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  1. Prologue (1981)
  2. A robot talks to Julie and has a message from her boyfriend "Roy".
  4. Twilight (2095)
  5. Roy doesn't know very well what is happening to him right after his time travel.
  7. Yours Truly (2095, few days after the abduction)
  8. Roy already is a few days (weeks?) in 2095 and found a robot woman
  9. He is not sure if he'll ever get back to Julie but to stay loyal he won't do anything with the robot... Or will he?
  11. Ticket To The Moon (2095, few days after the abduction)
  12. Roy is getting desperate. Buys a gun (or drugs) and plans to kill himself. Will he do it?
  14. Another heart breaks (2095)
  15. More people besides Roy are abducted to 2095 and miss their lovers. All their hearts are being broken as they cannot go back.
  16. (The counting is the amount of hearts being broken)
  18. Rain is falling (a few years after 2095)
  19. Scientists tried to make time transporters but kept failing. Roy is lonely, cries like a bitch (rain is falling).
  21. From the End of the World (2095, a few days after the abduction)
  22. Roy dreams about Julie and it feels so real but as he wakes up he finds out it was just a dream.
  24. The Light Go Down (2095, a few weeks after the abduction)
  25. Roy still has hope Julie is waiting for him but also decides that the robot woman is a possible new girlfriend
  27. The Bouncer (2095)
  28. Roy is (again) hoping to get back to Julie (filler).
  30. When Time Stood Still (2095)
  31. It is lonely in 2095
  33. Here is the News (1985/2095)
  34. At the last part its clear that someone espaced from Satellite Two. Is this where Roy is being held hostage while scientists are altering his mind?
  36. Hold on Tight (2095)
  37. Just before Roy gets away from the experiments he finds out that he needs to have hope for what he wants.
  39. 21st Century Man (1985)
  40. This song describes Roy escaping from the experiments. The song states that he should be glad to be in 2095 with all the technologies.
  41. The song also states at the end that things while being in 2095 weren't how he thought they were.
  43. Julie don't live here anymore (1985)
  44. After Roy returns to earth and where Julie lives he finds out that Julie is long gone.
  46. The Way Life's Meant to Be (A while after 1981)
  47. Roy returned to his old world, only a few years after. Everybody moved on with their lifes.
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