DF Jump

Dec 2nd, 2014
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  1. Dorf Fortress Jump
  2. 1.1
  4. Armok, the God of Blood, is just about the only constant in these chaotic random universes. A general sense of conflict keeps Armok appeased - when the universe becomes too boring it is set on the anvil of creation to be reforged."
  5. "The destruction of the world by Armok will arise inevitably in most game worlds. As civilizations spread and the frontier closes, the world will start to look homogeneous. Armok, looking upon this decadence in disgust, will reform the world. Basically, when the universe has become too boring, it will be changed.
  7. Long story short, Jump-Chan is loaning you to Armok cause they both thought it would be hilarious.
  9. Survive 10 Years here and try to keep Armok amused. Things get bad when he gets bored.
  11. Remember that everything gets destroyed in the end when Armok remakes the world.
  16. +1000CP
  18. ---Origins---
  21. Drop In: Free
  22. No pesky memories and no attachments. You get to drop in the same species and gender as your last Jump. It can't be any weirder then whats already here. Or can it?
  24. Immigrant: Free
  25. You get to start by joining as a founding member of a new Fort or join a Fort that is already established. Don't expect to be liked cause you'll probably be like the rest of the useless immigrants and be like the fiftieth Cheese Maker. You can't possibly be useful, right?
  27. Expedition Leader: 100 CP
  28. Not sure what you did to get this awefu---amazing opportunity but you get to lead your very own expedition into the wilds to start a new Fort!
  30. Adventurer: 100CP
  31. Its dangerous to go alone. Take a weapon you idiot. Maybe some friends with weapons too. Just remember to find someplace to sleep at night or the Boogie Men will get you.
  33. Noble: 200CP
  34. You were born is a silver spoon in your mouth---or maybe it was gold. Possibly obsidian and seashell. Anyways, you were born into wealth and the ruling class. Its your duty to lead these brave people to—hehe---the brave---hahaha...Okay. Can't keep a straight face. You are going to ruin everything and probably die horribly.
  36. ---Starting Location---
  40. Location: This is where you will start your adventure or Fort. The world is remade fairly often so every Fort will be different to a degree. Roll 1d8 to find your starting location or pay 50 CP to choose your start.
  42. 1: Forest – A temperate forest where you'll encounter deer, bear and wild berries. Wood is abundant but stone may be a bit harder to come by on the surface.
  44. 2: Jungle – A steamy jungle filled with gnats, mosquitoes and monkeys. Beware tigers and snakes! Wood is abundant and some fruits may be found here.
  46. 3: Plains – Wide open plains where you get to see everything around you. Lots of grass and maybe some wild berries and veggies. Expect horses, coyotes, and various rodents. You won't see a whole lot of trees or surface stone.
  48. 4: Mountains – Ah! Stone everywhere! The perfect place to set up a fortress since you can just carve straight into the mountain! Expect few trees here and some wild berries. Goats, Eagles and the like roam here. Best source of stone, metals and gems right off the bat.
  50. 5: Desert – Not a whole lot out here except sand. Maybe you really like sand? Who knows? Not much in the way of trees or large animals but maybe that is a good thing? Depending where you end up, you could not have any grass here so live-stock might not be an option. Very scarce in wood.
  52. 6: Coastal – A long stretch of beach somewhere in the world! Lots of sand, salt water, and fishing to be done here! Maybe you can find a use for all the drift wood that floats ashore.
  54. 7: Hills – Long stretches of rolling hills make it hard to see anywhere unless you are on the tallest hill but who knows what might be sneaking about. Its no mountain but starting an early fortress here is much easier since you can dig straight into the hillside. Horses, deer, wild dogs and all sorts of critters abound here. Might not be much in the way of wood or immediate stone though.
  56. 8: Choose! Lucky you! Choose someplace to start!
  58. World Features
  59. --These apply only to this Jump and are to help give you a little boost.--
  62. Biome Buddies – 100 CP
  63. Choose another starting point. You get to mix your starting point and the second. This allows for coastal plains, desert forests and jungle mountain ranges. Mix any two. Kind of pointless to buy the same as you started with as it won't double it or anything.
