The Eternal War, Session 22

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  1. Session Start: Sat Oct 20 03:33:17 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  19. 01[19:12] <Staffen> You stand gathered in the early morning in the now-ruined study. Galen Sark sits tied to a chair, his head bowed. He looks worse for ware after Plex's attentions - his shirt is stained with sweat and more than a fair portion of blood.
  20. 01[19:13] <Staffen> "I'm ready," the usurper announces. "I've had enough..."
  21. [19:13] <Narcisa> "Varian, when you have a moment I've discerned how to operate the book case should you need the information for the future."
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  23. 06[19:14] * Varian nods at Narcisa while replying to Galen, "That is the smart choice." and holding out a prepared confession for him to sign.
  24. 01[19:15] <Staffen> Galen looks at the paper, then up at his cousin. He laughs, weakly. It's a sad sound.
  25. 06[19:15] * Nyx wheels about on a rolling chair she has been using as an impromptu wheelchair
  26. [19:15] <Nyx> "Thus to tyrants."
  27. 01[19:15] <Staffen> "Listen, Varian," he says, "Antoinette's gonna be telling the court I'm dead. You've probably gathered what that means by now."
  28. [19:15] <Nyx> "If you're going to murder your way to the birthright, you have to leave no loose ends like a proper noble, no?"
  29. 01[19:16] <Staffen> "Spare me, psyker," he wheezes.
  30. [19:16] <Narcisa> "Or leave him alive to be used against his mother, then disposed of later."
  31. 01[19:17] <Staffen> "Unty my hand so I can sign this," he says, struggling against his restraints. "I've lost. I know that now. I realize that Antoinette never meant to help me in the first place."
  32. [19:18] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Quit your bitching!" Vanessa would stomp on Galen's foot. "The fact that they left you no worse for wear is an amazing bit of mercy I would not have grant."
  33. 01[19:19] <Staffen> *untie
  34. 06[19:19] * Varian carefully loosens the restraints so Galen can maneuver his hand to sign the confession.
  35. 01[19:19] <Staffen> Galen keeps his word, and signs.
  36. 06[19:20] * Nyx wheels over, a serious face on
  37. [19:20] <Nyx> "Shall I do the honors of witness then?"
  38. [19:21] <Varian> "Antoinette lacks something I have, a recording of her discussing the Mortifactum and" he almost stutters for a moment as Nyx butts in, "Friends" he hands the page to Nyx.
  39. 06[19:22] * Nyx gives an ear-to-ear grin and pulls out a lighter, a small wax stick, and a signet ring
  40. 06[19:22] * Nyx melts the wax and stamps her seal into the page and signs her witness testament before handing it back
  41. [19:23] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "So what do we do with your brother, Mister Sark? In the never ending war against crime, he's not worth the bullet."
  42. 06[19:23] * Nyx laughs derisively at Galen's misfortune and spins about her chair
  43. 01[19:23] <Staffen> "Well, cousin," Galen reclines his head. "It's either gonna be you shoot me here or the Arbites hang me."
  44. [19:24] <Nyx> "I'll buy him if he's found guilty.  I want to practice something I learned last night.  Had a good dream for once."
  45. 06[19:24] * Nyx speaks with a raised hand to Varian
  46. 06[19:27] * Varian looks at Nyx, "Buy him?"
  47. [19:28] <Nyx> "Dreamt I was burning alive last night.  Was interesting."
  48. [19:28] <Nyx> "Think I can do the same.  Seems also interesting."
  49. 06[19:28] * Varian thinks for a moment before drawing his bolo knife and asking Galen "Would you like an open casket?"
  50. 01[19:28] <Staffen> "I guess I would, cousin," Galen says.
  51. 06[19:29] * Nyx clicks her tongue and reclines back to watch the event unfold with her flask
  52. [19:31] <Varian> "Then that is one last thing that I can take from you. "Varian grabs the man by his hair and rams the tip of the blade up through the bottom of his jaw towards his brain."
  53. [19:31] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "You do not have to kill him, Mister Sark. His crimes speak for him..."
  54. [19:32] <Nyx> "Bit late.  We nobles tend not to wait for the things we want."
  55. [19:32] <Varian> "Yes, I did."
  56. [19:32] <Narcisa> "I will not understand you nobles." She gives a small sigh
  57. 01[19:32] <Staffen> Galen Sark slumps over and his unbound hand falls limp.
  58. 06[19:32] * Varian draws out the blade as his shoulder sag.
  59. 06[19:32] * Nyx gives a light clap
  60. [19:32] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Yes. And for one like him, Volg is as much a death sentence."
  61. 06[19:33] * Nyx tosses her flask to Varian
  62. 06[19:33] * Varian catches the flask with suspicion in his eyes.
  63. [19:33] <Nyx> "Have a sip.   It's my own personal stock.  From my 'fabled' planet of Quaddis."
  64. [19:34] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Your planet?"
  65. 06[19:34] * Varian takes a swig from the flask.
  66. [19:34] <Nyx> "...Can't quite say it should be nice to kill a family member, despite such heresy and betrayal of your birthright, no?  Or shall I assume this is the way family reunions are on Malfi?"
  67. [19:36] <Narcisa> "So, you should perhaps inform the courts of your true career. Though I think I recall suggesting such a thing from the start."
  68. [19:37] <Varian> "Narcisa I need you to extract a portion of the audio from the vox pickup in my pocket. Primarily the discussion between my mother and Galen before we entered the room earlier. I will need several copies made to dataslates if that is possible." replying to Nyx he continues "They are usually are not so blood but no Malfian event, wedding, funeral or birthday without a little political...
  69. [19:37] <Varian> ...backstabbing."
  70. [19:38] <Nyx> "Hmm-hmm"
  71. 06[19:38] * Nyx chuckles
  72. [19:38] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "... that's a very unusual euphemism..."
  73. [19:38] <Narcisa> "Simply give me the objects and I can have it done." She sticks her hands out and smiles
  74. [19:38] <Petrus> "This reminds me of what happened with a suitor who hoped to win the hand of my sister."
