DERQ NG Hard True End notes

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  1. NG Normal
  3. Do not set combo
  4. Get all 3 True End items (Red Fruit, Odd Flower, Dew Drop)
  5. Get Beast Clan Scarf
  6. Trally Bloom + Lunamis x2 on the bug(s) (rebound into dino); 3x Lunamis facing wall on dino; attack the snake (lv1->2)
  7. 3x lunamis on main knight + learn rokudein (hopefully) on the knights (no lvup)
  8. 2-3x lunamis solo knight, grab bugs if required (lv2->3) (Attackx3 + 1 rebound is a range)
  9. Meti+Meti+Glitch dragon (learn Metic hopefully)
  11. (Get Palace Brick)
  12. Go to West section camp
  13. Enter camp, talk to Shina for Enigma item, go to episode chart and clear it out (down to Mr. Enigma)
  14. Buy Shina's weapon and 1 Rapid Ring, also accept Tale of Triumph I.
  15. Optimize Shina, put Rapid Ring in bottom slot and switch formation (maybe set Trally Lunamis Glitch combo)
  16. Solo knight: Trally Lunamis Lunamis; Vizstar x3 from Lily. Those + rebounds should kill, otherwise add regular attacks
  18. First rat: Rokudein all
  19. Get IRL item
  20. Second rat: Pick up blue bug for SP, kill all but one enemy with rebound strat (watch a run video), stall for corruption debuff on Shina from last enemy, pick up a couple more bugs (want ~25% to be safe) and kill the rat (Lv2->3)
  21. Get 9000 Eni
  22. (View IRL x3)
  23. Skip open door strats here
  25. Enter area boss battle, run over tiles to enter Glitch Mode, Meti+Meti+Glitch or Trally+Lunamis+Glitch as appropriate (definitely Trally if it fell while getting debuff)
  27. Desert area: Enolef's Ether on shortest detour chest (little indent just before the end)
  29. Enter camp area in shipyard, get key then go to shop
  30. Accept & hand in monster quests
  31. Sell Beast Clan Scarf, teddy keychain thing
  32. Buy 2 Ogre Cold Brew, Attack Ring
  34. Equips:
  35. Shina: Attack Ring -> proof of defiance
  36. Al: optimize (gives 2x Attack Ring)
  37. View IRL event
  39. Go outside, fight first Chamos: Al pick up one white bug and use Sol Strike x3 on left snake and middle lizard. Shina gets three white bugs and attacks the remaining lizard, Lily end fight with basic attack on the leftover snake
  41. (Sturfil Ore)
  42. Fight second one outside crane: Same method except only 2 bugs for Shina and none for Al
  44. (Get Spiderweb)
  45. Cross ship
  46. I suggest setting combos once you reach this point (Shina Trally Lunamis Guard or Lunamis Roku Guard; Al Sol Strike x2 + Guard or Sol Spear x3)
  47. Fight the enemy here repeatedly until you learn at least Sol Spear, run with Shina
  49. Afterwards, carry on
  50. Heal Al's SP with 1 Elf's Tonic if below 60 somehow
  51. Get Beast Clan Scarf unless the enemy is in a trolly spot
  52. Boss: Go behind it with Al and knock it towards Lily with Sol Spear x3. Shina picks up two white bugs (70%) and uses Rokudein x2, Lily triple guard, Al finish it
  54. Get the Beast Clan item in desert area IF you skipped the one in the shipyard
  55. Need Lunamissimo before next boss
  57. Now go through first giant event
  58. Raid Episode Chart for money again (R1x3 to Chapter 3 for fastest money)
  59. Sell: Beast Clan Scarf
  60. Buy: Will Ring
  62. Equip: Shina Will Ring over Rapid Ring; (L1) Give Clea the Rapid Ring
  63. Party: Swap Lily and Al, swap Lily and Clea, swap Clea and Shina (Al, Clea, Shina)
  65. Giant:
  66. Run forward with Clea, pick up 1 speed bug and use Blue Bullet x2 + guard (do not actually hit him)
  67. Al Sol Spear x3, Shina two bugs to glitch + Lunamissimo x3
  68. Finish with Clea and Al's strongest moves
  69. Fish: Triple Guard with Clea, Sol Lance/Spear with Al
  71. Collect Odd Candlelight here
  72. If you get into any battles (unlikely), learn Clea moves (All Lives Restored > bullet moves > ???) and run with Al/Shina
  74. Go to camp in wilderness for warp stone (quest isn't available yet)
  75. Proceed through wilderness grabbing the Enolef's Ether and Code Salve
  77. Go to camp in forest, juggle monster quests, buy 1 Magic Ring, 2 Rapid Ring (12000)
  78. See Lucil event, then heal up if needed and bring Lucil in over Al
  80. Fight first enemy (for safety you can in general use All Lives Restored before/after each fight from now on)
  81. Reduce this enemy down to one left using Lucil's Ache Flare (Clea should try to learn All Lives Restored turn 1) and stall for moves using guard trick:
  82. Shina Ache (Lunamis+Rokudein) / [Rokudian (Rokudeinx2) / Achewave (Lunamis+Ache) / Metic (Meti+Meti) / Metinark (Meti+Metic)]
  83. Clea all Bullets until Cerulean and All Lives Restored, try to learn Azure with the killing blow
  84. Lucil (stands near enemy) Ache Flare x3 at the start, then Therapeak x2 until you learn Pure Therapy, Therapeak + Pure Therapy until Deathstroke Therapy
  85. Kill the enemy once you have Cerulean Bullet, Deathstroke Therapy, Ache at a bare minimum. Others can be caught up later.
