Chiming Bell Summary (Chp 6- 11)

Mar 9th, 2018
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  2. Chapter 6
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  4. Yachiyo and Iroha reunite with Tart, Riz, Melissa and the French army. Riz formally introduces herself since she wasn't able to do so earlier. Yachiyo and Iroha learn what happened when and since they left. Apparently, from Melissa and the others' perspective, Iroha and Yachiyo slowly faded and disappeared from sight, which made them worry. Tart thought that they might've gotten caught up in the witch's barrier.
  6. Using telepathy, Iroha talks with Yachiyo, wondering if the dream world continued even after they woke up.
  8. Yachiyo then asks Tart if her actual name is "Jeanne d'Arc". Tart's surprised but answers that she is, though normally she goes by Jeanette or Tart.
  10. Again through telepathy, Iroha's impressed that Yachiyo's guess was right.
  12. Tart tries to ask Yachiyo why she asked about her name, when Melissa interrupts them. A girl is all by herself, staring at them. Riz asks what's wrong. The girl begs them to save her younger sister, who was captured by a "large demon" or rather, a witch. Tart and Iroha want to save her. Using telepathy, Yachiyo asks if she's sure she wants to get involved, and Iroha realizes she reacted without thinking. It feels like they're talking/dealing with actual people. Iroha says she'll be careful from now on. Yachiyo says it's okay, since even if they get hurt, if they wake up they should be fine.
  14. The girls find the witch's barrier.
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  16. Chapter 7
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  18. Tart spots the witch. Using telepathy, Iroha tells Yachiyo that this witch is one they saw in Kamihama, which Yachiyo says shouldn't be in medieval France. Iroha wonders if it's there because it's their dream. Yachiyo agrees and says the other strange thing is that the young girl from earlier could see the witch. Again, they assume it's because this is all another dream.
  20. Tart spots the girl's younger sister. Riz holds her back, since her magic would likely harm the sister too. Iroha tells Tart that she's fought the witch before, so she can handle it. Tart tells Riz they should listen to Iroha and fight it according to her. Riz is silent at first, but eventually agrees.
  22. They manage to save and reunite the sisters. Tart happily says that it's all thanks to Iroha's orders.
  24. Iroha comments how it feels good to save others, even in a dream. Yachiyo agrees.
  26. Riz also thanks them, since she would have regretted it if they didn't manage to save them. The girls remind her of how Tart and Catherine used to be. Catherine? Tart explains that Catherine was her sister, a person they failed to protect.
  28. <1428 France, Domrémy Village>
  29. Catherine tried to protect Tart but died doing so. Tart is in tears, because she was the older one, and yet... Riz apologizes for failing to be there in time.
  31. Tart narrates that her village was attacked and her beloved younger sister died. She doesn't want anyone else to experience the sadness she experienced. That's why she became a magical girl, wishing to have the power to bring light to France.
  33. Yachiyo comments sadly on how this is the result of a war continuing for decades. Iroha says that just hearing the story makes her sad and how she can empathize, since she also has a younger sister.
  35. Tart continues. She swore in front of Catherine's grave that she would save France. And Riz swore to protect Tart. At first, it was just the two of them. But by following the Angel-sama's guidance, Melissa and the French army joined them. But Tart feels like she's betrayed them, since Orleans has fallen. Yachiyo's confused. Orleans has fallen?
  37. Iroha asks what's wrong. Yachiyo says she'll explain later. For now, they'll keep listening to what Tart has to say. Yachiyo thinks to herself that according to history, Jeanne managed to save Orleans without any losses.
  39. Tart explains that while they were trying to free Orleans, Corbeau and her demonic familiar forces attacked. They were forced to retreat and were separated from Melissa's father "La Hire", and other allies. Yachiyo thinks to herself how the retreat they described was something that definitely didn't happen.
  41. Anyway, as a result, the area under Corbeau's control is stuck with a night that never ends. As if it's a dream. Riz calls out Yachiyo and Iroha, saying that while it may seem like a dream to Yachiyo and Iroha, to Tart and co., this is their reality. They apologize. Iroha notices a bright light, but Tart doesn't seem to see it.
  43. Yachiyo and Iroha experience the same sensation from the previous dream. Their time in France is coming to an end. Iroha comments on how they can't seem to time it themselves.
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  46. Chapter 8
  47. Part 3: In Pursuit of Dawn
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  49. Back in Kamihama, Iroha and Yachiyo both agree that the cause of the dreams seem to be the candles. They then talk about the discrepancy between the actual history of France and what Tart told them. Yachiyo decides to check a map later. They talk about other differences too, like Kamihama witches appearing in medieval France and the night that never seems to end. Suddenly, Felicia comes into the room. She scolds them both for sleeping in at a time like this. Something has happened.
  50. Iroha observes that the clock says it's still one in the morning. But Felicia corrects her, saying that it's actually past noon. Yachiyo and Iroha both realize that night hasn't ended. Felicia says that's not their only problem. Apparently everyone aside from magical girls are missing from Kamihama too.
  52. Iroha wonders if it's all their fault somehow. Yachiyo tells her to calm down. It's all Mitama's fault, she says, startling Iroha. Yachiyo admits she was (slightly) joking, and that they've got more important things to think about other than whose fault it is. They come to the conclusion that what they've been experiencing isn't just an ordinary dream, and that what happens in the other world affects what happens in their own world.
  54. Iroha remembers what Riz said about their world being reality to them. She feels bad for not taking them seriously. Yachiyo says it can't be helped, since their wounds heal after they wake up. She realizes something and tells Iroha to take her soul gem out. When Iroha does so, Yachiyo realizes that even though their wounds have healed, they've definitely used up magical energy doing so. Meaning that dream is definitely reality. The two girls decide to go back.