  75. [19:39] <Nyx> "Just as any blue-blood event, then.  But I agree with the Omnissian.  We don't have much way of ability to legally get you out of this unless we desire to wait months for litigation to pull about, many of which you'll spend in prison."
  76. 06[19:39] * Varian gives the flask back to Nyx before handing the thumb sized vox pickup device to Narcisa.
  77. 06[19:39] * Nyx collects it
  78. [19:39] <Nyx> "As my Famulous sister is currently busy, I would assume that the best way to handle this is to simply confirm our linkages to the...organization of which we are seconded."
  79. [19:40] <Nyx> "Else, anything you say will be pieced apart for months or years, and still seem like your normal birthright squabble."
  80. 06[19:40] * Nyx gives a bored sigh and a dramatic swoon
  81. [19:41] <Narcisa> "Yes. I trust one of you has a proper identification, a rosette perhaps?"
  82. [19:41] <Varian> "If I can talk to our beneficent Lord Calixis in private I would have not problem with such a reveal but he is a busy man."
  83. 06[19:41] * Narcisa would go about making a copy of the audio portion as requested by Varian onto her own dataslate and any others that would be offered to her.
  84. [19:41] <Nyx> "My Famulous sister is an Inquisitorial Legate, as well as skilled interrogator.  She shall perhaps file your suit with the Organization, and we shall find our problem disappearing, I feel."
  85. [19:43] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "We could try through the Arbites at the local precinct."
  86. 03[19:50] * Ugolino ( has joined #eternalwar
  87. 06[19:56] * Varian stands in thought as his blade drips blood onto the carpet, "I will need to organise astropathic messages to my family's various holdings to inform them of their new house head, I also need to find out where my sister Camille is."
  88. 01[19:57] <Staffen> A guard at the door pipes up, "I can arrange this, Master Sark."
  89. [19:57] <Varian> "Good, see to it."
  90. 01[19:58] <Staffen> The guard bows, and hurries away.
  91. [20:00] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "We have several hours before your trial. We should do something about that."
  92. [20:02] <Nyx> "I'll go talk to my sister, and see if I can't arrange something with the 'Organization'."
  93. [20:03] <Varian> "Very well."
  94. 06[20:04] * Petrus leaves the party to back to watching Wolf and Doop reruns while the rest of the group prepares for the trial
  95. 01[20:05] <Staffen> A new guard appears. "Master Sark," he calls, "my apologies, you left your comm-bead in your quarters. It has been going off the last five minutes. There is a priority vox from one 'Chaplain Moerchen'."
  96. [20:06] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "A chaplain?"
  97. 06[20:06] * Varian grimaces, "I will take it."
  98. 01[20:06] <Staffen> The guard hands Varian the comm-bead and bows.
  99. 06[20:06] * Varian places the bead in his ear.
  100. [20:06] <Varian> ++This is Lord Varian Sark.++
  101. 06[20:07] * Varian says ++He will be missed.++ while trying not to sound too happy.
  102. [20:10] <Varian> ++Stall her if you can, I will be there as soon as possible.++
  103. 06[20:11] * Varian turns to the others "It seems my mother is trying to get to the judge early."
  104. 06[20:11] * Nyx rolls off
  105. [20:12] <Nyx> "I'll start making calls with my sister dear."
  106. [20:14] <Varian> ++It was our cell, we caught my mother and Galen and they open fired upon us as soon as we met. We killed two bodyguards and Galen unfortunately died of his wounds. My mother seems to have had a greater hand in all of this.++
  107. 06[20:15] * Vanessa_Frydborne ponders for a moment. "Hmmmm. If we can get to a precinct, we may be able to bring about new evidence that is contrary to what Mister Sark's mother is using. At the very least, the Judge would have to order an investigation."
  108. [20:17] <Varian> "Yes, quickly. We should intervene. Do we have transport on the roof?"
  109. [20:17] <Varian> ++Very well Moerchen, safe travels.++
  110. [20:19] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "It's your house, Mister Sark."
  111. 06[20:21] * Varian looks around for the valet-like guards for an answer.
  112. 01[20:22] <Staffen> "Lord Cain had a shuttle set down on the rooftop landing pad. It should be at the ready."
  113. 01[20:22] <Staffen> - A guard says.
  114. 06[20:23] * Varian heads to the roof "To the shuttle!"
  115. [20:24] <Nyx> "Yaaaaaaaay.  Where the hell ware we going?"
  116. 06[20:24] * Nyx rolls back to her room for her hat and her pants
  117. 06[20:25] * Petrus heads up to the lander after finishing watching Wolf and Doop
  118. 06[20:26] * Vanessa_Frydborne would head up the lander then. "So who's flying? I can vox ahead to the nearest precinct."
  119. [20:26] <Petrus> "I am"
  120. 06[20:26] * Nyx walks forwards with a slight limp
  121. 06[20:26] * Narcisa would head up as well without a limp
  122. [20:27] <Nyx> "Can't fly unless it's with warp magicks. I'll be in the passenger section."
  123. 01[20:28] <Staffen> You set off from the Sark estate in Losa's lighter. A few hours of flight over toxic oceans and baked wastes later, an imposing and offensively gothic structure emerges on the horizon.
  124. 06[20:29] * Nyx does fortune-telling crosses with her Wake deck to pass the time in her seat
  125. 06[20:29] * Narcisa would explain to Varian on the trip over "The secret passageway seems to be activated through pulling out or at a book which then activates a gene-lock before openng and granting passageway."
  126. 01[20:29] <Staffen> The craft's vox crackles. ++Unidentified craft, please submit recognition codes and state your intent.++
  127. [20:30] <Varian> "Thank you Narcisa."
  128. [20:30] <Petrus> "Do we have those?"
  129. [20:30] <Nyx> "...Knew my fortunes weren't going well today."
  130. [20:32] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "I do." Vanessa would grab the vox. "This is Mortiurge Frydborne, badge number 1358, coming in with new details for the Sark case on Malfi."
  131. [20:32] <Nyx> "We have Inquisitorial remit to be here.  Plex told me as to the Inquisition's treatment of this situation."