  65. A River Flows Through It – 50 CP
  66. You have a source of fresh water where you plan to set up. It might freeze in the winter. If you take Glacier then its somewhere deep underground.
  68. Delicious Liquid Magma – 200 CP
  69. You start with a volcano near your fort. Who doesn't want to spend their CP on a volcano?
  71. Good Aligned Terrain – 300 CP
  72. Good biomes tend to have less aggressive and weaker creatures, except for the unicorn. The Unicorn will wreck you all the way through till next Thursday. Good regions also support the wild sun berry, which makes the best alcohol in the game.
  73. You will find a variety of interesting creatures here like Gnomes, Satyr and Merpersons if near water. Also expect various vermin such as pixies and fairies to bother you.
  75. Evil Aligned Terrain – +200
  76. Oh, fancy yourself a bit of a bad-ass, eh? Maybe you like a bit of a challenge? Well here you have it. Evil ground will never produce edible food in the wild, is riddled with undead and anything that dies on Evil ground will come back as undead. Even cast off parts like fingers and sinews. Ever watch Evil Dead? Oh, and lets not forget the blood storms, plague rains, and horrific clouds of undead insects.
  78. Savage Terrain – 50 CP
  79. Savage surroundings are typically more dangerous than their Neutral or Benign counterparts, due to the naturally occurring creatures found therein. Savage regions contain many giant versions of normal wildlife, as well as sentient humanoid versions. A "Savage Good" region is called Joyous Wilds, a "Savage Neutral" region is called Untamed Wilds, and a "Savage Evil" region is called Terrifying (and is the most dangerous alignment by far, if you couldn't tell by the name).
  80. Civilizations typically do not settle in high-savagery regions, except for elves who are naturally at peace with animals.
  81. Animals: giant eagle, giant cheetah, giant leopard, giant jaguar, giant tiger, giant lion, tigerman, slug man, snail man, leech man, giant desert scorpion, sasquatch, sea serpent
  84. Glacier – +300 CP
  85. What would you do this to yourself? Instead of starting in a mundane part of the word, you start in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Expect lots of snow and ice, no trees, no animals, and no plant life. You will have to immediately start digging and hope you can get an underground farm going before you starve.
  86. This overrides your starting Location unless you take Biome Buddies upon then you get both Terrains with your choice of them being adjacent or overlapped. If overlapped then the area you start in will be a dead, frozen mockery of your choice such as an iced over Jungle filled with dead plants and animals. No plants will grow topside in the freezing cold if you chose to overlap terrains without protection.
  87. Note: Glacier may be taken with Evil Aligned Terrain if you feel like a masochist. Expect zombie sharks and skeletal whales, undead walrus, and all other manner of unlife to assail you from underwater or across the ice. The sky will still rain strange things like blood, filth, plagues and insects.
  90. Fan Made Mod – 100 CP (Can repurchase multiple times)
  91. Hey someone...made...a mod? I' does that work? Can someone mod an entire world? Well, whatever. Armok seems amused by it. Looks like you can now import one race from any setting you've visited before. They are seamlessly integrated into the lore when the world is first created. They have cities, camps and/or caravans around the world. They will ally, war and trade with all the other races as defined by how the race would normally act.
  93. Perks and Skills:
  95. Dorfen Physiology – Free (Can only take 1 physiology perk)
  96. Short, stocky and mostly beard, you gain the qualities of a Dwarf. Rugged physique, powerful limbs capable of hauling stone and carving out mountains, a digestion system capable of eating almost anything and you become capable of drinking nothing but alcohol. Actually you pretty much need booze to survive. Quality doesn't matter. Drink bathtub gin out of a boot if you have too.
  97. Comes with a free dose of hatred for Goblins. Seriously, put an infant Dorf and Goblin in the same room, they will try to murder each other. Its instinctual or something.
  100. Human Physiology – Free (Can only take 1 physiology perk)
  101. Uh....Human. Don't think I need to explain this one do I? Well they can be found just about anywhere and equally hate and are hated by all other races.
