Squeezing teasing (TwiggyxAnon, short, tease, clop)

Jun 29th, 2017
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  1. >
  3. >She'll never crash into your room, panting and flushing, obviously worked up over something
  4. >You'll never try to ask her what's happening, only to be cut off by her magic violently pinning you on your bed
  5. >"So, someone's a peeping tom, huh?"
  6. >Oh shit, she found the camera.
  7. >"If you wanted to see, you only had to ask Anon~,"
  8. >You feel a shiver runs down your back. You're not sure if it's from fear of what's happening or if it came from the sultriness of her voice.
  9. >You try to break free but with no results.
  10. "W-we can talk about this, right? There's no need to--"
  11. >"Oh don't worry, we're going to talk."
  12. >This doesn't make you feel better, not when you see her trotting towards you, her magic still pushing you down against the mattress.
  13. >"Or, maybe I'll do the talking, your mouth's going to be busy for a while..."
  14. "W-what do you mean?"
  15. >She doesn't bother responding, a devious grin creeping its way up her lips, before her wings unfurl and a flap later, she lands on top of you, four hooves spread around your form.
  16. >Your mouth open up, but your next question dies in your throat when you see her turning around a full 180°.
  17. >Your eyes go wide in anticipation, but your vision is quickly obscured by her tail.
  18. >And the only thing you can do is try and sputter and blow the hair off your face.
  19. >Before she finally decides to help you out and lift it up.
  20. >And your mouth is left agape, eyes growing wide when she gives you an eyeful of her nethers.
  21. >"Enjoying yourself there?"
  22. "Y-yesss"
  23. >It comes out as a hiss.
  24. >And you gasp when you see her plump lips part ever so slightly, her heart-shaped pearl winking its way out before it instantly retreats back inside.
  25. >You don't think you've ever felt yourself growing so fast.
  27. >"Are you going to be a good boy and help your princess out?"
  28. >The working half of your mind tries to process the completely out of character request.
  29. >But it's not the one in charge right now, the other half telling it to shut the fuck up and groan a yes.
  30. >And you do.
  31. >"That's the least you could do, right? After doing so many... bad things,"
  32. >You gulp when you see her nub peeking out once more, this time releasing a drop of her nectar dribbling its way down her lips, nearly dripping down from the tip of her mound but getting stuck there.
  33. >If you had control of your limbs you'd jump forward to lap it up.
  34. >"I really wonder what I'm going to do with you, you know? You're always grumpy, you keep doing these stupid pranks, and you keep trying to sneak glances whenever you think you could catch a glimpse of it. It seems like you're horny all the time."
  35. >It's not your fault, they're not wearing any clothes! They're always teasing you with their huge asses and swaying tails!
  36. "I-it's because you're so beautiful."
  37. >Smooth one Anon.
  38. >"Hmph. Flattery won't lead you anywhere, mister!"
  39. "Sorry,"
  40. >You're not. You're way too busy engraving what's happening for future self-love sessions.
  41. >"I'll be the judge of that~,"
  42. "Please, Twilight--"
  43. >"I'm your princess for tonight, and you will refer to me as such."
  44. >You've never heard Twiggy using that voice.
  45. >You could get used to it.
  46. "Yes, Princess."
  47. >Her tail flicks to the side and pearl winks once more when the word reaches her ears, some more juice leaving her lips, this time enough for a drop to drizzle down her thigh.
  48. >A satisfied sigh escapes her lips, and she shakes her head to clear it of whatever she was thinking.
  49. >"Good. Now, your Princess is going to sit down on her favorite throne, and you're going to service her until she orders you to stop. Is that clear?"
  51. "Yes, Princess, please!"
  52. >You beg.
  53. >The prospect of it all is nearly enough to make you burst.
  54. >And you stop breathing when you finally see her rear lowering, approaching your face.
  55. >You open your mouth in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the warmth of her cheeks, the softness of her plump lips and the sweet taste of her love.
  56. >But it doesn't come.
  57. >It gets squished against some invisible barrier, as if there was a glass panel between your face and your prize.
  58. >Your eyes open wide and you groan at the sight, her love button winking out and pressing against the translucent wall, her petals spreading ever so slightly, proof of how plump and pliable they really are, her liquid essence splashing against it and pooling at the base of her opening.
  59. >You blink, then you whine in want, in need, just like an hungry dog wanting his food.
  60. >"Or maybe you won't."
  61. >And just like that, she lifts herself up, the beautiful sight becoming nothing more than a memory.
  62. >She turns around 90°, taking great care of trailing the entire length of her tail across your face, leaving her scent in its wake.
  63. >And she jumps off the bed.
  64. "T-twily?! W-where are--"
  65. >The glow of her horn disappears, and so does the spells.
  66. >You lean back up the second you find yourself free, but something wet hits your face on the way up.
  67. >And you only need a quick inhale to know what it is.
  68. >Her.
  69. >You turn to look at her, throbbing, needing.
  70. >And she grins at you, her tail flicking to the side to give you another picture of her everything, before it comes back down.
  71. >"I really hope you learnt your lesson this time, Anon."
  72. >And a flash later, she's not there anymore.
  73. "Twiggles?! What the fuck, you can't leave me like that!"
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