  132. 01[20:33] <Staffen> ++Verified, Mortiurge,++ the vox replies. ++Land your craft in Bay-12.++
  133. [20:36] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "We'll use that when we get there." She'll point out Bay-12. "I may have to put you in manacles, Mister Sark. I don't need a fire fight on my hands."
  134. 06[20:36] * Nyx pulls out a scroll with an holographic seal from her coat and points it at Vanessa
  135. 06[20:37] * Varian gives Vanessa an unimpressed look.
  136. [20:37] <Nyx> "Noble's privilege.  /As well/, my sister gave us this.  Straight from our masters."
  137. [20:37] <Nyx> "This will clear our way.  /You/ should instead focus on capturing his mother, the arch-heretic.  Excuse me, Lord Sark."
  138. 06[20:38] * Petrus lands the ship at bay 12
  139. [20:38] <Narcisa> "To be awfully fair there is not she might do to work towards that objective, save for perhaps trying to acquire logs of where she may be fleeing from her superiors."
  140. 01[20:39] <Staffen> A group of Arbites enters the bay as your craft puts down. One of them is wearing a heavy-looking black coat over his carapace.
  141. [20:40] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Works for me. I don't carry any one me anyway." She would exit, and greet the judge. "Hail."
  142. 06[20:40] * Varian exits to stand straight-backed before the judges.
  143. 06[20:40] * Nyx is one of the first off the lander, moving forwards with her limp, and lifts the unfurled scroll to the leading Arbite's face
  144. 06[20:40] * Nyx whispers some words with the leading Arbite
  145. 01[20:41] <Staffen> The man in the black coat additionally wears a brown sash, and a red collar. His face is an acid-scarred mess with a thick jaw. His face seems to be a permanent scowl.
  146. 01[20:42] <Staffen> He looks at Nyx's paper, and then his mouth seems to twitch. "I'm Detective-Commander Doyenko," he announces. "Thirty minutes ago, Antoinette Sark, her daughter Camille Sark, and Judge Calhan entered Court Chamber Four on Lady Sark's advanced request regarding your case, Varian. I suggest you get over there right now and say what you need to say"
  147. 06[20:43] * Nyx replaces the scroll in her coat and looks to Varian, indicating he has the lead
  148. 06[20:43] * Varian hurries on into the building, nodding with some respect to the Detective.
  149. 06[20:44] * Nyx sniffs a small vial of white powder from her coat, and follows after Varian, her limp disapearing
  150. 06[20:44] * Petrus follows after the party
  151. 06[20:45] * Vanessa_Frydborne would go as well. Character witness, at least.
  152. 01[20:45] <Staffen> The group passes numerous wide columns, between which are enormous doors: Chamber VII, Chamber VI, Chamber V...
  153. 01[20:46] <Staffen> Above each door is a large mounted holo-display. Some are off while others show the inside of the court, and hearings in progress.
  154. 01[20:46] <Staffen> As you approach Chamber IV, you hear the voices of the chamber's occupants.
  155. 01[20:50] <Staffen> "... Therefore, by this line of reasoning this Court convened in His Grace concedes to your argument, Antoinette Sark. As Lord Barrus Sark lacks any additional heirs beyond the deceased Galen Sark, and Jaevan's second brother Lord Louis Sark is deceased, Lady Camille Sark is recognizable as the suitable inheritor to Lord Jaevan Sark's estate and titles."
  156. 06[20:50] * Vanessa_Frydborne would scan her badge at the door. It should gain her and the others access to the courtroom.
  157. 01[20:52] <Staffen> The doors open. Within, the Judge is seated far in a high chair overlooking the center of the room, where Antoinette stands flanked on both sides by a pair of her guards on each side.
  158. 06[20:53] * Varian strides in once more "At the expense of justice your honor?"
  159. 01[20:53] <Staffen> The individuals in the center of the room all turn - beyond the guards and Antoinette you can see a lone wheelchair roll around to face you.
  160. 01[20:53] <Staffen> "Varian!" the wheelchair's occupant shouts.
  161. 06[20:53] * Nyx gives a friendly wave and smile
  162. [20:54] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "If this pleases the court, Mister Sark wishes to proceed with his noble right to defend himself, as well as a remit from the Holy Ordos."
  163. [20:54] <Varian> "Indeed sister it is I."
  164. 01[20:54] <Staffen> "This is Varian Sark?" Judge Calhan growls. "You stand before this court which has previously declared you a murderer and kinslayer - and you now insist you're working for the Inquisition? Guards, look to their paperwork."
  165. 01[20:54] <Staffen> Two Arbitrators approach you.
  166. 06[20:55] * Nyx produces the scroll given to her from Plex
  167. 06[20:55] * Varian produces the data slate recording, Galen's files and Galen's written confession.
  168. 01[20:55] <Staffen> One Arbitrator takes these items.
  169. 01[20:55] <Staffen> "Bring them before me," the Judge commands.
  170. 01[20:56] <Staffen> "What is the meaning of this?!" Antoinette snaps. "Varian, you endanger yourself by coming here, my son! You know I love you, but you can't escape justice!"
  171. [20:57] <Varian> "Your vile intrigues end here mother. The death of my father and brothers will be avenged."
  172. 01[20:58] <Staffen> The Judge looks over the paperwork.
  173. 01[20:58] <Staffen> "What?!" he exclaims suddenly. "This is... a writ of confession from Galen Sark?"
  174. 06[20:59] * Nyx shows her signet ring to show she's the witness on the confession
  175. [20:59] <Varian> "It is indeed."
  176. 01[20:59] <Staffen> "And this seal..." He loudly gulps. "This is the Seal of the Inquisition! What is this dataslate?"
  177. 06[21:00] * Nyx elbows Varian and gives a slight jerk of her head in his mother's direction
  178. [21:01] <Varian> "An audio recording of a discussion between Galen and my mother." he looks knowingly at Antoinette.
  179. [21:02] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "It seems that someone from on high is watching over Mister Sark. With evidence like this, and a voucher like that..." She would shrug, trailing off. It wasn't her place to make the law, it was her place to enforce it.