  104. Elven Physiology – 100 CP (Can only take 1 physiology perk)
  105. Graceful and lithe --compared to Dwarves-- with pointed ears, you gain these Elven features so you can pass yourself off as an Elf. As an added benefit, you don't have to worry about facial hair ever again and wild animals will ignore you unless provoked or starving!
  108. Kobold Physiology – 100 CP (Can only take 1 physiology perk)
  109. Small creatures adept at thieving that try to infiltrate fortresses and steal valuable items. They always run away once discovered. They start Competent in Swimming, can pick locked doors at a sprint and they are not affected by mundane traps.
  111. Kobolds are very weak in battle however as they are much smaller than dwarves and most hits will likely cause severe injuries to them, even basic punches will often cave in their heads.
  113. Drop In
  115. Friendship! – 100 CP
  116. You can bring a Companion of yours along with you on this Jump. If they were Humanoid then they become a Dwarf along with you. If they were non-human then they become a close relation to this world such as a Wolf, Tiger, Eagle, Unicorn or Dragon.
  118. Status Report – 300 CP
  119. A real time HUD that you can bring up at will with a thought. It gives you an extremely detailed report of damage to you down to the tendons in a single digit. It other feature is a viewable list of your currently inventory, a list of your skills with a descriptor of your talent in them, and detailed biography detailing your likes, dislikes and your history in bullet points.
  120. As an added benefit, Status Report keeps a record of all you actions and encounters for you to review as needed. Its not very detailed and is listed in bullet points such as: You ate a good meal. You slept in a good bed. You dodged a kick to your right back molar.
  122. Arena Mode – 600 CP
  123. Accessible at anytime, you can enter a meditative state to run a life like simulation of anything you have encountered before at a rate of one hour in the Arena for every minute in real time.
  124. You are able to create a near infinite variety of What If scenarios and play then out in your head to the best of your knowledge. The Arena is able to replicate any terrain, weather, condition and being you've encountered before.
  125. You can't take anything into or out of the Arena except for what you learn from simulations and the experience gained there. The exception is simulations of equipment for such simulations which you still can't take with you as its not real.
  126. While beings will use all their powers they were capable of even if you didn't get to see them, nothing they do will permanently effect you; therefore, you can't gain new powers from opponents by absorbing them or such.
  127. Knowledge is also limited in that should you try and replicate something like a library you once visited, all the books would be blank unless you read said books.
  131. Immigrant
  133. Craftsman – 100 CP
  134. You gain the needed knowledge to perform a particular craft be it farming, cooking, leather working or so on. This Perk can be taken multiple times to better prepare you for whats to come.
  135. You start as Skilled in the chosen skills. *
  138. To Get Through The Work Day – 300 CP
  139. At the end of the day—and generally through it—you like to throw back a few brews. The world can be an extremely bizarre and dangerous place to live but you've found alcohol helps.
  140. By drinking throughout the day you can relieve fatigue and sanity loss. Never completely but it will let you go longer without breaking down into a sobbing mess. Drinking also has the side effect of helping hindering the progress of madness setting in too along with bolstering your resistance to fear effects.
  143. Fey Mood – 600 CP
  144. Each month there is a chance you will be struck by a Fey Mood. Roll a 1d8 and on an 8, you are hit with a Fey Mood.
  145. During these moods you loose all sense of time and cease to acknowledge anyone around you. At this time you will start gathering all manner of resources and tools you are capable of using then hole up somewhere for as long as it takes to craft an Artifact level item of the highest craftsmanship---even if you aren't all that great at crafting things.
  146. Should you be unable to find tools or resources, you will either go into a manic depressive mood or a homicidal rage. Items will be made of whatever resources are at hand; moreover, this will lead to some interesting creations such as gloves made of ice that menace with spikes of bronze etched with poetry about cheese. Any scenes or wording added to items made generally refer to events that happened in your life.
  147. Roll on the table for the kind of item made:
  148. 1: A handheld weapon of a variety you are familiar with.
  149. 2: A piece of armor of a variety you are familiar with. (Not a full suit.)
  150. 3: A piece of furniture such as a table or chair.
  151. 4: A piece of tableware such as a bowl, cup or cutlery.
  152. 5: A decorative piece such as a statue, painting or tapestry.