  56. Meanwhile, Felicia doesn't understand what the hell they're talking about. Yachiyo apologizes and says she doesn't have the confidence to explain. For now, she asks her not to disturb them while they're sleeping. If something happens, then they'll have to take care of it. Felicia gets mad since she thinks they're treating her like she's in the way. Yachiyo assures her that's not the case. She just doesn't want to get too many people involved, at least until they figure out what's going on. Since Felicia still doesn't want to be left out, Yachiyo bribes her with a steak dinner and that settles it. While singing about meat, she runs off to tell Sana to leave them alone.
  58. Now that they're alone, they light the candles and return to the dream.
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  61. Chapter 9
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  63. Yachiyo and Iroha find themselves in a witch's barrier. They wonder if they ended up there instead of in dream France.
  64. Then they realize that someone else is in there. It's La Hire, struggling while fighting a witch. They hear the name La Hire and remember that Tart said it's Melissa's father. The two girls save La Hire and find themselves in France outside of the barrier.
  66. La Hire thanks them for saving him, comparing them to La Pucelle. They introduce themselves and explain that they were with her group up until now. He's relieved that Melissa's alright. Yachiyo tells him that they're planning to regroup with Tart's group. La Hire gives them a message to pass on: his group is alright. They're struggling fighting against monsters like the one they just fought, but they believe in the miracles of the "maiden" and will continue the resistance. He's going back to fort to reunite with his comrades.
  68. They talk about the message, how he manages to have hope even though France is in a desperate situation. Then Iroha points out how big of a coincidence it is that they managed to meet Melissa's father. That reminds Yachiyo that up until now, they've run into Tart's group soon after entering the dream. She silently wonders if this really all is just a coincidence.
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  71. Chapter 10
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  73. Iroha and Yachiyo arrive at Tart and co.'s campsite. Iroha praises Yachiyo for guessing that they'd be there.
  74. They eventually find them at the campsite and let Melissa know that her father's alive and well, much to her delight and relief.
  75. This boosts everyone's morale, including that of the other NPC soldiers.
  77. Iroha overhears them refer to La Hire as "Red-earred La Hire". Melissa explains that when her father gets passionate, his ears turn red, hence the nickname.
  78. Tart changes the subject, commenting on how the good news has brought hope to them. She wonders if Iroha-sama and Yachiyo-sama are envoys from heaven. Iroha insists that's not the case, and asks her again to drop the "-sama". She struggles, but does her best to explain that they're from a different world, outside of a dream, etc.
  79. Riz reacts to the words "from outside of a dream", but tells Tart that it's nothing and she asks Iroha to continue.
  81. Iroha finally explains that they basically came from the future. Yachiyo decides that they should just tell them everything, including what they do and don't know.
  84. Melissa's surprised to learn that Tart frees Orleans and leads France to victory. Riz continues to ask them questions, including whether they really came from the future, and whether it was hundreds of years later. Yachiyo says she's not sure if they really are from the future, but at the very least, she explains what they know from their history.
  85. Tart's amazed and comments that it's just as the angel-sama's oracle said. Iroha asks about the angel-sama, and something that looks like Kyuubey appears, explaining that she's talking about him. Yachiyo and Iroha are stunned. The Kyuubey introduces himself as Cube, explaining that there are girls in eastern lands who call him Kyuubey, but here, he's known as Cube. Anyway, he's more interested in what they have to say.
  86. He asks them to go into more detail.
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  89. Chapter 11
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  92. >Iroha: "Then, the "angel-sama" that made Tart-san into a magical girl is..."
  93. >Cube: "That would be me."
  94. >Iroha: "Kyuubey, you would know why we ended up here, wouldn't you?"
  95. >Cube: "No, to me, you girls are an existence I don't know of yet. However, if you can explain the circumstances to me, I think I can create some kind of hypothesis."
  97. After explaining the situation to him, Cube comes to the conclusion that this is the "world of the past" to them.
  99. >Iroha: Heh...? That's it?
  101. Yachiyo's not very impressed either. They already knew they were in a dream of the past ever since they figured out the Hundred Year War was taking place.
  102. But Cube corrects her, saying that this isn't a dream. They're actually in the past of their time. They might've thought it's a dream world since they get there by falling asleep, but it isn't. While they're asleep, their souls travel to the past.
  103. Also, this is the first time Cube's met the two girls. He thinks the "Kyuubey" they're talking about is a future him, or one of his friends.
  104. Yachiyo asks him to explain the differences between this France and the France they know of from history. Cube explains that it's the result of a time paradox caused by Corbeau. Her appearance was what led to France's defeat and on top of that, she can summon familiars and witches from the future. If this goes on and France is defeated, then the world will be forever trapped in this darkness and the endless night will continue for hundreds of years.
  105. That's why there's endless nights happening in current Kamihama too. But they can put a stop to it, since fate hasn't been set in stone yet. However, if France loses, then they (Yachiyo and Iroha) will probably disappear too. On the other hand, if they team up with Tart and friends and win against Corbeau, then things in the future should go back to normal too.
  108. Yachiyo asks if they can trust Cube. He replies that he's not sure what kind of relationship the incubators have with them in the future, but as far as this matter goes, he's 100% on their side. Corbeau's victory would be unfavorable to them as well.
  110. >Cube: "Tart is the one and only existance in this era who can oppose this. She's a magical girl who was born shouldering an enormous amount of karma which ties the past and future together."
  111. >Cube: Tart is a "Light of Hope" to us as well.
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