  180. 01[21:02] <Staffen> The Judge seems to manipulate the slate, and voices can be heard through its vox-panel:
  181. 01[21:02] <Staffen> "-- No, sincerely doubt you can," Antoinette's recorded voice snaps. "Recall that Varian is still alive. In all likelihood he'll be coming sooner or later to overturn your case. All it takes is Mortifactum to testify and your case becomes cracked."
  182. 01[21:03] <Staffen> The Judge immediately stops the recording.
  183. 01[21:03] <Staffen> "Lady Sark," Calhan calls, "explain this. Immediately."
  184. 01[21:04] <Staffen> "This is obviously a malicious fabrication," Antoinette insists, "my son has significant resources available to him, he could easily have cooked this up!"
  185. 01[21:05] <Staffen> "Do not lie to me!" Calhan yells. "Guards, arrest her!"
  186. 01[21:05] <Staffen> The Arbitrators in the hall immediately advance on Antoinette. The noblewoman, however, shouts,
  187. 01[21:06] <Staffen> "Kayro!"
  188. 01[21:06] <Staffen> Two of the guards, tall hooded figures, rip from their cloaks, revealing cyber-partisans.
  189. 03[21:09] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  190. 03[21:10] * Staffen changes topic to 'Mommy dearest, Varian, Vanessa, gland 2, Partisan 1, Partisan 2, Petrus, Nyx, Narc, Cami, gland 1'
  191. 01[21:10] <Staffen> "Guards, remove my daughter immediately!" Antoinette screeches, pulling a plasma pistol from her skirts.
  192. 01[21:11] <Staffen> She snaps off a shot at an Arbitrator. "The back-passage we came through!"
  193. 06[21:12] * Varian shouts to his fellows, "Save my sister!"
  194. 01[21:12] <Staffen> Antoinette's weapon fires off a wide shot, and immediately she drops it screeching. Hot vapor wafts off the weapon's cooling vanes.
  195. 06[21:14] * Varian dashes forwards past the rest of the group, drawing his pair of pistols and firing off a couple shots at one of the gland warriors.
  196. 06[21:16] * Varian ends up right next to his sister as his pistols roar into the face of the warriors.
  197. 06[21:21] * Vanessa_Frydborne would draw her shotgun, load in a special shell, take a knee behind cover and fire off the special ordnance at one of the partisans.
  198. 01[21:21] <Staffen> With a twitching movement the cyber-partisan slides aside.
  199. 01[21:22] <Staffen> The gland-guard which Varian shot at moves to grab him.
  200. 01[21:23] <Staffen> Unfortunately the Sark guard miscalculates and misses him entirely.
  201. 01[21:24] <Staffen> One of the partisans, however, produces an telescopic staff and violently jabs at Varian with one end.
  202. 01[21:27] <Staffen> The second cyber-partisan leaps across the empty audience pews towards Mortiurge Frydborne, staff extended.
  203. 06[21:30] * Petrus quick draws his nomad and fires at one of the Partisans
  204. 06[21:31] * Vanessa_Frydborne easily dodges the cyber-partisan and brings her shotgun up.
  205. 01[21:32] <Staffen> The shot takes the cyber-partisan hard in the cranium.
  206. 06[21:33] * Nyx pulls out her sword and points it at the still-standing Partisan and calls forth her swelling vengeance from the immaterium
  207. 01[21:37] <Staffen> Static electricity fills the air. Nyx suddenly rises off the ground.
  208. 01[21:41] <Staffen> "Varian!" Camille cries. "No! Mother, stop this! Stand down, I command it!"
  209. 06[21:41] * Nyx watches in rage as her powers do nothing to the cyber-partisan
  210. [21:41] <Nyx> "They're blocking me!"
  211. 06[21:41] * Narcisa would speak lowly in the holy lingua of the machine god, her various ports eminating a blue, graduating to white light as small jolts of static ran over her form. A small bubble would form as she ended her rite of activation.
  212. 01[21:43] <Staffen> The other gland-guard, heedless of the battle around him, grabs hold of Camille's wheel chair and runs for a set of doors near the base of Judge Calhan's seat.
  213. 01[21:43] <Staffen> "No!" the elder Sark sibling shouts.
  214. 03[21:44] * Staffen changes topic to 'Mommy dearest, Varian, Vanessa, gland 2, Partisan 1, Partisan 2, Petrus, Nyx, Narc, Cami, gland 1, stupid Arbites'
  215. 01[21:46] <Staffen> Antoinette points a finger to Varian. "You're no son of mine!" she shouts as she fires the digi-weapon on her index-finger - a gout of flame sprays over Varian, Nyx, the partisan and the remaining gland-guard.
  216. Session Close: Sat Oct 20 21:48:34 2012
  218. Session Start: Sat Oct 20 21:48:34 2012
  219. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  223. 03[21:48] * Topic is 'Mommy dearest, Varian, Vanessa, gland 2, Partisan 1, Partisan 2, Petrus, Nyx, Narc, Cami, gland 1, stupid Arbites'
  224. 03[21:48] * Set by Staffen on Sat Oct 20 21:40:26
  225. 06[21:50] * Nyx gets caught in the flame, but remaining warp-static seemingly pushes off the flames from sticking despite the searing heat
  226. 06[21:53] * Varian rolls away to his feet as the flames reach out for him before running after the warrior pushing his sister away, firing the heavy caliber pistols into his back.
  227. 06[21:55] * Vanessa_Frydborne drops her shotgun and draws her powermaul, lashing out at the cyber-partisan with the crackling power weapon.
  228. 01[22:01] <Staffen> The gland-guard on Nyx draws a wicked, curved knife and attempts to stab her.
  229. 01[22:05] <Staffen> The partisan attacking Vanessa attempts to jab repeatedly at her.
  230. 01[22:06] <Staffen> The attack, however, deflects off the arbitrator's maul - the partisan's staff disintegrates.
  231. 01[22:07] <Staffen> The partisan tosses aside what remains of its ruined weapon and raises its fists to Vanessa.
