CharaFrisk (Explicit Undertale oneshot)

Feb 21st, 2016
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  1. >It was a special night in the town you lived in
  2. >There was a festival outside the town. Your mom, Sans, Papyrus… even Alphys went to it, except for you and Chara
  3. >You were with him, in a M.T Coffee near home. Chara was drinking a coffee with milk and sugar accompanied with a chocolate bar and you were just drinking a single black coffee with a donut
  4. >The night was cold and it helped the warm of the coffee, although Chara didn’t like your choose in coffee
  5. >”And I’m the bad one? God Frisk, at least put some cream in that coffee”
  6. >You just shake your head as answer while you sip your coffee. Chara sighs and looks at you with his smile
  7. >”What I am going to do with you”
  8. “Well… now that you ask, since there was this festival and everyone went… the house must be alone, you know?”
  9. >Chara’s smile grow a bit more as he heard your words
  10. >”Then what are we doing here? Let’s go to the house”
  11. “What about your chocolate and coffee?”
  12. >Chara drank the coffee as fast as he could and placed the empty cup in the table
  13. >”I’ll eat the chocolate in the way, let’s pay up and leave”
  14. >Speaking of paying, you remember that you need to buy something else
  15. “Umm, Chara, don’t we need protection this time?”
  16. >”I’m way ahead of you, Frisk! I have the armor ready to wear in my room”
  17. >Is he talking about clothes? Because it seemed that way
  18. >But whatever, you drink your coffee and leave the money in the table
  19. >You two exit the M.T Coffee and walk towards home. It was a beautiful night in the town; the sky was without any cloud, so you could see the stars glowing. It was a beautiful scene… a shame Chara doesn’t pay attention to it, as he was trying to sing something
  20. >”Making LOVE~ making LOVE~ tonight under the roof~ I’m going to nail that as-“
  21. >You interrupt Chara by grabbing his hand. He tilts his head, looking at you, still walking in the direction to home
  22. >”Is something the matter, Frisk?”
  23. >You shake your head
  24. “No, is just that I love how the sky looks right now. Pretty, don’t you think?”
  25. >Chara looks at the sky, gives a bite to his chocolate bar and then looks back at you
  26. >”What? You want to do it in the park under the stars? That’s some kinky stuff you got there, I tell you that”
  27. >You start blushing. You know he is lying but he could make that true
  28. “No Chara, no. besides… that could be illegal. I just wanted to see your reaction at today’s night sky…”
  29. >He stops walking but still holds your hand. Chara looks up trying to think something to say, seconds pass and he finally says something
  30. >”Is pretty, but not as much as you, Frisk”
  31. >You could feel your heart beating a little bit quick for what Chara said. He most of the times was more the joker than the charmer in a situation. But now… he was being a kind person, and you really liked it
  32. “Chara, I-“
  33. >You were catch off guard as Chara plants a kiss on your lips. It was a quick kiss, but a cute and caring kiss
  34. >Chara steps back and smiles at you
  35. >”And you were the one flirting at the start of our relationship. Now look at me, seems like its contagious, heh”
  36. “Ah… yes… umm… Chara…”
  37. >”Speechless already? Save it for the sexy time later”
  38. >Chara winks at you and starts walking again, you follow as you do not want to stop grabbing his hand
  39. “I love you…” you say under your breath as you follow him
  40. >Chara starts humming a song as he moves his arm playfully like a kid along with yours
  41. >You start humming at his rhythm too. You don’t know what the song is from, but if Chara is happy humming, so you are
  43. >You two finally arrive at home, you used your key to open the lock and you both entered the house
  44. >It was silent, not a sound was made, not even by a mouse. Which was weird, because the mouse that lived in your home was pretty active at night
  45. >Chara couldn’t wait more, so, as you closed the door he made you turn around so you could see him
  46. >He carefully started to touch your face with his right hand, slowly caressing your cheek. You slowly move your left hand to make contact with his hand, you do this not to stop him, but so he knows you are one hundred percent with it
  47. >”Heh… You were right. Seems like nobody is home”
  48. >You both were blushing deeply. Chara’s red crimson eyes were shining as you looked deep into them. Those smooth lips of his, waiting for yours to meet and dance in the middle of the night
  49. >You couldn’t wait any longer for this; maybe the proposal of doing it in the park wasn’t a bad idea… dangerous, but not so bad now that you wanted this
  50. >You two heard a noise coming from the kitchen. It was a matter of time until Flowey noticed the acting Chara was doing on you
  51. >”I’m here! You IDIOTS! Whatever you two are doing, STOP”
  52. >Chara didn’t change his expression with Flowey interrupting the moment. He was still looking at you with bedroom eyes as his soft hand was touching your cheek; his thumb playing with your lips as a tease
  53. “Yeah… seems so”
  54. >As Chara teased you with his thumb, you manage to move his hand with yours, closing his hand into a fist, except for a finger, which was the index. Your eyebrows move seductively at Chara, and then you bring his index finger to your mouth, slowly licking it with your tongue and sucking it
  55. >”Indirect, are we?”
