomly occupied.*
  369. <DM> (by the way, what's your battery power?)
  370. <DM> (err, estimated ETA)
  371. <Kappa> (1 hour)
  372. <DM> (kay)
  373. <DM> *So it is your call, Kappa.*
  374. * Kappa begins walking over to another guard tower.
  375. <DM> *The nearest guard tower is next to the entrance to the Castle Keep.*
  376. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (back)
  377. * Orithan looks from afar, hiding behind the 4th wall
  378. * Neon_Mercilion follows Kappa.
  379. <DM> *The next closest would be in the other direction, the tower at Monroe's shop.*
  380. * Kappa walks to the guard tower at the Castle Keep
  381. <DM> *You walk to the tower that's right outside the entrance to the Castle Keep. The entrance's gate is closed, and two Guards stand at the ready in front of it. They appear normal.*
  382. <DM> *There's a ladder to the Guard Tower nearby, which is 30 feet tall.*
  383. * Kappa waves to the guards "Hello sir. Have you seen anything strange happening to some of the guards lately?"
  384. * Eldin is now known as EntranceGuard
  385. * EntranceGuard turns to face you. A helmet covers his face, and he's well armored and carries a lance, though it's not nearly as flashy as Eldin's lance.
  386. <EntranceGuard> What reason do you ask?
  387. <Kappa> We came across guards who had eyes that glowed yellow and seemed insane near the church.
  388. * EntranceGuard turns to the other guard and whispers something.
  389. <DM> (question, are any of you Hylian?
  390. <Neon_Mercilion> (Nooooooope)
  391. <Kappa> (I'm a Shiekah)
  392. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (This lady here is a Human)
  393. <DM> (kay, none of you can hear them)
  394. * EntranceGuard turns back towards you all.
  395. <EntranceGuard> Before I answer your question, I request your identities.
  396. <DM> (yay, formal introductions for all of you! Cause... hashtag band of guys suddenly together, lol)
  397. <Kappa> I am Kappa Yagami, a recruit of the Hyilian Guard.
  398. <EntranceGuard> A recruit you say? I have not been informed of any new recruits for the last week.
  399. <Kappa> (What was the proper term, if any?)
  400. <Serikka_Tonatsu> I am an entity from a whole different universe that you all may not know about because the knowledge there is advanced and all.
  401. <DM> (Uhh, you were asking to be in the guard, and Eldin gave you that task)
  402. <Kappa> (Ah)
  403. <DM> (Eldin may not have informed these guards though)
  404. <Kappa> Err... let me rephrase that.
  405. <Neon_Mercilion> My name is Neon Mercilion...ex-general of that dead idiot of a tyrant, Coronis.
  406. <DM> (can you drop a quick background of Coronis?)
  407. <Neon_Mercilion> (Some guy who tried to take over Hyrule, but failed to capture a single town.)
  408. <Neon_Mercilion> (Derp)
  409. <DM> (got it)
  410. <DM> (which town did he go after?)
  411. <Neon_Mercilion> It's strange
  412. <Neon_Mercilion> (Kakariko, derp)
  413. <Neon_Mercilion> (fale)
  414. <DM> (lol, failing to capture Kakariko is sad, there's barely any guards there, lol)
  415. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (He obviously went for the Kakariko Highlands)
  416. <Neon_Mercilion> Either way, I have my official card of residency right here
  417. * Neon_Mercilion hand the Guard a card.
  418. <EntranceGuard> I remember that incident. I trust you, and those that are with you.
  419. * EntranceGuard looks at the card, examines it, and hands it back to Neon.
  420. <Neon_Mercilion> Truth be told, I'm a sellsword now.
  421. * Neon_Mercilion takes it back.
  422. <Kappa> What I meant I applied to be part of the Guard and Eldin has given me a task for me to do to get in.
