Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >And you are feeling very uncomfortable
  3. >You are out helping a certain mothpony to shop named Lucid
  4. >And she’s making you feel very uncomfortable
  5. >You avert your gaze from looking up her Gothic attires skirt as she glances at you
  6. >You wait for a while and look back up, only to find her looking at you unimpressed and mildly annoyed
  7. >You blush, but before you can look away she smirks an almost unnoticeable smirk
  8. >So you keep looking while carrying her bags behind her
  9. >Lucid moves her butt and tail just enough to give you a glance that makes you blush harder and look away
  10. >You could swear you hear a small sound of amusement coming from Lucid but as you glance at her again she’s not looking at you and walking forward
  11. “We’ll go there next”
  12. >You look at an alley Lucid is pointing at with her booted hoof and give a nod to her
  13. >”Allright”
  14. >Lucid starts walking towards it as you follow, careful to not let her see again how much you’re staring at her butt
  15. >Soon enough the two are deep in the alley way and you notice that it leads to a dead end
  16. >”Hey Lucid, where ex-“
  17. >You are interrupted by Lucid pushing you against the brick wall with her hooves while looking you straight in the eyes with a cold gaze
  18. “You were looking at my butt Anonymous”
  19. >You start to sweat a bit
  20. >”...yes I was?”
  21. >Lucid gives you a light smirk, her gaze not loosing its coldness
  22. “You are a bad boy Anon”
  23. >Lucid removes one of her front hooves she’s leaning against you with and starts to trail it slowly towards your crotch
  24. >You stare at her clothed hoof as it travels to your crotch and then presses against it
  25. >You can feel her boot digging against your crotch
  26. >It’s pressing a bit too close for comfort
  27. >You quickly glance at Lucid as she smirks in delight
  28. “Do you know what must be done to bad boys?”
  29. >Lucids hoof digs even further against your crotch
  30. >And you start to feel aroused by it
  32. >Lucid gives you a sharp poke as you do not answer her right away
  33. >”U-uh... punish them?”
  34. >You feel her hoof pull back a bit and you breathe out in relief
  35. >But then Lucid starts to grind her boot at your crotch while pushing you against the wall
  36. >You shudder at the alien feeling of pleasure
  37. >This...this should not feel this good
  38. “My, are you enjoying your punishment? We can’t have that can we...”
  39. >You feel Lucids hoof pull back and in a moment of desperation you cry out
  40. >”N-no, it’s very painful, you’re punishing me so good”
  41. >Lucid smiles for a moment while you look at her feeling very tense
  42. >You are sure your lie failed but then you feel Lucids booted hoof starting to grind your crotch again
  43. “Are you sure~?”
  44. >Lucid starts to grind your crotch in a circular motion now and it takes all the willpower you have to not let out how much you are starting to enjoy this
  45. “Not even a teensy tiny bit~?”
  46. >You have no idea how she can make her voice sound so cruel yet hot at the same time but it’s working so well
  47. >”N-no...”
  48. >Oh god if this keeps up you are going to cum
  49. >She’s so rough with her hoof and it sends ripples of pleasure all over your body
  50. >Suddenly Lucid stops and you look at her
  51. “You’re lying Anon”
  52. >Lucid steps down from holding you down and you lie there with your back against the brick wall while looking at Lucid
  53. >Your cock feels like it could rip a hole through your pants any minute now
  54. >Before you can say anything Lucid starts talking while looking at you with amused mirth on her face
  55. “I wouldn’t mind rewarding you though, if you were a good boy...”
  56. >You gulp as your cock twitches in its jail of fabric
  57. >Lucid takes a few steps towards you and you can help but to feel a bit menaced by her presence
  58. >menaced and aroused
  59. “Are you going to be a good boy for me Anon?”
  60. >Lucid tilts her head and does a faked innocence bat of her eyelashes at you
  61. >”Y-yes... I’m a good boy”
  63. >Lucid stops in front of you and smirks
  64. “Then, be a good boy and lick my boot”
  65. >You glance at the hoof Lucid is offering towards you
  66. >Then you notice how Lucids gaze has hardened and turned colder as you did not get right to it
  67. >Are you really going to do this?
  68. >The screaming need for more in your bulge is starting to overthrow all of your doubts
  69. >Lucid scrunches angrily now and starts to slowly lower her hoof back down
  70. >You quickly shoot down and grasp it
  71. >You glance upwards at Lucid who seems pleased
  72. >...
  73. >You extend your tongue and look at the boot
  74. >Slowly, nervously, not believing what you are about to do you inch your face closer to it
  75. >And then, your tongue makes contact
  76. >Well, it tastes just like you’d think a boot would taste like
  77. >Not sure what you are supposed to do here you just make a very visible lick from the tip to the boot all the way it’s length to the top and then you remove your tongue from the boot and glance up at Lucid
  78. >She’s smiling while looking down at you
  79. “Good boy”
  80. >Lucid pulls her hoof back and you let go of it and pull your tongue back into your mouth
  81. >Suddenly you feel Lucids hoof against your shoulder and she gives you a push
  82. >You fall flat on your ass and look at the approaching Lucid
  83. >Her eyes seem gentler now, but her expression is still cold
  84. “Such a good boy deserves a little reward~”
  85. >You open your mouth but then let out a moan instead of words as Lucid starts to grind her hoof gently on your crotch
  86. >You push your head back as your legs and arms tense at the intense pleasure
  87. >Lucid takes notice of this and digs her hoof into your crotch with more force
  88. “Are you enjoying your reward?”
  89. >You grasp at the ground while you feel another intense wave of pleasure wash over you
  90. >”Yes!”
  91. >Suddenly Lucid lifts her hoof off of your crotch
  92. >You look at her with dissatisfaction
  93. “Yes what?”
  95. >Lucid looks at you with a cold gaze
  96. >Yes... mam?”
  97. >Lucid gives you a little smile now and returns her hoof to grind you on your bulge
  98. “Good boy”
  99. >You throw your head back to let your eyes roll to the back of your head but then suddenly Lucid applies extra pressure while grinding on just the correct places and your eyes shoot open as your whole body tenses
  100. >And just as you cum, Lucid stops grinding her boot against your crotch and just presses down on your bulge
  101. >You cum in your pants in a mixture of pleasure and slight discomfort as Lucid holds you down by pushing down on your crotch
  102. >But not painfully
  103. >You give a few last twitches as you finish cumming and Lucid lets go of your crotch
  104. >You look as she starts to walk away as you lie on the ground
  105. “Come on Anon, we’ve got a lot of shopping to do”
  106. >You look at Lucid in disbelief as she starts to walk back out from the alley way
  107. >Lucid stops for a while
  108. “Be a good boy and I might reward you again~”
  109. >Before you can answer Lucid starts to walk again and you quickly get up and grab the bags while feeling uncomfortable in your now soiled underwear
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