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  1. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "omg"
  2. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "ur the werst."
  3. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Like liverwurst"
  4. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "gross meat they call "food" but its not food because its gross and its literally named LIVER WURST"
  5. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Who names it that?"
  6. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Does anyone even eat liverwurst?"
  7. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "if they do, they shoudl have a mental health screening, IMO"
  8. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Like head cheese."
  9. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Who eats that?"
  10. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Worse yet, who MAKES head cheese? Who thought, lets take all the scraps and put them all in a pile and add some fucking gelatin so its one giant fuckton of scrap meat and sell it on the shelves?"
  11. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "I bet you it started as a joke, a bunch of high drunk college students did"
  12. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: ""lets put the leftover garbage from the floor into a pan and fill it with gelatin so its stuck together and try to get people to buy it HAHAHAHAHAHA""
  13. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "then people fucking bought it"
  14. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "so they made money and the viscous cycle continued"
  15. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Anyway"
  16. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "Good talk"
  17. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "I'm gonna go kill some beisswurms or something"
  18. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "and not die"
  19. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "like you"
  20. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "n00b"
  21. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "ok"
  22. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "ttyl"
  23. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "o/"
  24. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "PS"
  25. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "I hope when you get back you see these messages and you're like FUCKING LMAAAOOOOO"
  26. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "What a fucking crazy nutjob"
  27. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "But damn I love that guy"
  28. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "He's so cool"
  29. [PrivateTo]-DR:Mevilan: "ok bye"
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