  87. Collect Elven Dust, Beast Clan Coat, Ancient Branch, Elf's Heart (fast one) and Code Salves in general while making your way through the forest.
  88. At last enemy grab Enolef's Ether then carry on to Ripuka fight
  90. Menu before Ripuka: remove Al's attack Rings, optimize Clea; Bring Al back in for Shina and swap Al with Lucil then Lucil with Clea (Al, Lucil, Clea), maybe use Panacea to remove corruption resistance?
  92. Ripuka 1:
  93. Al run close, triple guard every turn
  94. Lucil uses Therapeak + Deathstroke Therapy every turn on herself + Clea until Therapy de Magius, then can standby
  95. Clea collects the pure red bugs when able (only 1 per turn from full HP) to 20% corruption and otherwise standby / All Lives Restored if Al takes significant damage or Clea isn't at full SP.
  97. Scorpia:
  98. Clea Cerulean Bullet x3 from where she stands, Lucil triple guard, Al uses Sol Lance + Sol Spear x2 (or Sol Spear x3) to knock him towards Lucil
  99. Lucil triple guard again, Al standby (unless still no Sol Lance), Clea Cerulean Bullet x3 again
  101. View IRL, do loop de loop, etc until you reach the temple
  103. MENU
  104. View IRL first to prepare for the menu
  105. Skills:
  106. If you have Al and Clea's moves: Set combos: AL Sol Lance x3, Clea Azure Bullet x3, Celica Aster League x2 + Astate. Otherwise this can wait
  107. Equip: (L1/R1x3) Remove 1 of Clea's Attack Rings, (R1x2) Optimize Celica then give her a Magic Ring as well
  108. Party: Replace Al with Celica, Swap Celica and Clea (Clea, Lucil, Celica)
  110. Go to top row first, collect 20000 Eni on the way to the IRL event
  111. Get into one battle before the frogs, for a speed buff
  112. First frog run straight forward and Hone Power + Aster League + Astate
  113. Second frog run straight forward and combo or AL+Astate+Astate if not set
  114. After second fight and key item, use All Lives Restored and view IRL event
  115. Third frog:
  116. Celica run forward and triple guard, Lucil use all 3 bottom buffs on Celica (continue learning Magius if needed, don't use Corruption Resistance buff if not close to 20% yet), Clea use strongest move on as many as possible (however do NOT use Azure Bullet x3, it will put you under 30 SP), Celica finish them
  117. Use All Lives Restored again
  118. Fourth frog: Celica run up to B and triple guard, Lucil standby, Clea pick off what she can same as last battle, finish them off with Clea/Celica as needed (attack with Lucil as well if one or more of them corrupt)
  120. Before Araful:
  121. (Skill) Use All Lives Restored, set combos from earlier if not done already (AL is kinda SoL at this point)
  122. (Party) Switch Lucil out for Shina
  123. Araful:
  124. Celica Comet Faye x3 (para or you lose, basically), Clea Azure Bullet x3, Shina Lunamis + Ache + Enolef's Ether
  125. Celica combo (ALx2+Astate), Clea Azure Bullet x3
  127. Fight a mob on the way to Lily if speed buff fell on anyone. You do NOT have the shortcut open on this route.
  128. Lily: Pick up NO MORE THAN ONE YELLOW BUG with Celica and combo her. Finish with Clea if necessary
  129. Complete the rest of the castle at a sprint (IRL event don't forget) (if you're a fan of stupid yolos, skip using Lucil's ability)
  131. Visit the camp at the start of the forest and buy 2 Magic Rings and 1 Will Ring (37000), then head immediately for the AL battle