  153. 6: A piece of clothing such as a pair of boots, pair of gloves or a shirt.
  154. 7: A consumable such as a potion, ammo or edible such as a pie.
  155. 8: Your Choice of Above Item.
  159. Expedition Leader
  161. Brew Master – 100 CP
  162. You can brew a mighty mead, a whimsical wine, and an all-mighty ale! Booze is a needed part of any Dwarven diet. This starts you with all the skill and knowledge needed to craft the basics and be damn good at it. Feel free to try and invent new alcoholic beverages.
  165. Leadership Training – 300 CP
  166. Leading Dorfs is sometimes like trying to herd cats. You need a lot of patience and plenty of alcohol. Maybe a large stick. Possibly several drinks and large sticks.
  167. You gain the skills, stubbornness and drive needed to oversee large operations and get people to do tasks needed. Eventually.
  168. You also gain a general sense of where everyone you over see is and what they are doing at the time but only to the degree of moving, working, eating, or muckin' about.
  171. Book Keeping – 600 CP
  172. With a proper set up and access to some way to keep a log, you are capable of keeping an extremely detailed account of all your assets, people and possessions along with their combined wealth even if you have personally never seen it all before.
  173. Said log of possessions can take longer to total should resources be used up and new resources acquired as you have to go back and make adjustments.
  174. A single house worth of resources and people may only take an hour to catalog. A small island worth can take half a day. A full town or city might take a couple days. A entire country a couple weeks to a month. An entire planet roughly takes two to three months.
  175. The time needed to note all your belongings and material wealth takes an amount of time dependent on how much you own but gets done quicker with practice. This ability uses and trains the Record Keeper skills and at Legendary level reduces the time needed to 1/16th as you use your near magical skills of analytical mastery to track and record all you own in only a few brush, pen or key strokes.
  179. Adventurer
  182. Trap Making for Dorfs – 100 CP
  183. With a handful of stone and wood, you can fashion a wide variety of fiendishly simple yet effective traps in little to no time at all. Putting aside the time needed to fashion the needed parts, it only takes you several minutes to put together various forms of traps used to hinder, capture or injure whoever activates them.
  184. The more you use this ability, the faster you can go about making the required parts and assembling your traps.
  185. You also become Competent in the skills Carpenter, Mason and Trapper.
  189. Dwarven Combat Training – 300 CP
  190. To call this combat training is a bit deceiving. Dwarven combat is a mixture of hitting someone with whatever is at hand while also kicking, biting and trying to wrestle them to the ground. Its a long standing tradition passed down from bar fight to bar fight to battle field.
  191. Purchasing this grants you 3 at Professional skill level and 6 at Competent.
  192. **Combat Skills listed at the bottom in notes.
  194. Dungeon Master – 600 CP
  195. A long lost title used ages ago by masters of taming who could wrangle even the most exotic of creatures. You gain some of this ability, become skilled in Animal Handling and even learned it at an accelerated pace compared to those without this perk.
  196. With this new found talent, you find that you can tame wild animals you or others have captured can be trained to a skillfully trained level but thats where your power starts to really shine. Should the creatures under your control produce off-spring, those young will be partially trained already and lose their wild nature. With enough training, its possible to train these young enough to completely Domesticate a wild animal so that all future generations are also born domesticated.
  197. This only applies to non-sentient, living creatures such as Gorillas, Giant Eagles and even Dragons.
  200. Items and Starting Equipment:
  202. You will be getting a standard starting package to start your fort with.
  204. Drop In: Nothing but the clothes on your back and what you brought with you and could fit in a large backpack. Not a big problem if you have your Warehouse.
  206. Expedition Leader: A couple live-stock, stone and wood, a couple months worth of food and booze, plus a handful of seeds and other knick-knacks like Axes and Picks. This is your chance to spend some of your hard earned points to get what you WANT to start with.
  208. Immigrant: Same as Drop In but you only get a bag of food, clothing and some tools of your trade.
  210. Adventurer: A suit of leather armor, an iron weapon, a bag and several days rations.
  212. Noble: You start with some Fine Clothing and get a discount on all items purchased here.
  213. -=-=-=-=-
  215. Small Animal – 5 CP
  216. Bring along some extra cats or maybe some chickens. Turkeys and rabbits might be neat. How about some dogs? Can be taken multiple times to bring 1 extra animal.