  423. <Neon_Mercilion> (Let's go with Coronis was real...but Neon was lying about being his general. :3)
  424. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (Clever man)
  425. <EntranceGuard> Ah. Well, if you're with this Goriya ex-general here, someone that has reformed since the horrible war, I believe you all.
  426. * EntranceGuard gets closer to you all and drops into a whisper.
  427. <Neon_Mercilion> Hmm?
  428. <EntranceGuard> Truth is, we don't know who's on our side anymore.
  429. <Neon_Mercilion> Well
  430. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Either it's greed, or it is some kind of possession spell
  431. <Neon_Mercilion> You could consider me neutral
  432. <Neon_Mercilion> Because I'm a sellsword
  433. <EntranceGuard> I myself have heard odd things from other guards, men that were once good men that believed in the safety of this village. But now... all they speak of is a higher power... something like the "True Followers".
  434. * EntranceGuard turns to Kappa.
  435. <Kappa> Yeah, that's what I heard one of these guards said.
  436. <EntranceGuard> If you really wish to be the guard, then finish your task, but be warned... it's not as it used to be.
  437. <EntranceGuard> I cannot mention the name of the group we're suspicious of out here, but when you join the guard, find me and I shall tell you, if Lord Eldin himself doesn't tell you himself.
  438. <Kappa> Okay.
  439. * EntranceGuard stands back a bit and returns to his normal voice.
  440. <EntranceGuard> May the remainder of your day fare well.
  441. <Kappa> Thanks, and see ya.
  442. <EntranceGuard> And good luck on the remainder of your journey.
  443. * Kappa walks away, towards the church.
  444. * EntranceGuard returns to his post.
  445. * Serikka_Tonatsu follows the Kappa
  446. <DM> *You walk back towards the church. Eldin and the other guards have vacated the area, and a sparse number of Hylian citizens are back to traveling the road.*
  447. <DM> *It seems to be hitting evening time. You can see the sun setting in the distance, starting to creep below the north wall.*
  448. <DM> (Sun sets in the north it seems)
  449. * Kappa walks to the back alley behind the church.
  450. <DM> (gimme like 2 minutes real fast)
  451. <DM> (kay, continuin' on)
  452. <DM> *You walk to the back alley. The lighting is dim, as the sun's rays do not reach back here. Various crates and barrels partially block the way, but you can move around them just fine.*
  453. <DM> *The back alley itself is only 6 feet wide. It continues onwards straight ahead. At the back corner of the church, the back alley both extends straight ahead and to the right (behind the church).*
  454. * Kappa continues moving along the alleyway, being careful.
  455. <DM> *Err, clarifying, that's a split path. One continues the straight course, and the other is to the right, which is behind the church.*
  456. * Serikka_Tonatsu goes the backwards way
  457. * Kappa follows Serikka
  458. * Serikka_Tonatsu takes the right turn instead
  459. <Neon_Mercilion> Well, since I seem to have gotten into this mess my own self
  460. <Neon_Mercilion> I see no point in requesting for a pay.
  461. * Serikka_Tonatsu pays Neon_Mercilion in rocks
  462. <DM> *You round the corner to find a thug sitting on a wooden crate. He's looking at the back of the church wall, and he's kicking his legs back and forth in boredom.*
  463. <DM> *All of you, roll Wisdom versus the Thug's Wisdom*
  464. * EntranceGuard is now known as Thug
  465. <Kappa> $7d10
  466. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 4, 3, 5, 9, 3 and 10. Total: 38. Successes: 4.
  467. <Thug> $2d10
  468. <Tatl> Thug: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8 and 3. Total: 11. Successes: 1.
  469. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $5d10
  470. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 8, 7, 6 and 9. Total: 40. Successes: 6.
  471. <Neon_Mercilion> $5d10
  472. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 4, 3, 1 and 1. Total: 19. Successes: 2.
  473. <DM> *The thug doesn't hear any of you.*
  474. <Thug> Grr, it's been 3 hours a'ready! Why don't dey 'urry up?!