  56. >He brings his finger out of your mouth and goes for a kiss. Instinctively you hug him, putting your hands around his shoulders as he kisses you; Chara does the same, hugging you back with his hands around your hips
  57. >The kiss was deep and calm, you didn’t have haste nor did Chara into rushing the kiss. You two were enjoying it as if it was yours first kiss
  58. >Chara’s tongue started to invade your mouth, trying to fight yours. You fight back as he attacks more and more, you don’t give up and put force into the kiss. He stops fighting and finishes the kiss, a trail of saliva being visible between you two
  59. >You two were breathing heavily one to the other, looking into each other
  60. >”Hah… and this is only the warm up”
  61. >Chara went directly to your neck; you moaned as he started giving it little kisses and bites, your neck was very sensitive for this. You could feel his breath in your neck as he continued to play with it
  62. “Ohh, Chara~” you said as you feel the love Chara was trying to tenderly give you on your neck
  63. >A screech could been heard from the kitchen, the sound coming from the only inhabitant of the house that could hear you both
  65. >Chara stops kissing your neck and holds your hand, and then he starts whispering in your ear
  66. >”Wanna take this to some place more private?”
  67. “Your room or mine?” you reply without doubt
  68. >”I was thinking we could pay a visit to our dear flower friend and show him what he’s missing without a body.”
  69. >You stare into his evil smile, then you try imitating it, smiling evilly as you could
  70. “Chara, you are a devil. And that’s why I love you, let’s go~”
  71. >”That’s the spirit, partner!”
  72. >It doesn’t take you both much time to run and enter the kitchen. You find Flowey standing in the table of the kitchen, his expression angry as he looked at you and Chara
  73. >”What the HECK are you two doing in here? GO AWAY!”
  74. >Seems someone didn’t sleep well last night, Flowey was more angry than others days for some reason
  75. >”We were just paying a visit to you on this wonderful night.” Chara moved a chair some meters away from the kitchen’s table “And we thought you could see something very interesting.” Chara picked up the flowerpot Flowey was on
  76. >”HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PUT ME DOWN!” Flowey was moving abruptly as Chara moved him away of the table and on the chair
  77. >”What are you crying for? You’ll have a great view from the act. You should be happy that we are doing this in front of you”
  78. >Flowey was confused as to what Chara was saying, he didn’t want to ask but he had to
  79. >”What… are you two going to do?”
  80. >Chara smiled while listening to Flowey’s question
  81. >Before he could answer his question, you take some steps further and put your arm around Chara as you respond Flowey
  82. “We are going to have fun with our bodies, and you are going to watch”
  83. >You wink while looking at Flowey; he was showing his expression with disgust and cringe
  84. >”You two are sick. I’m going to tell Toriel about this”
  85. >You step closer to Flowey, looking him directly to his eyes as you say in a deep tone
  86. “Go ahead, tell Toriel. She isn’t going to believe you”
  87. >Chara chuckles as Flowey trembles in his flowerpot.
  88. >”Enough talk, time to sin”
  89. >Chara grabs you from behind, his hands going around your chest as he bites your ear. You whimper as he bites it, then Chara makes you turn around, corning you in the table
  90. >He kisses your cheeks in a lovely way, Chara goes slowly down until he reaches your belly, his objective now was to remove your shirt
  91. >Chara blows a raspberry on your belly while stripping your shirt
  92. “C-Chara… that tickles… Ah~”
  93. >He finally takes your shirt out and goes for your nipples, pressing them with his soft fingers. Your nipples go hard as Chara continues to play with them; he bites one, making you moan softly
  94. >You pet his head as he continues to taste your nipple
  95. >The room was filled with your soft moans and the grumbles of Flowey
  96. >Chara tenderly removes your shorts, exposing your underwear and showing your visible bulge to him
  97. >Chara removes his shirt and smiles at you
  98. >”Aren’t you going to help me removing these?” he points at his shorts “Talk about manners with your boyfriend”
  99. >His smile goes to one of a neutral smile as he realizes what he just said
  100. “So WE are boyfriends!”