  218. Large Animals – 10 CP
  219. Bring along a larger animal such as a Cow, Horse, Ox or Mule. Can be taken multiple times to bring 1 extra animal.
  221. Seeds – 5 CP
  222. Bring along some extra seeds. Mushrooms, veggies and fruits. Its all here. Each purchase grants you 10 seeds and a free bag to hold them in! Careful that the seeds don't get eaten.
  224. Wood – 5 CP
  225. Heading someplace with few trees? Want to save some time not having to cut anything down? Start off with a few logs then. Each purchase grants 5 logs.
  227. Common Stone – 5 CP
  228. Nothing beats stone when it comes to having to make stuff. Great for building up some quick fortifications if you don't think stone will be in immediate abundance. Grants 5 Blocks of a mundane stone such as granite or basalt.
  230. Quality Stone – 15 CP
  231. Same as common stone but much nicer to look at. You get 5 Blocks of Obsidian, Marble or some other quality stone.
  233. Common Metals – 10 CP
  234. Bring a bit of Copper, Bronze, Iron and the like with you to get a head start. You get 5 bars with each purchase.
  236. Uncommon Metals – 15 CP
  237. Silver, Gold, Platinum and such rarer metals are yours to start with. You get 3 bars with each purchase. No starting with Adamantine though. You got to dig deep and dig greedily for the stuff of legends.
  239. Leathers and What Not – 5 CP
  240. Bring along some extra leather, some spider silk, or a stack of bone. A bit cheaper then bringing along finished goods if you don't mind crafting stuff yourself. Grants a stack of 10 each time this option is taken.
  242. Tools – 10 CP
  243. Start off with some extra tools. Maybe some extra copper picks or axes. A few buckets and bags? A generic grab bag option for you to take. You get to choose 10 basic items to bring along each time this is taken.
  245. Misc – 5 CP
  246. Maybe you want a couple toys? A few instruments? Something that doesn't quiet fall into another category? Here's the chance to pick it up. A good option for bringing extra socks. Grants a mix of 5 each time this option is taken.
  248. Writ of Expansion – 400 CP (Discount Expedition Leader)
  249. A letter explaining you have the right to lead a caravan of 6 from the species of your choice, a wagon, two pack animals, an Oxen, two dogs, and a cat to start a new Fort somewhere in the world.
  250. You may renew your Writ of Expansion and take another caravan with you to your next Jump. The Dorfs do not count as Companions and when they die they go back to Armok.
  251. When the Writ is Renewed, you get 50 CP to spend on Starting equipment here. If Noble, the discount still applies.
  255. Drawbacks
  257. You can take a max of +800 CP in drawbacks total. Any CP gained beyond that is lost.
  259. War! +100 CP Each
  260. One of the few choices here you can take a couple times. You will start at war with one of the major races present in the world. They will pursue you relentlessly and rarely give you time to rest. Expect them to sabotage your goods, kill caravans, capture immigrants and harass your workers.
  261. Choose from Dwarves, Humans, Goblins, Kobolds and Elves. Yes, you can be at war with your own race.
  262. If you take Fan Made Mod, you can choose to be at War with that race but only for +50 CP.
  264. Where Has All The Rum Gone? +200 CP
  265. You seem to run out of booze faster than most. Either its used to fast or someone isn't properly sealing those casks. Maybe some sneaky monkeys are getting into it. Either way, Dorfs need booze to live. All work and no ale makes McUrist a homicidal maniac. You will run out of Booze much, much faster now. You can never keep more then a few casks around no matter how hard you try.
  267. Dwarven Omniscience +300 CP
  268. No, this doesn't make you aware of everything. It instead makes your Dorfs aware of everything and thats a bad thing. If someone dies and drops a silk sock somewhere near your fort, expect someone to stop whatever they are doing to immediately claim that sock for themselves. Someone's favorite berries in season? They will drop what they are doing to go eat them. Doesn't matter if they are performing surgery, if they are being performed on, or if an army is at your gates, they will go get what they want.