  232. 01[22:07] <Staffen> Needle-like protrusions extend from its fingers.
  233. 01[22:08] <Staffen> Seeing that Nyx has been downed, the remaining partisan now leaps after Petrus.
  234. 01[22:12] <Staffen> The cyber-partisan misses a jab, but quickly spins aside an immediate retaliatory shot from Petrus.
  235. 06[22:12] * Nyx screams from her burning poisoned wound, and attempts to attack her assaulter
  236. 06[22:16] * Narcisa would extend her right hand, induction pports still faintly glowing as they projected the field from her hand, yet more technologies in her hand activating as the pistol slide across the room, and even flew a little as it wound up in the techpriestess' right hand.
  237. 01[22:17] <Staffen> Camille can be seen to struggle in her wheelchair, and resolves to thrash at the guard pushing her along.
  238. 01[22:17] <Staffen> The guard hurries her through the doors.
  239. 01[22:24] <Staffen> The Sark matriarch attempts to fire a digi-melta at Nyx, but misses disastrously.
  240. 06[22:25] * Varian shoulder barges through the door as he chases after his sister's kidnapper, his flak cloak billowing out behind him as he continues to fire while running onwards.
  241. 06[22:31] * Vanessa_Frydborne would strike out again at the cyber partisan. She needs to finish this and quick.
  242. 01[22:34] <Staffen> Shards of glistening metal crumble off the Partisan's skull-plate. It jabs at Frydborne in retaliation.
  243. 03[22:36] * Vanessa_Frydborne is now known as Vanessa
  244. 01[22:39] <Staffen> The partisan attacking Petrus stabs at him repeatedly, but the gentleman-assassin carefuly dodges it.
  245. Session Close: Sat Oct 20 22:40:12 2012
  247. Session Start: Sat Oct 20 22:40:12 2012
  248. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  249. 02[22:40] * Disconnected
  250. 02[22:40] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  251. 03[22:40] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  252. 03[22:40] * Topic is 'Mommy dearest, Varian, Vanessa, gland 2, Partisan 1, Partisan 2, Petrus, Nyx, Narc, Cami, gland 1, stupid Arbites'
  253. 03[22:40] * Set by Staffen on Sat Oct 20 21:40:26
  254. 02[22:42] * Staffen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  255. 03[22:42] * Staffen_ is now known as Staffen
  256. 02[22:45] * Ugolino ( Quit (Quit: Ugolino)
  257. 06[22:46] * Nyx screams bloody rage at the Gland Warrior, flinging mind bullets at him
  258. 06[22:50] * Narcisa would check the pistol briefly. It hummed, the spirits confirming to her its readiness. Turning the plasma weapon upon Varian's mother, she quickly flicked the plasma weapon to semi-auto and returned fire to the woman, plasma bolts flying past her, impacting and fizzling against the wall behind.
  259. 01[22:52] <Staffen> Antoinette Sark draws yet another weapon from her skirts, this one some sort of archaic, slender pistol.
  260. 01[22:54] <Staffen> The weapon fires a las-beam at Narcisa, but it misses.
  261. 06[22:56] * Vanessa would once more attack the Cyber partisan. It is going down!
  262. 01[22:58] <Staffen> The partisan twists its torso and bends away from Vanessa's swing.
  263. 06[23:00] * Nyx screams as she goes down from the poisoned blade
  264. 01[23:01] <Staffen> The gland-guard looks out at the rest of the group.
  265. 06[23:03] * Narcisa would give a pensive glance back to the man, looking between him, Nyx's fallen form, and her original target.
  266. 01[23:03] <Staffen> The partisan attacking the Mortiurge jabs repatedly once more.
  267. 01[23:03] <Staffen> Meanwhile, the one on Petrus fails to strike him once.
  268. [23:03] <Vanessa> And Vanessa is quite deft with her maul, deflecting the one threatening blow with ease.
  269. 06[23:12] * Narcisa lowers the plasma pistol, thing glowing a bright blue, heat pouring from the weapon, as she lowerd it. Biting her lip in thought the techpriestess would raise her left arm, mutting a quick litany of activation in techna lingua again, a sharp screech punctuating the activation along with a ball of electric discharge, flying towards the gland warrior that had fell Nyx.
  270. 01[23:18] <Staffen> Lady Sark fires again on Narcisa with her las-pistol, snapping off a trio of shots.
  271. 06[23:20] * Narcisa deftly drops, then throw herself to one side at the last minute before the Noble fires at her, fouling her aim as she dodged the blows with surprising - even to herself - ease.
  272. 06[23:24] * Vanessa strikes out at the cyber partisan one more time.
  273. 01[23:27] <Staffen> The Mortiurge's strike tears through the partisan, separating its head and shoulders from the rest of its body. It falls limp and its blue eyes fade out.
  274. 06[23:29] * Vanessa rolls her neck as the cyborg dies, and turns to look at Nyx and the gland warrior. "Well... looks like it's you and me now."
  275. 01[23:30] <Staffen> The remaining guard ignores Frydborne and goes after Narcisa...
  276. 01[23:30] <Staffen> ... Only to trip over a pew.
  277. 06[23:33] * Petrus finally kills the partisan attacking him
  278. [23:35] <Petrus> "By the throne that thing was a pain in my ass."
  279. [23:36] <Vanessa> "Where the fuck did she get servitors like that?"
  280. 06[23:36] * Narcisa would run over to Nyx's side. Deciding to act rather than simply check the psyker's injured form to make sure she wouldn't injure her further, the Techpriestess would start to lift the near-dead woman.
  281. [23:36] <Petrus> "They look like the ones Vok used against us on Tranch."
  282. [23:37] <Vanessa> "... who on Tranch?"
  283. 01[23:37] <Staffen> "I've worked so hard..." Antoinette snarls. "All this planning. Everything. I sold my soul so my daughter could have what was hers by birthright. And you ruined it!"
  284. 01[23:37] <Staffen> "I defy you!" she screams, and puts her weapon to her head.
  285. 01[23:38] <Staffen> Antoinette Sark pulls the trigger, and falls dead.