  475. * Thug kicks the wall and goes back to grumbling.
  476. * Kappa carefully walks past the thug, trying to not let him notice.
  477. <DM> *There's a 2 foot wide gap between the Thug's back and the wall behind him.*
  478. <Kappa> (So, not really possible)
  479. <DM> *It's possible, but given the proximity, it's likely he'll hear something. If you wish to sneak past him, roll Wisdom -2 vs. his Wisdom.*
  480. <Kappa> $5d10
  481. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 3, 10, 4 and 7. Total: 28. Successes: 3.
  482. <DM> *Past the thug, you can see a turn to the left.*
  483. <Thug> $2d10
  484. <Tatl> Thug: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4 and 4. Total: 8. Successes: 0.
  485. <DM> *Kappa, using your awesome Sheikah sneaking skills, you manage to sneak past the Thug undetected. Good thing these thugs have no awareness.*
  486. * Kappa geustres to Neon and Serikka to come forward
  487. * Neon_Mercilion sneaks forward.
  488. * Serikka_Tonatsu tries tip-toe-ing the way
  489. <DM> (Roll Wisdom -2 vs. Thug's Wisdom)
  490. <Neon_Mercilion> $3d10
  491. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 2 and 6. Total: 18. Successes: 3.
  492. <Serikka_Tonatsu> $3d10
  493. <Tatl> Serikka_Tonatsu: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8, 5 and 7. Total: 20. Successes: 3.
  494. <Thug> $2d10
  495. <Tatl> Thug: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4 and 1. Total: 5. Successes: 0.
  496. <DM> *The Thug just dozes off as you two slide past him with ease.*
  497. <DM> *There's about 150 Rupees visible in the Thug's pocket. Seeing as he's asleep, you could easily take it from him.*
  498. * Serikka_Tonatsu takes 50
  499. <Neon_Mercilion> (Nooooooooo)
  500. * Kappa eyes the rupees but chooses not to steal any.
  501. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (What, it is only like, 50 rupees)
  502. * Serikka_Tonatsu puts the 50 rupees back
  503. <DM> *You decide not to take his rupees. Perhaps with these rupees he can buy some necessities and learn to become a better person.*
  504. * Kappa continues along the path, continue sneaking along, making the turn to the left.
  505. <DM> *You make the turn to the left, and you reach a clearing, about 15 feet wide and 40 feet long. There's a Hylian Guard laughing together with two Armored Thugs around a small, makeshift campfire.*
  506. * Kappa keeps an eye on the guard and Armoured thugs, thinking that something fishy is going on.
  507. * Neon_Mercilion notices a Hylian Knight.
  508. <Neon_Mercilion> Eh?
  509. <DM> *You can see that weird, ominous glow in the guard's eyes from here. He continues chatting and laughing with the thugs merrily, not noticing any of you, though you're all still about 40 feet away.*
  510. <Kappa> (That guard looks like one of the ones Eldin stopped before)
  511. * Kappa whispers to Neon "What should our course of action here be?"
  512. <Neon_Mercilion> Hmm....
  513. <DM> *Though you're surrounded by village houses in these back areas, there are no lights from any of the windows. In fact, some of the windows are broken, and a section of a house to the right has collapsed partially. You may be able to fit through a gap in it.... except Neon. As a Goriya, you're a little too large to fit through that gap.*
  514. <DM> *The gap is about 10 feet away from you.*
  515. * Kappa carefully creeps up to the gap, seeing if he can sneak by.
  516. <DM> *There's a bit of debris around the gap, so your footsteps may make a crunching sound. If you wish to continue, roll Wisdom -1 vs. all of their Wisdom stats*
  517. * Kappa continues
  518. <Kappa> $6d10
  519. <Tatl> Kappa: You rolled 6 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 8, 7, 3, 1 and 6. Total: 35. Successes: 5.
  520. <DM> $2d10
  521. <DM> $2d10
  522. <Tatl> DM: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5 and 10. Total: 15. Successes: 3.