  270. Who Let the Beasts Out?! +400 CP
  271. Not content to let them slumber, Armok has awoken all the Semi-Megabeasts, Megabeasts, Titans and Forgotten Beasts. Normally they are content to stay near their spawning grounds or sleep deep under ground but Armok has decided instead to have an unusually large number of them roaming about from the get go!
  272. The most common will be Minotaurs, Giants, Ettin and Cyclopi roaming about the world. Then come Dragons, Hydra, Rocs and Colossi. If you are extremely unlucky, a breeding pair will form and start spawning!
  273. It only gets worse from there as dozens of Titans wander about the world and the Forgotten Beasts roam the underground looking for a way to the surface.
  274. Titans are, essentially, randomized creatures composed from a variety of material types, creature bodies / limbs and other additions. These other additions include everything from venomous stings to flame breath. Forgotten Beasts are the subterranean versions of Titans.
  277. Beware the Thriller! +500 CP CP
  278. A powerful Necromancer has built a massive tower somewhere in the world and is sending out armies of the damned. Worse of all is he's spreading Unhallowed Ground! Killing him is near impossible but it will grant you a brief reprieve if you can defeat him. He will always come back sometime in the next year.
  281. Power Failure : +600 CP
  282. For the duration of the Jump, you lose all abilities, powers and access to the Warehouse. You can't exchange Companions and are stuck with the 8 you bring with you when you start.
  285. Anti-Dorf: +600pts
  286. Facial hair falls out in your presence and booze turns into water. You gain the immediate distrust of all Dwarven Nations and are considered an abomination to be killed on sight.
  287. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  290. Exit – You decide to pack up your toys and go home with everything you have.
  292. New Game + – You decide to stay and Armok finds you amusing. You get to escape the destruction and recreation of the world each time Armok gets bored so you can continue to amuse him forever.
  294. Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Nope, you'rw done here. Time to pack your bags and move on before Armok asks you to play another game. You move on to the next Jump.
  299. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  304. Notes:
  308. Dwarfs need beer like Humans need water. They can go months without food but only days without Booze.
  310. -=-=-=-=
  312. *Skills are listed from Dabbling to Novice, Adequate, Competent, Skilled, Proficient, Talented, Adept, Expert, Professional, Accomplished, Great, Master, High Master, Grand Master and Legendary.
  313. Should you ever manage to push past Legendary it will regard the skills as ?????.
  315. For a list of relevant skills, visit the wiki:
  318. Cause I'm seriously not going to list every single skill here.
  320. -=-=-=
  322. **General Combat: Skills that are unrelated to using weapons or armor but are useful for combat.
  323. Archer - Increases with the use of any ranged attack, including throwing. Decreases the probability of an enemy dodging a ranged attack.
  324. Biter - increases whenever a character chooses to bite an opponent. This is probably the most effective attack for a creature whose biting causes a syndrome, but some immigrants will arrive with this skill as well, and unarmed combatants will occasionally learn a bit when they choose to bite during a combat.
  325. Dodger - aids creatures in avoidance, causing enemies to miss more often. Dodging can even be done while lying on the ground, making it a particularly valuable skill.
  326. Fighter - increases with each melee attack (from or to a target), no matter what kind of weapon is used, and can increase rather quickly. Its use or significance is currently not known. However, when tested in arena mode with two dwarves, one unskilled and one grand master fighter, the one with fighter skill won consistently while armed with any of the default weapons. Unarmed dwarves showed no preference.
  327. Kicker - increased by kicking in unarmed combat. Stance strikes from kicking tend to have a blunt attack type.
  328. Striker - increased by throwing punches and scratching with claws or nails in unarmed combat.
  329. Wrestler - pertains to incapacitating enemies by holding limbs. Wrestlers are generally unable to kill much, but they may make killing easier for their armed comrades. Wrestlers can strangle enemies unconscious, break joints, and even take away weapons and armor.