  286. [23:38] <Vanessa> "Why can't they always be this easy."
  287. [23:39] <Petrus> "Well I supposed this will do for the Mortifactum but I would have prefer to kill her myself."
  288. 06[23:39] * Narcisa would look back to the woman, surprised look on her face "I... ah, nobles."
  289. [23:39] <Varian> ++I have my sister safe and sound.++
  290. 01[23:39] <Staffen> The remaining guard gets up - but then he seems to struggle. He clutches his chest, gasps for air, and then falls over.
  291. 06[23:40] * Vanessa would go over and see if the mad noble is actually dead. "I do not suppose this is evidence enough, judge?" She would turn back to see if the judge was still at his bench.
  292. [23:40] <Narcisa> "++Nyx is down! I will try to... a.. huh. Your mother committed suicide, her remaining guard failed to ...continue living." She would immediately put Nyx back down, hands going to her medkit and working over her wounds once again.
  293. 06[23:42] * Nyx coughs, her face paler than usual, and gives a weak thanks to Narcisa
  294. 06[23:43] * Narcisa would put away her rapidly-depleting medikit, giving a heavy sigh as the field surrounding her flickered and faded out. She would nod to Nyx, standing, offering her a hand up "You should invest in better armor."
  295. [23:44] <Nyx> "Too...expensive...  Not...handsome enough...for my beautiful countenance.  Ruins my bodyline."
  296. 06[23:44] * Nyx flips over onto fours, and spits out some blood
  297. 06[23:44] * Petrus kicks one of the partisans "Narcisa, you might want to dissect one of these so we can find an easier way to kill them."
  298. 06[23:45] * Vanessa flicks her power maul off. "They don't do well against power fields."
  299. [23:45] <Narcisa> "On your ...head be it." She said, creasing her lips. Looking to Petrus she'd nod "Yes, though first, Varian, what did your mother mean by 'sold her soul'?"
  300. 06[23:46] * Varian rolls his sister's occupied wheel chair into the room.
  301. 06[23:46] * Nyx sits cross-legged
  302. [23:46] <Nyx> "Is it not obvious?"
  303. 06[23:46] * Nyx spits out some remaining blood in her mouth
  304. [23:46] <Nyx> "She is aligned with that thrice-damned scum that owns these metallic demons."
  305. 06[23:46] * Nyx gestures to the partisans
  306. [23:48] <Vanessa> "This Vok person?"
  307. [23:48] <Narcisa> "I would rather that not be the case." she nods, lookng to the things. "Well, I shall leave the acquisition of ...Lady Sark's belongings to Varian." She moves over to crouch beside one of the ruined partisans, deactivating the plasma pistol, and holding it close to herperson with both hands
  308. [23:48] <Nyx> "Shh!"
  309. 06[23:48] * Nyx concentrates, looking at Varian's mother's body as if trying to dissassemble it
  310. 06[23:49] * Nyx makes certain gestures with both hands, mumbling prayers
  311. 01[23:49] <Staffen> The Arbites regather themselves. Corpses of partisans litter the room. Judge Calhan rises from his seat.
  312. 01[23:49] <Staffen> "This is possibly the greatest disaster which this Fortress has ever suffered," the Judge announces.
  313. [23:50] <Vanessa> "There were no civilians. Thank the Throne for that."
  314. 06[23:51] * Varian turns to the judge "I would like you to uphold your decree for declaring my sister head of the Sark household with myself as her heir until she has children."
  315. 01[23:52] <Staffen> Calhan wipes at his brow. "Good heavens. Very well. After all I've witnessed today, Lord Sark, I consent to this proposition. I would ask for a debriefing, but I trust that's out of the question for the Inquisition?"
  316. 06[23:53] * Nyx picks up Plex's scroll, having somehow emerged unscathed, and tosses it weakly at the judge's podium landing at the base ineffectually
  317. 01[23:54] <Staffen> Camille looks over at her mother. She closes her eyes, and then looks up to the Judge. "I think my brother's had enough insanity for today, Your Honor."
  318. Session Time: Sun Oct 21 00:00:00 2012
  319. 02[00:07] * Jahn ( Quit (Quit: Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS!)
  320. 01[00:07] <Staffen> A few hours later, you return to to the Sark manse.
  321. 06[00:12] * Narcisa had lugged along one of the corpses, looking to Varian to find a room to dump it in. Once she found one, she'd start dissecting the thing, slowly disassembling it no doubt as she looked over the corpse, taking extensive notes on her findings into a dataslate.
  322. 06[00:12] * Vanessa would find a place to sit with the others, taking off her helmet, revealing short red hair and green eyes. She lights up another lho stick, leaning back as she exhales a wreath of smoke. "Well, that was fun."
  323. 06[00:13] * Petrus heads to the kitchen to find something to eat
  324. 06[00:14] * Varian leads the group to the lounge and breaks out a nice dry wine with a wispy berry flavour and pours a few glasses for the group. The room is a deep red with soft chandelier lighting that does not reach the corners of the room. Varian reclines on a deep maroon couch as he sips his drink.
  325. 06[00:14] * Varian calls out to Petrus "Come back and just order something Petrus, you have spent too much time hunting your own food."
  326. 06[00:15] * Nyx collapses on a fancy fainting couch, ruining the expensive upholstery with dust and dried blood
  327. [00:15] <Nyx> "Lord Sark.  It is with great shame that I must admit to you something."
  328. [00:15] <Nyx> "I really, really hate your planet."
  329. 06[00:15] * Petrus comes back "Yes I sometimes forget I'm not in the bush, it's actually been far too long since I have been on a good hunt. The most I've done so far with the Inqusition is act like a crazed gunman."
  330. 06[00:17] * Vanessa gives a bit of a chuckle. "Amen to that, sister." She would look at Varian and the rest in there. "I suppose it's quite obvious that we all work for the same bunch, yes?"
  331. [00:18] <Nyx> "I, with Plex, are from a dissolved Cell.  We've been folded into this one for the time being."
  332. [00:20] <Vanessa> "Would've been nice if the Inquisitors had given me a better head's up about you lot."
