Day/Night Cycle By FireBit

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  1. /**
  2. *Ok so I will point out what needs to be added/changed and removed with comments
  3. *First of all this need to be in WorldProviderMod class
  4. */
  6.         @Override
  7.         public void init() {
  8.             this.biomeProvider = new BiomeProviderCustom(;
  9.             //First we need to add code that will provide sky light and cycle to our dimension
  10.             this.hasSkyLight = true;
  11.             // Second we need to remove code below because we dont want our Surface Dimension to be treated like nether
  12.             this.nether = NETHER_TYPE;
  13.         }
  15. /**
  16. *Now we need to change our world type so that it will be treated as surface
  17. *So please add to code generator dependency that will check if selected world gen type is Surface so if it is
  18. * then it will not gonna generate it as NEHTER_TYPE; and will change value bellow from false to true :)
  19. */
  20.         @Override
  21.         public boolean isSurfaceWorld() {
  22.             return true;
  23.         }
  24. /**
  25. *All this code is already in your code generation except "this.hasSkyLight = true;"
  26. *Also to make this make sense our dimension need to be set to dark so that
  27. *there will be no light underground and our sky will provide it on the surface "Along with Clouds :)"
  28. */
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