  523. <Tatl> DM: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10 and 8. Total: 18. Successes: 3.
  524. <DM> $4d10
  525. <Tatl> DM: You rolled 4 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 4, 10 and 4. Total: 25. Successes: 3.
  526. <Neon_Mercilion> $4d10
  527. <Tatl> Neon_Mercilion: You rolled 4 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 4, 8 and 1. Total: 14. Successes: 1.
  528. <Neon_Mercilion> (Fuck)
  529. <DM> (wait, Neon, did you advance forward?)
  530. <Neon_Mercilion> (Was following Kappa, so yes. ;~;)
  531. <DM> (lol)
  532. <DM> *Kappa, you silently manage to sneak in through the gap. Neon, your large Goriya body causes some audible footsteps and cracking noises as you step across the debris.*
  533. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (He is dead meat)
  534. <DM> (well, he's live meat right now..... for now)
  535. <Neon_Mercilion> (I'm literally a balanced breakfest, look at my stats.)
  536. <DM> *The Hylian Guard and the two Thugs turn towards your direction. Their merry smiles fade for a moment before returning, but they seem sadistic this time.*
  537. <DM> *They draw their weapons and advance towards you.*
  538. * Thug is now known as HylianGuard
  539. <HylianGuard> Well well well... look who stumbled in here. You REALLY shouldn't be here, you know.
  540. <HylianGuard> Maybe... maybe I'll make you disappear, heheheheheh...
  541. <Kappa> (Kappa would love camoflauge)
  542. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Maybe your stupidity should disappear
  543. <HylianGuard> Is that so...
  544. * HylianGuard draws a flaming White Sword.
  545. <Neon_Mercilion> Damn...what would Green do in this situation. (Note to self: Green was a strategist as a general.)
  546. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Run?
  547. <DM> *Kappa, you enter the gap, and you end up inside of an abandoned house. You can see three bombs and some weird root.*
  548. * Kappa examines the root and picks up the bombs.
  549. <DM> *It has a fresh smell, and it looks fresh still.*
  550. <DM> (hang on)
  551. <DM> your pickups -
  552. <DM> (I'm being nice by telling you what it is, so you don't accidentally bite into it and kill yourself, lol)
  553. <Serikka_Tonatsu> (That root will be the bane of our existence at this point)
  554. <DM> *Kappa, you hear people talking behind you, and you hear weapons being drawn.*
  555. <DM> (lol)
  556. * Kappa takes the baneroot so he has evidence of the root.
  557. <DM> (HEYOOO)
  558. * Kappa rushes back out to see the guard and thug drawing their weapons at Neon and Serikka
  559. <Serikka_Tonatsu> That flaming sword may be able to burn, but it won't do good at burning through light
  560. * HylianGuard is surprised by Kappa, a Sheikah, coming from out of the house so suddenly. He backs away.
  561. <HylianGuard> A-a-a-a Sh-Sheikah!
  562. * HylianGuard seems to talk to something above you, but there's nothing above you all except the dim evening sky.
  563. <HylianGuard> Lord... oh Lord what shall I do? It is a Shadow of the Royal Family!
  564. * HylianGuard seems to nod a bit... and he grows a sinister smile.
  565. <HylianGuard> Yes... extermination is the only way for the non-believers...
  566. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Man
  567. <Serikka_Tonatsu> You sure have some terrible mind
  568. <Kappa> (You wish, idiot guard)
  569. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Back where I am from, people were actually smart
  570. <DM> [Thug1]: Hey, don't ye insult me brains just cause me ain't smart!
  571. <Serikka_Tonatsu> Well, your words speak for your brain
  572. <DM> [Thug2]: You idget, we's smarts, dey just smarter dan us!
  573. <HylianGuard> Enough!
  574. <HylianGuard> You shall all PERISH before the might of the True Followers! Destroy them!
  575. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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