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  1. [12:26:16] <&aldaron> hi kevin_garrett =)
  2. [12:33:16] <&aldaron> kevin_garrett i'd like to thank you for your continued hard work in the tournaments section; i believe your lack of bias in determining and influencing controversial decisions is unparalleled on all of smogon
  3. [12:33:59] <&aldaron> i absolutely understand your rejecting of a cohost for symphonyx64 on the grounds that TDs involved in spl would be able to leave bias at the door
  4. [12:34:03] <&aldaron> thanks again =)
  5. [12:39:24] <&Mekkah> lol
  6. [12:42:17] <&Solace> i think as a senior staff we should deal with the pressing issues of the banning of ggfan
  7. [12:42:27] <&Solace> we must right this great injustice
  8. [12:43:12] <&Mekkah> i did an alt check on ggfan. turns out he's DM.
  9. [12:43:14] <&Mekkah> ban please
  10. [12:43:26] <&Solace> lol
  11. [12:43:32] <&ibojangles> mekkah are you a dm alt
  12. [12:43:34] <&Solace> mekkah =]
  13. [12:43:44] <&Mekkah> we were super modded at the exact same time
  14. [12:43:46] <&Mekkah> coincidence????????
  15. [12:43:53] <&Solace> mekkah would sooner be a sprinkles alt than a dm alt i think
  16. [12:44:01] <&ibojangles> he was clearly hedging his bets
  17. [12:44:02] <&Mekkah> i aint got no chode dick
  18. [12:44:05] <&Solace> ahahahah
  19. [12:44:18] <&ibojangles> "if one of my smod accounts doesnt make admin, i always have the other"
  20. [12:44:51] * mingot (mingot@synIRC-752228AC.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
  21. [12:45:00] <&Mekkah> i'll admit the acting on my DM account has been a little overboard
  22. [12:47:17] * &Kevin_Garrett (vhost@is.a.competitor) Quit (Quit: Kevin_Garrett)
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