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  1. =item How do I read data until the other side closes the connection?
  3. If you just want to read your data into a perl scalar, the easiest way
  4. to achieve this is by setting an C<on_read> callback that does nothing,
  5. clearing the C<on_eof> callback and in the C<on_error> callback, the data
  6. will be in C<$_[0]{rbuf}>:
  8.    $handle->on_read (sub { });
  9.    $handle->on_eof (undef);
  10.    $handle->on_error (sub {
  11.       my $data = delete $_[0]{rbuf};
  12.    });
  14. The reason to use C<on_error> is that TCP connections, due to latencies
  15. and packets loss, might get closed quite violently with an error, when in
  16. fact, all data has been received.
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