the sky is just a stupid idea. nothing is real, just ideas

mexicanseafood26 Apr 26th, 2019 82 Never
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  1. what's up?
  2. the sky.
  3. what about the moon?
  4. or the sun?
  5. or that heaven thing that people believe in. it's the stupidest thing
  6. the sky will always be here even when the world ends
  7. but, thats not the case for the sun or moon
  8. the sky is all around us
  9. doesn't even have to be up
  10. the sky is a concept
  11. a construct
  12. the sky is just open space
  13. just
  14. a few layers
  15. to make sure we dont get sunburnt
  16. or the crabs dont dry out
  17. or the ocean doesnt boil like a pot of water on a hot stove
  18. it's all so simple
  19. it's all a mistake
  20. just leave it be
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