  333. 06[00:20] * Varian replies to Nyx "Well Camille and I have an announcement, to do with my family and Malfi." he nods with Nyx as she replies to Vanessa "Petrus and myself where in the same group before those two arrived. Then Narcisa joined us not too long ago."
  334. 01[00:24] <Staffen> Camille orders a drink from a guard, and then wheels up beside Varian. "I will be spending the next year moving Sark assets off Malfi to resituate here on Scintilla. We may not be able to ever take back the power we had on Malfi, but we won't suffer as we did. Malfi's inhospitable to any notion of good."
  335. 06[00:25] * Nyx drinks her wine appreciatively
  336. 06[00:25] * Narcisa walks into the room, her sleeves rolled up, hands bloody "Lord Sark, might you direct me to your medbay? I am in need of a medicae-auspex, then perhaps stronger augurs if it is insufficient for this purpose."
  337. [00:26] <Vanessa> "Good for you. Malfi seems like a terrible planet." She would look around. "So where you lot all from? I know Mister Sark is from Malfi... what about you... Mister... Cain?"
  338. [00:26] <Narcisa> Though white glovescould be seen covering her hands under the thick layer of... wahtever fluid it might be these devices leaked.
  339. [00:26] <Petrus> "I come from Transvaal, have you heard of it?"
  340. 06[00:27] * Varian turns to a guard, "Is there a medbay that my guest could use?"
  341. 01[00:27] <Staffen> The guard nods. "There is a full suite available on the twenty-second floor."
  342. 06[00:28] * Narcisa would give a bow of her head "My thanks." PAusing, she turns back to Varian "Might I acquire the use of one guard, perhaps two, to move the body there?"
  343. [00:28] <Varian> "You have my leave, use as many as you need."
  344. 01[00:29] <Staffen> The guards at the door bow and move to follow Narcisa.
  345. [00:29] <Vanessa> "Can't say I have. Is it near the Marches?"
  346. [00:30] <Petrus> "Varian do you have a weapon smith on retainer, certainly with all the back stabbing your family does you must keep plenty of weapon smiths in business"
  347. 01[00:30] <Staffen> "The family does not retain weapons-creators, Lord Cain," Camille says. "But, we do have men to maintain weapons."
  348. 01[00:31] <Staffen> "Now, Varian," Camille begins, "I think you need to know - there was someone encouraging Mother to do what she did."
  349. 06[00:31] * Petrus nods "Very well, I would like to speak to one about procuring a weapon."
  350. 06[00:31] * Narcisa leads them to the body, and then follows to the medbay, where she would continue her messy work. Actviating her bead "++I Apologize for being too eager to have started my work in the medbay.++"
  351. [00:31] <Nyx> "For how long?"
  352. 01[00:32] <Staffen> Camille shrugs. "I don't know. I only noticed it seemed Mother was acting other someone else's suggestions These last few months. Then those guard-servitors showed up..."
  353. [00:32] <Varian> ++Your eagerness is commendable Narcisa.++
  354. 06[00:34] * Nyx clicks her tongue, remembering the aberrant feeling in the warp-currents from their armor runes
  355. [00:35] <Nyx> "If I may suggest, /Get thee to a nunnery/, Lady Sark.  Those things...they were tainted.  Incredibly so.  I would suggest spending time with scripture, if you should feel it proper for your soul."
  356. 06[00:35] * Nyx sits up to make the sign of the Aquilia, then falls back down into the fainting couch
  357. 01[00:36] <Staffen> Camille frowns. "You mentioned the name, 'Yrtzen Vok' earlier, yes? I'm familiar with it. It's an old name. It's a name synonymous with debauchery."
  358. 06[00:37] * Nyx puts on a strained scowl at mention of the name
  359. 06[00:37] * Varian looks at Nyx, "So says the witch." before continuing, "Yes Vok is indeed the mastermind behind most of the plots we have uncovered."
  360. 06[00:37] * Nyx looks vaguely offended, finishing off her wineglass abruptly
  361. [00:38] <Petrus> "His days are numbered though."
  362. [00:38] <Nyx> "I--I shall have you know I was a proper noble the first 20 years of my life! 'Tis no choice of mine to be denied my place within the Ecclesiarchy!"
  363. 01[00:40] <Staffen> "You probably don't know this, Varian, but Vok was a founding member of the Masqued." She looks to the rest of the group. "They're a pleasure cult which has been present on Malfi for millennia - since after the Crusade. Vok was a major power in the Angevin Crusade but he did something apparently so atrocious they struck his name from the records. Our family's libraria still maintain uncensored records of his existence though."
  364. 06[00:41] * Nyx raises an eyebrow
  365. [00:42] <Varian> "Acquisition of those records is a top priority then."
  366. [00:42] <Vanessa> "The Angevin Crusade? Most of the chartist ships that trade in the sector date back that far. How the hell did Vok manage to survive for that long?"
  367. [00:43] <Nyx> "...If you do indeed plan to relocate your family's holdings, then may I, if I am to be so vulgar as to bring business into our delightful meeting, suggest that you sell those records?  To our masters' 'Organization.'"
  368. [00:43] <Nyx> "It would not do to hold onto sequestered material."
  369. 06[00:43] * Nyx speaks frankly
  370. [00:44] <Varian> "I would not trust anyone except out Lady Inquisitor with those records. I would rather hand them over personally Nyx after a good read of my own."
  371. 06[00:45] * Nyx refills her glass, pondering the hue of the wine
  372. 01[00:46] <Staffen> A guard enters the room. "My Mistress Sark," he calls to Camille. "There is an Adeptus Astartes referring to himself as Chaplain Moerchen at the front gates. He requestes audience with Lord Varian Sark and company."
  373. [00:46] <Nyx> "Your soul, master Varian.  My tutors have taught me several skeletons, especially those in one's own family closet, are better left disinterred and left for others to handle."
  374. [00:46] <Vanessa> "An Astartes? Really?"
  375. 06[00:46] * Varian looks around at the dirtied carpet and shrugs "Please send him in, a little tearing in the carpet will not matter much."