  101. >You smile widely while closing your eyes, expressing as much happiness as you could show
  102. >”N-no! Wait! What I was trying to say is that we were sexfriends! Lovers! More than friends!”
  103. >Flowey smile evilly at both of you
  104. >”You two are faggots”
  105. >You unzip his shorts and remove them, surprising Chara in the attempt as he was caught off guard
  106. “No matter what we are, I love you. Nothing is going to change that, I don’t care what you say, I’m going to love you no matter what happens until the end of times”
  107. >You nuzzle his chin, trying to calm Chara a little bit. It seems to work as for what you said and the affection you were showing
  108. >”What I am going to do with you…”
  109. >You put your hands around Chara’s hips, pushing him near you. You sit on the table as he comes closes to you by your grip
  110. “Making some love would be a good start” you say in a seductively voice as you lick your lips
  111. >You and Chara brush deeply as your bulges make contact. Chara starts moving gently right to left, you could feel his penis under his underwear grow little by little more as yours did
  112. >Both your tips were leaking from the underwear as you two continued to move, rubbing with one another underwear. You could feel his precum sharing it with your underwear and penis
  113. >You take slowly breaths, trying to calm and enjoy it. Your heart was pounding faster every second; you could feel Chara’s heart was beating as fast as yours
  114. >You feel his hands on your underwear, taking them out and theirs on the moment. You could feel his balls touching yours and the tip continuing to share the precum with yours. You were looking at him, making eye contact as he moved around down there. Your penis was explicitly dancing with his penis in a way so smooth, both of you were moaning for it
  115. >Chara placed his index finger around your lips; he was ordering you to lick it. You obey and suck his finger, you moan heavily as you suck more and more. Chara pulls out his finger and moves his hand down to your butt, placing his finger around your anus
  116. >He forcibly puts his finger on your anus, your body slowly accepting its invader. Chara moved his finger around your deepest caves, your penis throbbing as reaction for every little push Chara tries inside of you
  118. >Flowey was physically disgusted by what he was seeing, but he couldn’t do anything more. Nothing more than whine and try to look away
  119. >With your left hand you try to please Chara as he was doing with you, placing a hand on his butt you slowly reach his entrance to his body with your finger. You enter dry and more forcibly than Chara did, making him grunt a little bit for the force used
  120. >Your free hand goes for his penis, but instead of touching it, you feel his hand. He grabs your hand as you two continue to rub yours penis with one another
  121. >You could feel your penis going to his climax, you were about to cum. You needed to say it so Chara knew and was prepared for it
  122. “Chara I’m cu-“
  123. >Chara didn’t let you finish your phrase as he kissed you. The mixed sounds of your whimpers and moans filled the room; it was just a matter of time until you two finished
  124. >Chara started to finger you more quickly, so you followed his speed. The kiss, the rubbing into each other penises, the kiss and touch of bodies… it was the perfect time for your climax
  125. >You share moans with Chara as you two came at the same time, his cum bathing your penis in a white shower and your cum making way to your belly, staining part of it. Part of the semen was leaking through the floor and the room scents filled with both your love, lust and cum
  126. >Chara broke the kiss and pulled out his finger out of your anus. You did the same and breathed slowly as he was looking at you with bedroom eyes and a deep blush on his cheeks
  127. >”What a mess… hope no one comes soon to the house”
  128. “Isn’t that more exciting? Doing it in the kitchen… with the danger of someone entering the kitchen and catching us… it could be our mom, Sans, heck, what would Papyrus say if he saw us?”
  129. >”We wouldn’t be allowed anymore in the kitchen and Sans wouldn’t stop with bone and sex puns, I believe”
  130. >You chuckle at Chara’s thought
  131. “Yeah…”
  132. >You two look at each other as you regain your strength back
  133. >”So… who’s top today?”
  134. >You smirk while grabbing Chara by the legs, placing him on the table and exposing his butt at the air, his anus being prepared for the penetration
  135. >”Guess I am…”
  136. >You go for his butt, expanding those delicious butt cheeks and placing your tongue inside Chara’s anus. Your tongue could taste his walls as you continued licking, Chara moaned and grabbed onto the table as you did your work
  137. >You grab both his testicles with your two hands, squeezing them as hard as you could
  138. >Chara’s moan was mixed with pleasure and pain; you tried on biting his butt cheeks to make him yell more
  139. >Flowey was audibly gagging at the sight of what were you doing to Chara’s butt and balls
  140. >”God that’s disgusting. You idiots doing your idiots things are so idiot to me! I rather die than watching this!”