  331. Equipment: Skill use of non-weapon equipment and increase dwarf survivability.
  332. Armor User - related to how well a dwarf moves in armor, and increases whenever a dwarf wearing armor attacks or is attacked. Higher levels of this skill reduces the encumbrance penalties of armor, allowing dwarves wearing full steel plate to move at normal speed. Armor users become tired less easily than non armor wearers. Because even leather clothes count as armor, this skill often appears at dabbling level on civilians who briefly struggle with a kobold thief or predatory animals.
  333. Shield User - increases whenever a dwarf uses a shield or buckler to block an attack, which is often. Shields increase survivability of dwarves a great deal, and can block anything from a goblin axe to dragonfire.
  336. Weapon skills are associated with the use of a particular weapon type, even if that weapon type is "thrown vomit" in adventure mode. Weapon skilla are more powerful per-point than any other combat skill (assuming the appropriate weapon is equipped!), it contributes to offensive ability and parrying.
  337. Axeman - allows characters to use axes, great axes, and halberds more effectively.
  338. Blowgunner - allows characters to use blowguns more effectively.
  339. Bowman - allows characters to use bows more effectively.
  340. Crossbowman - allows characters to use crossbows more effectively.
  341. Hammerman - allows characters to use mauls and war hammers more effectively, as well as crossbows in melee.
  342. Knife User - allows characters to use large daggers and knives more effectively.
  343. Lasher - allows characters to use whips and scourges more effectively.
  344. Maceman - allows characters to use flails, maces, and morningstars more effectively.
  345. Miner - not strictly a weapon skill, but allows characters to use picks more effectively as weapons.
  346. Misc. Object User - allows characters to use objects like tables and chairs more effectively as weapons. It also is used with shields.
  347. Pikeman - allows characters to use pikes more effectively.
  348. Spearman - allows characters to use spears more effectively.
  349. Swordsman - allows characters to use long swords, scimitars, short swords, and two-handed swords more effectively, as well as blowguns and bows in melee.
  350. Thrower - allows characters to throw miscellaneous objects more effectively. Anything that can be held can be thrown. Even water.
  351. -=-=-=-=-=
  354. Kobolds love to sneak in and steal your stuff. And your kids. So hide your kids. Hide your wife.
  355. -=-=-==-=
  356. The undead cannot be killed through conventional means; dismemberment reanimates the individual body parts, creating even more enemies than before. They must be either butchered and tanned, exposed to magma, smashed under a drawbridge, or repeatedly pulped with blunt damage, in order to kill them permanently in certain (always evil) reanimating biomes. Any non-undead creature that dies in such a biome will reanimate as an undead creature after it is killed, including sentient beings, and any severed body parts and loose skin will also come to life as an individual enemy. Clearly, hunting undead animals for food is pointless, and finding kills in a place where things won't stay dead is suicidal. Furthermore, there is a good chance that even soldier dwarves will flee in terror from such abominations, a bad sign when the undead feel no emotion or fear. Aquatic creatures will be able to come ashore in their undead forms, so expect to deal with that if you choose such a location for embark. The trees at embark may all be dead, and though they can be cut down for logs, will not regrow. Undead shrubs are useless for gathering, too.
  357. Even the weather is dangerous; clouds of creeping murk can inflict various syndromes on par with those of forgotten beasts, or instantly transform creatures into freakishly powerful thralls. Evil rains may also inflict random syndromes, albeit less severe ones, and always cause strong unhappy thoughts and a desire to wash. Evil rain won't refill pools, but a single biome may have both evil and regular rain, even at the same time.
  358. Because of the inhospitability of evil regions, even Benign Evil is very difficult for beginning players to earn a niche to work in, so it should be reserved for a challenge play only.
  360. -=-=-=-=-=
  362. On the topic of Digging Too Deep.
  363. Should you decide to dig deep enough, you will eventually reach a layer of stone that can't be dug through. This is actually a physical barrier separating your world from Hell.
  364. The only things that pass through this barrier are hallow spikes of Adamantium. You are free to try collecting this rare and wonderful material—you can even mine it with a copper pick—but should you dig through to the hollow part inside, you will unleash demons upon your world. Even if its only a tiny hole, some demons are made of liquids and gases so its not a problem for them.
  369. For more information about demons, visit the DF Wiki:
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