  134. Equips: Replace Shina's Proof of Defiance with the second Will Ring, (R1) give Lily the two Magic Rings.
  136. Al 1: combo
  137. Al 2: combo. If you get extra turns, triple guard / heal Celica's SP
  139. View IRL event (ignore Talk, only Map) and set Lily in party over Clea in the same menu
  140. View last event and get Al's weapon, QJ Alhaoi wilderness, reach ruins
  142. Reach the Ripuka battle, I suggest you also grab the warp stone on the way there (so go via the camp)
  144. Ripuka:
  145. Celica grab one red bug and head for the topleft to triple guard. Then triple guard every turn.
  146. Shina grab one, Meti+Metic for Metinark. After that continue picking up a red bug whenever you have 599 HP and learn Achewave (Lunamis+Ache). Can standby once you have Metinark and Achewave and 30%+ corruption
  147. Lily learns moves priority Manafont (Debricave+Metinfris, no second one) -> Icarus Heel (Metinfris + Meti Light Order) -> Icarus Dash (Icarus Heel + Meti Light Order) -> Resurrect (Revive + Metinfris)
  149. FORCED MENU before Lucil 1:
  150. Skills: Use All Lives Restored then set final combos - Shina Achewave x3, Lily Manafont x2 + Debricave, Celica Aster League x3, any others you missed earlier
  152. Lucil 1: Combo with Celica and Shina and she should die
  153. Lucil 2:
  154. CAREFULLY unblock the invinc bug with Celica (you can pick up up to 3 purple bugs), then run back away and Advance End Storm.
  155. Now Shina CAREFULLY picks up that unblocked invinc bug, grabs other bugs to 60% then attacks.
  156. Lily should prioritize learning any remaining moves, otherwise just combo.
  157. You may have to deal with skillseal, use Panaceas and revives as needed. Shina does by far the most damage so keep her alive even if it costs Celica's life.
  159. Go to IRL item now. Warp back to camp (Clock Tower Square) if the giant mob is in an awful spot
  160. MENU: IRL events x4
  162. Dragon 1: Celica should run round the dragon and knock it into bugs. Then get the summon up ASAP (using Shina's Rokudein to clear the way and hopefully learn Rokudian) and pingpong it to death, reviving as needed.
  163. If Lily gets a spare turn you can still keep learning moves with her, using a Vizstar on the third action to continue the pingpong.
  165. Quickjump to the temple and MENU:
  166. Party: Switch Lily with Al then Lucil in for Shina (Al, Lucil, Celica)
  168. Symbol attack an enemy in the temple before leaving
  169. Chests to get: 30000 Eni at end of first area [only if you skipped the Odd Candlelight], Enolef's Ether next to event marker in second
  170. Dragon 2: Celica Comet Faye x2 + Astate and hope like hell it paralyses. If it does, have Al run into a yellow bug near Celica for free 40% corruption, otherwise summon with her to get the meatshield out there.
  171. Either way, have Lucil buff their PATK & MATK. After that, pingpong.
  173. Get Celica weapon
  174. Equip: (L1) Give Celica her new weapon, (L1x2) Remove Clea's remaining Attack Ring, (L1) Optimize Al and give her a Rapid Ring in the bottom slot.
  175. Party: Swap Lucil with Lily, swap Lily with AL (Lily, Al, Celica)
  176. Use All Lives Restored to full
  178. SAVE before jellyfish
  179. Jellyfish: Skillseal (AESx2 + guard) and you win. Otherwise try to improvise (have Al or Lily heal Celica's SP for a second go if she survives turn 1).
  180. Once skillseal / Debricave stacks are setup just combo with everyone. Lily will need to grab a purple bug (274 dmg, 61 SP) or Enolef's Ether if she's below 150 SP at the start of a turn.