  141. >You ignore him and continue licking Chara’s anus and squeezing his balls. Chara tried to bite the tablecloth so he could feel less pain and try to handle it, but it didn’t worked
  142. >”Nmmm… ah… don’t stop…!”
  143. >You change the position of your left hand into his penis and stroke it as hard as you could, one finger placed on the tip
  144. >”Just stab me already with your knife, Frisk… hnng….”
  145. >Pulling out your tongue from his anus, you smile. Your penis was hard again, so why not?
  146. “I’m not having mercy this time”
  147. >You place your erected penis on his orifice, hot dogging as a tease. Chara was trying his best not to yell at you ‘just put it already’
  148. >And yet again, you two had sex without condom. To hell with it, isn’t like you two are getting pregnant
  149. >Placing your dick inside his anus, Chara moans while yelling ‘yes’
  150. >Instead of your slow pace, you start pounding his ass hard and without sign of stop
  151. >”OH MY FUCK!”
  152. >Chara was with his tongue out as you pounded his ass constantly
  153. “So… tight…”
  154. >His deepest cavers were indeed, tight. Chara’s walls were squeezing your penis the deeper you tried to go, but that didn’t stopped you to go balls deep into him
  155. >You grabbed his hips in the progress, the more you concentrated in hearing the noise in the room, the more your penis was enjoying it
  156. >You felt how your balls were getting the sensation of cumming again; you were prepared to cum inside his anus.
  157. >You came, and you came hard inside him. Chara could feel his body warming as he felt your cum inside of his ass
  158. >”Yes! Yes! Fill me with your cum!”
  159. >As the last drop of cum was inside his anus, you pulled out your penis and started licking and placing in your mouth as much cum as you could get from him
  160. >Then you went directly to his face, smiling with your mouth filled with goods, you proceeded to kiss him, sharing your cum inside his mouth
  161. >As you shared semen and moans with Chara, you sat on his nap, slowly putting his penis inside your anus with the help of your hands
  162. >You could feel his warm penis inside of you, it felt amazing. You moved around so you could feel more comfortable
  163. “Call me cowboy~” you said to Chara in a seductively lower voice
  164. >”I want to die. I can’t believe you two still continue after so DAMN LONG. Look at this mess! How are you two going to hide all the stains and everything?”
  165. >Another comment from Flowey that you’ll ignore, the mess can be solved later. You have all night to clean or have more sexual activities, which you’ll go for option 2
  166. >You continue receiving the gift of lust into your butt as Chara pounded and pounded faster by each second. Giving was amazing, but receiving felt more than amazing, it was something awesome to feel that you couldn’t describe
  167. >Chara seeing that your penis was close to his belly came closer to it and started to suck it off. You could feel his tongue around the tip of your penis and, with his whimpers that he was making made the experience feel greater, even giving it a few bites that felt lustful
  168. >Without warning you could feel his penis cumming already, filling your inside walls with his white liquid. His penis slowly goes out of your anus, leaking all the semen inside of you
  169. >Chara stops sucking your penis and looks at you with smile and shame at the same time, some sweat being visibly on his forehead
  170. “A-already cumming? I’m going to punish you for this later, Chara…”
  171. >You try standing up from the table, your body was shaking from all the sexual activity you two had. Almost falling from the table, Chara grabs you by the shoulder and helps you with standing
  172. >”Whoa, carefully there Frisk. Don’t force your body, we had plenty of fun and all that energy is out. If you want, we can rest for a bit”
  173. >You look at Chara, sigh and nod. He was right; you two had plenty of fun today
  174. “Let’s take a bath and then we clean this mess. I think all I want to do now is cuddle on bed”
  175. >”I… don’t mind that”
  176. “Cuddle naked on bed of course”
  177. >”Like I said, I don’t mind!”
  178. >You smile while looking at Chara, calling him boyfriend as he follows you. This time he doesn’t say a word, just keeps smiling and walks behind you
  179. >You two leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom, leaving a disgusted flower in the room with several thoughts on his mind
  180. >”I wonder if a bee can fuck me in the face…”
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