  376. 01[00:47] <Staffen> The guard looks at Camille. She nods.
  377. [00:47] <Nyx> "He looks heavy.  What if he falls through the flooring?"
  378. [00:47] <Petrus> "It doesn't matter Vok shall be turned to dust by the Emperor's Vow."
  379. 06[00:47] * Nyx lifts her glass in toast to Petrus' words
  380. 01[00:48] <Staffen> Moerchen enters the room. The Space Marine is forced to practically crouch in order to fit. "Friends, brethren," he says in greeting. "I am sorry to hear for your loss, my Lord and Lady Sark."
  381. [00:48] <Vanessa> "I understand. It's just that the Angevin Crusade was a long time ago. The chartist ship I grew up on was a late comer to the sector and it's been here for the last millenium or so."
  382. 06[00:49] * Nyx goes to a knee and her head down at the Angel of Death's presence
  383. 06[00:49] * Petrus bows to the chaplain
  384. [00:50] <Varian> "Another death we owe Vok. Greetings Chaplain."
  385. 06[00:50] * Vanessa would give a polite nod of her head to the Chaplain.
  386. 06[00:52] * Nyx greets Moerchen with mumbled prayers of benediction, then lolls to her side on the floor, exhausted from the day's earlier problems
  387. 01[00:55] <Staffen> "Are you, perhaps, speculating on Vok's ship?" Moerchen asks. "Your conversation seems to suggest so. I would not advise thinking about it. His warship is a terrifying thing to behold - it could destroy a battlefleet if it so-wishes."
  388. [00:56] <Vanessa> "A battlefleet? What kind of ship can destroy a battlefleet single handedly?"
  389. [00:58] <Nyx> "One of the Great Enemy's, no doubt.  Laden with dark magicks and things that should not exist."
  390. 01[00:59] <Staffen> "An old one," Moerchen grumbles. "One which has existed since mankind's Golden Age. It is not a warship by nature, my Lady tells me, nor is it a ship of the Ruinous Powers. Vok found it dead in the Koronus Expanse, I understand, and turned it into his flagship. But it's not invincible. Know that much. It simply outmatches anything we can muster."
  391. [01:00] <Petrus> "Surely the forces that are gathering to stop him must be able to destroy it."
  392. [01:01] <Vanessa> "It can't take that much to destroy a single ship. If what you're suggesting is true, then you'll need every warp capable ship in the sector to come down upon it."
  393. 01[01:02] <Staffen> "Speaking of which," Moerchen folds his arms, "I recently received a report from Trojus. The full force of the Crusade has assembled there. They are blockading the planet, and report to have stopped one of Vok's allied ships in orbit. And, interestingly, Calligos Winterscale has appeared to assist the blockade."
  394. [01:04] <Nyx> "And, holy Astartes, we are to be mobilized as well, I assume?"
  395. [01:04] <Vanessa> "Where the hell is Trojus?"
  396. 01[01:04] <Staffen> "The Ixaniad Sector, near the edge of the border with Calixis. My Lady requests your presence at Trojus as soon as you are able. It'll be a fairly long journey."
  397. 01[01:04] <Staffen> He grumbles. "Many memories there. You might say it was where this all began."
  398. 06[01:06] * Narcisa would return, eventually. Pausing at the doorway upon seeing the astartes, hands clean of the corpse shehad been sorting through, the woman working through conflicting throughts in her head before offering finally a deep bow of her waist to the marine, rising after holding it for a while "I've... ah, results."
  399. 06[01:07] * Varian corrects his posture slightly, leaning forward to hear from Narcisa.
  400. 01[01:08] <Staffen> Moerchen turns, and nods to Narcisa. "My Lady. Care to share?"
  401. [01:08] <Vanessa> "Ixaniad? That's coreward. We'll have to go through the Drusus Marches, wouldn't we?"
  402. [01:08] <Narcisa> "Y-yes." She says, a bit flustered by the marines present "Firstly, Lord Sark, this may seem entirely obvious to you but that... machine was ordered to slay your mother, sister, and her uncles after that trial. I do not have explicit proof," her gaze shifting to Cami "But you may come to expect future attempts on your wellbeing.."
  403. [01:10] <Narcisa> "As well." She turns back to her comrades "These machines are vulnerable to various machine-destroying weapons as haywire grenades and the like as you might expect. It is, as you all well know, resisitant to psychic attacks, though less readily apparent is that they are maletek, they draw fromthe warp to empower themselves. Killing someone, for these, would lead to a greater performance if
  404. [01:10] <Narcisa> only temporarily for example."
  405. 02[01:11] * Petrus ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
  406. [01:11] <Narcisa> "As well there are, frankly, pieces of archotech in this single soldier that are
  407. [01:12] <Narcisa> only legend to anyone else, the only other known example of one piece of equipment exists in the Fabricator-General of Mars. That he has the capability to build such things is nothing short of astounding."
  408. [01:13] <Narcisa> "I will want a stasis-field generator, if only a small one, to transport various samples on our journey back to our superiors, whenever that may be."
  409. 06[01:13] * Nyx lifts a hand
  410. 06[01:13] * Narcisa looks to Nyx "Yes?"
  411. [01:14] <Nyx> "I can procure that, perhaps.  I have good relations with some party in the Ordos at the moment."
  412. 03[01:16] * Nyx is now known as Mir
  413. [01:16] <Varian> "Well it seems like we have a new course plotted for us. Camille I will leave the transfer from Malfi to Scintilla in your hands while I am away, I am sure you will do fine but I would strongly suggest in making sure you have some loyal elite guards to protect you in the meanwhile."
  414. [01:16] <Narcisa> "I would appreciate that greatly." She smiles "We're rather fortunate that it has survived, that single machine had years of memories to sift through. Properly studied, it may help us a great deal. Oddly this man, Yrtzen Vok, seems to be more of a merchant than anything. He has traded with a great deal of heretics, xenos, and even many loyalists alike. The amount of contacts and resources
  415. [01:16] <Narcisa> would  be staggering,:
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