  182. Look at money on this forced menu, if below 49400 somehow briefly use Episode Chart to get there (99400 if you skipped Odd Candlelight)
  183. Jump to temple
  184. SELL: Beast Clan Coat (29000)
  185. BUY: Goldfinger (8400), Magic Bracelet LV5 (20000), Sanatheus Jewel (50000) [Odd Candlelight (50000) if not picked up]
  187. Party: Lily->Celica, Lily->Clea, Shina->Al (Celica Shina Clea)
  188. Equips: (R1) Remove a Magic Ring from Lily, (R1) remove both of Al's accessories, (R1) optimize Clea, remove the Magic Bracelet, put a Rapid Ring in the second slot, (R1x3) Shina Magic Bracelet Lv5 + Rapid Ring + Magic Ring
  189. Skills: All Lives Restored to full
  191. Go to Strain Area, Talk, Create Code > Pandemic (Self) Lv2 and Pandemic (Enemy) Lv3, leave again
  192. Fight a mob for speed boost
  194. Rafid:
  195. Celica: unblock path to an invinc bug (careful to only hit one red + one blue), then run to front and Aegis Absorb
  196. Clea: Collect the unblocked invinc bug, unblock the other one and pick up bugs to 60% corruption, stay at back and combo
  197. Shina: Collect the second invinc bug, red/blue bugs to get to 71% corruption, use Rokudian x3 on tiles near the bug (Rokudein if no Rokudian)
  198. Celica again: Collect bugs to corrupt, Guard x2 + Glitch
  199. Clea again: Azure Bullet x3 for the kill (Leaving Celica dead is fine and recommended as long as she didn't lose EXP earlier)
  201. Collect ZPB-201 from the awkward spot over the bridge, take nearby jump pad for Ruined Sword, carry on, collect Perfect Infinity a little later, carry on to event markers
  202. Forced menu: Shina new weapon + Will Ring over Rapid Ring (skip this if Shina doesn't have Metinark or Rokudian yet and learn them on the Celica fights), Clea new weapon, add Lily to empty slot
  204. Celica 1: Azure Bullet x3
  205. Celica 2: Azure Bullet x3
  207. Derp Dragon: Collect bugs to glitch, Rokudein max bugs + Metinark x2, Pandemic Enemy Lv3, Rokudein max bugs + Metistar, Pandemic Enemy Lv3, Rokudian x2 max bugs + Metistar, then cleanup remaining bugs on foot (141 dmg) or with Rokudein and attack until it dies.
  209. Rush to second camp and do 21 item quests, buy as follows:
  210. Odd Flower x1
  211. Dew Drop x1
  212. Ring Fragment x1
  213. Palace Brick x1
  214. Heartis Gold x2
  215. (skip 1) Sturfil Ore x1
  216. Battleship Gear x2
  217. Gowen Grass x1
  218. Odd Candlelight x2
  219. (skip 2) Ancient Branch x1
  220. Elf's Heart x1
  221. Sanatheus Stone x1
  222. Sanatheus Ironware x2
  223. Sanatheus Jewel x2
  224. (skip 1) Scarlet Dragonscale x2
  225. Blaze Stone x2
  226. (skip 1) Stardust x2
  227. Golden Mirror x2
  228. Total = 1350000
  230. After quests are done BUY Mirage Fang Drive (98600) or Petro Wing Bow (35400) for Lily, whichever you can afford.
  233. Set party Celica, Lily, Shina (Lily->Al, Al->Celica, Shina->Clea)
  234. Equip items as follows:
  235. Shina - Weapon, Magic Bracelet Lv10, Rapid Ring, Walkthrough Guide [Go to Episode Chart > Kill the Messenger (R1 to C11 then one up)]
  236. Lily (leave weapon off for now) - Guard Bracelet Lv9, Magic Ring x2
  237. Clea - optimize (Attack Ring x2) then change to ZPB-201 and remove armor
  238. Celica - optimize (weapon + armor) then Rapid Ring x2
  240. Use All Lives Restored, go to Ripuka
  242. Ripuka 1:
  243. Pick up +MATK bug then Advance End Storm x2 + guard
  244. If skillseal: Shina pick up a MATK bug as well and go on the attack, Lily Icarus Dash + Manafont x2 first turn then combo other turns
  245. If no skillseal: Shina manually buff herself then standby, Get up to 2 Debricave stacks before attacking, make sure you leave with +Speed on everyone from Icarus Dash
  246. Not a hard fight as long as you keep party alive. Make sure you end with a speed buff on all characters or at least your two attackers
  248. before second phase:
  249. Use All Lives Restored
  250. Set Shina's first combo skill to Metistar
  252. Ripuka Scarlet Queen: Do infinite glitch memes with Shina. Use Rokudian for attacking with Shina until scrubs are dead since they're all vulnerable to poison.
  254. MENU:
  255. Set Lily's combo to Resurrect + Manafont x2, add Guard to the end of Celica's.
  256. Equip Lily with her AGI weapon. If Petro Wing Bow, also add 1 Rapid Ring over either Magic Ring.
  257. Party Celica, Clea, Lily.
  259. Phase 1: Aster League x3, Azure Bullet x3
  260. Phase 2: Celica pick up invinc > clear bugs until <50% > cheat code Pandemic (Self) Lv2. Clea back off and Azure Bullet x3, Lily back off and Icarus Dash + Manafontx2, Celica collect enough bugs to glitch and Astate x2 glitch, Clea Azure Bullet x3
  261. Phase 3: Celica run up and Aegis Absorb+Hone Power, Clea and Lily run away and combo, then combo spam until dead
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